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    Big in City Escape, circa 2001
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    Been happy for the past 2 days. I like being happy.
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    I really shouldn't have laughed at this.
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    Okay SSMB I'm going to post some dirty pictures. If that disgusts you, feel free not to click on this status okay? Because these are FILTHY.
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    I love this. And the fact it gets so many white people in the comments angry and calling it racist, makes it even better.
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    this seems quite promising. made by the creator of GHZ Paradise.
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    So Mighty can deflect bullets and take one extra hit while curled up? Guess his shell's a new kind of Elemental Shield. https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/308033-sonic-team-on-why-ray-and-mighty-were-added-to-sonic-mania-plus
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    "Breaking box office records isn't something one considers when balancing the universe..." ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Conquering ‘Force Awakens’ With Record $248M-$250M Opening; Posts Record $82M Saturday "...but this does put a smile on my face." P.S.: Infinity War grossed more money domestically on its opening weekend than Justice League did in its entire domestic run. IW's worldwide OW of $630M is also just $45M shy of Justice League's entire worldwide run of $675M.
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    Blue streak, speeds by sonic the hellspawn
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    It's kinda weird to think that arguably the most iconic Kirby game is a compilation
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    As much as capacitive screens found on most phones and tablets these days are an improvement over resistive screens found on devices like the old Palm devices, DS, and 3DS, there is one thing I miss about resistive screens. I'm trying out Art Academy on my New 3DS (regular size) for the first time in awhile, and it's stylus is tiny and it sucks, but thanks to the screen working with basically anything, I'm using a regular sized mechanical pencil with the lead retracted as a makeshift stylus and it's comfortable and works well. You can't do this kind of thing with Capacitive screens by comparison.
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    I swear crunchyroll is such garbage. On certain videos adobe flash will crash and then it will NEVER work again. Literally. Anytime I try to click a video that crashed, it'll crash again on the exact timestamp. No matter what.
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    Fucking hell, the new episode of My Hero Academia actually gave me chills. This was one of the two scenes in this season I've been waiting the most to see animated and they sure delivered.
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    *when one of your social media posts is still blowing up after a couple days*
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    Just finished Thor Ragnarok. Absolutely brilliant. As someone who was immensely bored with The Dark World, the fact it captured my attention from the beginning and held it the entire way through is great. Thank God they learned from their mistakes. No stupid Jane Foster and friends filler, no Earth antics to interrupt the plot and steal spotlight from Thor himself. They keep him and his story at the center of it all and Hulk, Loki, and Valkyrie all work as an excellent supporting cast. Hela was a bit weak as a villain, but it was an extremely enjoyable movie.
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    Average Guys (10% complete) I had to do a total reset with this one. I had better ideas. Short intro. I'm already on the first verse, though I have yet to write lyrics for it. All I have is a chorus written. I know how I want it to sound. Now it's like putting a puzzle together, only with words and syllables. So many things to put into this one. The ideas are just flowing
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    My thoughts on Wrath of Cortex
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    Was just thinking how cool the SA2 logo looks. Isn't it just cool, guys?
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    Average Guys (27% complete) This one's finally rolling along. It's simple when you have an actual plan set. This one seems to be all about the background instruments. I would like to come up with a melody for the bridge into the first chorus. Oh yeah, all my lyrics are completely written. I plan to do a lot more instrumentals after the chorus. Might edit lyrics to if I come up with anything better
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    What fictional universes do you find the most fun to make headcanons for? Besides Sonic, I also love doing ones for Pokemon.
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    True story: I just discovered my local donut shop was condemned because it was actually a cover-up for a "massage parlor". I'm really glad I never got any of their cream-filled stuff.
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    SCU: The Steppenwolf Cinematic Universe You know you (don't) want it.
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    This is cool

    This is cool
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    Big Panda

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    this was cute

    this was cute
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    Welp, Capcom hasn't delayed or cancelled Mega Man 11 yet. Baby steps, I suppose:
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    So wait, if the Recess and Lilo and Stitch crossover was a thing, and the L&S show is still acknowledged to have happened by Disney...doesn't that make Recess part of Disney's main expanded universe?
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    Still a classic.

    Still a classic.
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    Fun fact. I have silly nick names for nearly all the main Sonic characters.
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    "Well, hello there!" "I don't believe we have been properly introduced." "I'm Bonzi!" "What is your name?" "What did the beaver say to the tree? It's been nice gnawing you!"
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    Random thought but I wish I had friends I could work out with.
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    I do like the Captain Marvel logo they're going for, but part of me likes the earlier one they were using which had a rounder and almost retro(?) kind of look to it, which sort of fits imo due to when the movie will take place:
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    Next Saturday, Motobug goes home:
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    Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday.
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    I now have 1776 posts. How patriotic.
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    One of the intentions of my username is that when others get a notification it will appear as "A crocodile reacted to a post" etc. since I find that amusing to think a random crocodile can just do that to people.
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    heyyyy check out this thing im making
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    Sometimes the front page of DeviantArt isn't terrible. [Source]
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