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    New co worker at my job: Your name is Deji right? I'll remember it it sounds like "Digimon" Me:
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    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    For all the people who keep saying the movie will be for little kids, Patrick: Even he's getting tired of it
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Just to point out, on the site this update is shown on, just type in "Sonic" and look what other games they've updated recently. 4 days ago, S&ART got an update - do you think that game will get an update, too? Sonic Lost World got an update just over a mere week ago, will they give that game extra content, multiple years after it came out with no relevance anymore? Heck, 16 days ago, they updated the Sonic Generations Demo, not even the full game, the demo, and Sonic Adventure, also sitting around on Steam with no updates for like 6 Years, updated 3 hours ago. Of course that doesn't rule out an update or even DLC for Forces completely, but seeing how Sega seems to be basically done with Forces and this update stuff seems to happen with pretty much every single Sonic game on Steam, I really wouldn't take this as proof or a sign.
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    Parents in 90's: "Kids, don't trust anything on the internet. Don't talk to strangers on there and don't believe everything you read, anyone could have put it there." Same parents 20 years later: "Kids, throw away all of your deodorant. I just read an article on Facebook saying it gives you herpes."
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    Hi! It's been quite awhile (and I'm not often always active on here anymore), but I've been pouring a lot of effort into game development projects, a dream come true for me! I figured that I could give one of these projects a forum post, as it's something I've already shown on various status updates. So this is StarAir! Coming Soon! Stage Diagnostics (Prologue Demo) is coming in 2018. https://gamejolt.com/games/starair/334932 What's StarAir? StarAir is a weird Action-RPG bullet hell shooter featuring everything from weapon decks to skill trees! Play as Max, who's on a adventure to find out who's responsible for his father's death many years ago. Prior to the events of the game, Max learns that his father was the legendary StarAir, a bounty hunter chasing after a criminal organization (in space! of course). Donning his father's title, Max revives the StarAir in a effort to gain the attention of the very people he's after. The game takes place after he gets the details on the whereabouts of some of the higher-ups of the organization, and from there leads to a barrage of battles against crazy and powerful enemies. And robots. The game's been in development since sometime in late April and was originally going to be my first project in GameMaker (that ended up being StarTower instead!), and I'm excited to let everyone try the game when a early version of it, StarAir =Stage Diagnostics= comes out sometime later this year with both a prologue episode and early version of the Arcade Mode! While it's made a lot of progress and development has been going smoothly in between other cool projects, it's got a long way to go before I think it's something truly special (mainly balancing...and probably invulnerability frames). I'm not so worried with how ambitious the project has gotten since I initially came up with the concept back in 2017, because it's just been a lot of fun working on the project and working on things in whatever pace I see fit. (also yes all of the art is not final) Features DRAW A DECK OF WEAPONS! Using a card deck system, Max can pick up cards that transform into weapons or items for his ship! Feel free to discard cards into parts to further upgrade Max! PILOT STARAIR YOUR WAY! Thanks to robust upgrading technology, both OS and System upgrades can be applied to the StarAir with skill points earned from leveling up! The possibilities are endless with 12 unique abilities (from the OS Upgrades Module) and 12 stat upgrades (from the System Upgrades module)! Play with choice unprecedented in a space shmup! WORLDS OF ALL KIND HAVE JOINED HANDS! Taking place thousands of years later in a world where StarTower was a hit video game and the events of Deceived Voice took place in another dimension, StarAir's many weapons carry their origins from all sorts of games, including crossovers with other games! GAMEJOLT SUPPORT! Unlock achievements, and compete in online leaderboards for both Story and Arcade Mode. Updates: StarAir Update: 6/30/18 StarAir Update: 7/7/18 And... I'd like to lastly give thanks to @Spin Attaxx who's helped with testing the game and providing feedback on it! I wish you luck in your own projects as well, and if you have any interest in his TSOTS project, there may be a little something from that in the game! Update: 10/17/18: The game's scope has since changed drastically and a final description containing the game's final content will launch soon.
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/steve-ditko-dead-spider-man-creator-was-90-1125489 He was a prominent figure at Marvel Comics back in the day and helped creating with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby a multitude of characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange or Squirrel Girl. In the last couple of decades he had a fallout with Marvel and decided to go solo and stop talking about them, he barely did interviews and all. But i can't imagine him being that happy considering what Marvel is currently undergoing comicwise. Still, at least he lived a long life. F.
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    Tails Stadium.

    Tails Stadium.
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    StarAir update! I added stuff like damage numbers, ammo counters, combo meters, etc. https://gamejolt.com/games/starair/334932/devlog/starair-update-7-7-18-u67amedg
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    Amy is classic too. She has plenty of classic rep in the neo-classic era, even a reference in Mania. The Chaotix aren't, haven't and don't.
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    Unlikely but maybe they'll finally add a Chaos 0 and Shadow boss battle so those aspects of the game don't feel like false advertising anymore. A boss fight against 2 or more of those generic death egg robots at the same time that we see early in the game would be a interesting extra DLC boss battle too.
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    i still find it funny that a few members of former sonic team staff worked on mario odyssey and the first thing they probably did was inspire the use of 3D momentum-based rolling mechanics; something that sonic fans have wanted on their side of the fence for years
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    Got a thumbnail for the next LP i'm doing
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    no mickey thats illegal its called assault with a weapon
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    Dazzy's Drawings Thread

    Hi guys, in these photo's I am showing a drawing I did of Kat, the main character in Gravity Rush. I drew her many years ago but with her back turned. I have never drawn her face because I suck at drawing people, but Kat is my favourite modern day super hero, I can't say no, I had to try. I needed a lot of practise with drawing her, and this drawing here was almost scrapped too because I did not like the look of it. Anyway, here are the black and white/colour versions of the drawing, thanks for looking guys.
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    Walled cities, stone buildings, elaborate monuments, and decorative murals generally aren't associated with nomadic cultures. For the record, this belongs to a nomadic civilization: This is belonged to a sedentary civilization: Can you spot the difference?
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    Switch emulation is here, and I can bet you that Nintendo is not happy. I think this is the quickest I've seen emulation of a Nintendo console aside from Dolphin. And I can bet you that this is entirely the fault of Nintendo using a cheap off-the-shelf option.
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    COUNTDOWN TO MANIA PLUS. What are your top 5 favorite tracks from Mania's soundtrack? Think I'd choose: 1) Danger on the Dance Floor - Mini-Boss music 2) Prime Time - Studiopolis Zone Act 2 3) Stardust Speedway Act 2 4) Skyway Octane - Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix 5) Vs. Metal Sonic (SS act2 Boss music)
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    Some folks are actually speculating that the game might have DLC giving how tease heavy the social media team can be at times. Just look at the A it has the avatar in it. Along with Sanic but really who the hell cares about that overused meme at this point? Seriously why do they keep bringing it up?
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    I was away all day for personal reasons to attend to I am highly pleased by all the JoJo news anmounced today
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    WarioWare Gold lets you make your own dubs for the cutscenes!
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    It feels kind of good to make a manga.
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    SEGA has a thing of making a sonic games plot a major selling point and whenever it disappoints and voice criticism I always told "You shouldn't be criticizing it"
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    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    I'm pretty sure it was a plot point in Sonic X that Angel Island belonged on Sonic's planet and it's appearing on Earth was a sign that the two worlds were were gradually collapsing in on each other. This clearly isn't the case in the games, given the presence of Echidna ruins on Earth. By that logic Special Stages are all on Earth because the levels in the Adventure games are called "Stages". The term "Zone" only has relevance in reference to the game's structure, it's not part of the area's proper name and has nothing to do with the worlds geography. Notice that whenever a classic stage shows up in a game where the other levels aren't referred to as Zones it almost always drops the "Zone" from it's name. The classic stages in Generations are called Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary; not Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, and Sky Sanctuary Zone. So let me get this straight. In a game revolving around inter-dimensional travel and jumping between two worlds the villains, with the heroes in pursuit, decide to jump over to a third dimension/blast off to another planet to harass a random aircraft carrier, then travel back to the other world, having accomplished nothing of significance, and this never comes up in dialogue nor is it reflected on the world map. Makes sense. Onyx Island is explicitly a future version of Angel Island sent back in time by Nega. Again, only time travel is mentioned, not inter-dimensional or inter-planetary travel. Meanwhile, Zero Gravity flat out states that "the international security organization, G.U.N." is investigating the MetoTech robot's rampage and Babylon Garden features prominently in the climax. Yet again, much is made of the Babylonians being aliens who crash landed on the planet, yet there is no indication whatsoever that any of the other characters came from another world. It wasn't in the final English translation but it was in the Japanese version and the E3 Demo. If SA1 was always supposed to take place on an entirely different planet from the Classics nobody told Sonic Team. http://speeps-highway.tumblr.com/post/161663191085/kurohaai-click-on-pictures-to-see-the http://speeps-highway.tumblr.com/post/161894919845/oh-yeah-if-anyones-wondering-the-e3-trials Conclusion: Iizuka is so comfortable making blatantly false and/or misinformed statements he should consider a position with the Trump administration.
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    We've got a new developer diary series! "Ray is a bit more of a plucky, happy-go-lucky kind of chap, whereas Mighty's all about his strength and resolve." It's amazing how much personality they've put into these two without any dialogue or voice acting whatsoever.
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    Easier to keep a small secret than a big one. Even easier to keep a secret that isn't anything at all. Considering most Sonic games never got much DLC and that throwing more time and money at Forces isn't a winning business strategy I wouldn't expect much from this. If it's anything at all it's probably just some new clothes.
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    Sonic Mania Plus... leading to Sonic Forces Plus... leading to ehm... Team Sonic Racing... ehm ehm with the "inter-regnum" of SM Adventures and IDW comics. My thought.
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I would lower your... suspectations...? It could easily be something as small as a promotional costume to tie into some upcoming release. No idea why they would do that but still. I wouldn't mind another episode because I didn't hate Forces, but I can't think of any plotsholes that could be satisfactorily filled by that. A hard mode would be nice considering what a joke the majority of the game's difficulty level was (for boost game veterans, I mean). I also wish you could replay the story without deleting your whole save - it's kinda lame that you have your custom avatar show up in cut-scenes but the only way to do that as you play along the adventure is to start from scratch - meaning there's barely anything to customise them with. People get REALLY hung up on that 0.01% but I'm pretty sure that's just meant to signify that Eggman owns literally nothing but the ground his body occupies after his defeat.
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    Maybe it's the one that removes Denuvo, so that we can enjoy the game without fear of not being able to in the inevitable future where Denuvo's servers are shut down. Who am I kidding?
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Switch port. I'll be upfront, this is probably my favorite RPG I've ever played. Not necessarily the best RPG I've played, but certainly the one I got really attached to, and one I feel needs to be played by everyone. The combat is very kinetic with the speed of the characters and the utility of the special moves (though with some button niggles (that can be remapped in the options, fair enough)), and it's a blast to just run through enemies, or just run right past them. It's linear for the most part, but with just enough optional content to let you take without it feeling hammered in. But honestly, the characters and story really sell it. It's got wonderful pacing, with all sorts of intrigue, sadness, triumph, and just pure heart to it, and the characters are an absolute delight to know and help out. It's got that Majora's Mask feel to it where you could just complete the story missions and continue on, but you are going to want to help out the people because you want to see them progress, with the rewards just being a bonus. Very highly recommend, now I'm off to find the other 7 Ys games.
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    i just had the best/worst idea ever: delaying the sonic fangames video by a few more days and adding in a few roblox games for fun. yes or no?
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    Steve Ditko was a legend, responsible for creating one of my all-time favorite characters as well as many iconic visuals and stories that inspire me to this day. He was also something of a mystery figure in recent years, as he was notoriously reclusive and silent. To me, this just made him all the more intriguing; a living legend that avoided the spotlight. I'm sad to see him go.
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    Off to see Ant Man and the Wasp!
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    WE HAVE A VISUAL! Some info from the website after a translation- They showed a promotional video as well.
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    Well, seeing how Forces tries so hard to be EDGY and HARDCORE, it would probably look like this: A large ocean with Eggman's extremely menacing battleships, that would feel right at home in a CoD game, but that don't fit in a Sonic game at all. The resistance would probably yell something like "OH MY GOD, SONIC, EGGMAN HAS SHIPS! EGGMAN HAS A FUNCTIONING ARMY! HOW RIDICULOUS!". The killer whales would either be mechanized or dead, and the checkerboard would be replaced with generic dirt. Also, instead of a light-hearted tune we would get some MCR knockoff playing in the background.
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I'd laugh if it literally was a big update. some hidden final boss. I'm sure even if it were something it would not take away from plus.
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    Yeah, that kinda makes me wish they did like Star Vs. or whatever show it was did it and have the finale and next season's premiere be relatively close in airing.
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    Wasn’t that the point of having Classic Sonic in the game?
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    *Lying on the floor* 113 degrees outside DX...
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    I just got told by a friend that the EU copyright law got rejected by the parliament. I honestly don't understand why European countries are trying to pass such laws like this.
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    this but with more beach
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    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It's absolutely super dumb in no small part thanks to the fact that not a single piece of main canon Sonic media has actually acknowledged it as being a thing, and fortunately for me, until it does it's very easy to ignore.
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    Now I know the film won't be based on Sonic Boom,but is it safe to assume that Eggman's design might look more similar to Boom Eggman as opposed to Sonic 2006. As Boom Eggman's design level of realism doesn't feel forced like it did in 2006. Now if I had to guess they probably would partially go with Modern's design. But more likely they could kind of combine certain elements from both Modern Eggman and Boom Eggman's designs to make it work in the film. It's more likely than just using the Modern design alone, it just wouldn't fit in with the rest of the film. Now since Sonic will look a little more realistic, well the same could apply to Eggman.
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    "Seaside Hill looks a lot more like Sandside Hill right now".
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    Sonic Fan J

    Official Sonic 2006 topic

    I can't say how much of the rumor is true, but based on some rumors I've heard and how tacked on Eggman and Sonic feel, as well as how Shadow at one point was even reported to be console exclusive content, I can easily believe. I've always felt like Sonic and Eggman could be taken out of the game and you'd end up with a pretty streamlined Shadow the Hedgehog game guest starring Silver the Hedgehog. Taking notes from stuff I've heard about Zero from the Megaman franchise the game could have very well been meant to be a game to try and better use Shadow and show what type of character he was becoming after finally putting his past behind him and looking towards the future. It would even make certain plot points between him and Mephiles make since if the romantic relationship with Elise was his since he was show to be able to fight against the copy near indefinitely which would also justify sending Silver back in time to try and take him out. Of course all of that could just be my crazy imagination running away with me as normal, but I digress. To more accurately answer the question, yes I believe it was originally meant to be a Shadow the Hedgehog game but it got canned and then cannibalized when Naka presented his idea for a new Sonic game. It would have been a way to recover the losses for developing a scrapped Shadow game and easily could have frustrated Naka as he was forced to undermine his vision so SEGA corporate could save a buck or two easily resulting in him finally walking out on them. All supposition to be sure, but it always kind of looked that way to me after playing the game.
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    The simple answer: We don't. The important thing to note about Mania's development team is that they have over a decade's worth of experience with mods and fangames, they've perfected the art of 2D Sonic probably better than even most people at Sonic Team could do. 3D fangames are a rarity, even then, most of them are extremely rough proof of concepts that never advance past the demo stage. There's no real, solid background in 3D fangames in the Sonic community that anyone can point to. 3D games are exponentially more expensive and time consuming to create than something like Sonic Mania because of the very nature of 3D games; it's a significantly higher risk to hire a bunch of people that made a "pretty alright but rough around the edges" proof of concept once than a team that has an extensive history of successful, well-made 2D mods and fangames plus has earned Sega's trust with remakes widely considered to be the best versions available of those games.
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    My Hero Academia

    Had to watch the subs for the 2 newest episodes. They were pretty nice, and I liked the moments with Deku's mom from End of the Beginning. Also,
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    Flame Lance

    Sonic Channel

    Here are the new Blaze wallpapers! Computer Wallpaper: Phone Wallpaper (link): http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/wallpaper_163_blaze_11_sp.png
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