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    Shouldn't you get consent before giving someone a fist bump react? What if they don't wanna fist bump you back, you just gonna force it on them like that?
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    Wait... Ice Mountain? From Advance 1? An obscure choice? YEEEEES.
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    That's why you have a button to cancel out of it, into a spin no less, which at least protects you from enemies. My first time through the game as Ray, I didn't find it any more trial and error than playing the stages for the first time as any character was when I literally didn't know what was beyond my current viewpoint at any given time. Ray is completely given the tools to react to oncoming threats, you don't have to use him at full speed. I actually take way more damage when blindly gliding as Knuckles, since cancelling out of that leaves you totally vulnerable. Anyway, technically speaking, if all content in a game has to be factored in to rating the experience, whether it's optional or not, Encore mode can't really wreck the game anymore than having an obnoxious amount of Blue Spheres stages to complete, shoehorned into the main game despite having no bearing on the gameplay outside of the bonus stages whatsoever.
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    Concerning Disney villains, Bambi is one of the oddest. It got away with not developing or even showing it's villain and it being one of the most effective and chilling presences in a Disney film to date. It also had a jerk deer you wanted Bambi to punch in both films just in case though.
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    Then it sounds like you need more practice. I'm certainly not going to call the new fight great, but I haven't had even a fraction as much trouble with it as you're claiming to have. Yeah that's what Ray looks like. That's what he's always looked like. This isn't Mania Plus's fault, it's his original designer's fault. Come on, dude, he's as expressive as any other character in Mania. He's got idle animations, ledge animations, a victory animation, a Chemical Plant water drop animation, he's even got his own unique monkey bars animation. What exactly do you think is missing? So somehow, despite both being edits of Sonic, it's a huge problem for Ray but fine for Mighty? See here's the thing: the cape in Mario World was, in fact...bad. It's bad for exactly the reason you're praising it, even. Being able to trivially fly over entire levels is not good game design, and it's not fun past the first thirty seconds or so. With Ray, on the other hand, they didn't put in a restriction of needing to build up speed and made his swooping more responsive in comparison so that it could be used in tighter situations and be, y'know, an actually balanced game mechanic. What definition of "dynamic" are you even using? They move in the same ways and at the same slow, unresponsive speeds regardless of what the level is like. How is puttering around at a snail's pace with Tails' flight more dynamic than diving and swooping with Ray?
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    The pinball stages are cool in concept but the physics (of all things!) are way off so it doesn't feel right at all. It's a shame because I like the table design and how you get power ups / Rings from it, but they just aren't fun to play.
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    I don't understand this. Are we going to start complaining when great games get improved upon now? Is that where this fanbase is now? Sure, Encore Mode is just playing the game again but with Angel Island and a brand new Act 1 for a level with an added boss previously Knuckles Exclusive but considering that it's only 5 US Dollars if you buy it digitally then it's more than easily worth the price because you got two new playable characters with surprising new abilities that were unprecedented for a Sonic title and a new story. You're complaining about the Kirby Superstar Saga of the Sonic Series. You've got the Base Game, Blue Spheres, Mean Bean Machine, Encore Mode. This is the most packed a Sonic game has ever been since the Sonic Adventure days in terms of content. I get that maybe they could have done more, but at that point you'd be making Sonic Mania 2. I find this to be extremely insulting as someone who respects game development as an extremely long and complicated process that's a lot harder than Gamers themselves realize it is. It's not just simply slapping some assets and doing ability tree placements in a grid, you have to know code and debug and recode to fix a minor thing. And if you bought this physically they gave you a super special box and an art book which is especially fun for someone who loves a good concept art book. I love seeing what all went through the dev team's minds when they make a game like this. This is a passion product for the people who love this series. How the hell do you not respect that and insist that they somehow did something wrong by daring to actually give us more of what we wanted? This is nitpicking at the highest level. Yes. The game is now raw as you might put it. But that honestly means it has more personality and charm than before when it was already oozing that to begin with. Also wow. Someone else complaining about the pinball tables. I haven't heard this before from all of the major YouTubers at large these days already. Let people have their fun.
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    (tweet) just give me kiryu

    (tweet) just give me kiryu
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    That's not really a Sonic Mania Plus Exclusive, it's a Update Exclusive. People who don't have Plus still fight this boss. You say Ray's abilities are copied from Mario and are uninspired, but then go into detail about how different they are from each other. How so? You would take Charmy over Ray? What would be the difference?
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    Alex Jones lost his youtube account and other media platforms. But don't applaud them. They've each given him a platform to spew his madness to people. They didn't act until Apple did something, if anything it was to make themselves look less weak.
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    But he was still played up as a complete joke. Of course he does villainous things, but his personality and mannerisms is that of a bumbling idiot. He is always arguing with Orbot and Cubot, he is always making quips and jokes. You can never take Eggman seriously anymore at all. What I want is somebody who plays up their over-the-top nature and quirkiness because it plays well with the public. I want Robotnik to be someone who is wearing a facade in the public eye. And when the curtain is finally pulled back, we see how unhinged and gleefully insane this man truly is. And while he's funny at first, it starts to become less and less funny once you see how rotten he is. Imagine a scene like this but with Sonic instead of Superman and Robotnik instead of Lex I want a Robotnik who isn't afraid to hold a gun to a civilian's head to get to Sonic ala Amy in SA2. No more slapstick joke of a villain who isn't menacing at all
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    80s synth made so much of my childhood:
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    Probably most likely the truck will be used for the highway chase that they will be filming next month. https://www.vancouverislandfreedaily.com/entertainment/scenes-for-sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-set-to-be-filmed-on-highway-19-next-fall/ I took an screenshot of the description of the scene. Here what it’s says.: So, maybe Sonic and Tom will stop the driver of the truck from going on an rampage, crushing cars and stuff on the highway. I can see the scene to be very destructive.
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    I don't/never cared for the bumbling idiot Eggman became post-Unleashed. I want an Eggman that can be over-the-top and funny but at the same time a genius, a serious threat and highly manipulative like Lex Luthor from BvS (terrible version of Lex but an apt comparison for the Eggman I want). The 2010- Pontaff Eggman and the Boom Eggman is something I don't want to see in an action blockbuster film. Same goes for that version of Sonic
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    Did quite a lot today! Including shopping! Check that haul! All of these were on sale so I saved a lot of pretty pennies.
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    I'd take this as an official gamemode tbh
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    I'm expecting the tone of the movie to be like this Or this
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    Encore mode is just an extra side mode that shouldn't take away from Mania mode. It's like saying adding the Mission mode for SADX made the game worse even thought that mode is optional. I'm not an artist or anything, but I think Mighty's sprite looks fine. Though I do agree that Ray's head is a bit too big, and his height is inconsistent with Sonic Mania Adventures and the Archie Comics (yeah I know they're 2 completely different things, but still). Their abilities are great though, Mighty's one-time immunity to spikes and hammer drop are very fun to (ab)use, to me personally. Ray's ability is catered more towards experts, it's not as easy to use as Tails' flight or Knuckles' glide, but it doesn't really have to be. I do agree with you that the Metal Sonic Kai boss is broken and needs fixing.
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    Hey guys! The marathon is officially over! My YouTube and SoundCloud are completely caught up! I wanted to focus more on my YouTube with this one! It's got my complete works, and I've also made a playlist including some of my more recent wrestling matches. It's like, my YouTube can have BOTH of my dreams together! My SoundCloud page will be more of a "Best Of and Most Recent" page. I'm only allowed three hours of material, and have over seven total. (BTW My latest piece "Imagine That" brought me up to seven complete albums worth!) But of course, my Newgrounds page will always be my mainstay! It'll always be where I post my new music first! You'll also find some other gems of my past here Thank you guys for sticking by this whole time. It's been quite a ride so far, and it only continues to get wilder (I hope). Of course I could use some help and subscribers (I usually subscribe back)
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    I really need to practice more and more to put others' before myself.
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    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    I think the whole "Sonic gives the finger" thing was spurred about by the power of suggestion and early 2000's internet being largely unchecked. A lot of images which surfaced around the time the film was released in North America are of extremely low resolution, so it wouldn't be hard for someone to squint their eyes and think it looks like a middle finger. And since a popular narrative is that America has much more strict standards on children's television than Japan (something that isn't entirely wrong, but often undermines that there are also things that are offensive in Japan but inoffensive in America), it's easy to see how the rumor would quickly spread that the American version had to be censored. In a similar scenario, something that is also cited by numerous wikis and fan sites is the Japanese version having heavy swear words that had to be censored in the dub, which is a misnomer for a number of reasons, all of which assume that the Japanese language works in an identical manner to English. The more accurate statement would be "the dub chose not to use swear words in the translation, where a fan sub would probably relish in sprinkling profanity everywhere" or "The English dub doesn't properly translate the nuances that make certain lines of dialogue seem more rude or impactful in Japanese." Phrasing it like "there were numerous profanities that had to be cut" wrongfully paints the picture of the original cut of the film being extremely risque and more mature than it really is, which may have been the intent behind such rumors but I digress. Like Sean, I have yet to see a direct comparison of the "censored" or "uncensored" versions, so I am also not convinced that the supposed cuts were made. Just seems like a misreporting that went viral in an age before YouTube and people just haven't bothered to check if it's true or not. Similar to how we still sometimes get reports that say Sonic and Tails were going to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee but were cut out at the last minute. (Even though the fact that they were considered for Melee is true, but there's nothing present in the game's data that suggests they were developed anywhere past the planning stages)
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    And just to note, CNK, the game that has its own team mechanic, used the same plot. Heck, that Donpa fellow on the cover might as well be our Velo for this go around if it lines up. Would explain why the cars have been provided by Donpa Motors too.
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    Couldn’t stop drawing some more movie fan art, so this come to my mind.:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I like the action driven issues myself. It puts the art as the focus and this book has some amazing talent on it so each issue has been a treat. I don't think I've ever said it but issue 7 was a blast because of the fight being the focus. Been craving this kind of action from the series and ABT knocked it out the park. The fight is so visceral and satisfying. I wouldn't be opposed to more layered plots but only if issues like this keep happening.
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    It's not enough to stick Green Hills in every Sonic title... Now they even stick it in the movie 😂😂😂
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    Interesting to point out that Ice Mountain is just the name of the single track (like Wisp Circuit) not the full zone, which has multiple tracks. Also Aaron said to expect news this week, so there is that...
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    Reserved for when Cooler gets an English reveal trailer.
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    I don't think the Chaotix will be split up, they are a perfect fit for this game, the most consistent team of the series and even Espio and Charmy have had more prominence lately, over the likes of Blaze and Cream. Furthermore, a Silver/Blaze/Vector match-up would make zero sense unless the devs want to rip off Crash Nitro Kart some more and make them the brainwashed team of antagonists. With recent information, I've actually become more doubtful on the Eggman team, for reasons such as: - The story basically being Sonic & Co being kidnapped and forced to race to escape, by some mysterious force that is obviously connected to final boss Eggman. - Egg Pawns being disregarded since the game's reveal, obviously serving as filler in story mode races. - With Metal Sonic and Egg Pawn as partners, Eggman would essentially be talking to himself during races, unless they bring in Orbot and Cubot. At this point I think it's 50-50 on Eggman or something Silver making up the final team. Hopefully we'll get our next reveal by Gamescom.
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    Its Serpentera vs The Thing, for the fate of the planet. But for real that was a great intro and battle setting. Do more shit like that Pokemon Company.
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    " is now following you" I feel stalked.
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    Strong Guy

    I draw sometimes =)

    Bruisers 👊💥 Drew these guys with a mouse bcuz that's what my body wanted
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    Sonic fan on a Sonic fan-site, betcha didn't see that coming eh? Well anyway, I usually prefer the classic-styled games with Mania being my favourite one (haven't played Plus yet).
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    My one wish for Smash? Doom Slayer make it happen reggy
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    Here you go, @Red! Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening.
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    Yeah, I have to agree that the way the
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    Damn, I wasn't expecting a dedicated direct this soon! I'm willing to bet that it will be mostly focused on modes (fingers crossed for a new Adventure Mode) plus a character reveal at the end.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree that I enjoy having different types of characters to speciate the cast, with civilians and neutrals making the world feel more, for lack of a better word, real. Unfortunately, there is sometimes a stigma about Non-Badass characters, especially in regards to an action-heavy series. And Lanolin and the Gatekeeper, technically. But yeah, the Mayor has been the most plot involved of the three and yet he & his town(much like another) aren't even named. They need to start solving that problem along with the others soon. Meh. One of the very few pieces of non-action driven in that issue and all it really makes me do is want to question the current status of associated background more, plus the merits of the archetype.
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    Arc name for each game

    Sonic 1 - 3&K - The Good Times Sonic Adventure 1 - The Less Good Times Sonic Adventure 2 - The Pretty Dire Times Sonic Heroes - Sonic 06 - The Oh So Bloody Dire Times Sonic Unleashed - The Pretty Graphics Shouldn't Take Priority Times Sonic Colours - The 2D Times Sonic Generations - The Pretty Dang Nice Times Sonic Lost World - Sonic Forces - The Pretty Dire Times - Revengeance Sonic Mania - The Good Times 2 - The Squeakquel There. Sorted.
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    Sonic 4 SEGA AGES Edition

    The Sega Forever version of Sonic Mania in 5-10 years is going to be fantastic
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    Thank you! I'm pleased you like the design! ^w^ To this day, "Friendly Fins." remains one of my favourite drawings. I wasn't used to drawing animal-like things at the time (And I'm still getting better at that.), so this one turned out better than I anticipated. I really like how the face turned out, the overall expression ended up coming out rather nicely. I contemplated adding a nose at the time, but decided against it, and I think the design is better without it. I think the lack of a nose compliments the 'cuteness' of the face. 🙂 Art #44 -- Slim-legged Springy-spines Cyclopes. Bramblewood A5 Notebook - Page 25 The main influence behind this drawing comes from the sentient treasure chests in the Tricky Treasure levels of Rayman Origins, which is what the slim legs, and in particular the Cyclops elements, are inspired by. Additionally, there are quite a lot of other sources of inspiration behind this piece... ... The spines are inspired by the spines from Sonic The Hedgehog. The dangling rings are inspired by ear rings, as well as rings from Sonic The Hedgehog video games. The springy coils on the spines are inspired by the coils of springs from Sonic The Hedgehog video games. The hair above the eye is inspired by the hair of the Bart Simpson character. The roughly triangular section of the body is inspired by the volcanoes in the backgrounds of the Lava Mountain levels in Sonic Runners. The semicircle design of the eye is inspired by eyes of Metal Sonic.
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    Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think one of the biggest weaknesses of the new series has been the constant barrage of 1 parters - from an art perspective anyway. I think the insistence of switching artists on each issue really shows the disparity of quality in the different members of the art team in a way that the traditional Archie 4-parters kind of covered up. Artists were allowed to hit their stride over the course of a couple of issues working with the same handful of characters, and we weren't constantly barraged with differing art styles. I'd like to see a return of manned arcs if only to let the artist focus on a core set of characters for a handful of issues to bring the quality up across the board. Its been a jarring ride so far - and thats not something I'm used to seeing out of some of the same artist that did fine work over at Archie. Other than that complaint, the new series looks off to a good start. I'd fully support a second book.
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    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    And that's fair, too. It just changes the argument from "in what version does he make what gesture" to "what gesture is he making in general." I think I remember there was an edit going around that showed what a more convincing middle finger would look like in that scene. Need to find that for comparison.
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    I mean... I do think the intention was that it's Sonic's middle finger. However Sonic is drawn at a distance, and characters in anime who are far away are drawn with noticeably less detail, so it ends up looking like his index upon close inspection. I'm not challenging how people interpret his gesture; regardless of which finger it's supposed to be, the scene in question was never altered at any point in history.
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    Now you got me looking around for that finger scene and I think you're 100% right. I've got the 1999 VHS release and while it's obviously his index finger I can't seem to find a cut where he actually holds up the middle one, and I've never seen a cut without the breast feeding or snowball scenes.
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    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    Unless someone can prove to me otherwise, I’m absolutely unconvinced that the OVA was ever edited in any capacity. There is no evidence or screencaps of this being the case on the internet. I rented the original VHS copy numerous times, own the original DVD print, and have even seen footage of the Japanese VHS versions (where they have Japanese credits and are split into two episodes). All of them are identical to each other in terms of the scenes commonly cited as being censored (Sonic’s finger, the breastfeeding, Tails groping Sera, etc.). I’m aware that literally every wiki mentions the censorship and that some people even report possibly seeing instances of censorship, but until I get some hard evidence of this - and believe me, I’ve searched high and low for it - I generally dismiss it as an urban legend that nobody has bothered to prove or disprove.
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    Butch Hartman controversy

    Also, he glorified the 70's and overlooked issues, shows little understanding about suicide and mental health, made a 'joke' about a friend of tara strong who committed suicide and his youtube likes consists of things like SJW owned, BLM is nonsense, etc....yeah. Not to mention liking tweets of breitbart....
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    ARTWORK: Knucklesgirl's artwork :)

    Funny , back when I posted these original artworks , I ought I got a lot of negative feed back. But it really wasn't too bad . I was so insecure back then though and expected myself to fail everyone's expectations. I am sorry and I really appreciate the feedback!! You guys are awesome! Here is some of my past artwork , . Shadow wanted revenge for Christmas drawn 2006 The next one is my fan character, I will tell you more about her in a few minutes. Jade Joy Emerald , Knuckles and rouge oldest daughter perfect future. Perfect future being Knuckles and Rouge get married And are a happyish couple profile : Jade Joy Emerald Age: 16 Height : 3’8” Weight : Shut up, no one asks that! Likes: Boys, fashion, style, independance, her friends, and gems Hates: goody two shoes (like fists) , Knuckles, rules, being restricted, living in the countryside. Jade Emerald is a wild girl who likes parties, excitement and going on dates. Her dad, Knuckles, However, is not so thrilled with that. Jade is the epitome of rebellion and often tries to get around Knuckles’ strict rules by lying. Rouge often helps her with her desires, but not to do crime ( Rouge turned from her thieving ways a long time ago) . Jade has a bad group of girls she hangs out with. The more Knuckles tells her no, the worse she gets. She is spoiled, and condescending. She will manipulate people and use them for her own profit. She was not always that bad though, She swiftly became that way after she started playing with the girls she hangs with at school as a child. She likes staying up all night. Knuckles wants her in bed by 10. She wants to go to parties, Knuckles thinks it is a bad idea. She wants a boyfriend , Knuckles doesn’t trust anyone with his daughter…. It isn't because he doesn’t want her to be happy, it is because he wants to protect her and keep her from harm. He still sees her as a 10 year old and doesn't want her to get hurt. He wouldn’t forgive himself if she did. Jade does not take kindly to that though. She is a outgoing city girl trapped on a floating island and she can’t stand it. So she rebels frequently . Fists often tries to talk her out of her crazy party hearty lifestyle but Jade doesn't want to hear it. Because of that , and Jade's amazing good looks, Fists and Jade have a bit of a sibling rivalry. Jade often likes to fly away a night to meet people when Knuckles is sleeping. Rouge isn’t very fond of her sneakiness either because it is not a good idea to leave without someone knowing. Appearance: She is mostly a bat. She keeps her long white hair in dreadlocks and dyes the hair at the end a minty green color. She has a few piercings on her ears that she wears gold rings in. She wears black lipstick, and the same minty green eyeshadow. Her shirt and pants are also minty green. Her shirt is a tube top that shows off her midsection and her pants are hip high bellbottom pants . She wears black boots that are covered by her pants, and black leather gloves that go up to the mid part of her upper arm. She has black wings as well. She is very curvy similar to her mom . Friends: the girls at school . Enemies: everyone else. ( the whole world) now we we have Summer "Fists" Shaydie Emerald and she had a recent redesign : and here is her Profile! Summer “Fists” Shaydie Emerald Age : 13 Height :2’10” Weight: No way! Likes: Sunny days, Love, Peace , Tranquility, Her family, giving second chances, martial arts, figure skating, Sonus the Hedgehog, Kiwi, starfruit, enjoys fine arts and reading. Dislikes : arguments, hatred, injustice, hurting innocents, having a scale , her “ugly” appearance. Weaknesses: shy, quiet, insecure, somewhat gullible. Fists Emerald (her real name is summer but she got an adopted nickname as a baby.) is a daddy’s little girl and enjoys simple everyday things. She is sweet natured and kind , but can have a short temper. She is willing to state the truth when it is needed , regardless of whether it hurts, however, she is usually pretty good at saying it in a non attacking way. She is diligent and hardworking. She takes pleasure in getting things done. She is neat and organized. She is studious at school but is an average student with grades of C’s and sometimes B’s on a good day. She gets very nervous when taking tests. She is a little Socially awkward. She tends to slip up her phrases when talking and she can be a bit clumsy.. She is always trying to go on diets to keep herself slim, while on the same token bemoaning the fact that she isn't as physically lovely as her sister, Jade. She works out for long periods of her free time and is well versed in the martial arts. She is strong and has a well rounded fighting style where she has equal strength and ability in both her arms and legs. Despite being a versed martial artist, and the best fighter of the Emerald children, she is a peacemaker and prefers to save fighting for a last resort, but will use it if needed. She talks gently and softly , but can, however, be stern and harsh in tone if needed. She never really tries to show off. She is pretty humble and likes to put others first. She takes great pride in being a good girl and wants to keep it that way. She is innocent and can be mislead by people who wish to try and manipulate her by playing endless mind games. She is very shy around boys , but especially around Sonus. Sonus the Hedgehog and her have been friends forever. He sometimes even stays with the Emeralds when Sonic and Amy aren’t home. Lately, though, she has started to feel less comfortable around him and tends to hide and look at him from a distance. (she has a hot crush on him… ) Appearance: she has a head like Knuckles ( she is mostly echidna ) , orange fur and dreadlocks, she is very slim and only has the slightest curves on her body (if she dressed like a boy you probably would have thought she was.) , she has eyes like Knuckles, but they are green, and she has a little bit of an overlapping eyelid ( not as dramatic as Rouge though) . she wears brown hiking boots, black bicycle pants, a medium length just above the knee camo skirt, a while eyelet fabric tank top shirt that ties at the waist, and some white hair decorations (similar to tikal.) her arms are bare with no fur. She also has freckles on her face. Friends: Her family, Sonus, Stella, Miley , Sonika. I will post more another day! i also hope to add better pics too
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