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    • Menace2Society

      Hey! I can start a controversy too!
      *clears throat* 
      *insert offensive remark here*
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    • Solister

      Which are some of your projects which you feel most proud about?
      I think at first place, and almost undoubtedly, is my books/short stories works. Though I don't think people really got interested and/or engaged with them, I can't describe in words how much love and effort I put on those. It's like my personal world, much effort that only you can measure the value while others even care. Secondly, is one of my realized dreams which proves that if you dream high and persist, you can get it. It's my mash-up "Nothing But Arctic", I think it's been already 2 years that this was in my mind and I had over 3 failed attempts on finishing it. Now, it's not only done but I also feel it at the same level of the professional ones and for me it's the definite way to listen to both tracks. Third, this is likely the core of my life. It's my dedication for being myself and taking full care of my collections. Though nearly nothing compared to collectors, it's really pleasant to have your favorite album in CD format, having a huge collection and calling yourself a Sonic or Star Wars fan, collecting and learning with coins from countries you might never visit in your life. There's so much to say in this topic... Fourth, it's a hobby which I carry with me for over 7 years. I'm talking about my Doom levels (Google Translation of my defunct website). I don't have much more to say aside "Play it by yourself", though this is the compilation of 7 years of dedication and learning of new techniques. And lastly, but definitely not least (Actually pretty much the most important of the list), my life achievements (As a person):
      I think the thing I'm most proud about is being myself. The kind of guy who does the best to always stay next to family and friends whenever he can, who tries to learn from his errors but also feels very proud of his achievements as being persistent at school (And doing his best) to keep up with grades, helping classmates and friends even in most cases never being rewarded or being proud for all the items I've mentioned above as well one of things people most praise in my which is my organization, both of my life or from my objects. That's me, Solister.
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    • Milo

      Promare was good. Somehow it manages to strike a balance being appropriately subdued and delightfully madcap when it needs to and that's also reflected with both of the leads (with Galo representing the latter and Lio serving as the former) and the dynamic both of them have as the film goes along. The animation is also really good with its use of colors and the use of 2D/CG (the backgrounds in particular really gave me parallels of The PowerPuff Girls Movie). It's really unfortunate that domestic showings are limited, as I'd say seeing it in a theater with an audience also really boosts the entertainment factor to a really fun high.
      Some partially masked-spoilers.

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    • Harkofthewaa

      I got a new, bigger TV for Christmas this year. This thing is weird... most HDTVs either accept 240p input or don't. This thing takes any 240p signal it gets and upscales it to 480i. It's weird, but at least I can play PS1 and N64 games on the thing.
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    • Menace2Society

      Post pics of your Christmas trees, cuz I’m curious.
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