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    A random guy at my job saw how hard i was working and bought me a soda. Then he gave me two more dollars to get two more. This gesture really made the rest of my night.
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    Haven't seen it on the status feed yet. That surprises me. Anybody hear of Cobanermani456 retiring? Seems he's been too depressed to keep at it, been going through a lot of emotional times. He's already deleted his Twitter and everything. YouTube is still up though, who knows for how long. This comes as a shock but at the same time it doesn't. He was one of the best YouTubers out there. But I think some of us could tell in recent times that this was coming. Good things weren't meant to last and this one truly hits close We can only hope we'll hear from him again
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    MMMM Belgium waffles.

    MMMM Belgium waffles.
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    Since there was nothing to get for pre-ordering Sonic Mania Plus at GameStop, the dude gave me a buildable Crash Bandicoot figure. lol
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    [92] Reach Up To The Clouds https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/815606 Length: 4:31 // Style: Drum 'n Bass // Speed: 186 BPM // Measures: 210 // Loops: 26 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 20 days Lyrics written and performed by Pauly B This is another piece made for Aaron Webber's Skies Of Arcadia based independent project. This was intended to be used for in-field adventuring between objectives. Something light and playful, something that makes you want to go exploring. Boy did I learn a lot from this one. I wanted to keep simple instruments with synth accompaniment this time as opposed to enhancements. A lot was separated between instruments like pianos, organs, and picked basses, to created synths and sound effects. I paid more attention to the stereo effects, panning from right to left and back and forth, as well as evening out volumes accordingly. I'm a tad nervous about the lyrics. I know they haven't always gone over well in the past, but this time I made sure everything was organized and even, and I spent a lot of extra time polishing out as many bugs as I could with it. I learned how to master some of the settings with the editing program. I also learned how to smooth things out a little better as far as pitch changes, but it's not perfect. Luckily, I made it so that the lyrics can be cut out at any time for use in the video game. Always gotta have a plan B. I took a little longer this time to ensure that everything was as smooth as I could have possibly made it. I really hope you guys enjoy this one, I put my entire heart into it. Thank you all so much for the listen . . . and keep reaching for the clouds! LYRICS: Here we stand // A new adventure lies before us So just take my hand // I'll be here to guide you through this Cause we all need friends // everything you do will make us proud And it never ends So just reach up to the clouds Reach up to the clouds Reach up to the clouds When you reach up to the clouds // You will always make me proud When you reach up to the clouds
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    Today means that it's been one year since my grandfather had passed away, so don't expect me to join the fun that often...
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    Hope guys are enjoying Mania Plus. I've received my PS4 (physical) copy today, to go with my Switch copy:
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    Reach Up To The Clouds (98% complete) Rushing to get this done and up in the next four hours! Stay tuned, I'll probably only need two! I just learned a little more about smoothing, so that it doesn't sound like autotune. I also learned about wave repairing. Really comes in handy when the mic distorts. Makes it sound a little more normal. I'm afraid it's not going to be perfect though. It's nerve wrecking lol
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    Waiting for Mania Plus is like waiting to play Mania for the first time all over again.
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    Finished watching Incredibles 2. Worth the wait easily. Unpopular opinion but I honestly might’ve loved it more than the original, and the original is one of my all time favourites.
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    Mania Adventures finale!

    Mania Adventures finale!
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    I drew these yesterday for Kira Buckland's birthday. She voices these characters and I swapped their outfits
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    SO, if Ridley is "Captain America" to Japan, does that make Samus Iron Man and Shulk Dr. Strange?
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    after all this time, http://sonic.sega.jp/sonicadv/ it's still up
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    Best thing about Encore mode is that it'll finally give me a reason to play as characters other than Sonic.
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    I hadn’t drawn much anything of a KH enemy in a long while. This is an Unversed based off of Dorky Face from Final Fantasy VII. I was going to use pink for the bow tie, but I went with pale rose for more realism. I also added some spikes to its eyes to make it look more ladylike. Description: These Unversed love to bounce around playfully causing mischief whenever they can. They appear in large groups, and in three sizes: small, medium and large. Blizzard is their weakness, but it’s better and quicker to use area-based attacks like Thunder or Aero. Attacks -Funny Breath: Its mouth turns purple as it breathes. Anyone unfortunate enough to get caught up while be Confused for quite a bit. -Swipe: Pumpkin Head slashes at the enemy. -Cursed Slash: A powerful slash that paralyzes its target upon contact. -Hot Lips: Pumpkin Head spits out fire, with a small chance of Burning whoever it hits. -Ghastly Love: Pumpkin Head grapples whoever’s nearest to it and drains their HP slowly.
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    Finally got my results for Year 1 of Uni, passed everything!
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    I really do not like the new special stages in Encore. They feel a bit too busy and the graphical effects keep fucking with me and causing me to mess up my directions during it.
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    Beat Mania Mode with Mighty.
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    Turns out the teased Spyro news from IGN is a full playthrough of the Collossus level from Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage. http://www.ign.com/videos/2018/07/17/spyro-reignited-trilogy-gameplay-colossus-level-playthrough
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    So the lesson in Episode 5 of Sonic Mania Adventures is... ...Don't fuck with Knuckles...?
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    Oh and side note, Bao is one of the best Pixar shorts to date and is fucking beautiful.
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    With Mania Plus, you can finally play as Tails and Tails.
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    We finally know what the NX is guys
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    Enocre Mode finished with all emeralds
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    SMA did more with knuckles' character than official mainline (amd spinofff) sonic games have done in, like, years and years ...i know given the state of most sonic titles in the last decade and and a half that's not saying much but still And my boy metal looked badass with the gold emerald aura and eye color change
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    I've already said how much I love Ray's flight but I gotta dish some love for Mighty too. Because holy shit I love how using his Hammer Drop on sloped terrain gives him this amazing rebound movement that's really fun to use. It varies based on how steep the slope is, a shallow slope can give him a short hop but a deep slope can give him a crazy lengthy horizontal jump, it's like Sonic's take on Mario's long jump. It's especially useful in keeping your flow on less simple/straightforward level setpieces and (in certain cases) can be used split-second dodges of enemy attacks. Really impressed with Ray and Mighty. I never thought I'd genuinely ask for them to be brought back for a future classic Sonic game but yeah, bring 'em back please.
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    Oh my god best use of Knuckles ever
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    Last night was a "tropical night" according to the weather forecast, since the temperature stayed up over 20 Celsius degrees trough whole night. This is turning into something funny.
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    Started playing Encore Mode now and honestly I really love Ray. His gliding move is honestly delightful and way more dynamic in movement than Tails.
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    Alright, up to Studiopolis so far, thought I’d give some thoughts. In all honesty, it’s no wonder Plus wasn’t getting heavy promotion before its release. I’m honestly a bit disappointed. First off, I will say this, Mighty is an absolute joy to play. It’s fun being able to get through spikes and drop smash while keeping your momentum going. I haven’t tried much of Ray yet though. I like that they removed the life system instead having a party system that allows your characters to pop in and out. But with that said...the first zone for something that was so cool and so asked for when Mania released originally, like it might not even be present. You run a little, go over a ramp, and done. That’s it. This could’ve been such a fun stage and a good selling point for Encore with a brand new zone and it amounts to nothing but playable exposition for why Mighty and Ray are here now. The levels are the biggest disappointment of all, I wasn’t expecting much, but it feels like the levels are the exact same with maybe one or two more secret paths in them and a new palette and that’s about it. I also do not like that every special stage ring has been shifted entirely to a new location. It’s a mixed bag because on one hand, it could encourage new exploration of the levels. On the other hand, considering the ease of use brought with the life system, I honestly wish they would’ve just given us more chances for the Emeralds instead of simply shifting where the current locations of the rings were. I also don’t like how the partner system is pretty random on who you can have at whichever point. I honestly would’ve preferred simply being able to pick who I want at any given point to explore a path I haven’t taken before instead of hoping I have the right set up beforehand. Maybe things will pick up but right now, meh.
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    Mania Plus is finally on the UK PS Store, £3.99 for any UK fans wondering the price of the DLC.
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    Rusty Spy

    It's Time!

    It's Time!
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    -> Encore DLC is on Steam -> The latest Update isn't available so you can't use it
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    Y'all have fun with Mania Plus; I'm just over here counting down the days till SAGE 2018 gets here
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    You know, if Trump would've tried to squeeze Putin's hand too much, I think Trump would've gone flying to the wall. Putin is a judoka after all I think... . . . . . . . . . You know, Putin likes to keep others waiting, yesterday wasn't anything too strange; I know about that thing called academic quarter existing and all, but he seems to like it bigger. I wonder why President Niinistö isn't on the list while Halonen is, he's waited for example for ~2 hrs and ~1hr. FYI, Halonen hasn't been the sitting president for over 6 years now... Anyone interested, here's some articles in English about yesterday. Thought I'd post since why not, YLE was kind of important in this to a degree. https://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/ Okay, I think I'm done about this topic for now, sorries.
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    Y'know barring moral dilemmas I think how you present your opinion is always gonna be more important than what that opinion is.
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    Finally saw JW: Fallen Kingdom! Enjoyed it a lot, but I can see why some were disappointed.
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    You know, working at a retail job can really make you humble.
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    Reminder that there is only ONE DAY remaining to get your requests in for the Jammin' Hedgehog badge! The official close off date for requests will be 5am GMT on July 18th/12am EST on July 18th. That's roughly 30 hours left!
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    Good news for Sonic Boom fans, it's airing in the UK again. POP has got the rights, so there's now a chance that we might FINALLY get Season 2.
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    Shiny & Holographic

    Shiny & Holographic
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    Reach Up To The Clouds (90% complete) I got all my vocal retakes, I did the best I could with it, and now the editing can resume. I'm under a little bit of pressure . . . I would like to have this up and online before Mania Plus releases. That gives me under 30 hours to edit everything as perfect as I can get it. I may not make this deadline but I will be concentrating really hard for the next day or so to get this done. I have a bad feeling this one isn't gonna have as much "pizzazz" as the previous one. All I can do is hope
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    [72] Quicksand Descent https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/quicksand-descent OPD: March 2, 2010 || Length: 4:25 || Style: Drum ‘n Bass https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/315380 This one was actually another one created during my practice days in early 2006 before I was posting publicly, and eventually there will be more and more of these going online. The reason for finally publishing it was because I felt like I was going to be taking a lot more time between posting to write new stuff. This one was actually my rendition of what I think a desert level would be like. I went for that slight Arabica feel in the way the sequences are put out. I also mixed the drums a little bit up from the norm, giving it more of a rushing tone, the intent of making it unique. It’s probably the best I’ve done personally, as far as my originals go, even though this is clearly still earlier work as you’ll notice some of the volumes are uneven. It’s definitely one of my favorite practices
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    LEGO The Incredibles is the first time I've been having a ton of fun with a LEGO game in awhile. Not only is there a certain charm with it, but it's not afraid to add additional stuff to the movies to scratch the itch for a few more original things. For example, due to the drop-in/drop-out co-op, they actually had a cool idea by making it so Frozone joins Mr. Incredible on Nomanian Island, which actually makes a lot of sense since in the movie proper, not only did they locate him, but he was present when Mirage was scoping out where Mr. Incredible himself was. The entire island encounter goes completely differently and actually really nicely since they have Frozone and Mr. Incredible both interacting and working together during it.
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    New trailer is out for Illumination's Grinch movie.
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    Sometimes I think back at the tactless and silly things I would say on here (and still do) and the resulting skids. I don't know if I would feel true regret for these actions as they are most likely results of my adolescence and struggling maturity, and are a part of the learning curve, but I know which paths and buttons should not be pushed with others better then before. I think everyone has that one place really tied to their angsty shithead phase and this is mine.
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