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    Alright, just came into some major cash. Time to finally build up my Switch library- ...I think Breath of the Wild can wait a bit longer.
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    I'm baaaaack! Whoo, that was a trip alright! I'll show my haul later.
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    (tweet) Wow. Hypocrite. Also anime isn’t a uniform style (to quote Jon Gray).
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    Gonna miss the EA stream, because I'm Barbecuing some bacon burgers for the fam.
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    Well, since that time slowly approaches, I figured it's time that I show off my first E3 Bingo Card. It's mostly Nintendo and Sony focused.
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    Am I hallucinating, or is Diogenes of all people trying to provide a rationalization for the Live Action Sonic Movie?
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    watchu mean EA coming on today. i just got up out cryosleep i thought ea was next week. i thought ALL of e3 was next week. is it already next week. that means im late for work
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    Anybody else think of All Dogs Go to Heaven when they see the Sorceress's new look?
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