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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    The Big-Arm remix is lovely and really helped create the dramatic atmosphere for the showdown. Super Metal Sonic looked so rad! I like how Sonic, Mighty, Tails and Ray worked together to try and stop Metal. Knuckles once again had me laughing out loud. Sonic's perplexed look at the seemingly oblivious Knuckles at the end is pure gold ❤️ Have a gif: What a great little series!
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    A random guy at my job saw how hard i was working and bought me a soda. Then he gave me two more dollars to get two more. This gesture really made the rest of my night.
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    Time for this Sonic Adventure's Last Story!
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    Tyson confirmed on Retro that Knuckles thought it was the real Sonic he decked and there was a scene (cut for time) of him stopping, looking at the real Sonic and having a moment of "Wait, then who...?" Lovely ending to the series, was actually more climactic than I was expecting. We got as close to giving a character an official Super state as Sega or Sonic Team could possibly allow, more wonderful animation, and great music. I hope this isn't the last we see from these folks, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. How much love Metal Sonic and Knuckles got in this series (and, well, Mania as a whole) is wonderful. My two favorites always seem to get the short end of the stick, but not here.
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    As a Knuckles fan, this has to be one of the best uses of him.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    I don't agree with the notion that the finale was an anticlimax at all. Mania Adventures is comedy first, action second. The action shown in this episode was great, and without forgetting its personality, it ended in an incredibly funny note. Knuckles' portrayal throughout the Mania series as a bit of a ham with a hot temper is great. I just love the way that every character has been portrayed here actually. Even Metal Sonic gets done proper personality to make him seem like a threat rather than just another badnik. Mania has gone out on a high.
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    Sega DogTagz

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I echo that. In most iterations, Sonic is something of a ladies man. In almost every representation, he's had some kind of active connection to the fairer sex. Even in his concept days within Sega, they tried to push the idea of Madonna being a female interest. Then when that fizzled out, Tiara came into focus sometime later. In Satam, Sally was the most desirable - thus connected to him. In AoSTH Sonic is nothing short of a horndog and you can rattle off females he's shown interest in left and right. The Archie comics threw Sally, Mina, Bunnie and Fiona at him, and the IDW run makes it pretty clear that Sonic is in demand with all the ladies who wish they could have him. and all that is before you even consider Amy. Or the shiptease's with Blaze, or any of the ump-teen innuendos Rouge throws at him. I really don't mind the idea of Sonic being seen as a bachelor. Anyone with his level of fame would understandably attain that kind of following. Its just more important about how it is presented to the viewer. Sonic can be a jerk sometimes, but he isn't the type to take advantage of people - and leveraging his fame and good deeds to plow half the countryside seems like an exploitation of their good will and trust. I almost expect Sonic to flirt with a pretty girl, its part of who he is and feeds his cool persona, but I also expect him to recognize when someone is star-crossed and know when to keep it in his pants. ...on a slightly unrelated note, that's probably one of the reasons why I feel like the Sonic/Blaze dynamic works. You don't have to worry about that particular speedbump.
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    I really enjoyed this series, the only fault I'd really knock it for is its shorts not being long enough to flesh out a more-developed narrative. It was overall sublime otherwise.
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    It's just because it's Morse Code. Really guys, it's nothing more than a feel-good message in the spirit of the teamwork that made Mania a thing.
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    Haven't seen it on the status feed yet. That surprises me. Anybody hear of Cobanermani456 retiring? Seems he's been too depressed to keep at it, been going through a lot of emotional times. He's already deleted his Twitter and everything. YouTube is still up though, who knows for how long. This comes as a shock but at the same time it doesn't. He was one of the best YouTubers out there. But I think some of us could tell in recent times that this was coming. Good things weren't meant to last and this one truly hits close We can only hope we'll hear from him again
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    because nobody bought a saturn.
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    MMMM Belgium waffles.

    MMMM Belgium waffles.
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    Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    look at this perfect hyped lad
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    Since there was nothing to get for pre-ordering Sonic Mania Plus at GameStop, the dude gave me a buildable Crash Bandicoot figure. lol
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    [92] Reach Up To The Clouds https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/815606 Length: 4:31 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 186 BPM // Measures: 210 // Loops: 26 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 20 days Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B This is another piece made for Aaron Webber's Skies Of Arcadia based independent project. This was intended to be used for in-field adventuring between objectives. Something light and playful, something that makes you want to go exploring. Boy did I learn a lot from this one. I wanted to keep simple instruments with synth accompaniment this time as opposed to enhancements. A lot was separated between instruments like pianos, organs, and picked basses, to created synths and sound effects. I paid more attention to the stereo effects, panning from right to left and back and forth, as well as evening out volumes accordingly. I'm a tad nervous about the lyrics. I know they haven't always gone over well in the past, but this time I made sure everything was organized and even, and I spent a lot of extra time polishing out as many bugs as I could with it. I learned how to master some of the settings with the editing program. I also learned how to smooth things out a little better as far as pitch changes, but it's not perfect. Luckily, I made it so that the lyrics can be cut out at any time for use in the video game. Always gotta have a plan B. I took a little longer this time to ensure that everything was as smooth as I could have possibly made it. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put my entire heart into it. Thank you all so much for the listen . . . and keep reaching for the clouds! LYRICS: Here we stand // A new adventure lies before us So just take my hand // I'll be here to guide you through this Cause we all need friends // everything you do will make us proud And it never ends So just reach up to the clouds Reach up to the clouds Reach up to the clouds When you reach up to the clouds // You will always make me proud When you reach up to the clouds
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    Oh, is this not available yet? I was just about ready to drop all my other cosplay ideas and just go to the rest of the conventions this year as "a very bad idea."
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    Today means that it's been one year since my grandfather had passed away, so don't expect me to join the fun that often...
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    The Deleter

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    Man, this series as a whole was great fun. The way they executed so many aspects of the characters, especially Metal Sonic, gave me a hankering for something a little meatier than what we got overall, but looking back, these shorts were just overall a really great time. So many great character moments, so many great animations, hilarious expressions, gags, and pacing, and even some great fight scenes /w a side of badass for Metal Sonic. Basically everything I was hoping for, with near flawless execution. Crazy enjoyable series, and I'm really glad the team got the chance to make something like this. It really does feel like something special. Also, as a side note, it seems like the compilation of all the episodes have received an extra layer of polish since the originals. Almost like a Mania Adventures Plus, if you would :V
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    Hope guys are enjoying Mania Plus. I've received my PS4 (physical) copy today, to go with my Switch copy:
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    Sonic Headcanons

    Sonic Lost World takes place much earlier in the series' timeline then it's release implies. It's characterization... blunders (Sonic and Tails falling out over moody and rash actions) are more understandable if these events happened earlier in their careers. @Miragnarok The various power-ups he picks up in the Adventures help to focus the unstable chaos energies.
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    It’s more interesting to note that people didn’t like Tommy under Pender’s run, but when he came back later and then Ian came aboard and worked on him up to his death the reception sort of changed.
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    Reach Up To The Clouds (98% complete) Rushing to get this done and up in the next four hours! Stay tuned, I'll probably only need two! I just learned a little more about smoothing, so that it doesn't sound like autotune. I also learned about wave repairing. Really comes in handy when the mic distorts. Makes it sound a little more normal. I'm afraid it's not going to be perfect though. It's nerve wrecking lol
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    Waiting for Mania Plus is like waiting to play Mania for the first time all over again.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Sorry for the multi posts, but my browser has a habit of crashing, and I want to make sure I don't have to lose all this writing. #155: Oh dear. This cover. I actually knew of this comic cover from a while back in Cybershell's Archie comics retrospective where he showed an image of it about talking about the comic's decline before Penders was fired. Seeing it again, good lord. In a way, it's a nice shorthand to show how much the comic was too interested in angst and unneccessary romance. Makes you wonder if that cover alone may of concerned someone high up in Archie or played a role in Penders exit from Archie. You know, again, I actually like the plot of this 2 part story in theory. Evil Antoine basically tries to become King by slowly poisoning King Max and rising to royalty by being forcibly married to Sally. I like how competant Evil Antoine is, able to best Sonic in a fight, and has a plan that makes sense. Its just, again, this is an excuse for more angst and relationship conflicts. Sonic really has become a bit of a womaniser in these last few issues, with him having him hook up with Fiona at the start of this issue, much to Tails' shock, in this awful artwork. However, when King Max wants Sally to succeed him, and must get married, Sonic decides he has to find a way to stop it? It honestly makes Sonic look like a bit of a dick for hooking up with another girl, and then immedietly wanting to go back to Sally, especially when after this plot is over in #156, Sonic goes back to Fiona over Sally. Speaking of #156... #156: Oh god... OH GOD #156 sees Sonic try and stop the wedding, is too late, reenacts the Graduate, and gets help from Prince Elias. I must admit, it is cool seeing Elias again, he is probably the best part of Sally's family, and it makes sense for him to come back and bait Antoine into revealing his intentions. We get the real Antoine back and him and Bunnie get back together again, which is pretty nice, they are probably the best couple in the comic, especially with Sonic being a womanising douchebag apparently as he hooks up with the girl he knew his best friend had a crush on. This had potential to be good, but ultimately the fact that Sonic comes off really badly by wanting to prevent Sally's wedding but not wanting to be with Sally herself hurts the story tremendously, as well as basically betraying Tails. Again, if this didn't have such bad angst, this could of been a good little story, especially when I think Evil Antoine actually is a good villian and a nice counterpart to the very rash Evil Sonic. There is also a 2 part Dulcy story in #155 and #156. It's pretty basic, it's about Dulcy's backstory, about her being exiled, and then having to redeem herself when Eggman's roboticised dragons attack. Really, the only 2 notable things about this is the fact that dragons go through a cycle of reincarnation, basically to excuse the fact that Dulcy and the other dragons wind up melting all the roboticised dragons. Sucks to be every other species I guess. The other bit is the bizarre decision to reference Dulcy's abusive boyfriend from 50 issues, like anyone wanted that idiotic issue to be brought up again.
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    For all of the new 1.04 Update and Plus DLC changes.
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    At some point in the future, I'm going to write up a major review on the whole Mania package now that Plus is out and I've been able to play it. Man, I had so much fun with this.
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    That smash-cut to the ending with the stage results music playing fucking killed me. They used it like you would use some wa-wa music or something. Excellent comedic timing. I love that so much. This whole thing was proof that Sonic's still got an action-adventure spark with a dash of comedy in him somewhere. It exists. Just gotta get the 3D games there and I'm golden. There's only so much I can rely on comics.
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    Sonic Mania Adventures

    You know, I kinda thought that a Super Metal Sonic would be a much, much, much bigger threat than what he actually ended up being. I get that they had a very limited runtime to work with, so maybe they should’ve just used regular Metal Sonic. I feel like he’s a big enough threat on his own to be menacing, and that would leave Super Metal Sonic to potentially be used in another story where the concept can be explored further. Though I suppose they could always just bring Super Metal Sonic back. I hope they do, it’s too cool a concept to not use again.
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    China and Russia's issues became serious with the rise of Communism in both countries. The USSR pushed heavily for Soviet Communism, but Mao wanted to implement his own take on Communism which eventually became known as Chinese Communism. This is surprisingly common with different Communist factions-- they're all for everybody becoming united under world Communism, but it better be THEIR take on Communism that becomes the norm around the world because only their take on Communism is best or good. Others are a good start and can be useful, but the others' take on Communism becomes perceived as inferior the moment it deviates. And at the time, none wanted to deviate harder than Mao Zedong. One of the major sticking points is that in Soviet Communism, there is a very rigid and specific order of progression that leads to implementation of Communism. A society that had not yet industrialized on a large scale is not considered able to be converted to Soviet Communism-- the best thing it can do is support the big landowners in hopes of speeding up the progression to industrialization. China had yet to fully industrialize, and would not attempt to until the Great Leap Forward (which was a complete failure), but Mao was not content with anything that implicitly required him to support the fascists in charge at the time (for all the wrong reasons-- he didn't like fascism because it wasn't favoring him in any way and its disastrous consequences for the country made for a good sticking point in pro-Communist propaganda) and not implement Communistic success as rapidly as he would like. As a result, the order of progression in Chinese Communism was there, but not nearly as rigid or confining as Soviet Communism. A peasant society could become fully Communist in Chinese Communism ideology and industrialize later so long as it had enough will and desire for Communism and economical advancement... but in Soviet Communism, a peasant society acting as an industrial society would is a reckless disaster waiting to happen. But despite the mutualistic antagonism and other problems with Stalin, Mao at least respected the man enough not to act too hostile towards him. Mao could respect a strongman, because he was a strongman, who had convinced himself that countries need a strongman to have good leadership. Despite finding the man incredibly frustrating, Mao appreciated that Stalin was passionate and held conviction about everything he wanted. The frustration was mutual, but not the respect-- Stalin found Mao to be an annoying thorn in his side and an ally of convinience at best. On the other hand, Mao utterly despised Stalin's successor Nikita Khrushchev, and that's when Russian-Chinese relationships reached their nadir. Khrushchev was a lot quieter, and softer, than Stalin and very very open to negotiating deals with people of other ideologies including capitalists without forcing some kind of conversion to Communism. From Mao's perspective, Khrushchev was a weak, spineless, dispassionate leader. Putting down a couple of protests in a violent and aggressive manner makes not a strongman in Mao's worldview, and so Khrushchev's acts in doing so would not impress Mao regardless of what his motives were (some say it was to impress Mao, others say that he's just following standard protocol for dealing with untimely uprisings in Soviet Communism). As a result, the antagonism shifted to be perpetrated largely on the Chinese end with Russia mostly imploring China to accept reason. Khrushchev's successors would be more aggressive than him (though still less aggressive than Stalin), but at that point, the damage was done. One of the most sacred sacraments in Soviet Communism is respect for all Soviet Communist leaders who have guided the country to and through Communism. No matter how they went about it, if it was in the confines of Soviet Communism, they had to be treated with great respect and reverence. So no matter what Khrushchev's successors thought or did, they could not respect a man who hated one of their prior leaders and never felt regret about it, nor a society who believed this man's slander wholeheartedly. While this is all going on, Russia and China put on a good show of looking friendly with each other on the surface. Both Soviet and Chinese Communism strongly urge a united world under Communism, and they were not about to let their infighting put a damper on the worldwide revolution or convince any capitalists or other outsiders to even consider that Communists are anything but a united unit with the same goals and philosophies. Turned out this was a pretty good move on the Soviet part... if only America didn't find out. Nixon of all people made an important and well-publicized diplomatic meeting in China, learned the truth about Russian-Chinese relations, and made efforts exploiting this that were excellent for America by working out special trade deals (many of which still influence the American, Chinese, and global economy today in a positive manner) and by convincing China to stop doing its part in keeping up the facade of friendly relations with Russia (dealing a very strong blow to Russia's insistence that Communism is a united force of people who want the same things, and also enabling greater factional conflicts between the two countries and their ideologues that significantly slows progress in regards to spreading Communism). That's the condensed version of the answer, anyway. This is a fascinating subject, but one that's mired in complications and nuances, so I encourage you to do more research on it if it interests you.
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    The Deleter

    Sonic Mania Adventures

    The awkward stares were the only beat in this episode I feel we could have done without. Simply cutting to Mighty and Ray standing there, and Mighty subsequentially socking Metal in the jaw would have helped the fight flow a lot better. But it's pretty inoffensive in the context of the entire series, so eh Also I dunno why I passed it up during my first time watching these, but Sonic and Tails' interactions are A+. Both of them goofing with the emeralds was great, and the rest of the interactions really reinforce the idea that they're best friends, better than anything we've seen in the series before has imo. This may be my favorite take on those two tbh
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    I drew these yesterday for Kira Buckland's birthday. She voices these characters and I swapped their outfits
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    SO, if Ridley is "Captain America" to Japan, does that make Samus Iron Man and Shulk Dr. Strange?
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    Yeah Morse Code is read back in Upper Case, I might be wrong but I think telegrams where the same. Anyway, I did a small video on the Morse Code message because I recognised the line immediately as being from Aristotle, well a variation of one of his quotes. Only I don't think it's just tied to the team, I think it also includes the fans as Well, since as it states in the artbook, if it wasn't for the fan demand and reception, Mania Plus wouldn't exist.
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    I've made my own shirts before and the framing of this is just wrong. Xero being on the side of the logo just irks me. Have him up top and move the logo into the middle. Also looking at the preview, Ken has been hit with an age old problem. Putting black as a background on your design does not mean it instantly blends into a black shirt. Its why I only make white shirts, it blends in easy, though white wouldn't really work for the shadowed effect he is trying to do. Also notice how the main character is shoved into the back corner.
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    after all this time, http://sonic.sega.jp/sonicadv/ it's still up
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    I'm all for a new 2D game series without classic pandering, based on the modern cast and world but following the structure and design of the classic games (as a source of inspiration, not as a literal copy-paste). I've always been a fan of the Advance series, and while they were low budget titles with many flaws, I prefered them to Mania, because there was more creativity in them, more experimentation; at the time I felt like playing someithing fresh and new, something that didn't happen with Mania. Also I prefer having other playable characters, and I feel like keeping the 2D series stuck into the classic world is only a limit for who could be playable. It's cool to have Mighty and Ray back, though I'd like to play as some of the modern characters into a classic-like 2D game too, maybe with some gameplay innovations like the Advance series tried to do. It's so irritating that I have to play Speed Battle if I want to play as most of my favorites, and that game is lame, but there isn't any other option at the moment (aside of revisiting older games, or some other even worse mobile games).
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    Best thing about Encore mode is that it'll finally give me a reason to play as characters other than Sonic.
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    Nickelodeon Animation Discussion

    I would have dismissed this as yet another nostalgic relaunch that fails to capture the spirit of the original, with not even the original creators being enough to inspire faith in me. But that Hey Arnold movie as well as the Rocko's Modern Life short was so on-point that I feel a bit more optimistic about this. I am curious who will be playing Stu, since I can't picture anyone but Jack Riley in the role. It's going to be hard to replace him.
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    I hadn’t drawn much anything of a KH enemy in a long while. This is an Unversed based off of Dorky Face from Final Fantasy VII. I was going to use pink for the bow tie, but I went with pale rose for more realism. I also added some spikes to its eyes to make it look more ladylike. Description: These Unversed love to bounce around playfully causing mischief whenever they can. They appear in large groups, and in three sizes: small, medium and large. Blizzard is their weakness, but it’s better and quicker to use area-based attacks like Thunder or Aero. Attacks -Funny Breath: Its mouth turns purple as it breathes. Anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up while be Confused for quite a bit. -Swipe: Pumpkin Head slashes at the enemy. -Cursed Slash: A powerful slash that paralyzes its target upon contact. -Hot Lips: Pumpkin Head spits out fire, with a small chance of Burning whoever it hits. -Ghastly Love: Pumpkin Head grapples whoever’s nearest to it and drains their HP slowly.
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    Alright, reading on: #152: When #151 ended, with the real Sonic encountering the girls being flirty to them after Evil Sonic's schenanigans, I just assumed it was a joke that would return to the status quo. I was actually surprised when it turned out, this thing of Sonic and the girls is still going. Hell, the cover art of Sonic surrounded by the girls being judgemental with the caption "play on playa"(!?) seems again to go with this idea that apparently the sexual antics of Sonic is what they think people buy the comic for? The plot is fairly simple, ADAM decides to basically use nanomachines to take over the planet, Sonic and co stop him while Sonic is teamed up with girls while they wander why Sonic isn't coming on to them. Some misdirects in this issue. The cover features Rouge, when she isn't in the issue. The opening has The Wolf Pack turning up after what feels like a bit of an absence, only for them to run away from the nanomachines and then disappear. Even the issue story being called "Sonic's Angels" and the hint of Sonic having *shudders* sexual tension with the various girls doesn't feel like it goes anywhere, except at the end when Sonic saves Bunnie and she kisses him... which Sonic doesn't seem to mind? Also Snively is back and maybe an ally... yay? One thing that I get more and more with Penders writing is that I don't think his writing style gels well with Sonic. I don't think he writes in a very interesting way, lots of exposition, and it never feels like he is writing for kids. It comes across like a teenager trying to write smart stuff for an adult audience in a children's comic. I noticed this a bit in the Knuckles comic, but it definetly feels like in this issue as an example when the dialogue can come across as very dry and dull, without much wit, and very overblown emotional sentences combined with lots of flat exposition. Jon Gray is the artist again, and again, not a huge fan of his artwork. It really doesn't mesh well with the other regular artists for the comic at the time, and it's noticable how everyone's faces and body structures keep changing dramatically. Again, maybe on another series his artwork would work really well, but hear, I don't think it does. He also seems to always manage to make Sally look like the biggest bitch in the world when she chews Sonic out for being late. Also, kindof random, but can someone explain to me why the stars and stripes are in the background of this page? #153: Not much to talk about with this one. Start of a 2 parter, Eggman hires Nack the Weasal to assassinate Mina the Mongoose because he hates her music. Pretty nice goofy plot, the sort of shit I could imagine the Eggman from Sonic Boom could do, but we get lots of over dramatic dialogue and angst inbetween, with Antoine becoming cold hearted because of the war, Fiona bitching at Sonic for Evil Sonic trying to hit on her in #150, and Mina's boyfriend Ash intent on a pissing contest with Sonic. I do find the Antoine thing interesting, since #151 revealed that the Antoines have been reversed, with evil Antoine in this universe and vice versa, with more hints at it about his behaviour. Kindof interested to see how this goes eventually, especially with Bunnie. It's sort of weird how prominent Fiona has become, I mean I know she has been in the comic for a very long time but it is a little odd how out of nowhere she is basically a regular. The way she talks about Sonic being a jackass in #150 is just so weird to me. The plot of #150 has Sonic's evil lookalike crossing universes just to get laid, which I think is a goofy plot, probably too mature for a Sonic comic. Yet reading this you'd think this was some bad soap opera plot. The whole thing with Mina and Ash bugs me too, I thought we settled the Mina plot back in #123, which was dedicated to resolving the Sonic/Mina/Sally triangle, and that Ash was to basically marry Mina away, not just for more relationship drama. I will say my favourite thing about #153 is the B story where Aunt Rosie tells a short story about Pirate Sally having to rescue a stolen tail from Tails from Wizard Robotnik. I love the artwork, it feels like a callback to the Sonic comics from before #50. #154: Second half of the story, not much to say really. Ash breaks up with Mina because he thinks Mina still loves Sonic and secretly writes all her songs about him, fight ensures against Heavy and Bomb, Ash sacrifices himself with the last bomb to save Mina, in hospital Ash and Mina reconciliate while Sonic walks off sad like a bad soap opera. I don't mind the plot, it is pretty simple, and I do like how Eggman can be so petty to try and kill Mina over music, but the excuse just to engage in more love trianges and angst is what gets to me. B plot is pretty unremarkable, about following up on the nanites from #152, which winds up giving Tommy the Turtle wings. I find it interesting how much they are pushing Tommy, I think I read in a past issue from letters apparently alot of fans like him, which might be why he is becoming more of a main character at the moment.
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    I feel like these designs could be way better if they were just humans instead of weird alien freakazoids. But if that's the way Ken wants it, then fine, whatever.
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    Claiming Mighty and Ray are just reskins of Sonic and co gameplay wise only stands to prove the fact you haven't actually played it. I mean, of course, it's not out yet - but I have, and I can say you're pretty off the mark as such. The tag team concept in Encore Mode also stands as an interesting way to push the formula - in fact I found it akin to a more open take on something like Advance 3's team mechanics, and within much better level design to boot. That and whilst there's more variety amongst the Modern cast, quantity doesn't equal quality. I also find pointing out their designs weird. I mean, yeah. The Sonic characters... look like Sonic characters. Consistency, innit. I'm all for new stuff, but moreso I'm for good stuff, which is something Mania has well over any of the Advance games. I do think there could be more Modern 2D games, but I'd rather it be something unique than a la Advance when Classic can do that better anyway. Gimme a Tails Adventure sequel that takes advantage of the extended Modern cast by having them pop up and support Tails in his quest with items, or something. I dunno, just spitballing.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Uh, depends really. The Unleashed arc in the New 252 was actually relatively fine from my recollection, as it was almost always progressing in some form, had plenty of new character and locations being established for the long-term, and even worked in "filler" like Champions and Eggman's Dozen to vary things up in fun ways without relying too much or too little on the bigger picture. Really, it just World's Unite delaying/stagnating things that noticeable caused an issue.
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    Finally got my results for Year 1 of Uni, passed everything!
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    The opening post doesn't specify whether the proposed new 2D line should be Classic or Modern, just that it should be 2D, to which I say: Absolutely. Sonic has great 2D roots and those are still its strongest days, so Sega should be attempting to capitalise on this gameplay the best they can. Attempting to integrate it into the 3D series has been overall patchy at best, so a 2D line and a 3D line make the most sense. As to whether it should be Classic or Modern, to be honest, I think taking the Classic aesthetics but ditching the nonsense of multi-world multi-universe in favour of a mixed setting which can use whatever selection of characters is available would be best. Well, I'd apply that same consideration to the 3D line, honestly. Reboot the aesthetics and narrative style to be more cartoony, redesign all the characters to suit (some more, some less), and proceed with the best of both worlds. Obviously, though, that would take a lot of talent to pull off and it's not clear that that talent exists, much less the insight to see that unification is a better idea than endless division, so just moving on with a Mania follow-up would be best for now.
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    I'd worry that having a Classic 2D line, a Modern 3D (but actually mostly 2D) line, and a Modern 2D line (plus occasional spinoffs) might be oversaturating things. Platformers aren't as popular as they used to be and Sonic isn't as popular as he used to be; would enough people really be buying all of this to make it worthwhile? And I'd definitely prioritize more games like Mania and attempts to make 3D Sonic work over Modern dimension 2D games just to try to get more of those characters playable or whatever. You'd also have to find developers that could make a decent 2D Sonic game. Sonic Team sucks, Dimps' quality took a nosedive, and the handheld Boom games weren't exactly well received, and I'm not sure who they'd reach out to next.
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    I’d rather they build off Mania than Advance, seeing as Advance was basically just the Classic series with worse physics and level design. Nothing to stop them adding more characters and such to Mania’s kind of framework and they already did stuff like enhancing the graphics to 32-bit standards a la Advance, as well as differentiating the characters with movesets (which was a thing since the Classic games anyway, but even moreso with Mighty and Ray’s addition).
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    Well that's not entirely accurate. It not like Sonic just pulled a Genesis Wave out of his back pocket on a whim. Although it feels like he could lol, each time Sonic did use Chaos Control to rewrite reality, it was in the aftermath of one of Eggman's waves, which as we know made time and space completely unstable. Sonic wasn't rewriting reality so much as putting back together the busted puzzle pieces. Shadow has done a few things to rival that. In his Super State, Shadow was able to rip open a portal to the Special Zone in the battle against Adam, which by definition is a zone that exists beyond the normal realm of reality. Even in his base form, Shadow has shown the ability to breech dimensional barriers - without a need to access the the cosmic interstate or even a Genesis portal.
  50. 2 points
    What dimension do you live in where Generations had a satisfying ending? You have the worst Super Sonic boss in history (Mania's isn't great, but a painful electrical shock is better than Time Eater) and then Sonic tells his past self to start drinking because things are going to get rough. I mean, I know He-Man episodes with better stories and endings than both Generations and Mania but at least Mania has the excuse of being a tie-in to Forces. I'll give Generations the Robotnik name drop though, that was nice. Generations also literally ends with Eggman lost in a void.
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