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    A random guy at my job saw how hard i was working and bought me a soda. Then he gave me two more dollars to get two more. This gesture really made the rest of my night.
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    Haven't seen it on the status feed yet. That surprises me. Anybody hear of Cobanermani456 retiring? Seems he's been too depressed to keep at it, been going through a lot of emotional times. He's already deleted his Twitter and everything. YouTube is still up though, who knows for how long. This comes as a shock but at the same time it doesn't. He was one of the best YouTubers out there. But I think some of us could tell in recent times that this was coming. Good things weren't meant to last and this one truly hits close We can only hope we'll hear from him again
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    after all this time, http://sonic.sega.jp/sonicadv/ it's still up
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    Beat Mania Mode with Mighty.
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    Alright, up to Studiopolis so far, thought I’d give some thoughts. In all honesty, it’s no wonder Plus wasn’t getting heavy promotion before its release. I’m honestly a bit disappointed. First off, I will say this, Mighty is an absolute joy to play. It’s fun being able to get through spikes and drop smash while keeping your momentum going. I haven’t tried much of Ray yet though. I like that they removed the life system instead having a party system that allows your characters to pop in and out. But with that said...the first zone for something that was so cool and so asked for when Mania released originally, like it might not even be present. You run a little, go over a ramp, and done. That’s it. This could’ve been such a fun stage and a good selling point for Encore with a brand new zone and it amounts to nothing but playable exposition for why Mighty and Ray are here now. The levels are the biggest disappointment of all, I wasn’t expecting much, but it feels like the levels are the exact same with maybe one or two more secret paths in them and a new palette and that’s about it. I also do not like that every special stage ring has been shifted entirely to a new location. It’s a mixed bag because on one hand, it could encourage new exploration of the levels. On the other hand, considering the ease of use brought with the life system, I honestly wish they would’ve just given us more chances for the Emeralds instead of simply shifting where the current locations of the rings were. I also don’t like how the partner system is pretty random on who you can have at whichever point. I honestly would’ve preferred simply being able to pick who I want at any given point to explore a path I haven’t taken before instead of hoping I have the right set up beforehand. Maybe things will pick up but right now, meh.
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    Rusty Spy

    It's Time!

    It's Time!
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    -> Encore DLC is on Steam -> The latest Update isn't available so you can't use it
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    Y'all have fun with Mania Plus; I'm just over here counting down the days till SAGE 2018 gets here
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    Y'know barring moral dilemmas I think how you present your opinion is always gonna be more important than what that opinion is.
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    Reminder that there is only ONE DAY remaining to get your requests in for the Jammin' Hedgehog badge! The official close off date for requests will be 5am GMT on July 18th/12am EST on July 18th. That's roughly 30 hours left!
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