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    I'm going to miss the EA stream because I don't care.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm going to put this nicely. Please don't throw around the word autistic like this. It's disrespectful (at best), not that you seem to care about that. Speaking of: We get it, you and you alone understand Shadow. Seriously, I don't understand why you feel the need to condescend even to other fans of the character. You've done this embarrassing fanboy shit constantly, to the point where I'm shocked people are still bothering to engage with you on this. In fact, I'm gonna ask everyone to stop talking about this. The Archie thread had it's fair share of annoying circular arguments and it sucks seeing it happen here too. And hey...maybe a strike will knock some sense into you.
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    The Deleter

    Okay this one got me

    Okay this one got me
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    Because there's different ways to take the meaning of what was said in the interview, and from that, you can gleam a lot of the possibilities of the movie from it. Namely: This doesn't imply Sonic being his usual rebellious character against the likes of G.U.N or the police in X for example. In most examples where it's brought up, it's also established Sonic isn't being purely malicious or whatever in his actions against said forces. He has his own philosophy in life and his own way of living life itself. He's against Freedom being stepped on by others, or in general, corrupt officials in it for their own gain. Take Adventure 2 for example, it's extremely easy to see Sonic's turning against G.U.N as being an entire plot on their part. Not only because they were fully aware of Shadow because Rouge was sent to spy on Eggman and Shadow himself, but they still keep chasing him, which implies that their whole "misunderstanding" is actually a cover story for Shadow's escape by pinning it on Sonic as opposed to the evil super-weapon/lifeform they kept locked in their base for years trying to find a way to use it themselves. Heroes doesn't have much if I remember correctly, that's going straight after Metal/Eggman. X doesn't count because they only tried to capture him for the first few episodes, when they didn't know what the hell Sonic was, and Eggman was also terrorizing the place with his robots. In later episodes, they become celebrities and we see a perfect example of Sonic's character when he runs away from G.U.N trying to capture and bring him to a party when the mayor is trying to use it to get publicity with their latest "heroes". Comics absolutely doesn't count either because 90% of the time, Eggman was in rule of the world and had literally roboticised everyone but Sonic and co. Of course he's rebelling against that. The point is there's a huge line and difference between being rebellious and free-spirited, and being an out and out delinquent who is supposedly making as much trouble for the police before Eggman pulls whatever scheme. Every other instance had a shade of gray element that showed Sonic had his reasons for being the way he was and rebelling. That he was standing up for oppression, or his own way of life, especially when it meant keeping promises to his friends instead of being a tool in some jackass' attempt for publicity, or y'know, when a corrupt army is trying to pin crimes on you. Add in the fact that Sonic "supposedly is desperately longing for a friend", and it becomes absolutely worse, because it then implies Sonic's acting out due to being lonely/misunderstood/bored/whatever else, and it makes him look more like a jerk who needs to be taught to become a hero as opposed to Sonic being a legitimately good guy with a sense of an attitude and a free-spirited nature. Sonic shouldn't need "Tom the Cop" to befriend him and teach him what he's doing is wrong. He shouldn't need to have someone on the opposite side of the law there to tell him about right and wrong and convince him to help the police. That should literally be apart of Sonic's moral code because he's all about fighting for what's right and fighting against oppression like Eggman's. But then there's also general things you can grab out of it. Sonic is seemingly pals with Tom the Cop before Tails. Sonic is going to lose his agency as a character and his usual rebellious and free-spirited attitude because he literally has to be taught by new human character - Tom about doing what's right, about what he's doing is wrong, about stopping Eggman, and about this that and other. Put it this way, what if Batman wasn't a crimefighter who dedicated his life to training, and homing his mind and body to ensure that never again would a small child be forced to watch their parents be gunned down. What if instead he was a complete and total psychopath that hunted down and murdered criminals until suddenly Bob the Coffee Maker appeared and helped him when he was down, teaching him that everything he was doing was wrong, and then helping him progress to something resembling the character who actually know and enjoy? On top of that, Alfred is also removed so we can justify the new character. Context is absolutely everything. And if a "coming of age" story like this is possibly going to end up just ruining the character and turning it into the opposite of what he usually is to then justify new character's existence by making it so new character teaches him to be who he's actually meant to be, like that just not only badly character assassinates Sonic, but also removes his own agency by making it someone else's actions and lessons that make him who he is in the first place. Better yet - a proven example. There was an episode of the Simpsons in Season 9 called The Principal and the Pauper that is still mocked to this day because of it being a gimmicky character assassination. In an attempt to justify a brand new character - they rewrote Principal Skinner's entire life. Instead of being an uptight mother's boy who fought in the Vietnam War and being a commentary on what strict totalitarian parenting can do, they changed it so Skinner was a fake - a street-punk from Capital City who enlisted in the war and fought alongside the real Seymour Skinner who helped him straighten his life out. Then he took his identity when the real Skinner was believed dead. The real Skinner returns and the fake one is forced to go back to his life as a street-punk til everyone reveals they dislike the real Skinner and bring back the fake one, ruining a character and his upbringing in order to justify a lazy gimmick episode which is still mocked by Simpsons fans and is even hated by Matt Groaning to this day IIRC. And sure, I could be wrong, but there's as much evidence from what we've now been told with the new story synopsis to back these concepts. You can argue all day about "Maybe the cops are on Sonic for no reason/misguided reasons" but then you realize one thing, they wouldn't be calling him a "juvenile delinquent" if he was actually someone who didn't do much wrong and just ended up in a misguided scuffle with the law enforcement. The fact they specifically feel the need to call Sonic that implies that he is indeed doing wrong things and Tom has to straighten his life out. That is nowhere near comparable to every other time Sonic was "rebellious" against authority in this series. Not to mention if you notice, Sonic isn't usually just rebellious to any authority, he's rebellious against those who wrongfully abuse it. G.U.N tried to frame him for a crime he didn't commit, so he went against them. Eggman turned the entire population into his mindless slaves and he rebelled against it. The mayor of Station Square tried to use him as a publicity tool at the cost of one of Sonic's friends' dream, he rebelled against it. You'll find there being little time Sonic actually rebels without having a sound reasoning for doing so.
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    EA's conference was great for this one part honestly
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    Whodidthis XD (pic)

    Whodidthis XD (pic)
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    Just give him a little spike. Just a little loose spike tucked back there, for some pleasing asymmetry and increased pointiness.
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    So this gif is gonna be the equivalent of "Lemme stop you right there" right?
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    Ah, once again...

    A wild girlfriend appears in front of Toothless.
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    Alright, just came into some major cash. Time to finally build up my Switch library- ...I think Breath of the Wild can wait a bit longer.
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    Then they should come up with systems that allow you to do that in a way that's fun and understandable rather than obscure and tedious. IVs aren't interesting. There's no interesting choices to make; you always want the highest IVs you can get, and the only thing that's stopping you from having a team of perfect-IV pokemon is that it requires rolling the dice millions of times. And if you have your Pikachu fight your friend's Pikachu, one of you may just be screwed, not because of any choice either of you made, but just because the RNG favored one player over another when they were caught. EVs are better, in that they actually let the player customize their pokemon's stats to an extent, but it's still a sloppy system that's difficult-to-impossible to control while playing the game normally, and deliberately trying to manage your pokmeon's EVs means dealing with a bunch of weird gimmicks and poorly explained items and mechanics, rather than being presented in a straightforward way and being a sensible extension of the game's core mechanics. Being able to customize your pokemon is a good thing. It's why the pokemon fanbase has a dedicated competitive side; a lot of strategy can go into picking your team, their moves, the items they hold, their EV distribution, etc. But having such complicated, obscured, and time-wasting mechanics greatly raises the barrier to entry for no good reason. It shouldn't require memorizing a wiki and a month of grinding to make a viable team.
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    We're possibly getting THREE KH3 trailers wtf
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    We need to make this picture of Tails a meme. Someone do that okay plz kthx
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    What the?! Oh yeah, I never uploaded the Bomberman picture here. I just showed it in a status... Intergalactic Hero An action shot and a celebration of his return to the gaming world. Sure, the game wasn't perfect gameplay wise but I do like the visual style, humour and light hearted message at the end credits. This picture is not an attempt to emulate the new visual style, more like an attempt to draw him with a realistic lighting effect. This picture represents a rare occurrence too. I never drew any lines to create the picture. I used the different shape tools available with Clip Studio Paint instead. Ultra Selfie Girls Surprised myself with this one for several reasons. If you've seen my statuses over the past week then you might've seen the progress of this picture. I was inspired by Komaru's Birthday and thought it would only take a couple of days to make. As you know, it took longer than that... My first idea was to draw Komaru fixing Toko's hair but I've seen fan art from another artist that was eerily similar to that idea. (And freakin' adorable. If you want to see it yourself, I'll show a link in a status I will write once I've finished writing this post.) Komaru is a cheerful girl and somewhat of a trend follower, so if she had her own phone that can take pictures, I can imagine she'd try to take one of those "selfies" all the vain people are obsessed with these days. The black border is usually what shows up when you take a picture with those new fangled modern phones and the position of Komaru's arm is supposed to suggest she is holding it and taking the picture. (Catching Toko by surprise.) My second surprise has never occurred before... You see, when an idea comes to me, I usually see the picture in my head. An imaginary reference to give a physical form. The final product almost never looks like the picture in my head. But this...? This somehow turned out better than the picture in my head. I think this happened because I was experimenting with what was available with Clip Studio Paint and used what I thought would give the picture some extra depth.
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    Dead or Alive 6: waifus cometh

    Instead of sexualizing to the extreme women making them nothing but things to wank to, they’re working more on the game and it’s quality? And that’s bad...how?
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    I came upon this thread on ResetEra called: Improve a character's design with subtle changes In this thread the OP mentions modern Sonic's treads on his shoes and provided a photoshopped version that looks a lot better Original: ResetEra edit: I genuinely hate modern sonic's soles so much now. They look really bad but would look so good with this minor change and it got me thinking - what other Sonic characters could be improved with just a tiny update to their design?
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    This image was meant to be a poster to promote the SSMB RP was used but it never got past the sketch stage until now. I really love Shademon and Luminamon as digimon and hope to see them one day in an anime. Enjoy!
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    I'm baaaaack! Whoo, that was a trip alright! I'll show my haul later.
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    (tweet) Wow. Hypocrite. Also anime isn’t a uniform style (to quote Jon Gray).
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    I'm gonna be so damn sad when KazHiraiCEO finally hangs his hat after this year's E3. Hopefully this E3 gives him enough material to go out like an absolute legend.
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    Gonna miss the EA stream, because I'm Barbecuing some bacon burgers for the fam.
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    How many of these and how many anime convention tickets can 1000$ buy?
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    The official boxart for the game has been revealed:
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    hahahahahaha this movie is going to suck It'll just be Sonic, the rest of the cast will be completely absent (aside from Eggman, I think?) and it's not going to do anything with Sonic's lore beyond his "attitude" I can't believe my fake trailer was mostly right
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    Also, here are some pictures
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    I personally think that some characters like Sonic, Knuckles or Shadow kind of look ugly with the middle mouth. IMO the side mouth adds personality to their design, though we also have characters with their moth placed in the middle, who often happen to be either the more younger members of the cast or the more innocent, like Amy, Tails, Cream, Big, etc. If I were to pick, I'd give everyone a sidemouth, but depending on their particular personality, it would be placed either close to the middle area or more away from it.
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    Are you ready for the Ultimate Freddy? https://store.steampowered.com/app/871720/Ultimate_Custom_Night/ Welcome to the ultimate FNAF mashup, where you will once again be trapped alone in an office fending off killer animatronics! Featuring 50 selectable animatronic characters spanning seven Five Nights at Freddy's games, the options for customization are nearly endless. Mix and match any assortment of characters that you like, set their difficulty from 0-20, then jump right into the action! From your office desk, you will need to manage two side doors, two vents, as well as two air hoses, all of which lead directly into your office. This time you will have to master other tools as well if you want to complete the ultimate challenges, tools such as the heater, A/C, a global music box, a power generator, and more. As if all of that weren't enough, you'll also need to set up laser traps in the vents, collect Faz-Coins, purchase items from the prize counter, and as always, keep a close eye on not one, but two, Pirate Cove curtains! Other features include: - Challenge menu including sixteen themed challenges. - Voice acting from returning favorites as well as from new arrivals to the franchise! - Unlockable office skins! - Unlockable cutscenes! On June 29, the beloved, four-year indie horror series comes to a close, and it ain't going out with a whimper.
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    https://cytu.be/r/Motobug EA's E3 Conference begins in one hour! Open Playlist til then!
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    Well, since that time slowly approaches, I figured it's time that I show off my first E3 Bingo Card. It's mostly Nintendo and Sony focused.
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    I definitly expect Sega to want to add Forces/ Mania specific characters in here to advertise those games. I mean, spin off games are always filled to the brim with aesthetics and characters from the latest flagship game, remember how Windy HIll and Zazz were shoved in the Olympic games and cellphone games? So you would think Infinite and the Avatar from Forces and Mighty/ Ray or a hard boiled heavy from Mania would show up, but there's barely room for them. Sad we sacrificed all the other Sega IP's to give the spotlight back to Sonic's sidecast, and then most of them will still be left out. 15 spots is really small. Unless there's a ton of DLC coming. Pfft, gotta love you add Danica Patrick as a Sega character.
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    Huh. White soles are a thing I didn't even know I wanted. It looks so much better.
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    I'm going to be honest, I really don't like how a lot of toys and candies are using themes of gross out, i.e. toilets, poop emoji, etc. I'll probably seem prude, but it just seems gross.
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    Morning! I'm off to America for some shopping! I'll have no connection until i return! See you later!
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    So I'm imagining this big epic Nintendoverse plot with everyone having their own epic goals and motives... And then there's Kirby, who keeps turning up all over the place because someone ruined his lunch that day and he is not gonna stop until that someone gets the shit kicked out of him.
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    @KHCast You 8 too much:
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    Art #27 -- Yin-Yang Scorch Statue. Bramblewood A5 Notebook - Page 8
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    There are the Spice Girls, but what about the Seasoned Males?
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    E3 is going to be broadcast online by... Disney XD. What.
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    So GAMERS E3 is here who's ready for memes, self-inflicted disappointment and displaced expectations
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    Even though Paul won’t be in the movie, there is still some impressive fan art of him and Sonic.:
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    Would be cool to see Vanilla in 3D for the first time tho'.
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    It's hard to really judge from such a small picture, but I do think Toys For Bob is making the same mistake that VV did with Crash, being too over focused on fleshing out and giving everything high polygon-worthy detail to the point it looks a bit grotesque (only the main character looks to be kept respectful simple in both cases). Sure the PS1 models were basic as hell, but that wasn't down to actual base design. Sometimes streamlining things works better. I'm wondering how the other good guys will look. Hopefully Bianca doesn't look like a humanoid furry wet dream like in ETD.
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    Thank you all for the positive reception regarding my comic! I won't lie I was rather worried about how it was going to be received. The next image is actually based on another artist's work. One day I was goofing around the interwebs and I happen to find one of the coolest pieces of Sonic fan art in a while, or should I say Mighty fan art? Link to DNH2031ART's awesome Mighty pic: https://dnh2031art.deviantart.com/art/The-boys-are-back-in-town-735977713 As soon as I saw Mighty rocking that badass black jacket I knew I had to draw it so I asked the artist DNH2031ART if it was O.K. and they said yes! So here it is! Mighty rocking a stylish black jacket and looking all the more cooler for it! Please visit their DA page and tell them they're doing a great job O.K.!
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    Ah, once again...

    Tried to draw the main characters in my Spongebob dream spinoff show.
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    hi guys my uncles pet cat works at hollywood and sega better with music
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    Shouldn't disappointment be the free space though? -runs and hides- In all honesty, I'm not expecting much beyond leaked or already known things. Perhaps a justification of the Nintendo Online stuff and a revised Switch model due to the easily hacked current model.
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    Omega’s tires look exactly like LEGO all-terrain tires. Is that reference intentional? In fact, a lot of it looks LEGO to me. And I do think his legs transformed into his wheels. And about Donpa (which got auto-corrected into Dimps), what does that name mean? It sounds very Japanese.
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