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    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    For all the people who keep saying the movie will be for little kids, Patrick: Even he's getting tired of it
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    Just to point out, on the site this update is shown on, just type in "Sonic" and look what other games they've updated recently. 4 days ago, S&ART got an update - do you think that game will get an update, too? Sonic Lost World got an update just over a mere week ago, will they give that game extra content, multiple years after it came out with no relevance anymore? Heck, 16 days ago, they updated the Sonic Generations Demo, not even the full game, the demo, and Sonic Adventure, also sitting around on Steam with no updates for like 6 Years, updated 3 hours ago. Of course that doesn't rule out an update or even DLC for Forces completely, but seeing how Sega seems to be basically done with Forces and this update stuff seems to happen with pretty much every single Sonic game on Steam, I really wouldn't take this as proof or a sign.
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    Hi! It's been quite awhile (and I'm not often always active on here anymore), but I've been pouring a lot of effort into game development projects, a dream come true for me! I figured that I could give one of these projects a forum post, as it's something I've already shown on various status updates. So this is StarAir! Coming Soon! Stage Diagnostics (Prologue Demo) is coming in 2018. https://gamejolt.com/games/starair/334932 What's StarAir? StarAir is a weird Action-RPG bullet hell shooter featuring everything from weapon decks to skill trees! Play as Max, who's on a adventure to find out who's responsible for his father's death many years ago. Prior to the events of the game, Max learns that his father was the legendary StarAir, a bounty hunter chasing after a criminal organization (in space! of course). Donning his father's title, Max revives the StarAir in a effort to gain the attention of the very people he's after. The game takes place after he gets the details on the whereabouts of some of the higher-ups of the organization, and from there leads to a barrage of battles against crazy and powerful enemies. And robots. The game's been in development since sometime in late April and was originally going to be my first project in GameMaker (that ended up being StarTower instead!), and I'm excited to let everyone try the game when a early version of it, StarAir =Stage Diagnostics= comes out sometime later this year with both a prologue episode and early version of the Arcade Mode! While it's made a lot of progress and development has been going smoothly in between other cool projects, it's got a long way to go before I think it's something truly special (mainly balancing...and probably invulnerability frames). I'm not so worried with how ambitious the project has gotten since I initially came up with the concept back in 2017, because it's just been a lot of fun working on the project and working on things in whatever pace I see fit. (also yes all of the art is not final) Features DRAW A DECK OF WEAPONS! Using a card deck system, Max can pick up cards that transform into weapons or items for his ship! Feel free to discard cards into parts to further upgrade Max! PILOT STARAIR YOUR WAY! Thanks to robust upgrading technology, both OS and System upgrades can be applied to the StarAir with skill points earned from leveling up! The possibilities are endless with 12 unique abilities (from the OS Upgrades Module) and 12 stat upgrades (from the System Upgrades module)! Play with choice unprecedented in a space shmup! WORLDS OF ALL KIND HAVE JOINED HANDS! Taking place thousands of years later in a world where StarTower was a hit video game and the events of Deceived Voice took place in another dimension, StarAir's many weapons carry their origins from all sorts of games, including crossovers with other games! GAMEJOLT SUPPORT! Unlock achievements, and compete in online leaderboards for both Story and Arcade Mode. Updates: StarAir Update: 6/30/18 StarAir Update: 7/7/18 And... I'd like to lastly give thanks to @Spin Attaxx who's helped with testing the game and providing feedback on it! I wish you luck in your own projects as well, and if you have any interest in his TSOTS project, there may be a little something from that in the game! Update: 10/17/18: The game's scope has since changed drastically and a final description containing the game's final content will launch soon.
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    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/steve-ditko-dead-spider-man-creator-was-90-1125489 He was a prominent figure at Marvel Comics back in the day and helped creating with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby a multitude of characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange or Squirrel Girl. In the last couple of decades he had a fallout with Marvel and decided to go solo and stop talking about them, he barely did interviews and all. But i can't imagine him being that happy considering what Marvel is currently undergoing comicwise. Still, at least he lived a long life. F.
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    Amy is classic too. She has plenty of classic rep in the neo-classic era, even a reference in Mania. The Chaotix aren't, haven't and don't.
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    Unlikely but maybe they'll finally add a Chaos 0 and Shadow boss battle so those aspects of the game don't feel like false advertising anymore. A boss fight against 2 or more of those generic death egg robots at the same time that we see early in the game would be a interesting extra DLC boss battle too.
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    Dazzy's Drawings Thread

    Hi guys, in these photo's I am showing a drawing I did of Kat, the main character in Gravity Rush. I drew her many years ago but with her back turned. I have never drawn her face because I suck at drawing people, but Kat is my favourite modern day super hero, I can't say no, I had to try. I needed a lot of practise with drawing her, and this drawing here was almost scrapped too because I did not like the look of it. Anyway, here are the black and white/colour versions of the drawing, thanks for looking guys.
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    Walled cities, stone buildings, elaborate monuments, and decorative murals generally aren't associated with nomadic cultures. For the record, this belongs to a nomadic civilization: This is belonged to a sedentary civilization: Can you spot the difference?
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    Some folks are actually speculating that the game might have DLC giving how tease heavy the social media team can be at times. Just look at the A it has the avatar in it. Along with Sanic but really who the hell cares about that overused meme at this point? Seriously why do they keep bringing it up?
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    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    I'm pretty sure it was a plot point in Sonic X that Angel Island belonged on Sonic's planet and it's appearing on Earth was a sign that the two worlds were were gradually collapsing in on each other. This clearly isn't the case in the games, given the presence of Echidna ruins on Earth. By that logic Special Stages are all on Earth because the levels in the Adventure games are called "Stages". The term "Zone" only has relevance in reference to the game's structure, it's not part of the area's proper name and has nothing to do with the worlds geography. Notice that whenever a classic stage shows up in a game where the other levels aren't referred to as Zones it almost always drops the "Zone" from it's name. The classic stages in Generations are called Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and Sky Sanctuary; not Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, and Sky Sanctuary Zone. So let me get this straight. In a game revolving around inter-dimensional travel and jumping between two worlds the villains, with the heroes in pursuit, decide to jump over to a third dimension/blast off to another planet to harass a random aircraft carrier, then travel back to the other world, having accomplished nothing of significance, and this never comes up in dialogue nor is it reflected on the world map. Makes sense. Onyx Island is explicitly a future version of Angel Island sent back in time by Nega. Again, only time travel is mentioned, not inter-dimensional or inter-planetary travel. Meanwhile, Zero Gravity flat out states that "the international security organization, G.U.N." is investigating the MetoTech robot's rampage and Babylon Garden features prominently in the climax. Yet again, much is made of the Babylonians being aliens who crash landed on the planet, yet there is no indication whatsoever that any of the other characters came from another world. It wasn't in the final English translation but it was in the Japanese version and the E3 Demo. If SA1 was always supposed to take place on an entirely different planet from the Classics nobody told Sonic Team. http://speeps-highway.tumblr.com/post/161663191085/kurohaai-click-on-pictures-to-see-the http://speeps-highway.tumblr.com/post/161894919845/oh-yeah-if-anyones-wondering-the-e3-trials Conclusion: Iizuka is so comfortable making blatantly false and/or misinformed statements he should consider a position with the Trump administration.
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    We've got a new developer diary series! "Ray is a bit more of a plucky, happy-go-lucky kind of chap, whereas Mighty's all about his strength and resolve." It's amazing how much personality they've put into these two without any dialogue or voice acting whatsoever.
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    Easier to keep a small secret than a big one. Even easier to keep a secret that isn't anything at all. Considering most Sonic games never got much DLC and that throwing more time and money at Forces isn't a winning business strategy I wouldn't expect much from this. If it's anything at all it's probably just some new clothes.
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    Sonic Mania Plus... leading to Sonic Forces Plus... leading to ehm... Team Sonic Racing... ehm ehm with the "inter-regnum" of SM Adventures and IDW comics. My thought.
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I would lower your... suspectations...? It could easily be something as small as a promotional costume to tie into some upcoming release. No idea why they would do that but still. I wouldn't mind another episode because I didn't hate Forces, but I can't think of any plotsholes that could be satisfactorily filled by that. A hard mode would be nice considering what a joke the majority of the game's difficulty level was (for boost game veterans, I mean). I also wish you could replay the story without deleting your whole save - it's kinda lame that you have your custom avatar show up in cut-scenes but the only way to do that as you play along the adventure is to start from scratch - meaning there's barely anything to customise them with. People get REALLY hung up on that 0.01% but I'm pretty sure that's just meant to signify that Eggman owns literally nothing but the ground his body occupies after his defeat.
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    Maybe it's the one that removes Denuvo, so that we can enjoy the game without fear of not being able to in the inevitable future where Denuvo's servers are shut down. Who am I kidding?
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    You know what I think who Tika could also be? She could be an park ranger who can help Sonic.
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    Steve Ditko was a legend, responsible for creating one of my all-time favorite characters as well as many iconic visuals and stories that inspire me to this day. He was also something of a mystery figure in recent years, as he was notoriously reclusive and silent. To me, this just made him all the more intriguing; a living legend that avoided the spotlight. I'm sad to see him go.
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    Espio and Vector are the best to play as. Even if they weren't Espio and Vector and were instead some schmucks called Bill and Ben they'd be best to play as because their gameplay in Chaotix is great. Whether said gameplay suits the Mania style level design is another matter. And also what Mira said.
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I think it's possible that it's a new chapter/episode of the game. When you finish the game, there is that 0,01% thing, that says that it's not finished yet, there is more; it's very likely that they planned it from the start. Now, it's not necessarily a big thing, it may even be just 1 level, maybe rehashed like the ones in Episode Shadow, but I'm convinced that it's something that continues the story of the game. And I think it's not a coincidence that it's going to be released/announced close to the release of Mania + I think it may be connected, the two games were meant to be parallel after all... who knows, maybe they will add Mighty & Ray to Forces too (as Classic Sonic skins, like Shadow for Modern). I don't know, it can be anything. I hope they improved the controls in the meanwhile, but I know it won't happen.
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    Sonic Forces Final DLC - What is it?

    I'd laugh if it literally was a big update. some hidden final boss. I'm sure even if it were something it would not take away from plus.
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    Yeah, but did that make anyone care? Did they fix enough to make the game worth buying? Did they fix enough to counteract its reputation as a godawful mess? Because I'm pretty sure that RoL is still considered a complete dumpster fire. ...do any developers actually operate like that? Providing support for recent and still-relevant games, sure, fixing some issues when porting/remaking a game, sure. Going back to fix "controversial" games? That just seems like a huge waste of time and money, which could be better spent on not making the same mistakes with their next game.
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

    It doesn't give the boys moobs, no. And yeah, it's just offense at nothing for attention most likely. I think in datamining groups it's commonplace to want attention due to having information on updates and such before everyone else, and stupid fake controversies are an easy way to get it.
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    Yeah, that kinda makes me wish they did like Star Vs. or whatever show it was did it and have the finale and next season's premiere be relatively close in airing.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    Sky Sanctuary seems to float alongside Angel Island rather than above it (in Knuckles's story in S&K we see the island in the background) so it probably fell into the sea rather than onto Angel Island itself. It hadn't completely disintegrated when Sonic and Tails boarded the Death Egg however - there was still at least a small section left afterwards in Knuckles's S&K story where he fights Mecha Sonic and recovers the Master Emerald.
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    Splatoon 2 (Summer 2017)

    So the Pearl & Marina Amiibo are more than just a Sound Test, like Callie & Marie.
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    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It seems Sonic's exploits have become pretty common knowledge around Station Square by the time of SA1 (possibly thanks to Amy). Many of the NPCs in SA1 treat Sonic, Tails, and Amy like local celebrities and the citizens of Station Square clearly know who Eggman is, given their reaction to him in the cutscene preceding the Egg Walker battle. Additionally, the news report Eggman watches in SA2 refers to Sonic as a "world renowned hero", though whether he was that famous during SA1 or became that famous because of the Perfect Chaos incident is unclear. EDIT: Sonic's previous adventures not being well know outside of Station Square until after SA1 would explain why the archaeologists have no clue what to make of Angel Island. The line was left in the final Japanese version though, so it was more likely removed by the localizers, who had far more leeway with SA1's script than they did with any other game until Colors came along.
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    Well executed pantomime is one of the things that I've always enjoyed about the classic games and seeing it return in Mania and Mania Adventures has been a treat.
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    Adeline was the character I most wanted in so I was really happy when she appeared in the datamine. I wasn't expecting Ribbon, so it's really cool that she's part of Adeline's moveset.
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    I really doubt it's going to be anything. The game is dead and with Mania Plus due out in less than a month it's really unlikely that they would want people to suddenly go play Forces when Mania Plus is due. At the most it's probably an in game advert for Mania. Hence episode please buy Mania.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is it me or does the comic uses a lot of Sonic Heroes imagery? I guess they still trying to not overuse classic imagery, Adventure tittles are too realistic (let's face it even I'm not interested in most SA1 badniks or Station Square), Shadow and 06 can go to hell and Unleashed was already prominent in Archie Reboot. Colors and Lost World were in space, Generations in white void, so Heroes is perfect balance to less-colorful Forces imagery. Hey, I'm not complaining. Now I want Egg Pawn Wizards and Hang Castle..
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    How is Shadow viewed as a villain?

    I don't find him to be all that compelling as the big world-threatening villain because his motivation is just kinda...dumb. Like okay yeah your surrogate sister was killed by the government and that sucks hardcore and all, but trying to wipe out all of humanity because of that is kiiiiind of an overreaction. And then it turns out all that villainy was basically just brainwashing and Gerald is the real villain behind everything so he was really just a pawn the whole time. SA2 Shadow is more interesting to me as an antagonist to Sonic specifically. He's not the first doppelganger in the series, but Metal's typically the cold, unfeeling robot type, while Shadow's able to make things more personal and heated. He (inadvertently) frames Sonic, interrupts his escape, and then manages to outspeed him essentially by cheating. That gives Sonic a personal goal in the story rather than simply trying to save the world; he wants to catch up with that smug jackass, kick his teeth in, clear his own name, and prove himself to truly be the fastest thing alive. And just as they're matched in abilities, Shadow's got his own ego to protect; he's the Ultimate Life Form, and he doesn't want to accept that this random guy can keep up with him (and arguably surpass him towards the end). They're both fighting not just for their larger goals but to defend their own identities, what they see as their place in the world.
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    this but with more beach
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    Do you aggree with the Two-worlds??

    It's absolutely super dumb in no small part thanks to the fact that not a single piece of main canon Sonic media has actually acknowledged it as being a thing, and fortunately for me, until it does it's very easy to ignore.
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    Now I know the film won't be based on Sonic Boom,but is it safe to assume that Eggman's design might look more similar to Boom Eggman as opposed to Sonic 2006. As Boom Eggman's design level of realism doesn't feel forced like it did in 2006. Now if I had to guess they probably would partially go with Modern's design. But more likely they could kind of combine certain elements from both Modern Eggman and Boom Eggman's designs to make it work in the film. It's more likely than just using the Modern design alone, it just wouldn't fit in with the rest of the film. Now since Sonic will look a little more realistic, well the same could apply to Eggman.
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    "Seaside Hill looks a lot more like Sandside Hill right now".
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    A huge oil slick in the ocean. Possibly a ton of plastic pollution on the beaches too. Only one part is unspoiled, and that's Eggman's private beach. Prime real estate.
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    The simple answer: We don't. The important thing to note about Mania's development team is that they have over a decade's worth of experience with mods and fangames, they've perfected the art of 2D Sonic probably better than even most people at Sonic Team could do. 3D fangames are a rarity, even then, most of them are extremely rough proof of concepts that never advance past the demo stage. There's no real, solid background in 3D fangames in the Sonic community that anyone can point to. 3D games are exponentially more expensive and time consuming to create than something like Sonic Mania because of the very nature of 3D games; it's a significantly higher risk to hire a bunch of people that made a "pretty alright but rough around the edges" proof of concept once than a team that has an extensive history of successful, well-made 2D mods and fangames plus has earned Sega's trust with remakes widely considered to be the best versions available of those games.
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    To be fair, they do have this already - most times the Chaos Emeralds are used, they warp away and scatter all over the world, sometimes even into their own pocket dimensions. In any game they're not in, it can easily be assumed that they just haven't been found yet.
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    Probably going to lose the jacket nipples
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    Another thing that's being missed with the whole good engine =/= good game design talk and what separates Whitehead and Thomley's accomplishments on a different playing field from other fangame makers is that so far, most people have been using their engines to accurately reproduce some desired Sonic gameplay mechanics in question. Whether it be Genesis, Adventure, Boost, or some other thing, plenty of these exist. (Same goes for ROM hacks, tons of Sonic hacks [esp. classic Sonic hacks] that change their color palettes, swap out character sprites, and retool their programming.) What Whitehead and Thomley were doing with the Retro Engine and past works prior to Mania were actually figuring out how the original games worked and using what their programming knowledge to reproduce the original games in new environments that were made by scratch (as opposed to emulations or ports). CD 2011 wasn't just recreating the physics and gameplay on his new engine (and might I add, also adding bugfixes and certain design choices that weren't in the original ST games), Whitehead was also able to get the data the original games and then run the data on his Retro Engine. Virtually no other fangamer has done this. How are they going to take a ROM of a 20+ year old game, extract the level data, duplicate it near-perfectly into their own code, and run the data on top of their work? Nobody else has pulled this off with even other 2D Sonic engines, even those with near-perfect/perfect physics engines; let alone accomplished this in 3D with the 3D games. (By the by, Whitehead during the early phase of the CD 2011 PoC approached Thomley on reverse-engineering/documentation on CD, with Thomley in the process developing his own port of Sonic CD to the Nintendo DS at the same time.) Even before the CD projects, Whitehead and Thomley had PoCs like Retro Sonic (which included a custom-built Emerald Hill Zone, with Sonic 2-accurate physics...that could played on the PC OR Sega Dreamcast) and Sonic 1 port to the GBA (a much more faithful port of the original game to the platform than the infamous hot mess of a GBA port Sega pushed out around that time). At this point, they're pretty much technical wizards; they don't just understand the gameplay, they understand the entire structure of how the games were put together. The closest thing towards a 3D alternative to Whitehead and Thomley's work is...Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 PC. Which aside from not being made on a custom engine (the process is being done through the Unity engine) and being a relatively new project (started less than five years ago)...is a port of Sonic 2006. Not either of the two Adventures games (which is surprising, considering that they are, y'know the first 3D Sonic games), or the moderately better-liked Heroes, or even the Saturn projects (Sonic World in Sonic Jam, Sonic R)....Sonic 2006. ...so there you go.
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    Ryan does a fairly well job on describing what people are missing on the technical level. But that's only part of the story; I'll develop on the other, dark and boring, part spectrum which is often ignored: You see, game development is really a controlled business. Let me elaborate (by still simplifying a lot of stuff). You have time, human resource, etc., all of which are finite resources and ultimately a cost that you allocate on a budget. To balance that, you have to make sure that it will bring in not only the amount you paid to create the game, but more to turn in a sizeable profit. Why work on something that will bring you $10? (Or a magnitude more, if you're talking as a company). It's not a charity. As everything you do costs money, you'll have to justify how working X would hold more value than Y, as an individual, and even as management. Should the answer be that what you're working on not what is planned/acceptable/not valuable enough, you'll be directed to work on something else, or be shown the door as it is their money that you, as a developer, are spending after all. There is very little time for experimentation. And even if there were, you'd be allocated a fixed amount of time doing that compared to something that brings sure value. As much as possible, the roadmap of things to do is planned. But sometimes, things don't go as planned (Hah! Okay I jest: Always). You can't always extend the time of the project, because that would increase the planned budget. Instead you'd just have to cut on things that has the least value, or that cannot be done in time for sure. The planned revenue stays the same no matter how much additional work you do. And lastly, say you get in the team as a developer, for example as one that has the skillset to develop a game engine; You likely won't get to fully participate (or even at all) on other aspects such as level design, setting, story. In more complicated project (as soon as you hit 3D, you likely get in this category), you may not even have anything to do with what you think you can tackle, like anything graphic (lights, particle and effects, animation). There are other, better people suited than you for that after all. Ultimately, you're a simple small gear as part of a whole game creating machine. When participating in these kind of projects, your individual contribution, while important, means little in the grand scheme of things. Also, It's really not an all-fun industry, and many people fail to realize that. Project Mania seems to have have put some ideas in some people's head. I'm not undermining the work our 2-D devs are doing, but the fact is that typically, 3-D projects operate at very different scales.
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    Pretty much what @Shaddy the Zaphod said. 3D fangamers like to get on Sega's case for doing physics better than they do - which honestly, hasn't really been a huge accomplishment for decades now - but they've yet to really make an environment where that kind of gameplay actually shines yet, just basic geometric shapes to display basic functions of what is ultimately a tech demo and nothing more. I'm going to be totally blunt here - level design is fucking hard, and at this rate I would take good level design even at the expense of physics mechanics over period accurate physics shoehorned into Forces tier level design, because the former is nothing without the latter anyway. And I think it's very telling that even with a ridiculous abundance of fanbase-friendly 3D engines available for anyone to use, nobody has actually created a finished game worthy of note yet.
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    "Sega hired fans to make a Sonic game" is a good headline, but it misrepresents what actually happened. Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley had an established working relationship with Sega after handling the Sonic 1/2/CD "remasters". PagodaWest Games already had a small (in terms of sales/audience) but well reviewed game under their belt. They pitched the game to Sega with a full original level (Studiopolis Zone Act 2). All these fan-made 3D Sonic engines are nice, but they're not games, they're not levels, they're not even fully realised concepts, and they don't have original graphics/music to go with them. As far as I'm aware, they're not being made by anyone with an established track record. And frankly, an HD 3D Sonic platformer would require a much larger staff and budget than Sonic Mania, and Sonic Team would already be working on their own HD 3D Sonic platformer at any given time - it would be a very hard sell.
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    Maybe we could actually have a real 3D fangame first? By the time Taxman and Stealth were working with official Sonic games we'd had dozens of games recreating classic level design, aesthetic and gameplay. We have yet to see one good 3D fangame do the same. All anyone does is boast about how great their engine is and then never make any levels for it. Engine after engine after engine without a single complete campaign. Do you think it wasn't a lot of work getting SEGA to recognize the 2D fangames? It's not going to happen when we haven't got a single 3D game even approaching the level of something like Classic, Time Twisted, Before/After the Sequels, etc.
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    While I'll usually argue against @Skull Leader's stance of depriving Amy of the core gameplay of at least Sonic 1 since she is herself a hedgehog and curling into a ball is natural ability of hedgehogs unless they have some sort of spinal issue, @E-122-Psi's mods of the original trilogy have shown that Amy can at least do Sonic's routes as long as Spin Dashing is not a requirement when using the Advance moveset. That said, my only argument against using the Advance moveset in Mania is arguably arbitrary, my stance being since Mania is a celebration of the classic games that is revisiting the original formula that I would like to see how Amy would have been made different pre-hammer, especially since Hoshino (the one primarily credited with Amy's presence in the games) was involved with the project as a content supervisor of some form.
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    Flame Lance

    Sonic Channel

    Here are the new Blaze wallpapers! Computer Wallpaper: Phone Wallpaper (link): http://sonic.sega.jp/SonicChannel/enjoy/image/wallpaper_163_blaze_11_sp.png
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