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    Sonic Mania Plus: Amy Rose reveal trailer (but not really):
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    The main thing Smash needs to do isn't trash "clone" characters entirely, it just needs to recognize which ones should basically just be skins for existing characters
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    Blue Blood

    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    While true, that doesn't paint the full picture. With Virtual Console, Nintendo had standardised emulators that were used for every game, not just their own. So whether you were playing Nintendo's own Super Mario World or Capcom's Street Fighter II on SNES VC, they were running the same SNES emulator behind the scenes. This made it easier for third parties to re-release their old games and standardised features like performance, save states and interface. The Virtual Console was also a brand in itself. As evidenced by the SEGA Ages collection, third party developers are going to be a lot more independent now in re-releasing old games. This comes with its own inevitable list of pros and cons. They'll be able to exercise more creative and technical freedom to manage their own games and do things that weren't so easily done through the VC emulators, but it also opens the floodgates for sloppy releases too. And without the backing of a standardised VC, some games may be deemed not worth the effort, so might not get released at all.
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    how unfortunate

    how unfortunate
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    Despite it's flaws I'd play Smash 4 over the others just because the others don't feel very good to control
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    So, you might remember this little oddball title from the Genesis days, an attempt to bring the Blue Blur into the 3D era in a isometric platformer that is...actually incredibly different from any of the titles before and after it. The game that comes the closest is probably Sonic Labyrinth and...yeah, that's not exactly a compliment. But anyways, 3D Blast. What is there to say about this game? Well, it's a game that from what I've seen, not many people actually enjoy. It's regularly mocked as that weird attempt to claim Sonic is in 3D but he's really not and also this plays like crap! But if you look deeper in the development of the game, in all honesty, it's probably one of the absolutely most impressive games for the time period, in terms of ideas, and scope. I'd even argue that it could be somewhat innovative for it's time and usher in a ton of various techniques that would be used in later games. So with that said, I thought I would discuss why 3D Blast, while not the best game in the series by any means is actually pretty damn impressive all things considered. The FMV: Since it's the way you start the game itself up, let's begin with this - the actual FMV that starts the game. While somewhat distorted and pixelated, the original FMV video that starts Sonic 3D Blast off, especially for a Genesis game of all things is actually pretty insanely done. The intro itself was one of the aspects that was meant to be a surprise to SEGA themselves. A man by the name of Jon Burton (Keep that name in mind, he will be coming up a lot in the followed paragraphs) wanted to create this intro screen to begin the game off from the beginning, specifically saving cartridge space in order to do so. However, a problem occurred. Genesis Cartridges at the time were typically 4MB in size, while a full screen FMV would take 27MB. Even through compression and other techniques, it only cut down to 6MB. However, using some very smart moves, they cropped it down further to something that was incredibly small and stretched, and then further enlarged it through a dithering process. With all of that done, we got a final total of 0.66MB for the intro - a full FMV running at 15FPS. Considering that it was CD-based consoles like the SEGA CD that was attempting full motion video and even then, it didn't look super amazing, this is actually really damn impressive on the parts of Traveller's Tales. Even the CGI for the time (1996) is decently clean and pretty nice, for what it's trying to portray, especially given it's about one year after Toy Story's groundbreaking CG. CD Intro (Comparsion): Research: Programming Bugs: This is something that I've only come to recently realize how this bit of code ended up being pretty genius on the developers' parts. Having taken a class on programming and the handling of error codes and bugs in pieces of code, usually programmers will encode a set of variables or coding that catches a bug and outputs something else to ensure that the program itself doesn't completely destroy itself and break completely. This is called Exception Handling and it's the thing I ended up closely relating this next piece of info to. So, basically in order to bypass various SEGA software tests and checks to see if your game crashes or not and the various execution errors that could occur in the game itself that could cause issues, Jon Burton developed a specific way to trick SEGA into thinking these potential game-breakers were actually legitimate parts of the code itself and therefore apart of the game itself. He originally developed a specific exception handler for Mickey Mania in which if an error occurred, he'd get specific code and sentences back to tell him what exactly went wrong (A solution to another frustrating issue SEGA's software tests had in which if your game failed and a bug occurred, the report would be incredibly vague). In order to make use of the bug checks afterwards, he coded it so Mickey would be sent to a previous level or the next level and called it a "Secret Time Warp". Next, he'd do the same for Toy Story, bringing you to a mini-game. However, with 3D Blast, he created a general "catch-all" bug handler which meant that more or less any possible bugs would redirect to what he called a "Secret Level Select" which I'm sure many of us here have already heard of. If you've heard of it, you've also likely heard about how to access it without the cheat code. If you jiggle or even hit the cartridge and/or the Genesis, it would cause the secret level select to pop up. Now, to bring this somewhat into context, let's use a game without this level select and compare it to something else like Corruptions. Goldeneye for example, if you jiggle the cartridge while the game itself is in and playing, you'll get glitches like this: This is basically because as you jiggle the cartridge, you're breaking the connection between it and the console itself. Since the connection is being tested but not fully broken, then these glitches begin to occur. Compare it to if you removed a GBA cartridge without turning the console off first. Instead of glitches, the game just begins to freeze and make screeching sounds. The connection is fully broken and you need to reset the console entirely. The same general idea applies here. When you jiggle a Sonic 3D Blast cartridge, you cause the connection itself to start breaking. When it begins losing it and doesn't know what to do, it causes glitches to occur. Said glitches then end up being caught by the coding that's there to deal with it and therefore you get sent to the Secret Level Select. I've also read that if you do this on an emulator by loading in a save state from another game, it does the same thing, as does corruptions of the game itself (that said, the level select even ends up corrupted from the videos I've watched). Research: Animation Trickery: Going back to the FMVs, but not the actual intro itself, the SEGA Logo and the Game Over screen itself runs pretty smoothly for what ends up being FMV on a SEGA Genesis cartridge, especially compared to the intro itself, which equals out to about 30 FPS vs 15 FPS retrospectively. However, if you also look at the fact there's only two colours present at any given time during an animation (take the Game Over animation for example): You'll notice that only two colours is mainly used at any given point. Well, as explained in another video, this should've been a simple task, two colours for the animation they needed. However, the SEGA Genesis itself required a sixteen colour table. This meant that the actual decompression and viewing of the video itself was going to cause tremendous lag. To the point that it was 7 FPS down from the 30 FPS we seen in the video above unaltered. However, using an incredibly clever trick, if you slightly alter the palette of the sixteen colour table by alternating the colours you're using, you could potentially stretch one frame of animation into four frames. This one is relatively difficult to explain so I'll link the video itself to a more comprehensive explanation but with this trick in place, Jon Burton estimated that on a 4MB SEGA Genesis cartridge, you could potentially get a full 4 and a half minutes of full-screen animation FMV. Research: Special Stages: I'm not going to touch too much on this part because I think the actual research itself speaks and explains it best, but as a brief overview, the special stages of the game uses a few different tricks to give off the actual illusion of "fully 3D special stages". The first part is the background itself. Using a technique from Mickey Mania where a constantly scrolling background is made on one side, then copied and mirrored, that gives the illusion of the constant "moving ground". Then they used a special technique called Horizontal Interrupts in order to skip certain lines in the background. By doing this, it creates a smaller image of the main background and then by implementing it into the background, it gives the small bump effect that gives the illusion of getting closer to a destination. Similar tricks was used to make the other parts of the stage. The boards you need to jump up are actually animation frames, while the planks Sonic runs on are slightly altered using the Horizontal Interrupt process once again. Finally, the spikes and rings are animation frames while Sonic himself is his normal set of sprites from the main game. With all of this combined, it creates a very convincing "3D" stage for the game. Research: Sprites and Animations: Due to the isometric nature of the game itself, it meant the the regular set of animations that you would need for a set of sprites actually ended up getting potentially tripled due to having to factor in different directions. In this example, Sonic's running animation which would be 12 frames of animation needs to be animated for about 16 different angles. This means 12x16 animations, which then equals out to a total of 192 frames of animation for movement itself. This caused memory issues due to the cartridge size. According to the research, each animation is about 48x48 pixels, and the Genesis stores graphics as 8-bit Square Tiles named Characters. This basically means that each animation is more or less 6 characters x 6 characters. Which means 36 characters per animation. 1 character = 32 Bytes, which meant one animation would be 32 x 36 which ends up equaling 1.152 bytes. Going further means it would equal 221, 184 bytes for all frames, and an overall 216K of memory needed for the animations. Due to how taxing this was on memory, tricks were needed to reduce the memory needed for the animations. The first was mirroring animations, which cut out about seven of them, and reduced the memory tax down to 121K. A relatively simple trick to save the memory. By further shifting the sprite itself to reduce the number of characters needed, and then using further hexadecimal compression methods to reduce the sprite size (It gets really difficult to explain here so it's best to watch the video to get a better and more detailed explanation if you're interested) and by the end, the 216K of cartridge space needed for the animations ended up being a simple 53K of cartridge space on a 4MB cart. In general, that's a massive memory save by doing this and freeing up a ton of the cartridge itself. Research: Conclusion: In conclusion, I honestly find 3D Blast one of the more interesting Classic games to discuss about. It's such a weird and strange oddball spinoff title from a far-gone era where publishers were still trying to figure out what constituted as "real 3D" or not. There was a point in time where I considered 3D Blast to just be another lazy spinoff title to ride the coattails of the original trilogy on the Genesis. A quick cash-grab to have a "Sonic" game that was new for their older console. But doing more and more research, it's clear to me that it probably the most opposite thing that the game actually ended up being. The jury is out about if 3D Blast is an actual good game. Personally, I find the game itself pretty blah and average. It's not my cup of tea and I find it pretty clunky. But with that said, I have nothing but total respect for the game. The level of ambition and even technical breakthroughs for the era with all of the coding tricks just makes me all the more impressed and really helps me put things in retrospective. When I was younger and playing Mega Collection Plus (which along with Heroes was my first ever Sonic experience) and saw the opening FMV, I just remembered how bad it looked. I played the game and the gameplay was pretty meh and not as fun as the other games in the cartridge and now knowing more about the time era and such, it feels like I took for granted just how actually impressive this all was. How many cool little coding secrets and workarounds was implemented to get this all working, and better yet, actually see it working. It's nothing short of absolutely impressive. Honestly, it's a bit of a crying shame to see 3D Blast ridiculed for that "cheap cash grab that isn't even real 3D!" when it's clear that a lot of time and work went into trying to make it at least simulate some kind of 3D, even if it ultimately fell flat on it's face. It tried to do new things and even succeeded at them, and for that, I find that a pretty good reason to pay some respect to 3D Blast, shortcomings and all.
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    Sonic 3D Blast: A Technical Marvel?

    This video from TT Director Jon Burton pretty much compares the Saturn version of 3D Blast to a more elaborate ROM hack. They just placed the Mega Drive coding into it and then put the Saturn version's extra features on top.
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    There's no good reason to cut a character from Smash
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    There’s nothing menacing or dark in the names Batman or Joker, but that’s not how stories make characters menacing, now is it?
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    PSA: Drop what you're doing and play Tropical Freeze.
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    (image) I love this so much

    (image) I love this so much
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    oh my GOD I can't stop thinking about that stupid joke damn you @Ferno that was smart
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    Skull Leader

    Fan Attitudes to Eggman

    And wouldn't the same apply in that, just because there can be dark elements, some people think that is a free ticket to add things like a girl getting shot by soldiers or an old man being tortured and executed, which I feel was done for shock value and to try to one up the previous game which handled dark elements like death in a more subtle manner with E-102 Gamma's story. The moment the franchise starts including more complex issues and try to give realistic consequences, that's the moment it loses it charm and things are less fun just because the developers decided to embrace whatever trend kids were into, like shounen anime, instead of remaining true to what it once was. Why else do you think they had to bring back Classic Sonic and the tone you see in things like Mania Adventures if not because of how modern Sonic was turned into a mess with no identity due to the constant experimentation and inconsistencies (gameplay, lore, tonal shifts) that resulted in people seeing the franchise like a joke compared to Mario, which can handle dark elements without betraying what it is nor giving into the whims of the audience like Sonic did when it's fans asked for more "mature" stories that where ironically anything but that. Maybe this is also why the complains of Eggman not being "threatening enough", even when he is pretty much dangerous despite his goofiness (he can cause the planet to shatter or even play with the very fabric of existance without thinking of the consequences due to being so very self-centered in his ambitions) since fans are trying to meassure him next to the likes of supervillains from other franchises where there is a more gratuitious dark tone or who kill for fun and without remorse. If the cartoony appearance of the franchise is not enough hint of how there is some stuff that would simply feel out of place, then I don't know what is. Maybe people commit the fallacy of thinking that Sonic is going to accomodate to the things they are looking for or that they see in other works like you suggest, and ST was IMO in the wrong for having obligued with a lot of the stuff seen in the so called "dark ages" of the 2000's that marked the bumpy road for this franchise and that contributed to damaging it's image.
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    Oh yeah I got Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 on Monday. Can't wait to make the biggest mistake ever
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    Not surprised, to be honest. That said, we’re definitely overreacting to the idea that this will get us killed. At best (worst?), this’ll just convince Iran to develop their program and be more of a threat to Israel and might provoke an bigger arms race. Beyond that is the question of what’ll happen next.”?
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    A part of me is undoubtedly sad and disappointed, but another part just doesn't care that much anymore due to the number of times I've bought certain games in my VC library, and I wasn't a fan of the Wii U's slow trickle of games and its lacking library compared to the Wii's VC. If Switch VC was announced, you bet your ass it would have had the same problems aaaaall over again. I'm not planning on parting with my Wii U anyway; I use it as a Virtual Console machine these days, and I wouldn't have bothered paying an upgrade price on the Switch for half the games on it.
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    I think I'm planning on doing a Okami HD let's play. I love this game so much! I remember beating it so many times and made my own three hit point challenge.
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    Something I find silly is the assumption that just because a character has lore/backstory, that is going to automatically make them important to a story. When it comes to storytelling, that actually has more to do with what character the writer wants to focus on.
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    Finally managed to fix the drifting on my Xbox One controller.
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Wal-Mart may have leaked some E3 surprises or whatever.
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    Y'know, while this is impressive, the goddamn "Mm-hmm" and voice fluctuations and 'um'-s shook me a little bit. Like, this is getting to that "it's getting kind of creepy" point in terms of AI Granted it's still a demo and I doubt it'll be very advanced at release, but it's still impressive. And a small bit creepy
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    For those not in the know, the FCC net neutrality shit is getting stirred up again and will be voted on later this month.
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    Not exactly, but we both don't know, as we don't work at SEGA (neither our uncles ). The info we got is that Iizuka came with the idea of bringing old zones back yet again when Christian made his pitch (which at first were just a couple of original zones), instead of greenliting a whole game made of original ones. Sure, maybe he was STILL insecure about it, but now it's crystal clear that the Mania Team is capable of going this far, the new zones were the best part of Sonic Mania, every review says it so. I'm whiling to bet it wasn't that much insecurity, I mean, they're being re-hashing the same zones and aesthetics for years now... It's past time for new NEW stuff, people are tired... If that's what Iizuka wanted, he did it. We are in safe ground now. Also, I don't know how much this has to do with Iizuka, but only putting 2 guys to design a main series game, one of them being a newbie?? Well, we all saw what that lead to..
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    Okay guys this new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom TV spot has Major Spoilers, I already watched it and pretty much sums up where I thought it would go. Watch at your own risk as there are Spoilers galore.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Sonic doesn't need one, he was later shown tanking sword slashes from Queen of the Underworld in a cutscene. If she can't cut him then no one else can.
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    [5] Sonic 3 - Rock Garden https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-3-rock-garden OPD: May 17, 2006 || Length: 4:00 || Style: Rock https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/50631 This one was also cut to fit the capacity. This one was more of a fun experimentation using synth guitars. I wanted to try my hand at a different style, to find what was right for me. I played around with more basic settings like bend. A lot of inspiration came from a favorite rock band, Fozzy. This one wasn’t as successful. Stepping stones, yo
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    People can speculate, but we really have no idea which location(s) house Studiopolis, Press Garden, and Mirage Saloon. Some of you might be tempted to respond "Grackle, we know they're on X Island because of cutscene transitions" or some such, but we really don't. Especially with the Ruby involved. Not unless the developers told us and I just missed that part. EDIT: Seriously, it goes from Stardust Speedway to Hydrocity Zone, then later Lava Reef Zone to Metallic Madness. But I don't hear any of you say Angel Island and Little Planet are the same place.
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    https://e3.square-enix-games.com/en-us/ KH3 is definitely getting shown here. If not here than the orchestra in LA(which I unfortunately won’t be attending due to time constraints and money. If only Paradiso wasn’t the week after E3.).
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    I had whipped chocolate yogurt yesterday. It was awful.
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    Sonic is running at 5775.5338 mph in CD opening
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I’m not reacting to the idea of us being in any danger from this, simply just the sheer incompetence from the guy from this move. And his lack of explanation of how this “makes us safer”
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    I don't think there's anyone I would want removed from Smash. Even the characters I don't like personally At the same time there's nobody I want added to Smash either 'cause nearly all my favorites are in, and ones that aren't have no chance anyway due to not appearing in any games for years. I think Smash 4 had the overall best roster and I'm struggling to think of (realistic) options for future titles
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    tfw Brawl is ironically the only Smash game which roster doesn’t have any full-on clones, only semi ones.
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    So, I figured this was something worth raising this thread up for: https://youtu.be/R7C9Tq_k2f4 It's a mod that lets you play as Zelda instead of Link. A few of the costumes you gain throughout the game have even been given their own designs for her and been implemented in-game. Looks pretty cool! Worth noting that it's being done on Wii U, but not on Switch, I believe.
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    The Mediocre Gang will have voices: (Except Mr. Hippo, apparently) Update: He's in, too. Happy Frog is a very upbeat and cheerful character, and I want her lines to be a stark contrast to the death she just delivered to the player. She should sound bubbly, excited, and even a bit ditsy. Pigpatch has a very goofy appearance, but speaks deeply with wisdom and menace, delivering his one-liners as though standing over the body of his enemy. Nedd Bear has a goofy country accent, and doesn't sound like he understands the severity of his actions, often quipping silly one-liners as though telling a joke to kids despite the fact that he just murdered someone. The thicker and sillier the accent, the better, as long as it is still easy to understand. [Orville] is a ring leader with a commanding presence, but it also a bit twitchy. He should sound like the ring master at a circus combined with a malfunctioning jukebox. Although Mr. Hippo is a murderous robot, his dialog is very uncharacteristic of that persona, sounding more like an elderly grandfather telling a long drawn-out story to a friend. He speaks with a deep voice, and is in no hurry to say what he's going to say, pausing between phrases and pondering the words before he speaks them. I want all of that to sound natural, however. Source: https://www.voices.com/clients/animdude#feedbacks
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    I like what Bruce Wayne’s father said to him when he fell down into a well. I should let this quote sink in and live by it myself instead of self pity.
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    Fan Attitudes to Eggman

    ...I now increasingly think that Sonic's story doesn't translate well from its abstract and cartoony origins in the jump to 3D and high production values. Once you add dialogue and more developed storylines, it seems increasingly clear that the charm of the original collapses in the face of concessions to conventional storytelling. Perhaps they should've taken the Mario route and remained silent. Or at least tried to retain some consistency, rather than swiftly handing off the storytelling to writers who one can only presume were not big fans of Sonic but just couldn't break into anime.
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    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Finally, they're rereleasing NES games!
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    Yeah, can’t say I’m in line with the OP either. You continue this divide between goofy and serious that this fandom is notorious for not understanding that these two aren’t, nor do they have to be, diametrically opposed to one another. Short story: being goofy doesn’t mean they can’t be serious or present a serious threat. The fact that there’s so many examples of this in cartoons outside of Sonic is really telling that Sonic fans are just making this artificial divide between silly and serious out of spite of the idea being considered, because I can show you a show, movie, or game will villains just as goofy as Eggman who can also get far darker and serious with their actions.
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    Last night Market Street Riot became the new PHW tag team champions!
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    Never said anything about ditching Modern Sonic, in fact, Sonic Team should be kept away from Team Mania, and focus in getting their shit together instead of making stupid tie-ins. I want a great Modern Sonic game as much as I want a Mania sequel, but the truth is, after so many years, Sonic Team already lost me, I don't believe they will ever achieve this, sadly, they don't understand Sonic anymore. I give zero fucks about their next game, a fresh new team nailed the Sonic essence with their very first official/original game, so what's the point in still believing in Sonic Team anyways? No one should be so naive, unless you're new to this franchise.
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    Sonic really seems to latch on to trends regardless of what tone he’s in honestly. Lost Worlds for instances tried emulate more from Mario and Boom goes the current trend of sit-com cartoons that try to milk humor when it can. And don’t get folks started on milking the nostalgia since arguably Generations.
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    could forces be fixed like mania?

    You can't fix it completely, but at least if they fix the controls and character movements, the game could become more enjoyable. I disagree with people who call it a total disaster, I think the game would be just as good as the other boost games if it had no controls issue (I consider all the boost games to be enjoyable but mediocre), though the game is full of flaws, even in the story... I mean, Silver. Silver is a big wasted opportunity. he comes from the future, travels to the past to save the future he has mind-based powers the Phantom Ruby involves a mind-based power 1+1=2, Silver came back from the future because he has mind-based powers, he's the only one who can fight the power of the Phantom Ruby (maybe the whole point of him having those powers in the future is as a way to fight the Ruby in the first place, this would have been an interesting background for him); the perfect chance for him to shine and play a major role in the story of the game without feeling out of place or bland. Nope. You can't change the plot of the game with a patch, the damage is done.
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    Seeing the big picture, I stand for Mania as it is. It's a better way to: -Show the world how great the classics were. -Finance the S3K remaster. -Set the ground for a sequel. -Let the team get experience on a full game. As much as I want the S3 remaster and brand new 2d games, Mania is the more clever move.
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    Count me in the camp that prefers what we actually got, especially since we already have 110 ways to play the older games already so I really thank lizuka for suggesting it since seeing all these old zones (despite my initial skepticism) being built upon and remixed in new ways was definitely worth the wait.
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    Are we sure it's that? I was thinking Mania Sonic is from a different timeline. Because the events in the Classic games were directly mentioned in Sonic Adventure: And in Generations that Classic Sonic is treated as a younger version of Modern while the one in Forces is stated to come from another dimension. Seems to me like Mania Sonic and Generations Classic Sonic are two different Sonics.
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    What does any of this have to do with Mani--oh you're already back on topic. Hm. Secondly, I think staff has spoken to you about this before, but while I understand SEGA makes odd decisions, the whole East VS West narrative you throw around is tiresome, especially the way you go about it. If that's how you think things went on behind the scenes, fine, but you're definitely going to get on peoples' nerves like this. If you keep it up we'll have to strike you, and since you've received one already you'll get a suspension, so please keep that in mind. Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's just going to amount to Eggman bringing in the villains (aside from maybe Metal...?) using Infinite's power and that's that. Though one way I could see time travel implemented is if it's something akin to what they considered for Sonic 2. But I kinda get the impression Infinite's power really is more about like, dimensions, so I could see the villains being pulled in from other universes or something? I don't know, they've revealed so little that it could be anything, really.
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