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    The OP is trash and doesn't really tell you anything so a lot of people are missing context in this thread. EVO was supposed to be Smash 4's last hurrah before the new game, but the game had started running out of steam long before then. The best and probably most liked player in the world quit the year before because he considered the game gimmicky and not worth competing in. Many other top players either didn't show up to EVO or got upset and placed low. Bayonetta is a problem for the game's design, but usually she's held down by the top players who know how to deal with her but refuse to play her. This isn't going to happen when so many players don't have their heads in the game though. The top 8 had 3 Bayonetta players who managed to crush the remaining competition with ease. This is frustrating for spectators who hate watching the character, but there's nothing morally dubious going on until you get to this: Grand finals start and the two players stall the match for 3 minutes taunting. A lot of people in the community took this as a massive insult. Players who worked hard saw the competition turned into a joke before their eyes. To many it made Smash 4 look embarrassing to the other communities. It was also the game's last "big" tournament and the whole game basically goes out with a whimper now. Many others thought it was funny, or that they worked to get to grand finals and so they were allowed to do what they wanted. Bayonetta players get a lot of heat thrown at them for playing the strongest, cheesiest character so this was seen as a form of payback. It's really up to you to decide whether what they did was okay or not. Personally I think this wasn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme(like yeah it sucked but there will be other tournaments guys) and the controversy has already kind of faded away from the consciousness of the community at large due to the Smash direct, so it's not really worth making a topic about in the first place, but whatever. There's the context.
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    Blue Wisp

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"
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    They were using a scrubby character at an international championship that people paid money to go see in person. The players knew going into it what they were doing and how it would be reacted to when they did it. The people who were at the event knew what the players were doing. If I cared enough about Smash to pay a hundred bucks (or whatever Evo admittance is nowadays) plus whatever it cost to stay in Vegas for the weekend to go see the last Smash 4 tournament, I would be pissed if I saw someone picking a cheese character and mopping up the tournament with it as a result; and it's pretty galling to label people as entitled because they didn't react to a competitive event with a live audience like it was a late night talk show with an applause sign when they were seeing something they thought was pretty shitty happening. On top of that, I don't know if I would leave en masse like it seems half of the crowd did as soon as the last non-Bayonetta character was knocked out of the tournament: But I certainly would have when these supposedly professional E-Sports players competing in the biggest event of the year for the genre decided to deliberately fuck with people in the crowd after that had already happened because the crowd didn't give them the respect they feel they earned by cheesing through an already depleted tournament roster with arguably the most powerful character in the game. If you're interested in getting involved in competitive play, no one is going to curse your name for choosing a high tier but easy character and trying to learn it when you're starting out; even in Bayonetta's earlier days where she was actually banned. The worst that may happen is that you'll get teased a bit, but no tournament you're realistically going to enter starting out will have people good enough that their won't be wiggle for both parties to win a match or have stakes high enough that it's worth getting fussed over anyway. That's different from what happened here.
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    I can get behind this team-up:
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    So... Wheres the hype for Team Sonic Racing?
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    Ernest the Panda

    Too badYOU will die

    Too badYOU will die
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    "Remember, demons can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged!" oh god doom
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    Doom Eternal It may be hell on earth, but what an awesome hell it is to see
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    I'm not really a King K Rool fan at all but I'm glad the Smash team finally remixed another DK song
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    Just a couple more Sanic sketches. Sonic. Pose based on concept art. Tekno
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