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    New co worker at my job: Your name is Deji right? I'll remember it it sounds like "Digimon" Me:
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    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/steve-ditko-dead-spider-man-creator-was-90-1125489 He was a prominent figure at Marvel Comics back in the day and helped creating with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby a multitude of characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange or Squirrel Girl. In the last couple of decades he had a fallout with Marvel and decided to go solo and stop talking about them, he barely did interviews and all. But i can't imagine him being that happy considering what Marvel is currently undergoing comicwise. Still, at least he lived a long life. F.
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    Got a thumbnail for the next LP i'm doing
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    Back from Ant-Man and the Wasp. Had more heart than the first, but not as fresh as it. Still, a great movie.
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    I was arguing this in favor of the notion that its not unprecedented for Sega to update games that are outright bad, so updating a decent game isn't unreasonable. I made no comment regarding how the update affected people's perceptions of the game because it is irrelevant to the point I was making with it. I was not speaking of people's perceptions. I was citing past decisions in Sega's history that I see no reason to just believe won't happen ever again because I don't want it to and in fact see some signs that it may well happen, speculative as my viewpoint may be at this point. Ah, the old scare quotes. A sign that you don't actually believe Forces to be controversial. Given your strongly negative view, I'm guessing you think that Forces is unanimously considered terrible? It isn't. Its wildly polarizing, yes-- seems people love it or hate it-- but far from unanimously disliked. According to Sega it sold decently well. Maybe you're amongst the many that think that's untrue. I strongly doubt that Sega's lying about the sales figure, but I don't have to convince you of their veracity to make my point. Giving an update, as weird of a timing and handling as it might seem, would make sense to demonstrate that Forces did decently, whether because it did or to fortify lies that encourage more funding from investors. Games that are outright bad typically get an apology announcement afterwards and then the developers move on (if gamers haven't just baselessly assumed that the developers will always be bad forever and stop buying games from that developer, hence running the dev out of business for good)-- but games that are seriously flawed but still show a lot of promise, even if they're mired in controversy? They do get updates and support often from developers, because they want to support people who support their game, even if it is for the sole cynical reason of supporting their profits. How else do you think Bethesda, which used to be notorious for making games that were blatantly broken on launch and had to be made at least somewhat mended with a long series of updates over the course of a year (to the point where fans of the company actually advocated for people not to buy games from the dev until a year after launch), survived until it could convince its publisher to stop rushing them? Because people wanted to support their games, even if they had a habit of launching broken games, and even if they faced controversy as being the face of everything wrong with modern day use of patches and updates. Likewise, Square Enix's first attempt at a Final Fantasy MMO was terrible. It was considered very linear and limited, with poorly conceived gameplay and players also thought subscriptions were overpriced as a result. They did decide to replace this first attempt with a better game... but didn't forget the people who had paid for the first try and supported it. So the first attempt got one last update, where every player with an account engaged in a futile, but gorgeously animated and cool, fight with a creature who would destroy the world. After this event, the world was ended so whole game just shut down, gone forever from the internet--- but it at last got one moment of glory. This generated a lot of goodwill amongst the few that liked the first attempt and the many who didn't, and that helped the second attempt get off on the right foot. In other words, Square Enix took both options you mention and made a profit from it-- it gave the bad title an update for those who supported it, and it also moved on and focused its efforts on the second try. While a game like Sonic Forces couldn't do something exactly like an young adult-oriented MMO would do, I see no reason for it to be inherently cost ineffective and time-wasting for developers to attempt a similarly epic sendoff for Forces-- especially since Forces doesn't even have an overwhelmingly negative consensus. That doesn't mean that this is precisely what this mysterious final DLC/update thing is, or even what its likely to be, but for me its an ideal if highly improbable speculation, if that makes any sense.
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    I was away all day for personal reasons to attend to I am highly pleased by all the JoJo news anmounced today
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    Reminder that Forces got a vinyl LP release of its soundtrack announced a few weeks ago: https://www.destructoid.com/sonic-forces-soundtrack-vinyl-looks-like-a-must-for-fans-509776.phtml Its not exactly unprecedented for Forces to get a random boost in publicity or add-ons from Sega after a long and awkward silence regarding the game. I also recall stuff like a Forces themed parkour course and a Chuckie Cheese promotion for Forces after several months of weird silence regarding Forces. I'm not saying, of course, that this guarantees that this is definitely means a new DLC is in the works, but when I read things like this: ... its hard not to think that people aren't basing their denials on a healthy amount of skepticism, but rather what they personally would like to happen (in this case, for everybody to forget Forces, think Forces is utterly irredeemable as they do, and focus exclusively on Mania). Which isn't realistic. Can't speak for people I don't know but I sure don't think Forces is irredeemable. Even a modder pal of mine who hates Forces probably the most out of anybody I know doesn't think the game is totally irredeemable-- after all, if a BetterSADX mod is possible, then a BetterForces mod is too. Or perhaps a Forces Plus of sorts, which is even better because the developers have full access to all the source codes and such which a fan doesn't (well, provided Sega didn't do a stupid and wipe everything Forces off their computers immediately after the game came out, anyway. Not unprecedented either.). I mean, RoL was arguably dead before arrival and is near universally agreed to be one of the worst Sonic games of all time, if not amongst one of the worst video games of all time. It still got an update after a few months to fix and make some of the issues more manageable. If RoL can get an update months after it flopped-- well, I don't see how its out of the realm of possibility for Forces to get an update months after it was confirmed to have sold strongly (which is what Sega claims, and regardless of if you believe it or not, actions like releasing an update to improve things would aid in supporting that claim and therefore may be under consideration). Likewise, I'll note that the release of Sonic Runners Adventure just sort of... happened... with no announcement. Lack of advertisement where it'd make sense to is also not unprecedented at Sega. In general, Sega has handled advertising for Forces terribly, but I think it got just enough of a buzz and decent sales to not quite be dead on arrival. If this is indeed a sort of Forces Plus, or even just an update to fix a few issues (the latter at minimum I think is highly likely given the nature of this leak), I'd be pretty happy. Acknowledging mistakes and improving means returning to controversial games to make them better too, not trying to bury them and act like they never happened (which truthfully isn't beneficial long term-- one because it never works, people don't let this stuff stay buried for long, and two because the developers don't give people a proper sendoff to the title and so it never really gets closure. It just kinda looms over the franchise).
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    It feels kind of good to make a manga.
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    SEGA has a thing of making a sonic games plot a major selling point and whenever it disappoints and voice criticism I always told "You shouldn't be criticizing it"
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    [63] Bejeweled Twist - Level 3 https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/bejeweled-twist-level-3 OPD: March 11, 2009 || Length: 6:34 || Style: Dance https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/219955 This game had a wonderful soundtrack. Very mesmerizing. I wanted to do the same. I had to use the perfect instruments, and I think I matched them up very well, playing around with categories that actually work with each other, matching melody and harmony as perfectly as I can. The background strings were treated with higher attack time and reverb for more of a spacey feel. Added with more of an 80鈥檚 pop sound, just for something different. The Newgrounds community had used this in tutorial videos and interactive games
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    Easier to keep a small secret than a big one. Even easier to keep a secret that isn't anything at all. Considering most Sonic games never got much DLC and that throwing more time and money at Forces isn't a winning business strategy I wouldn't expect much from this. If it's anything at all it's probably just some new clothes.
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    H - Hydrogen B - Boron C- Carbon N - Nitrogen O - Oxygen F - Florine P - Phosphorous S - Sulphur K - Potassium V - Vanadium Y - Yttrium I - Iodine W - Tungsten U - Uranium In order of Z
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    i just had the best/worst idea ever: delaying the sonic fangames video by a few more days and adding in a few roblox games for fun. yes or no?
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    Steve Ditko was a legend, responsible for creating one of my all-time favorite characters as well as many iconic visuals and stories that inspire me to this day. He was also something of a mystery figure in recent years, as he was notoriously reclusive and silent. To me, this just made him all the more intriguing; a living legend that avoided the spotlight. I'm sad to see him go.
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    This preview/trailer is so amazing. Golden Wind looks really promising.
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    man I'd love to see Titanic Monarch as a Boost HD stage. For all its faults Forces had, it had a better stage trope/theme mix than Generations.
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    Tyson posted a teaser of some art work for ep5: Tyson said he'll post the full image when Ep5 releases. However, the the full image has been leaked:
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    Mods are not around, post hedgehogs:
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    OMG, this. I was so disappointed those boss fights were not in the game at all. Especially Chaos being useless. Btw, yeah with that clue Aaron posted we can add a bit more credibility to this rumor.
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    Looks like this Teddy Bear DIDN'T skip Leg Day XDXDXD! [Reddit Post]
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    We finally have some idea of the sales data for Mania and Forces (for PC at least) thanks to a Steam leak. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Mania - 168,633 Forces - 34,165 Technically it's not exact sales data, as it's only counting users who have at least played the games once, but it's much more accurate than the steamspy estimates from before, apparently
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    It may not be much, but it could definitely be something. What it could be? I don't usually wager guesses on that sort of thing because my predictions don't usually age well. It could be a few extra stages, it could be something as small as extra costumes. It sure came as a surprise to me that Lost World got any DLC at all considering it's reception, which isn't that different from that of Sonic Forces. One thing also worth noting is how even Sonic 2006 got a good few pieces of DLC, especially Team Attack Amigo that made significant improvements like drastically improving Tails' groundspeed. Even if a game was horrendously received, which Forces was not, it wouldn't be completely unheard of. Sega doesn't operate like most normal companies.
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    Yeah, but did that make anyone care? Did they fix enough to make the game worth buying? Did they fix enough to counteract its reputation as a godawful mess? Because I'm pretty sure that RoL is still considered a complete dumpster fire. ...do any developers actually operate like that? Providing support for recent and still-relevant games, sure, fixing some issues when porting/remaking a game, sure. Going back to fix "controversial" games? That just seems like a huge waste of time and money, which could be better spent on not making the same mistakes with their next game.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

    It doesn't give the boys moobs, no. And yeah, it's just offense at nothing for attention most likely. I think in datamining groups it's commonplace to want attention due to having information on updates and such before everyone else, and stupid fake controversies are an easy way to get it.
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    I just played a couple matches against JoshJepson in Splatoon. Went over to his twitch to see if he was streaming, and he was. He called me a motherf*****. nice
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Sky Sanctuary seems to float alongside Angel Island rather than above it (in Knuckles's story in S&K we see the island in the background) so it probably fell into the sea rather than onto Angel Island itself. It hadn't completely disintegrated when Sonic and Tails boarded the Death Egg however - there was still at least a small section left afterwards in Knuckles's S&K story where he fights Mecha Sonic and recovers the Master Emerald.
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    It doesn't confirm anything, it's likely one of the pre-development mockups Stealth mentioned the gang did. You can notice Sonic has a darker palette. And it doesn't make sense that everyone is moving at high speed except Eggman.
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    Could it be that it's not necessarily the stories themselves that are bad in the current games. But instead is it the fact that the story as a whole lacks any sense progression, good character interactions, and intriguing stages? Like I look at Mario and Mania and they managed to land two of these things and overall feel like better products.
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    Banjo Kazooie may be a dead franchise, but at least now it can make a lovely paperweight:
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    This is a good point. Could be nothing, or could be more. I admit a Super Sonic fight would be awesome but I just don't see it as DLC, then again they put Super Sonic as DLC, they are known for weird decisions.
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    Yeah, I feel like this is more than likely just a clothes update at most. If it was anything more significant, they would've talked about it. Though, then again I can see where people could get their hopes up with this. It is Sega after all. The kings of poor marketing. The ones who hype up $5 DLC for 4 months but can only be bothered to show off one stage of a racer in that same time (firstly through leaks no less). Honestly, it wouldn't be too surprising if this was secretly Forces 2 at this rate. Sarcasm aside, best course of action is to just keep your expectations low, sadly.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Something neat: On the control panel, the buttons on the left side resemble those of a Dreamcast controller and the ones on the right resemble a MegaDrive/Genesis!
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    Conclusion: Iizuka is full of shit.
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    It's the dumbest thing Takashi Iizuka could've come up with. It makes no sense what so ever. It feels like he just pulled it out of his ass...almost like when you're taking a test and you have little time and you just have to guess. IMO, the biggest problem with the two worlds thing is the presence of Angel Island. It exists both in the human world and the anthro world. I've heard users say it crosses between both worlds. Pfft! Wouldn't that mean Angel Island would have to stay in each world for an extended period of time? Also, how did Professor Gerald know exactly how to make Shadow look like the anthro hedgehogs of Sonic's world without interacting with them if they're in separate worlds? Stuff like this makes me prefer Archie's canon and even some fanon to the Sega games. The inconsistencies, plot holes, and downright dumb answers like this make me want to reboot the franchise if I was in charge.
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    Admittedly it is kinda bad for Cream if the examples that have to be used for her of any significant substance are a 13 year old game, a game that has been discontinued and is literally inaccessible now, and an alternate universe comic that shouldn't really be used in game discussion that is also discontinued anyway. Seriously, even Big got a fair shake and a key role when he appeared in Mario and Sonic London 3DS of all things. Cream showed up to basically get scared at yet another set of fog clones and contribute nothing to the story. Worse yet, she used to be the co-host with Toad so should have had a bigger role had she stayed in that slot, but for this she got replaced with Omochao. ...Wait.
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    So I just saw the latest episode and fans of Amethyst should be happy with this one.
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    I'm honestly surprised Mighty and Ray weren't all you get for $5. I think people set their sights a little too high for Plus if they're expecting anything especially substantial. Any reason to go back to Mania is good enough for me!
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    The simple answer: We don't. The important thing to note about Mania's development team is that they have over a decade's worth of experience with mods and fangames, they've perfected the art of 2D Sonic probably better than even most people at Sonic Team could do. 3D fangames are a rarity, even then, most of them are extremely rough proof of concepts that never advance past the demo stage. There's no real, solid background in 3D fangames in the Sonic community that anyone can point to. 3D games are exponentially more expensive and time consuming to create than something like Sonic Mania because of the very nature of 3D games; it's a significantly higher risk to hire a bunch of people that made a "pretty alright but rough around the edges" proof of concept once than a team that has an extensive history of successful, well-made 2D mods and fangames plus has earned Sega's trust with remakes widely considered to be the best versions available of those games.
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    Probably going to lose the jacket nipples
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    I bet Eggman will end up looking similar to like this.:
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    The other problem that tends to be overlooked is that there isn't really a niche for such a thing to happen at the minute. By the time Whitehead got onto even just the CD port, the trend of original 2D games had died with Sonic Rush Adventure four years prior, and the experimentation with having Dimps doing classic-based stuff died when the interest in S4:E2 was proving far less than S4:E1 in 2010. There was basically a blank space when he got his foot in the door, one his team eventually got to fill by developing more ports and proving their pedigree. That niche simply doesn't exist for 3D gameplay since it's Sonic Team who do that. I don't think SEGA would be too happy with someone coming along and trying to muscle in there, even if they were further than just a tech demo.
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    Pretty much what @Shaddy the Zaphod said. 3D fangamers like to get on Sega's case for doing physics better than they do - which honestly, hasn't really been a huge accomplishment for decades now - but they've yet to really make an environment where that kind of gameplay actually shines yet, just basic geometric shapes to display basic functions of what is ultimately a tech demo and nothing more. I'm going to be totally blunt here - level design is fucking hard, and at this rate I would take good level design even at the expense of physics mechanics over period accurate physics shoehorned into Forces tier level design, because the former is nothing without the latter anyway. And I think it's very telling that even with a ridiculous abundance of fanbase-friendly 3D engines available for anyone to use, nobody has actually created a finished game worthy of note yet.
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    "Sega hired fans to make a Sonic game" is a good headline, but it misrepresents what actually happened. Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley had an established working relationship with Sega after handling the Sonic 1/2/CD "remasters". PagodaWest Games already had a small (in terms of sales/audience) but well reviewed game under their belt. They pitched the game to Sega with a full original level (Studiopolis Zone Act 2). All these fan-made 3D Sonic engines are nice, but they're not games, they're not levels, they're not even fully realised concepts, and they don't have original graphics/music to go with them. As far as I'm aware, they're not being made by anyone with an established track record. And frankly, an HD 3D Sonic platformer would require a much larger staff and budget than Sonic Mania, and Sonic Team would already be working on their own HD 3D Sonic platformer at any given time - it would be a very hard sell.
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    Considering that it took a long time until Sega could trust Taxman and Stealth to make Sonic Mania, they would need a long time to get things going. Firstly it isn't a proof of concept that they need, its getting momentum. Taxman and Stealth were doing fan games and not just one either. In terms of Stealth, he also made level editors, ported Sonic 1 to the GBA unofficially and was involved with Sonic Megamix. It's like they needed a resume first outside of the typical game development. Most of these fan engines are really too early, just one level usually a Green Hill type but if they had a few levels or even a complete game then it would be perhaps enough to be shown. Even then if they want to work for Sega, they would have to do something smaller at first. Christian Whitehead's first task was to port Sonic CD to mobiles that eventually went to consoles and PC as well. A little known fact but Sega actually had two Sonic CD proof of concept ports, one by Taxman and one by a porting studio that was based off the PC or was emulated (not Blit that did end up doing some of Taxman's ports, someone else), we know the outcome of this. So if they were to do a 3D game, then they need experience. Say that they wanted to do an Adventure era game, they would have to port the Adventure games somewhere and if they get a good reputation doing that too. If not Adventure games, then a game that would please the higher ups. They also need contacts within the company and well having someone that they are looking for as well as the right qualities and the ability to work with Sega that we know can be very very hard work.
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    Maybe we could actually have a real 3D fangame first? By the time Taxman and Stealth were working with official Sonic games we'd had dozens of games recreating classic level design, aesthetic and gameplay. We have yet to see one good 3D fangame do the same. All anyone does is boast about how great their engine is and then never make any levels for it. Engine after engine after engine without a single complete campaign. Do you think it wasn't a lot of work getting SEGA to recognize the 2D fangames? It's not going to happen when we haven't got a single 3D game even approaching the level of something like Classic, Time Twisted, Before/After the Sequels, etc.
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    You can't. They'd have to get a foot in a door largely by themselves through a combination of connections and showing they have actual game development knowledge and skills. You could help them by promoting their stuff, but even then it's a long shot. I'd imagine they'd rather just handle 3D themselves, for better or worse. There's a lot more variables involved in making it that they'd rather have control over. Late edit to note that this doesn't mean I'm against the idea. I'd love for anyone who's talented and eager to work on Sonic to get there.
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    Oh for crying out loud. Replicating a physics engine isn't anywhere near enough to warrant the freedom to create a full game. You also need level designers, modellers, writers, directors and a host of other necessary roles that not a single one of these "fangames" offer competently. It's not even a game, it's little more than a tech demo. Controls and physics are only one component of a game. I'm tired of the call to have any Joe Blow with Unity and a YouTube channel take the reins over the next Sonic game. The only reason Mania worked was because it was a team of people with different skillsets and many of which had actual professional experience prior to Mania's conception. At best, any one of these guys could be hired on as another programmer or the like.
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    As this is the day for sharing a friendly giggle with your friends, please bear in mind that we will not be allowing users to post false rumors today anymore than we would any other day. Remember that not everyone around the world participates in this day, and we need to respect their choices to not engage if they don't want to. That means any posts made with the intent of spreading misinformation will be treated with the same jurisdiction as any false rumor would, even if it is obviously fake. So what can you do if you want to enjoy some harmless pranks? Two rules of thumb to keep in mind- Keep it in the status updates and off the main boards. The joke should be simple and immediately pay off. So for example. harmless jokes like RickRolls, sloppy PhotoShop jobs (provided they are not used for the above mentioned spreading of false information), and humor articles are fine as long as they are plainly labeled as such or are from a known parody site (i.e. The Onion). What's not fine is posting at great length a thread about an upcoming game or other media that isn't real as though it were. On that note, though people are usually good about this thing, it might be good to remind people that screamers, jump scares, or linking to anything that might be damaging to other users' computers, as well as material that is shocking, NSFW, or unsettling due to graphic violence or sexual content are not all in good fun and anyone caught doing that will have their status privs revoked and be given a strike on the spot. No exceptions. Have a good day and keep a careful eye on the number of ice cubes in your drink.
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