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    Claiming Mighty and Ray are just reskins of Sonic and co gameplay wise only stands to prove the fact you haven't actually played it. I mean, of course, it's not out yet - but I have, and I can say you're pretty off the mark as such. The tag team concept in Encore Mode also stands as an interesting way to push the formula - in fact I found it akin to a more open take on something like Advance 3's team mechanics, and within much better level design to boot. That and whilst there's more variety amongst the Modern cast, quantity doesn't equal quality. I also find pointing out their designs weird. I mean, yeah. The Sonic characters... look like Sonic characters. Consistency, innit. I'm all for new stuff, but moreso I'm for good stuff, which is something Mania has well over any of the Advance games. I do think there could be more Modern 2D games, but I'd rather it be something unique than a la Advance when Classic can do that better anyway. Gimme a Tails Adventure sequel that takes advantage of the extended Modern cast by having them pop up and support Tails in his quest with items, or something. I dunno, just spitballing.
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    Because I prefer the classic aesthetics, and if it's pushed in a more Modern or Advance-y direction it probably won't have quite the same gameplay.
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    The opening post doesn't specify whether the proposed new 2D line should be Classic or Modern, just that it should be 2D, to which I say: Absolutely. Sonic has great 2D roots and those are still its strongest days, so Sega should be attempting to capitalise on this gameplay the best they can. Attempting to integrate it into the 3D series has been overall patchy at best, so a 2D line and a 3D line make the most sense. As to whether it should be Classic or Modern, to be honest, I think taking the Classic aesthetics but ditching the nonsense of multi-world multi-universe in favour of a mixed setting which can use whatever selection of characters is available would be best. Well, I'd apply that same consideration to the 3D line, honestly. Reboot the aesthetics and narrative style to be more cartoony, redesign all the characters to suit (some more, some less), and proceed with the best of both worlds. Obviously, though, that would take a lot of talent to pull off and it's not clear that that talent exists, much less the insight to see that unification is a better idea than endless division, so just moving on with a Mania follow-up would be best for now.
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    I'd worry that having a Classic 2D line, a Modern 3D (but actually mostly 2D) line, and a Modern 2D line (plus occasional spinoffs) might be oversaturating things. Platformers aren't as popular as they used to be and Sonic isn't as popular as he used to be; would enough people really be buying all of this to make it worthwhile? And I'd definitely prioritize more games like Mania and attempts to make 3D Sonic work over Modern dimension 2D games just to try to get more of those characters playable or whatever. You'd also have to find developers that could make a decent 2D Sonic game. Sonic Team sucks, Dimps' quality took a nosedive, and the handheld Boom games weren't exactly well received, and I'm not sure who they'd reach out to next.
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    http://www.tssznews.com/2018/07/13/fan-fridays-project-hero-interview/ The guy did an amazing 3D Sonic engine which combines classic-inspired momentum physics, Adventure era freedom of movements, sheer sense of SPEED and various moves like boost, spin dash, drop dash... It's a joy to see for a Sonic fan from any faction be it Classic, Adventure or Modern factions. After hearing that Sonic Mania was made by fans, it inspired him to try and make his own engine for 3D Sonic. And a video for those didn't see it yet:
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    Back in the good days we had Advance, we had Rush, we had Rivals, but the fans only knew to shift the spotlight to Sonic 06 and complain about it even to this day.
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    No programmer worth their salt is going to reply to this. You've not said what specifically you need them to do, you've shown no details from your game and everything has just been so vague. You're not the first person to ask for help like this but you won't get many replies unless you actually give people a reason to be excited and want to help on the project.
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    Made using Photoshop CC & Illustrator.
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    Decided I'm just gonna post them here every 10 drawings, so here are drawings 2 to 11! Nozomi Toujou, Love Live! Merlina, Sonic and the Black Knight Kira, Infinite Space Flora, Fire Emblem: Fates Natalie, Ape Escape Adell, Disgaea 2 Kaoru Tanamachi, Amagami SS Zizou Olympia, Legend of the Dark Witch (which I think is the best so far) Kaname Buccaneer, Macross Delta Ninomiya Rui, Gatchaman Crowds That's all of em so far!
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    No idea why, but the Pokemon drawing just ended up looking better than my other recent ones lel
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