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    This is what we do when SSMB is down for maintenance:
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    GIF Embedding is Glitchy?

    This should fix itself eventually. As far as I know it's to do with one server taking a request intended for the other, and acting as a middleman (proxying) for it; there are a few things not quite working properly, and this is one of them. It was previously the backup server proxying for the main, now it's the other way around. It's necessary to do it because it can take days to make every visitor's system aware that the site is on a different server (DNS propagation), and during that transition period there's no real way of controlling which server a system will try to access - imagine two diverging versions of the same forum where one group of people can't see what the other has posted, and vice versa. That isn't what we want, so the moment we switch from one server to another we replace the forum on the old one with a proxy. That allows us to take people stuck on the old server and give them a way to use the new one anyway, until eventually no-one remembers the old one any more! Might be worth clearing cookies/cache in the meantime, though I'm not sure it'll help with anything.
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    So that's: -Chris -Chip -OC -Cop What's with Sonic Team and trying to replace Tails as Sonic's closest confidant?
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    Wuppo's a cute game. I can see the comparisons between it and Paper Mario (the first game in particular, which seemed to have a more innocent tone of writing much like Wuppo does)
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    GIF Embedding is Glitchy?

    Seems like images are broken again, I can still see the Monokuma gif above, but the Aoi Asahina gif in my signature, as well as all of @Monkey Destruction Switch‘s images in her signature are broken.
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    Actually his second playable appearance. He started off in Sega Sonic the Hedgehog in arcades but never was playable anywhere else. Also, as an unorthodox Amy fan who wants to see how she could have developed if she would have been playable in a Genesis/Mega Drive platformer back in the day I'm actually very interested to see how Mighty an Ray play. It's not that I don't want Amy playable either, but the Mania team has a chance to both show what they can do in that style and treat fans to characters who have been requested for years. To me Mighty and Ray are a win-win situation. And @MightyRay, I feel you with the obnoxious Amy fans. It's why I prefer the viewpoint of the #roomforonemore people who say add Amy with Mighty and Ray. Or in other words Though as I said already, just because of my viewpoint I'd honestly rather see the Mania team put together a great experience with Mighty and Ray before tackling Amy just so they can earn the right to experiment with her. To me, Mighty and Ray are actually better in the long to get before Amy and that fans like you get to enjoy your favorite characters is just a plain old fashioned awesome bonus that needs to be celebrated, not attacked. I say tell those Amy fans to play Advance while they wait for her to be playable and let you enjoy Mighty and Ray while the Mania team earns the right to experiment with Amy in the original formula. Just leave your anger in the comic with Ray, that way if needed Knuckles can chuck it a way safely ^_^
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    Thanks for the further clarification. Always glad to know what's going on. Anyway take your time and don't run yourselves ragged taking care of everything. I think we can handle a few hours of sluggish performance if it means most of the problems will be going away.
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    I only recently discovered this and I can't stop watching it. It's freakin' adorable. XD
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    True story

    True story
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    That was a HUGE wall of text! Would had been better as a video because many people won't want to read all of that... Anywho I read over all the main points regardless. I'm gonna be as understanding and respectful as I can here while also being honest. First off and I don't know any other way to say it, my opinion is you have a warped view on a silly cartoony hammer and how you also relate it to Amy's character. Yes I'd agree I don't like how her personality is portrayed lately... but my opinion is all Sonic characters are mistreated and handled poorly nowadays. To me the modern portrayal of even modern day Sonic himself is awful and he is nothing like the Sonic I think of him as anymore. However I don't agree Amy needs to be a nice loving sweet heart girl to such extremes that you do in order to fix her character. I don't agree that her hammer can't be integrated better into speed based gameplay. I LOVE the Hammer drop move. Sonic Advance's gameplay for her can easily be improved on... And they even started to do that on the next games where they added rolling for her, and yes I'll agree that she should be able to roll because absurdly even Tails can do it... I'll say that even despite the fact that I prefer characters to have more unique gameplay over being mere boring clones with small added powers on top... which is something me and many Sonic fans won't see eye to eye on ever. I don't disagree with characters using the same base... but I feel far more should be done to them to make them differently fun then just 1 or 2 added on small powers. Simply making Amy a pink Sonic with a added high jump or something basic like that doesn't do it for me, not in the slightest... It basically would just be better then nothing, which in my book is not good enough. Next I'll comment on is the more or less whole "Think of the children!" parts which does not amuse me one bit as I hate those kinda arguments, which are often used as a cheap excuse to just manipulate people. Her hammer by itself doesn't make her a bad character or a bad influence on kids, and I won't entertain that thought process. Even heroes with a heart of gold can wield a battle hammer. You say you loved the concept of pre-hammer classic Amy with the idea of her being a sweet girl with a nearly pure heart aiming to be a hero?... Yet are we just going to ignore the obvious here and how her nickname was Amy The "Rascal?!" and the fact many Sonic characters are designed and known for their bratty personalities? I know I sure didn't forget, and it's part of why i like them. Sure Amy isn't handled good in her modern incarnations, but she should never be made into something she isn't either. Amy needs some spice to her character, so them playing up the whole "rascal" angle would be ideal if done correctly. Lastly I'll say this. The real question is why do you think we all need to know why you dislike her hammer to such a degree? You act like you are not trying to change the opinions of others... which by the way I do not believe whatsoever. People almost never say things over and over and over on open public places just to hear themselves talk/knowledge their own feelings to themselves. Lets be real here, you feel alone of your thoughts on this and want to see at least SOME people agree with you, and that is understandable. But I say that is it REALLY necessary to beat it into our faces your opinion on a single subject at almost any chance you get? Some advice. Feels like half the posts from you I've seen discusses the same subject with you never letting a chance go by how much you hate her hammer. Am I saying for you to stop? No. But maybe lower it down a notch? For example you know how annoying it would make me seem if I kept on ranting on about every chance I got how I think Blaze is the among the top best Sonic characters and deserves her own spinoff game series? It would make me unbearable... hell i would be sick of me if I did that... And yes I have gotten sick of my own behavior before, I just took a step back and looked at everything with fresh eyes and realized how overbearing I was being. Anyways I'm not saying this to be rude to you or to get you to stop, just advice how I think you could handle it better. On a personal note. My first encounter with Amy in life was on Sonic The Fighters which was inside a chuck e cheese during the 90s. I have good memories of that game. To me it's not Amy without her hammer. When I see Amy in Sonic CD... all I see is a early prototype concept for her character where Amy was not interesting or meaningful until later on in the series... And just to say, MetalSonic also was not used good enough in that game itself despite all the heavy advertisement for him. Really was a game with tons of miss opportunities and unflushed out ideas.
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