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    Not even remotely true. The new Metal Sonic fight is a little awkward, but no more than the original was, with its entirely unnecessary second running section, the ease of getting bounced into the spike wall if you end up behind him in the last phase, and the lack of any windup on his attacks leading to cheap hits. And I'm pretty sure the new fight was part of the free update, not Plus, anyway. Mighty and Ray's sprites are fine. Yes, they look like edits of Sonic...because they basically always have been. Their depiction in Mania is true to their depiction in SegaSonic. Not every sprite may be unique or entirely gorgeous, but overall they're just as well made and expressive as the sprites of the main trio. And Ray's gliding is actually incredibly good; you don't need to have memorized the stages to make use of it any more than you need to have memorized the stages to go fast as any character. It's riskier to use than the absolutely braindead easy abilities Tails and Knuckles have, but that comes with being faster and more dynamic, and thus way more fun. The encore mode palettes aren't all winners, but I wouldn't consider any of them bothersomely bad, and they're certainly not "desaturated". The fundamental level design isn't significantly changed (Mirage Saloon 1 aside), but there's enough done with object and enemy placement that it still has a different feel from replaying the main game. The special stages are a step up in difficulty, but it's a reasonable step up, requiring the same sort of practice that the stages in the base game took. And while I'm not a huge fan of the pinball bonus stage, it is absolutely an improvement over only having blue sphere stages that you've already beaten and thus offer no reward. Plus's additions aren't revolutionary, it's not going to be considered one of the greatest DLCs of all time, and there are definitely a few rough patches and missed opportunities. But there's nothing in it that I'd consider outright bad, and plenty that I consider to be enjoyable additions to an already great game. There's no way I can take seriously the idea that Plus has made the game worse.
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    Wait... Ice Mountain? From Advance 1? An obscure choice? YEEEEES.
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    http://www.segadriven.com/2018/08/sega-reveals-gamescom-lineup/ The ice track (Ice Mountain) and two new teams will be playable at Gamescom.
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    The controversy in and of itself and the way he talks about the people who have concerns is troubling enough. However, I had a bone to pick with this guy before the whole Oaxis thing started simply because of how bad his Youtube channel is. I know it's a petty thing in comparison but it really does outline some of the biggest issues with the guy. All of it is heavy clickbait. You can see it the thumbnails he's using. "Butch Hartman working at Disney", "Butch Hartman working at Cartoon Network", "Butch Hartman working at Marvel", and the other videos of that ilk were posted at around the time I recall him explaining why he left Nick. Anyone seeing the thumbnail would likely assume he's working at one of those new places and click on it, anticipating the next Fairly Odd Danny Phantom to be on CN or Disney. "The REAL reason WHY Chester and AJ Left Fairly Odd Parents" is a recent video he made that he stretched out to 8 minutes that was basically just him saying "They never left. We ran out of ideas for them." Which... duh. "How Poof Saved Fairly OddParents from Cancellation" is him telling the same story he's told a thousand times about how they were going to be cancelled but then the network called and said "put this new character in the show or we out" and he did. "Addressing the Danny Phantom CONTROVERSY", a video with CONTROVERSY in ALL CAPS and a thumbnail with Butch looking seriously at the viewer is an 8 minute and 40 second long video of him telling us that in the theme song the guy rapping says "Young Danny Phantom" and not "Yo, Danny Phantom". There are some videos of him reacting to stuff that he didn't work on but it's pretty tame and safe as you'd expect. Desperately trying to be funny. Playing with a Batman mask and what not. A guy who relies so much on clickbait to gain views doing something like this shouldn't have surprised me. It shouldn't have been expected, necessarily, but it shouldn't have been that surprising either.
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    That's very true, but... there is taking things a bit too far and honestly your OP reads like you're just looking for problems rather than actually voicing legitimate issues, you've got maybe one or two which I kinda agree with, but this line... They flab up Mania, decrease it's value and make the product worse overall. Come on.... seriously? The vanilla game is still there aside from the new level transitions and the upgrade boss which whilst having flaws, is a damn sight better than the endless run which used to be there.
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    Concerning Disney villains, Bambi is one of the oddest. It got away with not developing or even showing it's villain and it being one of the most effective and chilling presences in a Disney film to date. It also had a jerk deer you wanted Bambi to punch in both films just in case though.
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    I made a gif just so people can draw their own conclusions. To me it seems likely that they might have sprited Ray's idle using Sonic's sprite as a template in the background, but only because his original design was also similar to Sonic. It's definitely not like they started with Sonic and edited it into Ray.
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    I wonder if Ice mountain is actually Ice mountain zone (From Sonic advance 1) or just Generic the Name that happens to coincide with an older level, like Metropolis and mystical jungle in Sonic forces. If it is, then wow, after 7 years of references to older games we finally get our first Sonic advance homage, other then music.
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    Overall I enjoyed Plus about the same as the original release. Mania's still my favourite 2D Sonic so far, flaws and all. They didn't really change much of what was already there and just added some stuff on top, and for the most part I like that new stuff. That said I'd be REALLY interested in seeing level design that's 100% built around Mighty and Ray's abilities, because even Encore doesn't do much in that regard. It's odd (albeit understandable to an extent, I wasn't expecting every level to be built from the ground up or anything, but...), and probably the thing that stands out the most, Amy still being MIA aside.
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    Well, like I said when it was revealed, I think the Omochao and the other chao in a car together idea is a really great one. The only issue really is just how small the roster is. It'd be a much cooler thing if this worry about the collective main and secondary cast getting in wasn't hanging over us. I'm still technically waiting for the new Team Chaotix to be revealed as Vector, Silver, and Blaze or something like that, personally.
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    That's not really a Sonic Mania Plus Exclusive, it's a Update Exclusive. People who don't have Plus still fight this boss. You say Ray's abilities are copied from Mario and are uninspired, but then go into detail about how different they are from each other. How so? You would take Charmy over Ray? What would be the difference?
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    Is this even the right place for this right now?
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    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    The writers write. They don't design. Capiche? Also when are people going to see all these differences and realise this isn't supposed to be a straight adaptation of Classic Mega Man? "It's not got enough differences, so anyway let's complain about all the differences." I think we've hit this imaginary threshold of differences to take it as something separate a la Battle Network by now. Arguably even moreso.
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    But he was still played up as a complete joke. Of course he does villainous things, but his personality and mannerisms is that of a bumbling idiot. He is always arguing with Orbot and Cubot, he is always making quips and jokes. You can never take Eggman seriously anymore at all. What I want is somebody who plays up their over-the-top nature and quirkiness because it plays well with the public. I want Robotnik to be someone who is wearing a facade in the public eye. And when the curtain is finally pulled back, we see how unhinged and gleefully insane this man truly is. And while he's funny at first, it starts to become less and less funny once you see how rotten he is. Imagine a scene like this but with Sonic instead of Superman and Robotnik instead of Lex I want a Robotnik who isn't afraid to hold a gun to a civilian's head to get to Sonic ala Amy in SA2. No more slapstick joke of a villain who isn't menacing at all
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    According to TSSZ, two new "teams" are going to be announced at Gamescom. And apparently the name of the new ice track is called "Ice Mountain".
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    Man is the camera man unlucky in DBFZ. First Gotenks is annoyed and fixes the camera by himself and now he gets grabbed by Cooler and almost punched.
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    Probably most likely the truck will be used for the highway chase that they will be filming next month. https://www.vancouverislandfreedaily.com/entertainment/scenes-for-sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-set-to-be-filmed-on-highway-19-next-fall/ I took an screenshot of the description of the scene. Here what it’s says.: So, maybe Sonic and Tom will stop the driver of the truck from going on an rampage, crushing cars and stuff on the highway. I can see the scene to be very destructive.
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    NEW TRAILER ALREADY! Kamoshida confirmed! Shinji is here, so this definitely is taking place during or before the storm probably again for them HYPE
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    Not to be Mister Smartypants or the Necro-meister, but I was watching the movie today and I searched to see if anyone had posted about Sonic Championship. I then just so happened to come across this thread so I decided to weigh in when I read this minor inaccuracy. DaddlerTheDalek's previously posted partial frame capture above occurs during the time lapse scene in the movie's intro which fast forwards through the thirty years of the Litwak's Arcade. There, we learn that, in actuality, this is not from present day Litwak's Arcade. Technically speaking, Litwak's Arcade had Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters, right before it was replaced with the arcade's current fixture Sugar Rush. This is visible at time marker 00:02:24 as depicted in this more complete frame capture: https://ibb.co/n3mSWK So Sonic the Fighters/Sonic Championship directly proceeded Sugar Rush. Not but a couple seconds later at time marker 00:02:26, we can observe that Sugar Rush replaces Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters: https://ibb.co/cNXedz Now, given the physical placement of Sugar Rush, this naturally raises the question of Sugar Rush possibly standing in front of Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters, obscuring it from the camera. Fortunately, there is footage later in the film to answer this question in an alternate camera angle at time marker 01:11:24. When Ralph looks through Fix It Felix Jr.'s screen to Sugar Rush across the arcade, we see Sugar Rush directly next to Tapper with no Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters in-between: https://ibb.co/i4QXyz
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    Fingers crossed for the return Fountain of Dreams
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    Did quite a lot today! Including shopping! Check that haul! All of these were on sale so I saved a lot of pretty pennies.
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    I'd take this as an official gamemode tbh
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    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    Perhaps it's a little late to point this out but I have observed a growing trend of mundane animations being tied to a video game franchise infecting the original source material. The earliest I can recall is Sonic X and the annoying voice actors fiasco. That can be considered good or bad, depending on who you ask. While I liked the Sonic Boom TV show, I found the games tied to it pretty dull. ...Also... *shudders* But...yeah, while the odds that it wont effect the games are probably high. It's in no way a guarantee. That's pretty much all what I wanted to say. ...And even though I am only casually aware of Megaman and his adventures, even I find the designs of the characters in this show...crappy. Plus...well...rock without roll is absurd!?
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    Wasn't the optional shooting mode for Portal Team Fortress 2? ....Look... I understand what you're trying to say, but your argument doesn't make sense in this scenario, it only makes sense in two scenarios which in this case, neither of which are true. Let's just put aside the hyperbole statement about adding android shooting to portal, because we all know the developers behind that are smart enough not to make a change like that which would radically impact the key primary design of the game, so can we agree to not bring in these kind of hyperbole examples otherwise this is going to become a debate about designing against your primary design. Mania in it's vanilla form is still there... Encore Mode is a separate DLC extension which lives in it's own partition of Mania, Encore mode doesn't overwrite the main game, if you're buying the DLC, you're going to judge the DLC, not the base game. Your scenario is only valid if it's in this case. Scenario 1: It was there from the start Binary Domain and Spec Ops: The Line are two very good games.... However.. both of them include bad multiplayer modes which the developers have both admitted were 'tacked on' due to external demands put on them. In the case of Spec Ops, they went as far to admit that it impacted the quality of the main game... Because the original game budget (both money and time) was spent to design these modes at a cost to the main experience, it impacts the overall enjoyment and the original price point. Maybe then you would have a point, if Encore mode was in the original game and had impacted the primary part of it. But that wasn't the case, Encore mode was commissioned after the primary game was done. Scenario 2: It overwrites the primary game or fundamentally transforms the primary game. I cannot think of any examples of games doing this where it's had a negative impact, No Man's Sky being a very recent example, technically you could include the 2 weeks that Payday 2 decided to add loot boxes, but then you'd overlook it's major 2.0 update which radically improved the game. But if encore mode overwrote the base game, then yes you would certainly have a point... but it doesn't do that. Edit: Actually I can think of 1... Destiny, The Taken King update locked out many users of the vanilla game to features which they had from launch. Mania doesn't do that Also, when has anyone every said that DLC being included has devalued the original akin to what Mania does? Bioshock 1 added some DLC after the release, which wasn't that great.... now all editions of the game include it and it usually falls under a 'definitive' label... anyone seen anyone claim that devalues it? Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, that had a huge extra piece of DLC added which sucks, now all versions of the game come with it, everybody sill agrees the original game is fine. Pinball Arcade, not all the tables that get added are as good as previous ones, does that mean the original game is now lesser?
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    I really need to practice more and more to put others' before myself.
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    Nostalgia Critic review of Sonic 1999 OVA

    I think the whole "Sonic gives the finger" thing was spurred about by the power of suggestion and early 2000's internet being largely unchecked. A lot of images which surfaced around the time the film was released in North America are of extremely low resolution, so it wouldn't be hard for someone to squint their eyes and think it looks like a middle finger. And since a popular narrative is that America has much more strict standards on children's television than Japan (something that isn't entirely wrong, but often undermines that there are also things that are offensive in Japan but inoffensive in America), it's easy to see how the rumor would quickly spread that the American version had to be censored. In a similar scenario, something that is also cited by numerous wikis and fan sites is the Japanese version having heavy swear words that had to be censored in the dub, which is a misnomer for a number of reasons, all of which assume that the Japanese language works in an identical manner to English. The more accurate statement would be "the dub chose not to use swear words in the translation, where a fan sub would probably relish in sprinkling profanity everywhere" or "The English dub doesn't properly translate the nuances that make certain lines of dialogue seem more rude or impactful in Japanese." Phrasing it like "there were numerous profanities that had to be cut" wrongfully paints the picture of the original cut of the film being extremely risque and more mature than it really is, which may have been the intent behind such rumors but I digress. Like Sean, I have yet to see a direct comparison of the "censored" or "uncensored" versions, so I am also not convinced that the supposed cuts were made. Just seems like a misreporting that went viral in an age before YouTube and people just haven't bothered to check if it's true or not. Similar to how we still sometimes get reports that say Sonic and Tails were going to be in Super Smash Bros. Melee but were cut out at the last minute. (Even though the fact that they were considered for Melee is true, but there's nothing present in the game's data that suggests they were developed anywhere past the planning stages)
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    So, I draw the Sheriff, Sonic and his friends standing next to the Green Hills sign which was seen in the set photo. I try my best to copy the sign and include as many details as possible. I put 1991 instead of 1981 in the population. So, I think maybe, the reference 1991 could be in the end of the movie. Well you know, they could change the population to 1991 So, maybe there will be a scene which where Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and maybe possibly Cream, Cheese, Rouge and the Chaotix could become official residents of the town after they help protect the town from Eggman, which could add up to 10 people to the population. This could make enough people to make the town’s population 1991. Well, this is just speculation. We will have to wait and see about this. It's going to be an long wait. BTW, I didn't have the time and space to put Rouge and the Chaotix. Sorry, but I hope you all like it! Enjoy!
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    Litwak's Arcade has Sonic the Fighters under the Sonic Championship name.
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    Couldn’t stop drawing some more movie fan art, so this come to my mind.:
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    Oh, sweet- I almost forgot about this Kickstarter game: https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/315171-nefarious-coming-to-the-switch-sometime-this-year
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    I'm happy they revealed two at once this time at least. And hey, Seong Mi-Na is back. I expected her, but its nice to see her back finally.
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    So I just went through the Hartman controversy evidence (articles, videos, posts from real humans) and I'll let the following video tell you what's going through my mind right now in regards to Mr. Hartman (pardon me for the language) Seriously he is not helping his case. I might have enjoyed a couple of the shows in the past just a little bit (Fairly Oddparents through Channel Chasers, Danny Phantom's first two seasons) but now I would not even go back to watch to riff on due to the taint.
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    While I wouldn't say Mania Encore is bad per say, I also do not like it. Personally, even for a small DLC package, I found myself really underwhelmed by it. The palette swaps either decreased the zone's usual graphics for me, or didn't really feel standout-ish, compared to the original palette, and as fun as Ray and Mighty can be, I feel like the stages were absolutely not built for them whatsoever. It took me right til the literal near end-game for me to finally get an idea of how to control Ray's flight for example and by that stage, I didn't really have many chances to even use him anymore. The additional stuff are cool concepts, but a lot of them feel undercooked and underdeveloped to truly make them flourish. Like going through the effort of putting Ray and Mighty in, I feel like they could've gone ahead and tried to make completely unique paths for the two to take, when in the game itself, it feels like there's only a few. Encore Mode tries to boast about being after the main game and taking place after the story, to the point it throws Mania Adventures in a confusing place canonically, and possibly just a What-If story for what amounts to just running through the same things over and over again. Like, what if instead of just the altered palettes, we had the HBHs messing around with the stage? What if they added new hazards or even new pathways to the levels. Heavy Magician is the one who revives all of her brothers, which would've made perfect sense for the Encore theme. She's a master showman so it'd make sense she'd be the person headlining a "Encore" mode. What if we had Heavy Rider chasing after Sonic in a section of Chemical Plant Zone, and if you beat him within a certain time, he opens up a secret area for you (Similar to something like Mega Man X where if you manipulate certain enemies, you can get into secret areas for power ups). All I'm saying is that I wish they would've just went all in on a proper Encore mode, and made a lot of decent changes to make things unique. Having different encounters with the HBH, having new sections for Mighty and Ray. Hell, maybe even small things. Like what if we got extended boss battles with new attacks and gimmicks? Imagine if Heavy Magician could now switch into the likes of Amy, Honey, Espio, Vector etc. There's so many cool little things they could've done to change things up, and at the end of the day, beyond having new special stages that kind of suck, Encore mode is virtually the same thing as Mania, with exception to thankfully making Mirage Saloon better by replacing the horrid Tornado act. Angel Island was a cool idea, but it's so insanely underused that it's stupid. They force you to only pick Mighty and Ray and that means you only get one tutorial for the entirety of the game. That's a big reason why I got so screwed with Ray and ultimately had bad feelings with him, I picked Mighty as my tutorial character, unsure what would happen, and got a 2 second tutorial and that was it. Why not make Angel Island a full stage? Even better, why not make it a Sonic/Mighty/Ray stage, doubling as a tutorial for Mighty and Ray. What if Sonic got captured at the start and you swapped control to Mighty (who plays nearly like Sonic with a few additional moves), and Ray as a team, so that way you can get introduced to multiple situations, and given the time to learn what's needed to proceed with both of them. This would personally go a long way to making Ray a lot better. At the end of the day, I get it. It's a cheap DLC, sure, whatever. But man, I still can't help but be disappointed by the fact we got a whole new mode that might as well just be running through the main game again only with a different life system and two characters at once.
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    @LongcrierCat Can you chill pls. There's ways to respond to someone else's opinions (see: every post in this topic that isn't yours) without strawmans, bitter sarcasm, and talking down upon the other party's intelligence. And can you also not bring your personal feelings into the debate like when you mentioned you were "extremely insulted" by his views? Thanks.
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    " is now following you" I feel stalked.
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    SHIT PANCAKES I can't believe I missed @Shrek's return
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    He did Sausage Party. If he did that, he'll do anything. Edit: Nevermind. I see that he does mostly Disney stuff & Sausage Party was a one-off thing. He's currently working on the live action adaptation of Aladdin, which will also see a 2019 release, so I concede it most likely is fake.
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    Yeah, I have to agree that the way the
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    It's £5 DLC which is contained in it's own mode.
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    I guess the idea is that they expanded the business at some point and became more successful. I don't really see a problem with that in a Potential Future setting.
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    [93] Imagine That https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/imagine-that OPD: August 1, 2018 // Length: 4:14 // Style: Cinematic https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/817787 This is another track for Aaron Webber for use in his independent project based off of Skies Of Arcadia. This one is a lot slower, and a lot more dramatic. It's supposed to be for cutscenes, or for very dramatic moments. I set it up so that every round gets more and more intense, as if you're heading closer towards some sort of goal. I used a lot of orchestral instruments, as well as a few of my own created synths. I wanted something that sounded sorta futuristic in the background. I think I nailed it, that instrument from the beginning was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I really wanted to avoid using snares as much as possible. So instead, I used all sorts of percussive instruments. I also played around with the pan shifting on them to even out some of the cluster. I used a LOT of percussion. It is different for me, but I like it. The hardest part of the whole song was adding effects and adjusting volumes. I spent some extra time during the editing process to make sure everything was nice and smooth, not to loud, not too soft, every part right where it needs to be. I did a lot of experimenting with MIDI effects to make sure I could find the best sound possible. I learned the real importance of "phasing" and how to use it in the right spot.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    When will we finally get proper worldbuilding with new locations's name? We had a character that is not a fighter that was very involved in issue 5 (the mayor), and we didn't even get his name.
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    Like Loki in the MCU. Delightfully evil but still menacing and a serious threat that shouldn't be taken as a joke. I want him closer to this characterisation Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 4 SEGA AGES Edition

    I don't understand why every time SEGA releases a new Forever version of a game I already own, I can't restore purchases and it becomes ad-riddled. S4E2 is still a mess. The aspect ratio still leaves massive black bars on my iPhone X screen, the d-pad is still crappy and the game is still S4E2. It's a crock of shit, now with all the added problems of SEGA Forever taking a toll on performance.
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    A number of characters were made before Tails existed. Like, Amy and Vector had their final classic looks in the bag before Sonic 2 came out. Saying they shouldn't have made more characters is ignoring the ethos held for Sonic since before Sonic 1.
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    Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Clever re-usage of assets between those two covers. Usually stuff like that comes across as lazy/
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    Butch Hartman controversy

    I never knew much of Hartman, always thinking he was a chill guy to any degree. So it was a bit surprising to discover he's quite a dick really. Everyone has already spoken of how he's a bloody scammer and a weasel with all the Oaxis crap, but I'm quite displeased with his comments about depression and suicide. It's pretty clear he doesn't have depression or has felt legitimately depressed or convinced he was going to die of suicide a day in his life for him to give the "oh, walk it off, you're all such whiners" attitude to the whole thing. What he says isn't close to true about how when he was a kid 'suicide wasn't even a thing'. Look up some suicide statistics. Annual suicide rates were actually higher among certain age groups in the 1970s then it is presently in the United States. He even gives the generic "the media's to blame" for suicidal children and adolescents. He sounds like one of those guys who moans on about how everything was better in the 1950s (not the real 1950s mind you, the generic Leave it to Beaver incarnation of it), when there was nothing better in life than the white suburban nuclear family unit including the breadwinner father, the housewife, the popular jock son, and the innocent little girl, with a picket fence who were all simple happy god-fearing folks who ran off to Church every Sunday, and if you were gay or depressed you were either swept under the rug or a freak, as a danger to society. Also it's hilarious how caroonishly egotistical this guy is. What a miserable old has-been piece of shit.
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