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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm going to put this nicely. Please don't throw around the word autistic like this. It's disrespectful (at best), not that you seem to care about that. Speaking of: We get it, you and you alone understand Shadow. Seriously, I don't understand why you feel the need to condescend even to other fans of the character. You've done this embarrassing fanboy shit constantly, to the point where I'm shocked people are still bothering to engage with you on this. In fact, I'm gonna ask everyone to stop talking about this. The Archie thread had it's fair share of annoying circular arguments and it sucks seeing it happen here too. And hey...maybe a strike will knock some sense into you.
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    Just give him a little spike. Just a little loose spike tucked back there, for some pleasing asymmetry and increased pointiness.
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    So this gif is gonna be the equivalent of "Lemme stop you right there" right?
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    With that picture complete, I move onto the next... This is still the very first draft and might change considerably later...but the theme is fighting sisters.
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    Alright, just came into some major cash. Time to finally build up my Switch library- ...I think Breath of the Wild can wait a bit longer.
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    Dead or Alive 6: waifus cometh

    Instead of sexualizing to the extreme women making them nothing but things to wank to, they’re working more on the game and it’s quality? And that’s bad...how?
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    I came upon this thread on ResetEra called: Improve a character's design with subtle changes In this thread the OP mentions modern Sonic's treads on his shoes and provided a photoshopped version that looks a lot better Original: ResetEra edit: I genuinely hate modern sonic's soles so much now. They look really bad but would look so good with this minor change and it got me thinking - what other Sonic characters could be improved with just a tiny update to their design?
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    This image was meant to be a poster to promote the SSMB RP was used but it never got past the sketch stage until now. I really love Shademon and Luminamon as digimon and hope to see them one day in an anime. Enjoy!
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    I'm baaaaack! Whoo, that was a trip alright! I'll show my haul later.
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    (tweet) Wow. Hypocrite. Also anime isn’t a uniform style (to quote Jon Gray).
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    I'm gonna be so damn sad when KazHiraiCEO finally hangs his hat after this year's E3. Hopefully this E3 gives him enough material to go out like an absolute legend.
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    Gonna miss the EA stream, because I'm Barbecuing some bacon burgers for the fam.
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    Ah, once again...

    Dang you threads! I will not succumbed to you art thread! I will post my ol' art on here too. Just be patient with me. *Grumble* Huge picture. Need to spoiler it. Keep forgetting how too. ;___; Got this one done today. Next one will come whatever I feel like drawing. Hopefully one with background.
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    At a birthday party for my little niece, she turns 7 on Monday. She’s not a baby anymore and she’s growing up fast.
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    I personally think that some characters like Sonic, Knuckles or Shadow kind of look ugly with the middle mouth. IMO the side mouth adds personality to their design, though we also have characters with their moth placed in the middle, who often happen to be either the more younger members of the cast or the more innocent, like Amy, Tails, Cream, Big, etc. If I were to pick, I'd give everyone a sidemouth, but depending on their particular personality, it would be placed either close to the middle area or more away from it.
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    Well, since that time slowly approaches, I figured it's time that I show off my first E3 Bingo Card. It's mostly Nintendo and Sony focused.
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    Huh. White soles are a thing I didn't even know I wanted. It looks so much better.
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    Chris Pratt liked one of my comments. SQUEEEE!
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    There are the Spice Girls, but what about the Seasoned Males?
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    So gamers e3 is here who's ready for memes, self-inflicted disappointment and overblown expectarions
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    Even though Paul won’t be in the movie, there is still some impressive fan art of him and Sonic.:
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    Ah, once again...

    It's everyone favorite girl in Nier Automata.
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    Ah, once again...

    It's fun making Sonic OC.
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    hi guys my uncles pet cat works at hollywood and sega better with music
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    So sonic in this movie is a delinquent who befriends with a cop. Okay.. totally not what I expected but it's interesting. I have no idea how they're going to make it work though.
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    Am I hallucinating, or is Diogenes of all people trying to provide a rationalization for the Live Action Sonic Movie?
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    So what are your biggest E3 hopes for the main three? Mine, as follows: Microsoft: A real new Conker game, maybe Battletoads and Banjo, too. Sony: Anything new for Sly Cooper. Nintendo: Smash, new Odyssey update/DLC, new Wario platformer, and more info on Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud.
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    Read everything Ryan said above; he hit the nail dead on the head when it comes to what angle this movie is going for. From everything we know so far, this is where the hook comes from, where the relationship between Tom and Sonic is going to be built around, while simultaneously throwing everything about the character away outside his "rebellious" nature. It's an "attitude", yes, but it's completely misapplied, and he'll be a completely different character in every other way as a result. And the worst part is, that's the only way this narrative hook has any merit to it; if Sonic ends up being better handled than what we're expecting and closer to his actual role in the games, the relationship between him and Tom will only be weaker and more arbitrary as a result. In order for the movie to be it's best, Sonic has to be at his worst. That's probably the worst trade-off I could possibly think of.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    TV Tropes has three different types described and Shadow(as well as Raven, who I was gonna site before doing research) definitely fits the first Always In Control one.
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    lmao what exactly was that new SW game announcement from respawn (which is apparently called "jedi: fallen order")? i didn't watch it, but based on the impressions, all they gave was a vague description (it's about the jedi...and in 'the darkest of times'...and set between episodes III and IV), the title, and a tentative release date....of holiday next year. no gameplay footage, no screenshots, not, concept art/BTS material, no CG/in-engine trailer, not even a simple logo. why did EA even bother announcing it at the show if they had virtually nothing to showcase?
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    Well Thunder clouds rolled in and washed away BBQ plans. Guess I'll watch EA's conference. Heaven Help me.
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    Ah E3 finally is here. I needed something to distract me from my constant search of news for Captain Marvel and Avengers 4
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    Average Guys (90% complete) Recording was easy! I guess that's because I practiced it so much beforehand. That and I have my secrets, like eating a lozenge before singing. It's not perfect singing but it's good enough to be editing. I'll probably lay off on the reverb this time. That was the one thing people didn't like about the Park Avenue remix. Lesson learned. Anyway, all that's left is editing. Wish me luck! It's almost done!
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    watchu mean EA coming on today. i just got up out cryosleep i thought ea was next week. i thought ALL of e3 was next week. is it already next week. that means im late for work
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    There is a ghost browsing SSMB

    i wish this was happening in october
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    I mean, he was hammy and throwing tantrums, but we need to recall that in Spyro 2, everyone in Avalar was actually taking him seriously. The only one who mocked Ripto was Spyro, and that's because he knew he could beat him. Heck, half his scenes involve him threatening to murder someone (And in one he was actually pretty close to feeding Zoe to Gulp), even if they sound rather humorous because of his hammy delivery. I doubt they'll make Ripto's personality more sinister tho', TFB has a good history of making villains be serious threats while also being hilariously hammy dorks. And now that @E-122-Psi mentioned it, yeah, that seems to be the reason behind Ripto's design. Cortex's N.Sane design also had a more sinister vibe, to fit his original introduction where he WAS a legitimate threat, and the same can be said for Ripto. Only if we go by Cortex's example, his sinister looks didn't really prevent him from having his comedic moments, so the same should be applied to Ripto in the cutscenes.
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    Arachnophobia: Cured

    Arachnophobia: Cured
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    They'd have to try really hard and be completely tone deaf to make Ripto's dialogue sound sinister.
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    Maybe because he's in the real world, Sonic will also lose his powers and have to drive a blue car
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    Anybody else think of All Dogs Go to Heaven when they see the Sorceress's new look?
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    There are only two ways to do Eggman in this movie. 1) He's from wherever Sonic is from and he's an alien which explains his unnatural anatomy 2) He's a human being who looks mostly normal overweight round guy with the classic mustache closer to the 06 model
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    Pretty nifty with the shading work on that Bomberman artwork. Also, that Dangaronpa piece could pass for canon work with how well you constructed it Dan!
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    Omega’s tires look exactly like LEGO all-terrain tires. Is that reference intentional? In fact, a lot of it looks LEGO to me. And I do think his legs transformed into his wheels. And about Donpa (which got auto-corrected into Dimps), what does that name mean? It sounds very Japanese.
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    Dead or Alive 6: waifus cometh

    Dang, from the looks of that screen shot, jann lee (my main) seems like he's getting jacked. Seems like there will be some kind of battle damage system (whether it affects combat or not is debatable) or some kind of x-ray move like MK. I've admittedly been out of the series for awhile no but i'm interested in getting back into it with this one if it doesn't follow the current fighting game trend of cutting out all the extra stuff and only catering to the FGC. On the topic of the sexualizing, its a whatever for me and I feel like people make a bigger deal out of it than it really needs. Edit: Though I do hope we get more outfits for the guys this time around and less generic anime of the week ones.
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    the internet makes me so happy
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    Seems like we'll have something on E3 after all. Edit- More art Ok at this point they're just spoiling us
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    Which is fine and all, but that’s literally ignoring the whole intention and weight being present and using those flaws to undercut the story being told. People who have been the most critical of Forces, barring those whose criticisms equate to “Dark=bad”, don’t even do this. Heck, Heroes is bare bones, and it shows much more in what it presents, and no one criticizes it’s bare bones plot for the same reasons they do Forces. It’s bare bone not because it knows it is—far from it in fact given how it does the storytelling cardinal sin of “Tell, don’t Show” most of the time. It’s bare bones because it isn’t doing enough, such as not even showing Eggman conquering the world unopposed (Archie nor StC shies away from showing this), stating that Sonic was tortured only for him to not show any signs of it (Sonic has the absolute shit beaten out of him in 175 and gets hung up on it, but gets right back up to fight again even with the odds stacked against him), and Infinites infamous “I’M NOT WEAK!!!” whining comes off as down right ridiculous even for the story with very little motivation and effort into his character to make him a decent antagonist (and I say this because Infinite had the potential to actually do better, and I hated him from the moment he was shown in trailers), nevermind the lazy final battle between the world and Infinite’s illusions, or the bait and switch they pull with said illusions when they could have done far better with the ability. Forces in contrast to very many plots before it, does very little to sell itself as an actual war story. It doesn’t carry anywhere near the weight it should, and does so more out of spectacle than it does to immerse. You say Archie fails to make you connect, or it has some looming flaw, but your critiques often come off as disliking the tone and overgeneralizing at the expense of the details—or at worst, because it gives detail—as it just “looking dramatic” regardless of context it establishes that gives everything sense of what’s going on, who’s involved, why things are happening or the way they are, and how do they intend to go about dealing with them, as well as the consequences of them succeeding or failing that leads into the next events. And while it may not be your cup of tea, that is still no excuse to straight up ignore these details and oversimplify them with strawmans. That’s especially the case when Forces, if anything, is far more guilty and blatant of these flaws and more, and it doesn’t put anywhere near enough context for its story as it should.
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