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    Especially when you look at Sonic's evolution through artwork through the nineties, his modern incarnation coming to being is a lot more gradual than most people remember. I see it as just a slow fleshing out of his design; he was quite chubby and with short limbs. As he started to become a larger mascot he was given longer limbs and perhaps a slightly relatively more "human-esque" figure for more emotion and reaction in his poses. This slow transition was spurred on by the transition to 3D as certain things had to be exaggerated to take full advantage of certain camera shots and so modern Sonic became as how we know him. Stuff like this is important as it remembers that modern Sonic was never meant to be a schism, and the transition to the modern universe was quite gradual. In the later days of classic Sonic environments became gradually more urban and people filled (Jam artwork, Man of the Year) and Adventure was just the climax of this.
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    Paramount has had advertising and mock logos up for the Sonic movie at a cinema convention recently. From what I understand they use these conventions to not only show off upcoming projects but to put it out there for licencing groups to look at for potential business deals to tie in with the movie etc. Penders is usually pretty vocal each time a bit of news comes out on the movie that in his opinion they aren't making it, and it's just fluff to keep the licence from other studios and to keep it from competing with their other animated projects. Basically any theory that keeps his inner narrative that he's the only one that could successfully make a Sonic movie alive and kicking. Edit : Had to laugh at this.. While it may be true he was a part of it which will never change, his "place" isn't really as grand as he often makes it out to be. Sure if you want to be secured as "that writer for that small, mostly American, now footnote comic, which had very little if any impact on the main brand and later had your content purged from cannon anyway due to dubious court cases, and was replaced by another writer who for that series ended up writing more issues than yourself, and whose vision was liked better than yours by both the fans and the owners of said franchise, and is now trying desperately to cling to his past success by releasing a non-offical spinoff title".....whew...then yes, yes I suppose your place in Sonic's history is pretty well secured as people that remember the comics will remember you, but not for the reasons you seem to think they will.
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    Indeedy. His legacy within the fandom is one of extreme scorn and mockery, and within the franchise itself? His work was scrubbed completely and is unlikely to be reprinted within his lifetime so long as the legal issues persist, and the outlook for his own project is grim given that in the near seven years that passed since the trial, he has produced nothing of substance and has given no real indicator of if and when his work is coming out. His work is literally without any kind of value to SEGA, and his entire career is now a waste. It'd be sad, if it wasn't his own damn fault.
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    Time Attack for the Special Stages would be nice. While it's probably asking too much out of a rerelease, I'd love an entire mode dedicated to them. After all the game already has a Blue Spheres mode with new stages not seen in the main game (with new types of spheres even!), so I'd love to see Mania's special stages get the same treatment.
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    Ok so I'm gonna ask because nobody else has. Is this... actually a game? Or have you just made some nice screenshots to try and dupe some people? The reason why I ask this is because your screenshots here don't make much sense to me from a developer standpoint. The first thing which I've noticed... the Ring, time and score counter is the same across every screenshot, which absolutely shouldn't be the case unless they were not functioning and you just put in some hard coded numbers to display on the screen. The other thing which I have to ask, because these graphics look ripped directly from the show, so how are you handling animations? Are they also being ripped frame by frame and then put into the games character animation loop? Just that seems really tricky to do, just to even get the frames... Let alone then crop them to a decent aspect ratio and then incorporate them into the animation file. Several screens have the exact same background with radically different scenarios... again this seems really odd and very unlikely if this were taken from an actual game. This screenshot especially looks a bit odd. Going by the life bar, you're playing as Sonic, especially given how Sonic is at the centre of the screen... but Tails is flying ahead of him. Aside from the fact Tails normally follows Sonic. In a gameplay situation, to have Tails ahead of Sonic where the player needs to react to incoming traps and hazards, this would be very distracting. This screenshot... Tails is reacting to Sonic... that means you must have coded some behaviour into the Tails character so he reacts to this specific movement/change of state... but... again this seems a bit... why would you do this? Same with this one. Coconuts is reacting to Sonic coming at him... but surely.. an enemy would not react in this way because it would make their attempts to be a threat void? The moment the player gets within a specific distance it triggers that animation from the enemy. So... any chance you can elaborate on this? Like... is this actually a game or are these just mockups? And if it is, could we get some video because it would be nice to see the character interaction behaviour in action as well as how well you've brought the animations over from the show.
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    Responding to the OP, I do feel like the character split between Classic and Modern was just SEGA being worried about a brand/plot confusion that wouldn't have necessarily even existed. Before Sonic Generations, no-one really broke Sonic up into sections the way we have since. With the exception of a few unhealthily-obsessive fans, no-one had any trouble saying that Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic were the same character just rendered in different art styles. When Generations plonked them next to each other, that reality became a bigger leap to stomach (as evidenced by how many people have questioned how Classic Sonic could possibly "grow up" into Modern Sonic, when these design differences - and even the jokey moments were the in-game characters acknowledge them - are just for our benefit as an audience, and not really "canon" in any tangible way). Honestly, if Sonic Mania had come out and SEGA had said "yes this game is set after the most recent entry, Sonic Lost World", I wouldn't have really questioned it. "Oh they're using the classic art style for this one, makes sense" is all it would've taken for me to accept it. If they still wanted to include Classic as a seperate playstyle in Forces, they could've made Classic Sonic there be a result of the heroes using a piece of the Phantom Ruby to create a second Sonic or something, I dunno. Of course that's not what they did, so now this seperate dimensions thing is solidly canon and we're stuck with it, and that's... whatever, I'm totally cool with the headcanon that first time through the plot went Classics -> Sonic 4 -> Moderns -> Generations, and then Classic Eggman from Generations went back in time and created a seperate dimension by changing history by coming up with a new plan, and thus Sonic Mania happens instead of Sonic 4. But... the whole thing really was just unnecessary, is all. They could've just made it be art styles for different games, as it always was until Generations (and I don't berate any Sonic fans for gravitating towards this whole "seperation of eras" thing, I think it's human nature to enjoy the ability to categorise things into neat little boxes - it's one of the reasons I've always been fond of the Sonic franchise for how neatly/consistently most titles tend to organise their game content too with everything from stages to game modes to soundtracks etc).
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    It's pretty clear that while his place in Sonic history is secure, his legacy is anything but.
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    I'm not sure if I follow OP's argument, bit I'll take a guess that it is about 2-D Genesis styled games being now considered exclusive to the "classic" era, which I personally feel is a silly move motivated by nothing else other than it being a publicity stunt, much like the Sonic 4 character countdown was to pretend that "we are listening to our audience". Neither do I see why would it be that much of a big deal if instead of using the classic era, we could instead have Genesis- styled games that used the modern cast as, frankly, I believe that it has a much more interesting and varied selection of characters to implement. Although, the way the can be implemented is something that concerns me because, ever since Amy was featured in Sonic Advance, I feel that making characters in the same style as Tails and Knuckles (as in, they have all of Sonic's same exact moves + one or two extra abilities) is a step backwards... even more if any of said extra abilities happen to be yet another variation of flight due to how I perceive that particular skill as being not just the most overused (like, just how many more flight characters do we need?) but also due to my personal belief of flight, as a permanent character ability, to be one of the worst things you can have in a platforming game due to how it essentially trivializes the inherent challenge of this particular genre and requires extra design work on the level layouts to ensure that they are not abused, an issue that I don't think exists with non-flight characters. This is why in Advance 2 I was dissapointed to see that with Cream they went to the same old mold, as well as why I have no interest whatsoever in either Mighty nor Ray as they too represent the same face of this problem where characters eventually feel samey and offer little actual incentive to play and experiment with new and original moves and how it affects the way you play in conjunction with the rest of the game (level layouts and physics). Now, if the topic is about the separation of Modern and Classic in general as unique franchises, then I still think that this is unecessary since you can have a modern world with as much charm as that of the classic era simply by getting rid of the things that create issues, particularly those outlandish stories that felt like the grotesque love child of DBZ mixed with Final Fantasy, since I don't think that a franchise populated by cartoony looking characters should ever take itself too seriously. Just pretend that things like Shadow didn't exist (let's be honest, this character was more product of that time when anime was starting to become mainstream than something that belonged to how the franchise originally was like) in the same way Sonic Team no longer wants to have anything to do with characters like Eggman Nega... Otherwise the only solution I can think to really solve the issue is a fresh restart to give more coherence, while striving to maintain consistency with the general tone of the franchise in order to avoid the mistakes of the 2000's era.
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    Never really liked the look of HD, I far prefer sprite based in cases like this. Especially with how beautiful Mania's spriting is, I wouldn't want to give it up for something that just looks so dry in comparison.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Read the first four issues. Can't say I'm all that impressed with it. Ian's knack for characterization and dialogue is as good as it's ever been, and it's certainly a treat to read, since I can't fucking stand the writing in the games anymore. Everyone's interactions are just so perfect and play off of each other in a very natural and fun way. I actually really liked Knuckles in #3, he's a bit of a hotheaded doofus, but he's never treated as the butt of a joke and he bounces off of Sonic's personality so well. It feels like Ian just transplanted the very best of his own work on Archie. It feels so right and I'm glad Ian has a second shot at this series. The artists have been the real stars for these opening issues. Yardley's signature Sonic layouts and fun expressions, coupled with the inking assists from Jim Amash (I nearly cried seeing them back at it) and Bob Smith and Matt Herms's wonderful color work, were a perfect opener to hit the ground running with this series and saved #1 from an otherwise dull script. I loved seeing Sonic and Tails tear through the Egg Hammers. Thomas's art in #2 is brimming with kinetic energy and he illustrates Sonic and Amy's battle beautifully. Hernandez's work in #3 is a bit of a weak link in this collection, her line art feels a little too thick around the characters and the action's a little bland (then again, the issue's story is), but she more than makes up for it with her expressions and character designs, playing up the humor of the issue nicely. Stanley's art in #4 might actually be my favorite in the bunch, though. She strikes such a great balance switching between looser cartoony expression and more detailed artwork and this might be some of the best pages she's produced so far. Stanley's art really sells the banter between Sonic, Blaze, and Tangle and captures the bouncy and acrobatic action of the series. IDW Sonic's first arc, "Fallout!" (the title of the first trade), reads like "Mega Drive," but with modern characters and stretches out the good and bad that came with that; while the characters are charming and the artwork is great, the narrative is pretty boring and repetitive. Sonic runs from town to town, teams up with a different ally, fights Eggman's forces, takes off (though at least he doesn't get a bug up his ass about getting help like he did in "Mega Drive: The Next Level"). Now, for what it's worth, this is fine as a beginning, and I can appreciate the variety of characters getting rotated and their fair time in the spotlight, getting the treatment they deserve after years of nothing in the games, but there's not really a whole lot else to it. I expect a bit more from Ian's plotting having followed his work for the last ten years. I find the current setup dull, and I don't think taking off from a game's narrative I disliked is doing it any favors. The silver lining was the quick release schedule, and it definitely feels like this arc was designed to be read this way and hopefully that signifies when the book starts its monthly schedule, there will be more of an actual plot to hold my interest. I have faith Ian and crew will make something enjoyable, eventually, even if it's not my personal preference. I don't think IDW will ever replace the Archie book in my heart, though. So, yeah, it's good enough, but I don't outright care for it right now. $4/issue seems a bit steep for a book that should have had its footing established, and while I'm glad to see the Archie crew back in action, it's underwhelming for a "new beginning" even for a solid and established creative team. Maybe if you really like game Sonic it's more your speed. I don't, at least not anymore, and I think I'm just burned out on Sonic after everything in the last year, so it's not really for me and I'll probably bow out of this topic after this (beyond what I'm required to do). I'll still keep up with the book for a while just to see what's up with it, but, yeah, that's it, I'm done.
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    We might have something interesting from a theory by Lupa.
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    I mean, I'd argue they've already proved to still be behind in regards to online. To the sheer fact it utterly shocks me that Nintendo still have the guts to go through with this charged online service when their service is so totally lacking in comparison to Xbox and PlayStation. Off the top of my head: In general - online connectivity for the Switch sucks. It's insane that I can play Overwatch with few lag spikes on my PS4 but in the very same room, I constantly drop connection on Splatoon 2. Nintendo are extremely poor with consequences of dropped connections. Combining with the above issue of the Switch's absolutely shit connectivity, I have to keep risking a penalty in games like Splatoon 2 because of dropped connections that come completely at random. Like seriously, it wouldn't be so bad if it was lag spikes or something or other, but it literally goes from full 60fps online play with no drops or latency issues right into a dropped connection. Games are STILL locked by region for online. This one is a total joke and has killed a lot of the enjoyment for me when it comes to games like Splatoon 2. Just a week or so ago, @Kaze no Klonoa wanted me to help out with a Splatfest group (which for the record would've been the first time I actually took part in a Splatfest) only to disappointingly find out that it was region locked and I couldn't be apart of his group. This massively impacts and harms the fun of online and the only other game I can think of not inflicted by the issue is Mario Kart 8 and possibly Xenoverse 2. The friend system is still pretty terrible. There's no messaging service for Switch, and there isn't even an invite system that I'm aware of. Games like Mario Kart 8 still frustratingly requires you to set up a whole room and make plans offline to have people join. With SSMB Game Night which had a lot of games on Wii U like MK8, Splat 1 and Smash U, I REALLY was hoping for some kind of proper invite system but that's out the window once more. Virtual Console games, especially if it's only for NES/SNES games is absolutely lame as something to give players to pay for their online service. If I'm paying up for that service, I want something comparable to the other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One - I.E - full games that will last me longer than a few hours at best. PS4 is only now beginning to offer Triple A games for PS4 as opposed to indie stuff and smaller titles while Xbox has been offering bigger games for much much longer. If Switch is seriously considering this cost for something that's nowhere near the same point of value, that's a total joke. Lack of apps. The Switch has no video streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube or anything else. I'd consider that an absolute necessity for something like the Switch, especially when the PS Vita and 3DS bare minimum had YouTube apps. Various missing features. No trophy/achievement system, no voice chat, no parties, no aforementioned messaging service, no Miiverse, nothing that actually makes the Switch stand out. It's been 10 years since the Wii's release and we are still lacking common online features. The very concept that they want us to pay for online service when their own service is so utterly lacking is downright insulting.
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    General answer: in ways that don’t annoy most of your audience. Some’ll still find something to object to, but even so, that’s what constructive critique is for. Specific answer: depends on the character. Let’s take a less common example like Rouge—she’s selfish and cunning, but she’s definitely not heartless. She’ll value peoples lives over gems if forced to choose between the two, otherwise as long as there’s no one in danger, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on her sometimes in the event she decides to snatch and run off with something valuable. I mean really, you’re talking a cast of over 20+ characters in the games alone. It’s gonna be a long list.
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    Pictures of my fan game ^^

    I'm going to be honest; I'm quite confused by this. This doesn't look like a game. It looks like you took a bunch of disparate screenshots of AoStH characters and pasted them onto flat backgrounds and are claiming this is a game. I have absolutely no idea what any of the possible contexts could be for any of these situations, like baby Sonic and Tails and than them being all fat, especially since you use the same three backgrounds.
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    I'd like to point out that I'm not talking about modern continuity, I don't care if the next 2D Sonic game is in the main timeline. To be honest I'd rather it's not, because the modern timeline is fractured and utterly confusing. I'm talking about strictly removing modern characters (Cream, Shadow, Rouge etc) from a 2D game because 2D Sonic is now strictly associated with 1996 classic Sonic. I think this is especially frustrating when characters such as Cream and Blaze actually debuted in 2D games, and are locked out for an arbitrary reason that they weren't created before 1998. I don't mind this approach at all in Mania due to its 'Saturn' vision, but I don't want to see this continue, and I'm worried that it will. I think the Advance games are a good example of how to progress in terms of using the Sonic legacy and tropes. Use the modern characters alongside the old while not strictly adhering to the main game timeline.
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    Perhaps if Adventure 1 turned out more like this; Still it would be impossible to have all stages on this sort of scale, but at least more attempt towards the sandbox style here. This is one of the few times a 3D Sonic stage actually ideologically resembles Mega Drive Sonic, especially towards 3:42 when multiple levels can be scaled only by different approaches and skills and the various wall running bits that are perfect analogs to 2D Sonic with how the circumstances of them are approached. No it did not. You can see straight at 3:02 how neutered Sonic's responses to different slopes are. Even if the stages were perfect, Sonic would have be tweaked quite a bit to get something on the level of the Mega Drive games. Still, is is sadly the closest thing we have to Mega Drive in 3D officially.
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    Yeah, I get the appeal of SA1's wider stages but the downside to them is a much looser platforming experience, and enemy placement that just doesn't matter. I'm apparently in the minority for preferring SA2 precisely because it's narrower environment results in arguably tighter platforming. That and the Bounce Bracelet and Light Speed Dash are stellar upgrades. @BaronGrackle Not sure if you're joking or not but the good doctor has always had those spectacles (in the games).
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    I wanted to show my Sonic OC art that I commissioned from DredgeTH in the comic style. I want to be clear that I Did Not create this art, I commissioned it and was excited to show it off and wanted to credit this talented artist. That being said, I am very happy with how it turned out and will be using it as a profile picture. His name is Umbra The Hedgehog and I initially created the character in Sonic Forces, he doesn't really have a background story or anything.
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    The thing with that is, whilst the classic universe is getting more plot through Mania, Encore Mode and possibly more games after that, the Adventure games... aren't. There's never gonna be an Adventure 3, so dividing it off into it's own universe just because a section of fans doesn't wanna dare acknowledge anything post-Shadow happened seems utterly pointless. Would a more consistent modern lore that remembers earlier games be great? Absolutely, yeah. But chopping up the already-somewhat-divided canon into even more separate chunks seems like it'd just cause more problems than anything honestly.
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    Dee Dude

    My Hero Academia

    I’m suprised no one else brought up the newest episode as soon I was eventually...
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    You know, I'm wondering if SEGA would even greenlight the use of other characters potentially in the character library. I mean, when thinking back, it's really only Mighty, Ray, Fang, Bean and Bark that have been referenced at all for a long time. They were the ones with posters in Generations, they were the ones thrown around as early ideas for characters in Heroes. But the Battle Kukkus? Witchkart and her minions? Heavy and Bomb? Not a peep, the only time you really hear of them is when their games get re-released. Okay, if you look in the 3D space it opens up to Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles (both with designers who worked on the franchise this decade, and one who inexplicably showed up in LEGO Dimensions thanks to the link to the developer), but that's not a whole lot.
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    Having a rocky jump to 3D was not a problem. Continuing to be rocky is the problem. I still consider SA1, the first attempt, to be way superior than every modern Sonic game except Generations. What I can't accept is, even after all the hell we already been through, we get a insulting game like Forces in the end.
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    I mean, it's not, though. Modern Sonic is still at least half 2D and I don't expect Sonic Team is going to change that any time soon.
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    @Marco9966That's literally the thinking Sony had during the PSOne era of gaming. And just like them at the time you think the only way for old franchises to move forward is to go 3D? To that I turn you to the following that proves you don't have to make the jump to 3D to improve as a franchise With Castlevania 3 we have multiple characters with varying abilities, with Castlevania 4 they went back and remade the original improving the game play and movement. It gave it new atmosphere with music and visuals helping to set the series standard in mood and theme. When Rondo of Blood hit it gave the series a more story driven game along with multiple pathways to explore, it also introduces the series to CD quality music. All these games helped pave the way for Symphony of the night. An entirely different beast taking the best influences of past games and merging it into one of the most iconic games of that time. SOTN brings in an already established side character from DC, is a direct sequel Rondo bringing in it's heroes and antagonists, and incorporates and expand on the idea of exploration from DC and Rondo. This is how you evolve a game franchise. You see what works from previous titles, take what does work and build upon it while rationally making changes if needed.
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    Man if you're telling me we could get rid of bad games and reams of fanfiction if Modern Sonic has never existed you're just selling me on the idea more.
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    Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    I mean I always considered him complicit and part of the problem, and thus equally worthy of blame as Rob and Michaud, so for me it doesn't even change that.
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    If Iizuka was really supposed to unify the brand then I suspect that the Two Worlds retcon and other mandates like Cream not fighting are late attempts to do just that. Hence the awkward insertions. The first Star Fox game has a secret level where you fight a giant slot machine.
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    Character deterioration

    I like Amy in Sonic Boom. She doesn't come off as particularly mean, she has some good ideas, and I consider her non-flirting a plus. Sonic Boom might be some of the best characterization Amy's ever had. Do you want to set that against Amy from Heroes, Unleashed, or Generations?
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    There's a difference between "mute" and "nobody in this story has dialogue."
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    He wasn't mute back in the Classic days.
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    The things I would look forward to Mania 2: * Amy Rose. Not only do I want to see Amy being playable once more in a Genesis styled game because of her gameplay potential (especially if she is molded after the Advance moveset, featuring all abilities exclusive to her while adding some improvements. I definitively would not accept anything less, as I'm not exactly thrilled by the idea of making Amy a semi-clone of Sonic like with Tails or Knuckles) but because it would also be the first time Classic Amy would be playable. Additionally, I'd love if this time around she were to, in terms of story, be given a big role since I think that after 20+ years of never been given the same push as Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc. Amy deserves her shot at being in the spotlight more prominently. * No more rehashing. I think that a sequel to many deserves to stand on it's own without relying on nostalgia as a crutch. I would greatly appreciate it if the game where to have more unique and original zones, while aiming to create an atmosphere ala Sonic CD. * DLC characters: The Chaotix. All three of them, ideally with new moves too. (and a Charmy that doesn't break the game)
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    One species may descend from another, but that doesn't mean they're still compatible. The transition from classic to modern may have been more or less gradual, but I think at some point (it's hard to say exactly when), the Sonic that we were dealing with was no longer the Sonic they started with.
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    What news? Perhaps it should stay that way.
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    Well with Sonic it's been a far bigger issue for ST to put more focus on padding out the length of the game with gimmicks and alternate gameplay. But as for the rest... it's just either lack of vision or incompetence. Or both.
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    I think there are clear signs that they are though. Classic Sonic is no longer Modern Sonic's younger self, the fact he is from a different dimension cements the idea that the Classic Universe is separate from the Modern Universe. The marketing around Sonic at the moment is very much pushing 2D as Classic Sonic's domain, with the Mania brand, Classic Sonic in Forces etc. When was the last time a 2D Sonic game was made that wasn't strictly in the 1996 Sonic bubble? I know Lost World and the Boost games use 2D, but that's a crutch to keep up the shallow 3D gameplay. Sonic 4, Mania, Classic Sonic now being from a different, separate dimension. And it looks like it is going even further down that direction with Plus, bringing back Mighty and Ray because there are so few classic characters to reuse. And I can bet the inevitable Mania sequel will continue this, maybe add Classic Amy and keep the foot firmly in 1996 and pretend nothing after Sonic and Knuckles ever happened.
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    SA1, SA2 ok, kind of... Heroes and Unleashed hell noooo....
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    ARTWORK: Adamis' stuff

    A bit inspired by Mania.
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    The bullshit of providing "48 hour early access" as a pre-order incentive is a shameful low. I want to pirate the game on those grounds alone.
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    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    I like that one of their ideas of a team would have essentially been "Sonic who is yellow, Sonic who is red, Sonic who is still blue but is made of metal"
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    Blue Blood

    New Sonic Heroes Development info.

    As interesting as this might be, it does very much sound like something from the very earliest days of development. I'd guess that they're just gotten to the point where they decided they wanted to have the gameplay revolve around teams of three, and were just throwing around ideas for what those teams could possibly be. These ideas probably got no further than being jotted down on a scrap of paper.
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    We could always ask Iizuka about this if the opportunity arises. If anyone would know Heroes' development history, it's him.
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    For graphics I could see going for more of a hand drawn look as that was the inspiration my younger brother and I had for this unfinished (honestly, barely even started) sprite As for characters I'd stick with what Mania and Plus gave us plus Amy, though if a sequel were to still be following the original formula I wouldn't give her an uncurled dash because that steps away from the design concept of the original formula. I like the idea of the triple jump though, even if I would instead give her the ability to grab onto badniks turning them into their own kind of moving platform. For villains I'm good with just Eggman if we're going full on sequel. The idea of treating the HBH like the Robot Masters from Megaman is also a neat idea, though I wouldn't want too many because taking on Eggman in his latest and greatest invention is always fun to me just to see what he's come up with this time.
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    He has no excuses to draw this bad. As well as being a professional, there are thousands of FREE videos on how to draw and pose characters. His drawings lack expression, the faces look disproportionate, the colors are horrible (a simple youtube video about color theory and shading should fix that dammit!). He uses the simplest default brush on photoshop, that makes for very boring and monotonous shadows and textures, at least use a brush different from the simple soft brush! The shadows and lights are not subtle, they are annoying. Does he know about the option to modify opacity of a brush according to pressure?? What baffles me is not his bad drawings, but his refusal to acknowledge his drawing mistakes and improve them!
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    "Your ignorance is astonishing" I love how he gets verbally nasty when you really get to him. Also I'll admit I don't know a lot about other cultures but I'm 99% sure nobody sticks gemstones in their throats. Also ha ha fuck you Ken.
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    My Hero Academia

    I know Demarco (one of the two guys in charge of Toonami) originally said Hero Academia license was pretty expensive so that was a reason it wasn't originally on Toonami, but for whatever reason, glad it's coming to the block now. I always thought it was inevitable. Newest episode has dropped! Thoughts below on the episode Episode 41 - Kota (Manga chapters 72 & 73)
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    Brad has to pay rent confirmed?
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    Ratcicle King

    Character deterioration

    Knuckles' character can't be more deteriorated from his Adventure-Colors era character, honestly. In there he got worse and worse until literally his only characteristic was ''that guy who tries to look cool but he's clumsy and stupid and fails at everything''. As pointed out before, he was the one who busted the ME a second time, when he had like, 10 different option on how to approach this situation. In SA1, when he was fooled by Eggman, he didn't ''do it in some clever ways.'', he randomly found Sonic and the moment he realized who it was, tried to punch him in the face. In Forces, he's the hotblooded captain of the resistance, but he's not stupid. People seem to forget that EVERYONE agreed with Operation Big Wave, Knuckles didn't force(heh) anyone to go through with it, and it was made to see the best course of action, enemy forces are out, take capital city back. They weren't overwhelmed by the army, they weren't crushed because Knuckles was fooled by Eggman, they lost because no one could account for Infinite's presence there, and they had no idea what the Ruby's power was. Now, let's go a bit further down in the Forces plot, to Null Space. Infinite was out of the picture, probably saving power for the final battle, they try another attack to Metropolis. What happens? They win. They do the exact thing Knuckles planned back in Capital City and they win. Knuckles wasn't an idiot, Infinite threw a wrench in his plans, and NO ONE was able to predict it, the moment Infinite was out, Knuckles' original plan worked. So no, Knuckles wasn't an idiot for Operation big wave, he was hot blooded, yes, but he saw an oportunity and he took it. The entire failure at Capital City was to hammer home how much of a game changer Infinite's presence is, not how dumb Knuckles is. As Vector said, one flip of the Phantom Ruby Switch and their entire plan goes down. And what do they do afterwards? Does Knuckles try to attack the city again in a fit of rage? Is he dumb enough to attempt a stupid counter attack? Nope, he and the others figure out a way to stop the Phantom Ruby once and for all, taking Eggman's game changer out of the way for their next attacks. The point of Operation Big Wave wasn't that ''Knuckles is an idiot'', it's that Infinite's illusions are too damn unpredictable and they need to deal with him before doing any major progress in this war.
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    Character deterioration

    Yeah, X really messed with some characters like Amy and even Cream from time to time.
  50. 1 point
    Your Vest Friend

    Character deterioration

    Yeah, I'd argue the Adventure era is where he was at his worst (not counting Heroes where he was genuinely okay), even before Sonic X came in and took a wrench to his characterisation. Sonic X tried to take a wrench to most characters, that being said. Some avoided carrying the X characterisation (although it still stained their reputation), and some got affected by it before taking years to recover from it. Meanwhile, Tails' current characterisation problems started back either in Unleashed or Colours, depending on your perspective, so this is hardly a new issue for him.
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