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    New co worker at my job: Your name is Deji right? I'll remember it it sounds like "Digimon" Me:
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    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    Got a thumbnail for the next LP i'm doing
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    I was away all day for personal reasons to attend to I am highly pleased by all the JoJo news anmounced today
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    It feels kind of good to make a manga.
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    SEGA has a thing of making a sonic games plot a major selling point and whenever it disappoints and voice criticism I always told "You shouldn't be criticizing it"
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    Easier to keep a small secret than a big one. Even easier to keep a secret that isn't anything at all. Considering most Sonic games never got much DLC and that throwing more time and money at Forces isn't a winning business strategy I wouldn't expect much from this. If it's anything at all it's probably just some new clothes.
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    Mods are not around, post hedgehogs:
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    We finally have some idea of the sales data for Mania and Forces (for PC at least) thanks to a Steam leak. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Mania - 168,633 Forces - 34,165 Technically it's not exact sales data, as it's only counting users who have at least played the games once, but it's much more accurate than the steamspy estimates from before, apparently
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    Banjo Kazooie may be a dead franchise, but at least now it can make a lovely paperweight:
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