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    This took me almost a month to finish, and it's just ONE page:
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    The last two remaining kitten I have are trying to eat doggy bones and occasionally sleep with the doggies. I don't think these are kittens anymore.
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    Got a new one today. This is Nitro's gifts being shown while in a fit of rage. Normally she never uses this much of her powers, unless driven to it. Though she'll use her ash bending more, namely as a form aid in the mobility to hide. Her fire bending is used in more perilous situations where she needs to get the upper hand. However if you'd ask her which she's prefers using more. She would tell you that she prefers using her ash bending to hide and avoid danger, if at all possible.
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    After so long, I’m finally seeing Infinity War!
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    I'm now reading the full BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo manga in Spanish -just purchased the 21 volumes online-, and all I can say is... Humanity doesn't deserve something this good, guys and gals. It's on a whole other level!
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    "Movie Accurate Detail"

    "Movie Accurate Detail"
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    Just saw Deadpool 2. The first half felt a little slow to me because it takes itself a bit more seriously than expected (there's still plenty of gags but they're not the focus). Second half, though? Holy shit I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. No spoilers, but I think the movie truly begins for me once they start bringing in the X-Force.
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    wait holy shit just realized who fortnite's epic games is I thought it was just ye olde new company that only makes one game that goes mainstream/turns into a fad but nope I forgot Epic Games did Gears of War and created the Unreal Engine. I'm an idiot.
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    Regarding dark themes in Sonic

    I think the difference you're looking for here is grisly. I think you could classify SatAM/Archie as darker than the main games, while they're still not grisly. I also really don't agree that SatAM was just AoSTH with better visuals and a slightly darker Robotnik. AoSTH was primarily a show of the slapstick daily adventures variety, and Robotnik in it was incredibly incompetent, goofy, and just kind of downright embarrassing. He was meant to be that way, for sure, but comparatively...? SatAM was more story/narrative driven than completely episodic, a bit more subtle and less slapsticky and Robotnik was downright menacing (lest we not forget, he doesn't see a heart, sir!) - I definitely get the vibe of a very oppressive environment that a group of people on the outskirts of corrupt society is trying to win back from SatAM - AoSTH just kind of seems to be meant to be Looney Tunes but Sonic.
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