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    Shoot, we're dead now:
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    To be fair, TTG only has more episodes namely by virtue of- 1) each episode only being 10 minutes long. 2) being a series that is driven by longevity rather than narrative, and thus episodes are pushed out on a constant basis, rather than carefully crafted and spaced out over a long period of time. The shorter episode count doesn't really discredit the accomplishments of the original Teen Titans and probably works more to its advantage, actually.
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    Avengers 4 (2019) (spoilers for Infinity War):
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    PSA: 7/10 isn't bad calm down

    PSA: 7/10 isn't bad calm down
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    In a way, it was really a mixed blessing that we had to wait this long for KH3. I mean, can you imagine the game looking anywhere near this beautiful on PS3...?
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    Just wait till they somehow manage to get Classic Sonic to show up again in the movie!
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    Sonic Channel

    Thanks Twitter feed! Oh, and nice pose, Sonic!
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    Average Guys (59% complete) Breakdown is finished! Now I'm gonna be stuck here for a day or so. This is the calmer bridge to the second half. I do hope I can come up with something clever. I do feel pretty inspired lately, I'm sure it'll be a snap.
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    Formerly, we required people to wait 3 days before they double-post with new content. From now on, we will only require you to wait one day. Enjoy!
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    Would be cool to see a Sonic game where the background in every zone is the next zone you'll be going too. Last zone in the game obviously can't do that... unless you wanna be cheeky and make the first zone appear as the BG for the final zone.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Old pic I had never finished that I completely forgot about until I was looking through some of my files tonight. I can't even remember when I did this. I think like 2 or 3 years ago. I always figured these two would get along really well =)
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    I'd like to start this thread to discuss how characters can be featured in the 2-D Genesis styled games and the gameplay mechanics that could be implemented, since one of the things that I think are yet to be exploited is just how versatile the Genesis formula is, allowing to accomodate characters that can either follow the style of Sonic like Tails or Knuckles, more unique and original ones like Amy (whose entire moveset is exclusive and copies none of Sonic's moves) or even different ways of playing with the physics like Knuckles' Chaotix use of rubberband mechanics to exploit the already existing set of physics. Likewise, while simplicity is often good, there comes a point where it can become restrictive. Personally, I like to have as much control as possible over the actions of a playable character and think that sometimes there are additions that do fulfill this purpose. (For example in the Contra games, the use of the shoulder buttons to lock the aim while moving in any direction/locking the movement to aim in all 8 directions without the character moving) A few points that should be established before starting: * Characters cannot use/copy any of Sonic's signature moves (especially rolling/spindashing, though spin jumping is OK) since the idea is to create characters that offer a more fresh approach rather than something that feels the same or doesn't offer much replay incentive as well as their unique moves being something that will actually be used all the time and not just for reaching some high spot that Sonic can't reach. * Any character is fair game, including those from alternate media (cartoons, comics) if you feel that their abilities could bring something new. Likewise, you can try to come up with new ideas for the existing cast like Tails or Knuckles and how they could be more unique. * You can create controls schemes with either one or two buttons, with this last being the maximum allowed number of buttons. * Please try to create abilities that serve a purpose. One of the things that I felt was a trouble in the first Advance was the way the secondary button was used on characters like Sonic as a mere placeholder. Just like not every character needs to use two buttons, there are also characters that would benefit from having a secondary one in order to fully display their abilities. * List the characters' abilities, followed by the command input and a description of how said moves would work. * Additional ways of interacting with existing gimmicks are welcomed. (For example, Amy hitting springs to launch herself much higher than the other characters) * Try to not go overboard with the number of moves for each character. The maximum should be somewhere between 6 - 8. For starters, this is what I'd do with Amy, who I think was the last character in the 2-D games to actually try something new: Hammer attack: B button (can also be performed in midair more than once, unlike Advance 1. The range is superior to Sonic's insta-shield but is slightly slower and can't deflect projectiles. If springs are hit, she'll be launche pretty fast and high) Jump: A button (Amy's standard jump has her jump uncurled, but is slightly higher that Sonic's) Hammer Jump: Down + B (Amy hits the ground to launch herself high and fast into the air but during this move she can't perform any type of attacks. Can also be used on loops/slopes like regular jumps to build momentum, but with an extra boost of speed) Hammer whirl: Down + B in midair (Amy will cancel all forward momentum and will drop vertically, continuously boincing on the target(s) and gaining extra height with each bounce, which prevents her from trivializing boss fights while on a side bonus, featuring another way to find alternate paths with a little bit more skill involved. Can also be used for platforming sections where precision is a must) Amy-dash: Up + A (functionality is very similar to the Super peel-out, but less fast) Giant steps: Down + A (Amy performs a quick jump that covers plenty of horizontal distance, but has very little height. Ideal for quickly jumping between platforms or to climb very steep slopes that the other characters can't using a spindash) Hammer-copter: A while in midair (Similar to a move from Heroes. Amy spins using her hammer, gaining a little bit of extra impulse forward. Think of it as a mid-air jump that mainly covers horizontal distance) Insta-duck: down while on the ground (Amy will crounch almost instantly, even when she is running top speed. This can be helpful on those carnival stages where you have springs facing each other that can cause the placer to bounce back and forward constantly) Now, for an existing one, I'll give my take on Espio. Double jump: A button while in mid-air. Kunai slash: B button (Espio uses his kunai to attack enemies. His range is not as goid as Amy but his attacks are performed much faster) Ninja dash: tap forward twice. (Espio performs a run similar to that of the more dignified ninjas like Strider Hiryu. Sorry, Naruto fans. He still gains speed when running down on slopes but unlike other characters like Amy, he can still use his Kunai to attack while running) Shuriken ring: Up + B button. (Espio throws a ring towards the enemy. Note: this move can be performed ONLY if Espio has any rings available, substracting one per attack, so use wisely, especially if you have only one left) Ninja slide kick: Down + A (Espio performs a slide attack that is very fast, but does not cover much distance. It alternatively can be use to slide into very tight spaces that not even rolling characters can get into, as well as an evasive maneuver to avoid attacks) Wall cling: jump towards any wall (Espio will cling to a wall as soon as the character makes contact with it) Ninja Catapult: while clinging to a wall, press the opposite direction + A button (Espio will launch horizontally at high speed, covering 1/2 screen of distance and gaining a bit of height. Ideal for parts that not even Knuckles can climb) Ninja magic: A + B buttons simultaneously. (Espio rapidly performs the kuji-kiri, causing all on-screen enemies to be destroyed. This move will substract 100 rings and on boss fights, it instantly substracts them 3 HP of damage)
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    RTC had an update, some results from messing about with it: Sonic 1 on the Atari 2600... And Seizure Brain Zone. Yes, that was flashing like a rave, absolute murder on the eyes. Then I took the corruption even further beyond and got something truly amazing, so I recorded it. My poor computer did not like that one bit, and I'll have to wait a while before I can upload it due to my internet. Besides the dropping frames, it was spectacular. Just to give you an idea, collecting rings sounded like a girl's screaming. No, really.
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    Infinity War was terrible. Because the Thanos-copter didn't show up even once.
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    Indigo Rush

    Hey y'all how's it been.

    Hey y'all how's it been.
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    This wounds me because it's so accurate
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    I don't think that was the problem in itself but more it didn't really go anywhere. Having Cream be actually treated as a six year old gave her a more unique dynamic, it's just that after a while no development came out of it, she just came in handy odd times at random and was otherwise sidelined, rather than having points she proved she was capable and the Freedom Fighters' attitudes changed. Sonic X suffered the same problem, she was the tagalong kid who often stayed behind but often that felt more like just an excuse to keep her out of focus. During the Meterax arc they just quickly hand waved it with her mother bizarrely letting her go alone, and the one time anyone voiced concern about this they were portrayed in the wrong and very sharply told by Cream and the others to keep their big nose out of it. And yet Cream still barely did anything useful or had a different dynamic from it. The 'just a kid' excuse doesn't seem as much a developed role for her as much as just a fickle reasoning for when they don't have room to use her.
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    I actually wouldn't mind more birds. I know the Babylon Rogues weren't everyone's favorite characters, but birds are my favorite animal group and I would love to see more -- especially an owl!
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    3 cases in Spirit of Justice. Man this game has a good soundtrack
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    Can’t remember all that happened post-reboot off the top of my head, but I do remember her charging at Cassia with fury over her cybernetics and how she never asked for them despite their benefits, for what that was worth. Yeah, that was House of Cards. It’s unanimously agreed that Sonic was at his most assholish there, but while he could be abrasive he was hardly like that throughout most of the comics and was friendly majority of the time. The Sonic you described seemed closer to Fleetway Sonic in having a mean attitude.
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    Jack / Joker

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    ...That's not funny...that's actually kind of sad.
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    I remember when a lot of us were upset that Forces wouldn't show us a lot of stuff. Turns out that wasn't the case. There just wasn't a lot to show.
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    I feel like this has gotten a little too far off-topic regarding Reignited Trilogy. Can we re-rail this topic away from unsubstantiated rumors and Playstation All-Stars talk? And secondly, let's not post unsubstantiated rumors here or in the Smash thread regarding Crash's or Spyro's inclusion.
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    Net Neutrality . Help save it!

    So you all remember that big deal the internet made awhile back regarding the FCC and net neutrality? Yeah well that fight never ended, and we’re finally coming to the big vote on it. This Wednesday, the senate will decide essentially whether it lives or dies. If the senate rule in favor of the fcc, the protections regarding our internet freedoms in the US will be taken away within the month from what I’ve seen and heard. I’ll share some links if you all want to help and do something to fight against this https://www.battleforthenet.com/?org=fftf&utm_source=email&utm_medium=BFTN&utm_campaign=RedAlert&link_id=0&can_id=4370ccbe1e74c486c32643e3e965a75d&email_referrer=email_351613&email_subject=here-we-go If the ssmb would like to put the red alert thing on the site, here’s the widget code http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/BgE/ni0YAA/t.2hb/0x5XDU6eQ1W6vy4OjhqJMw/h4/N4TP83PuCSy3b099M34ab-2BZOQ1WLSHQWvI1OTpbSZZZdogn1Riw4eCrhZVNgoJIo Some avatars and profile pics of you want to use these http://click.actionnetwork.org/mpss/c/BgE/ni0YAA/t.2hb/0x5XDU6eQ1W6vy4OjhqJMw/h3/yZH-2BImYNhf0NpOFB6eZZzllqtOv2C6V6JK-2FOhEUc1yJA3JxHRH0t5t2iUOypzlHT I know tumblr and a few other sites have joined in on this red alert, so there definitely I’m hoping will be a large uproar similar to before, but I definitely am worried, as I’m not seeing much discussion this time around. Really this is just to raise awareness, but if anyone wants to discuss this on here, that’s great also.
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    Yeah, as one of the many, many people who were annoyed at how Classic Sonic was shoehorned into Forces, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in this racing spin-off at all, assuming it’s not plot-heavy. I mean, if Mario Kart 8 can have four different variations of Mario all racing together at the same time, I don’t see how a spin-off racing game with two different versions of Sonic is the worst thing ever. With that being said, I think spin-offs should be the only exception to having both Modern and Classic Sonic together in the same game at this point.
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    Aaaaand, back home!

    Aaaaand, back home!
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    "Homura showing humility? Like that's ever gonna happen."
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    [17] Sonic A2B - Pumpkin Hill (ft. Rythim-Man) https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-a2b-pumpkin-hill-ft-rythim-man The following is based on a true story XD OPD: July 26, 2006 // Length: 4:00 // Style: Hip-Hop https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/56860 Original lyrics written by: Tomoya Ohtani and Hunnid-P Additional lyrics written performed by Pauly B and Rythim-Man My first, and practically only at the moment, collaboration effort featuring the lyrical rhyming of Rythim-Man from Newgrounds. I did the beat, the singing lyrics, and the story, Rythim-Man is responsible for the additional rap lyrics, and the editing. You'll also notice my former alias is used here, Paul Stetich. This was before the name change in 2013. This one was interesting because with two people working on it, it makes learning how to edit and combine a lot easier, as the song would not be complete without it. The beat was the easiest part of the whole thing. I focused more on making harmonics flow a little easier with the rest of the piece instead of just background noise. Overall, the project turned out pretty decent, there were a couple slip ups here and there, but it turned out very well.
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    *me playing a fighting game* "Alright! I've mastered the tutorial and have memoried every move!" *gets into an actual battle* "i have no idea how to play"
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    i still think about digimon tamers sometimes, what a good anime
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    Rusty Spy


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    [16] Mysterious Darkness https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/mysterious-darkness OPD: July 16, 2006||Length: 3:56||Style: Dance https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/55931 During my time in between Christmas 2005 and the time I debuted on Newgrounds, I did about 10 practice pieces. We could say it was a demo album. Only some of them were actually good enough to me to put online, this being one of them. As the title suggests, I tried to give this one somewhat of a darker feel to it, as if walking into a mysterious place where anything can happen. The use of the industrial drums was something interesting I discovered that I really wanted to try out. I discovered this sounded better with slower, dramatic drums, and learned how to really mix styles for a variety of sound This also concludes my first album.
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    When I first played SA1 it really had some Ghibli vibes for me especially with Big, Amy, Tails's individual moments in the sunset... A beautiful game... Now everything needs to be "gotta go fast and boost-to-win" and we can only play as Sonic as the other characters are for decoration.
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    To be honest, a Classic spinoff with minimal story isn't exactly what I'd consider canon, it can really go either way, it isn't as definitive as a main focal plot point of Shadow dying at the end of SA2 for example.
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    It feels surreal to me that we'll probably have KH3 within the next seven months.
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    Spyro and the scenery looks great. The Gnorcs look kinda ugly and more generic though. Even A Hero's Tail which had plenty of it's own liberties, did a better job matching the 'cuter' style of the original. This is looking a bit worryingly like the same problem NST feel into, trying to make the characters so detailed they look kinda grotesque and lose a lot of their original style. Shame they didn't keep a little closer to this, this actually looked like a decent translation of the original Gnorc.
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    My first attempt at drawing Michael Jackson, in a cartoony style of course. It's a lot better than I feared it might be, to be honest. I'll keep working on drawing him, so hopefully look forward to more MJ fan art in the future.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Hunks ? I imagine these two would get along really well.
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    ^ This is a few months late, but thank you very much ^^' I'm just going to post a bunch of old drawings for funsies. These range from very old to...less old. I tried to redesign Kragok, a villain by Ken Penders. I didn't really do much with him, but I found this slightly funny, so I decided to post it He's giving a talk if you couldn't tell. An attempt at redesigning Julie-Su; I tried to incorporate some Nocturnus influence. I had some kinda okay ideas here. One of the only times I've ever used foreshortening It didn't work out so well for her gun... A later, unrelated redesign of Julie-Su. I kinda think she looks sorta cute and awkward here, I guess? This was a screenshot redraw based on Superman: The Animated Series. The proportions aren't great, especially his tiny torso (particularly considering who he is...), but I was pleased with myself when I did it because I rarely ever draw humans, never mind a full-body picture with an interesting pose...even though it was very directly based on something and thus not too impressive...and he's, uh, not actually a human, he's a Kryptonian...but whatever Classic Tails <3 This is one of my Neopets. He's literally a dog made out of snot wearing a scarf and bunny slippers. 'Cause that's Neopets for you. An original character who would probably appear in kids' media of some sort, if she appeared in anything. Her name is Smiley and she's a six-year-old sabertooth cat. I'll try to post more "complete" stuff here soon, as well as new stuff, though I may keep posting old sketches too. I didn't draw much this past school year, I definitely want to get into it again over the summer.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Did this one just today. I <3 Amy Rose c':
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