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    New co worker at my job: Your name is Deji right? I'll remember it it sounds like "Digimon" Me:
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    Parents in 90's: "Kids, don't trust anything on the internet. Don't talk to strangers on there and don't believe everything you read, anyone could have put it there." Same parents 20 years later: "Kids, throw away all of your deodorant. I just read an article on Facebook saying it gives you herpes."
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    Tails Stadium.

    Tails Stadium.
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    StarAir update! I added stuff like damage numbers, ammo counters, combo meters, etc. https://gamejolt.com/games/starair/334932/devlog/starair-update-7-7-18-u67amedg
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    i still find it funny that a few members of former sonic team staff worked on mario odyssey and the first thing they probably did was inspire the use of 3D momentum-based rolling mechanics; something that sonic fans have wanted on their side of the fence for years
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    Got a thumbnail for the next LP i'm doing
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    no mickey thats illegal its called assault with a weapon
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    Switch emulation is here, and I can bet you that Nintendo is not happy. I think this is the quickest I've seen emulation of a Nintendo console aside from Dolphin. And I can bet you that this is entirely the fault of Nintendo using a cheap off-the-shelf option.
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    COUNTDOWN TO MANIA PLUS. What are your top 5 favorite tracks from Mania's soundtrack? Think I'd choose: 1) Danger on the Dance Floor - Mini-Boss music 2) Prime Time - Studiopolis Zone Act 2 3) Stardust Speedway Act 2 4) Skyway Octane - Mirage Saloon Zone Act 1 ST Mix 5) Vs. Metal Sonic (SS act2 Boss music)
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    I was away all day for personal reasons to attend to I am highly pleased by all the JoJo news anmounced today
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    WarioWare Gold lets you make your own dubs for the cutscenes!
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    It feels kind of good to make a manga.
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    SEGA has a thing of making a sonic games plot a major selling point and whenever it disappoints and voice criticism I always told "You shouldn't be criticizing it"
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    Big Panda

    <tweet> *fucking WHEEZING*

    <tweet> *fucking WHEEZING*
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    People who spoil movies, video games, etc. should be incarcerated
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    Poor Rayman didn't just give an arm and a leg to be in Smash, but two of each, and he still isn't in, Nintendo pls
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    july 19th, 2018 'we are proud to announce sonic forces minus! classic sonic isn't there anymore!'
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    i just had the best/worst idea ever: delaying the sonic fangames video by a few more days and adding in a few roblox games for fun. yes or no?
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    Off to see Ant Man and the Wasp!
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    Mods are not around, post hedgehogs:
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    That moment when a game fucks you so bad you decide to fuck the game back with cheats.
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    Ratcicle King

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    We finally have some idea of the sales data for Mania and Forces (for PC at least) thanks to a Steam leak. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/ Mania - 168,633 Forces - 34,165 Technically it's not exact sales data, as it's only counting users who have at least played the games once, but it's much more accurate than the steamspy estimates from before, apparently
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    Thriller is the best album of all time don't @ me
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    10 days to go... Please have a secret surprise that we havent seen yet anything plz Mania Plus I WANT A BIRTHDAY GIFT.
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    JoJo Part 4's dub is airing RIGHT after Part 3 ends on toonami, it's getting a hardcover manga release, AND Part 5 is looking great. It is a good fucking time to be a fan.
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    I just played a couple matches against JoshJepson in Splatoon. Went over to his twitch to see if he was streaming, and he was. He called me a motherf*****. nice
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    They used to say there were presently 10-14 million species on the planet. A more recent estimate (2016) says there may be 1 trillion species which sounds more plausible to me. Thinking about how many organisms fill niches in the rainforest alone, and then considering all the phyla of bacteria and archea known, 10-14 million always seemed quite low to me.
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    Banjo Kazooie may be a dead franchise, but at least now it can make a lovely paperweight:
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    *Lying on the floor* 113 degrees outside DX...
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