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    The OP is trash and doesn't really tell you anything so a lot of people are missing context in this thread. EVO was supposed to be Smash 4's last hurrah before the new game, but the game had started running out of steam long before then. The best and probably most liked player in the world quit the year before because he considered the game gimmicky and not worth competing in. Many other top players either didn't show up to EVO or got upset and placed low. Bayonetta is a problem for the game's design, but usually she's held down by the top players who know how to deal with her but refuse to play her. This isn't going to happen when so many players don't have their heads in the game though. The top 8 had 3 Bayonetta players who managed to crush the remaining competition with ease. This is frustrating for spectators who hate watching the character, but there's nothing morally dubious going on until you get to this: Grand finals start and the two players stall the match for 3 minutes taunting. A lot of people in the community took this as a massive insult. Players who worked hard saw the competition turned into a joke before their eyes. To many it made Smash 4 look embarrassing to the other communities. It was also the game's last "big" tournament and the whole game basically goes out with a whimper now. Many others thought it was funny, or that they worked to get to grand finals and so they were allowed to do what they wanted. Bayonetta players get a lot of heat thrown at them for playing the strongest, cheesiest character so this was seen as a form of payback. It's really up to you to decide whether what they did was okay or not. Personally I think this wasn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme(like yeah it sucked but there will be other tournaments guys) and the controversy has already kind of faded away from the consciousness of the community at large due to the Smash direct, so it's not really worth making a topic about in the first place, but whatever. There's the context.
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    Alright I could not care less about K Rool in his previous games, but that Smash trailer giving him a more bombastic vibe, a more animalistic voice ala Bowser, and having him charge on all fours at DK like he's out for blood sells me on him as a character and a villain for Donkey Kong way more than anything that came beforehand Give this mad croc another shot, Retro
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    Oh god imagine Sakurai giving Banjo realistic bear sounds.
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    Blue Wisp

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"
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    They were using a scrubby character at an international championship that people paid money to go see in person. The players knew going into it what they were doing and how it would be reacted to when they did it. The people who were at the event knew what the players were doing. If I cared enough about Smash to pay a hundred bucks (or whatever Evo admittance is nowadays) plus whatever it cost to stay in Vegas for the weekend to go see the last Smash 4 tournament, I would be pissed if I saw someone picking a cheese character and mopping up the tournament with it as a result; and it's pretty galling to label people as entitled because they didn't react to a competitive event with a live audience like it was a late night talk show with an applause sign when they were seeing something they thought was pretty shitty happening. On top of that, I don't know if I would leave en masse like it seems half of the crowd did as soon as the last non-Bayonetta character was knocked out of the tournament: But I certainly would have when these supposedly professional E-Sports players competing in the biggest event of the year for the genre decided to deliberately fuck with people in the crowd after that had already happened because the crowd didn't give them the respect they feel they earned by cheesing through an already depleted tournament roster with arguably the most powerful character in the game. If you're interested in getting involved in competitive play, no one is going to curse your name for choosing a high tier but easy character and trying to learn it when you're starting out; even in Bayonetta's earlier days where she was actually banned. The worst that may happen is that you'll get teased a bit, but no tournament you're realistically going to enter starting out will have people good enough that their won't be wiggle for both parties to win a match or have stakes high enough that it's worth getting fussed over anyway. That's different from what happened here.
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    I can get behind this team-up:
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    So... Wheres the hype for Team Sonic Racing?
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    I have only one question about Ben Schwartz Why he's obsessed with playing blue cocky anthropomorphic animal with age vaguely between kid and a teen? At least no multi-colors brothers this time.
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    Y'know what, that's not a bad choice for Sonic. Let's see what he brings to the blue blur. But reading through this thread, what the heck is with the extreme disrespect for voice actors and their work?! Hollywood reputation means jack here, it's the talent that matters. Roger Craig Smith and Ben Schwartz, they're talented voice actors, reputation be damned. For much of my life, I've admired everything that goes into making a character, including the voice. And voice actors, they are amazing at what they can do, bringing something to their roles that makes their character just a bit better. After all, a voice is important for a character, it's how you get them to communicate in your story. But due to the nature of this industry in which the face of a voice actor is never seen, voice actors don't get the respect that a live-action actor would. But this doesn't mean they should be discredited! Sorry for the rant, voice acting is one of these passions of mine, and I hate to see it get shoved aside in favour of Hollywood.
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    Spyro's new Totaku figure's been unveiled, but...
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    Wario should be an echo fighter for Mario
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    The assertion that a lot of casual fans are digging what they're hearing about this movie is something I'm gonna need heavy, overwhelming proof of first off. Outside of this thread, I haven't seen much in support of the ideas presented here. No, Sonic being iconic doesn't matter should the movie look like it's going to be bad. The tactic of using him because he's an icon will only get you so far. There's also different factors to think about when discussing what kind of movie it is. There's people who might not like Sonic and because they know who Sonic is will avoid it. There's a chance that presenting people with something that takes advantage of what the Sonic series is and works towards presenting it the best way it can could change their minds but that's also not a promise of anything. No, it's not like comparing Squirrel Girl to Spiderman. I'm not comparing Sonic to all these other franchises you keep bringing up. The trend of these live action video game adaptations failing often happen because of the approach most studios take when addressing the subject matter individually, that's why I said this movie will most likely follow the trend the other failed ones did. It's got nothing to do with the properties themselves. Hollywood notoriously sucks at finding ways to make these movies appealing to people, regardless of what franchise it is. I don't believe Sonic, on his own, has enough going for him that he'd be able land a successful financial outcome on a live-action movie where he meets some random cop. Movies that tend to rely on live-action usually have some sort of basis for doing so that would make the decision make sense for the series it was working with. Whether or not the other adapted properties actually are near Sonic in terms of popularity or pop-culture (something I'm also not 100% sure of nowadays) isn't the underlying factor when it comes to selling a movie about him either. You need to take into account what about Sonic needs to be adapted correctly in order to sell what about him constitutes a theatrical release and how to not make that look dumb, cheap, and worthless. I've not been convinced that they can do so. I probably will never be simply because of the conception behind the film in fact. The outrage of the movie not being a 1:1 adaptation of the games isn't an issue. This isn't a problem of not liking "change" as I've said before. The change here is incredibly dramatic and you can't dramatically change something after 20+ years of it being something else and not expect it to be scrutinized in some manner. There's a clear difference between something like how different the Archie Comics, Sonic X, or even Sonic Boom were from the games to something like this. It's hyperbolic and silly to suggest backlash against this is because hardcore fans aren't happy it's a perfect mirror of the games. It's impossible for that to be encapsulated in a movie and changes are necessary when transferring mediums all the time, sure, but there's a line. There's a reason why literally everything isn't accepted as far as change goes. Imagine if SEGA announced Sonic was now going to be a duck in the latest Sonic cartoon. Would your response to that be "You're just mad because you can't accept that it's not going to be a 1:1 adaptation of the games". I'd hope not because that's ridiculous. That might be an extreme example but there's varying levels of extremism when it comes to changes too. Making Sonic live-action is one of those things that drastically tosses tons of the advantages Sonic had as a series out the window for me. I truly believe that. Every other piece of news I've heard hasn't helped. The only good news I feel I've heard is that they've hired a guy who might be able to do a good Sonic voice. I've no reason to anticipate anything or to expect it'll make good money. I don't even really want it to be a success if it turns out to be as bad as I feel it will be. I'm not speaking in terms of a hardcore fan. I'm speaking in terms of a concerned one. I'm usually not the guy who looks at something coming out and reacts with 100% negativity but for this, I am. It's a strange position to be in and a regrettable one but here we are. I agree that there's a lot of potential to work with from Sonic but potential doesn't mean anything if you're not able to work with anything properly. At best, it'll be something you lament because it wasn't lived up to. Forces had a ton of potential. The game we got didn't live up to it, in my opinion. I know Sonic itself is a great and promising series but if the people working on it don't know what they're doing then that means fuck all. I also don't really care what Paramount thinks or who they agree with on whatever issue they might have. The project wasn't originally there's to begin with because of development hell nonsense that saw the project getting tossed to them like a hot potato.
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    The Sonic movie filming is only finishing at the end of September. ...is it normal to film a movie in just 2 months?
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    Family Guy funny moments:

    Family Guy funny moments:
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    Big Panda

    Too badYOU will die

    Too badYOU will die
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's better to ignore those tbh. I hate to sound harsh, but it's really annoying when he does that.
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    "Remember, demons can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged!" oh god doom
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    I don't know why people keep sharing clips of Dewey from Ducktales '17. Yes, this is the voice actor for Sonic in the movie. He's also playing a duck who is also meant to be a child, hence the higher pitch and squeakiness. What works for Dewey does not automatically carry over to Sonic, and to be absolutely frank, I have found every comparison to Dewey to sound absolutely atrocious. Not because of the voice actor, because I actually quite like him as Dewey in Ducktales '17, but you're trying to shove the voice of a child into someone who's meant to be a teenager. It doesn't fit whatsoever and comes off as absolutely silly. At least compare him to Leo from Rise of the TMNT considering that's at the very least closer in terms of voice and pitch for a teenage role.
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    Big Panda

    "...so we ignore it."

    "...so we ignore it."
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    Doom Eternal It may be hell on earth, but what an awesome hell it is to see
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    https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/315500-nintendo-switch-online-service-coming-in-the-second-half-of-septe Reminder that the Switch is still gonna die long before Smash will be released. One more month and they still insist on waiting to the last minute to give concrete details that should've been said from the start. And there's still absoultly nothing that makes me give a shit about it.
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    Maybe Sonic is trying to get back his rings so he can use the chaos Emeralds so he can use his super form? Since those require rings? :) also just made an account here since I'm so hyped for this movie!!!
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    Watch as the WiR2 trailers use the Disney Princesses as the big selling point only for them to appear in like two, maybe three scenes. And they’re all the scenes we’ve already been shown in the preview material.
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    I'm definitely getting more and more excited for this movie as time goes on. I was already going to go see it regardless because it's Sonic, but man, I'm starting to get a bit more hyped now~
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    The upcoming car chase has been moved to a different location, due to road construction. https://www.mycomoxvalleynow.com/39583/highway-detour-possible-for-sonic-the-hedgehog-shoot/amp
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    Eh, it's Etika. Sometimes I think he puts things a certain way just to ruffle people's feathers. I think he's aware enough without necessarily meaning anything by it, but that's the impression I've gotten from following him for a couple years. For what it's worth, I have no attachment to Castlevania/Simon/Richter, so their inclusion doesn't mean anything to me personally and I can get where Etika comes from even if he's trying to be edgy to piss off his audience, but at the same time, their trailer is so cool I get excited enough to want to learn about them. That's the cool thing about Smash. In the context of his post, I don't think that's what KH means though. Let's not drag this thread down over this, please.
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    I'm not really a King K Rool fan at all but I'm glad the Smash team finally remixed another DK song
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    I'm sure this'll come in handy.
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    Yes; there is the question of, what will happen over the next three years (That is, the next new 2D game for the 30th anniversary in 2021 seems like a dependable and wonderful situation, and, there would be just the right amount of time for the teams involved to create it!!) before a new full game would theoretically be released? Mania and Mania Plus in their current forms will have a good lasting effect until whenever the next game would be. Yet, to go through all of 2019, and 2020, with nothing new at all via DLC, that feels a bit unlikely! It is quite complicated to guess what it could be. A single zone or two zone mini story to download at some point before the new game would fill the gap. Similar to Plus it would also be allowing new team members to learn the processes to then work together with everyone on the main new game.
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    Oops. I'm actually trying to use the animation function of Clip Studio, without reading how it works. No wonder I'm not making any progress...
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    Never found anything particularly interesting about Mighty... Neither his design, his personality, nor his gameplay (clone in Chaotix, more of the same "copy Sonic's signature, throw a couple moves and call it a day" thing that I disliked ever since Advance 2 made Cream into this right after Advance 1's Amy showed that playable characters could be much more than that) did anything to get my interest. His only saving grace is being a curiosity, an obscure character that IMO should had stayed as a "Have you seen me?" cameo poster instead of wasting the slot that should had gone for Amy, who has much more merit in all areas, including visual design despite being a hedgehog. Also I'm not particularly fond of pacifists characters, as either they're boring or hypocrites. (Though none can ever beat Lynn Kaifun from Macross as the worst pacifist type character and his "I'm morally better than those guys who put their lives on the line to protect the civvies")
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    About that. The Ridley from Pyrosphere is actually Nemesis Ridley. Not the Ridley we all know and love, but he's a clone bred from Ridley's remains (he'll be back from the dead eventually again. Count on it) on the Bottleship lab from Other M. So, if anything it's a-okay to have the two in, one as a stage hazard, since they're two different people. Considering the likelihood that we still haven't seen all the stages yet, maybe they're making new ones for each of those respectively instead of simply remastering them.
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    A "downside" to all this content in Smash is the inevitably huge amount of debate the Smash community is gonna have while deciding what the ruleset should be for tournaments Sakurai is finally paying the community back for all the crap they give him lol
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    Game's looking amazing and I can't wait. The whole "download 2 games" controversy doesn't affect me because I already pre-ordered it digitally anyways. Still sucks and it's a damn shame, but it's Activision we have to blame, I doubt TFB have anything to do with this decision, but they're the people actually making the game, not the publisher, and should be praised by the work and attention they been putting into this Trilogy. Honestly, I already think it's better than Crash N.Sane Trilogy, which I love.
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    Time for pre-genesis wave archie sonic echidnas! Dude on the left is Remington which most folks are familiar with, dude on right is actually a minor dark legion grunt named Xenin and his old design was way too over detailed so had to simplify it. Should have some more gifts and stuff coming up in the future!
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    I don't think that synopsis contradicts what we've heard from the filming notice and the Paramount CEO himself. Sonic can still be on the run from Government while being a juvenile delinquent on a race against time to stop Robotnik. The interesting part is the road trip aspect and the significance of Sonic's rings. Why not use the Chaos Emeralds? No mention of Tails or Knuckles thus far, though. And it's looking likely that they won't be in the movie
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    Also there's a brief synopsis for the film in that article! It sounds, uh.... interesting, let's put it that way.
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    So, if even Sumo Digital can't (or aren't allowed) to make a super awesome Sonic themed game then we're fucked. The franchise is doomed. Well, 3D Sonic is anyway but that's all I care about so... the part of the franchise I care about is doomed! Although I still think it'll be fine. So Semi-Doomed.
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    As a fan of the franchise this is one of my biggest concerns actually. I know it's arguably BOOM! Syndrome all over again, but as I have not liked where the franchise has been going post Unleashed and what I've been seeing about the movie it really does feel like a threat again any trace of hope I have left for the franchise to find it's way back to Sonic being a globetrotting adventurer who lives life by his own rules. The superhero, comedian, or hybrid of the two as well as the rebellion member have never appealed to me and the possibility that success of this movie could trap the franchise in that imagery is horribly disheartening. While I not wish for the movie to fail, I would personally prefer an outcome that makes SEGA the money they want without compromising the franchise more than they already have.
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    They are also going for simplistic design choices, both in track design, graphics and gameplay, and I don't really like this. It's what I disliked about Forces, it seems like modern games are just for kids.
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    Sega isn't making the movie... Lizuka is serving as a creative supervisor but most of these decisions are being made by the director and the production crew. You can't expect Paramount to run things the same way Sega has
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    I mean, that's what happens when the Sonic series insists on having it's first stage be Green Hill clones all the time. If the first stage from Lost World was something else, it'd be something else but nope. I'm grateful Smash Wii U didn't happen at around the time Forces was a thing. Then it'd be Green Hill and Green Hill with a bit of Sand in the background.
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    Well I'm going to place money on this being Ice Factory. That's the only place it really could be with that volcano in the background of one shot. Only one level in the franchise has that trait (even if it was stupidly never used in-game). Not to mention the factory machines around the place. As for the gameplay footage itself... gotta say, I'm still not impressed. Visually, everything looks like a damn downgrade from what we got with ASRT about 6 whole years ago. It's ridiculous honestly. Even the 60fps they're aiming for doesn't seem to be all there because this footage was choppy af like the E3 build. Not even the in-game character renders look good imo. By "Winter" they better mean March fucking 19th because this game doesn't look anywhere near where a current day cartoon racer should be. In terms of the team mechanics, they're something that I'm still pretty iffy on but when compared to some of the negatives... they somehow came out ahead. Basically, there are enough interesting maneuvers here where I can say that this all could work. I'd still prefer a single racer mode as I know there are a lot of ways this could all fall apart thanks to some poor teammates but I am willing to give it a shot. & Knuckles... man, what did they do to you? That ain't Travis. Here's hoping this was just an error in editing the trailer (they do have a history when it comes to Sonic trailers oddly enough) or a placeholder as I'd really hate to see Travis go... especially for this new voice. It's not good imo. Oh yeah, and we've known about this game for about, what, 5 months now and have still only seen 2 stages in action (no I don't count CGI rooftop run (tho i do fear what this game's visuals are about to do to my baby))? dats some gud marketing rite der an't it tbf they did just get off a press cycle for both a $5 dlc and a toaster so maybe we'll see things pick up soon I know I'm coming off as pretty cynical here and I do apologize for that seeing as it's really the last thing this place needs. It's just... when I went into the year asking for a spin-off game that was with the mindset that they wouldn't trip over these basic things like limiting the roster to 15 flipping characters. I'm still excited to see what the story mode is like (the game even having one is still earning it points from me) and the online modes but really... looking at this next to the ASR series and even a bit of Riders... I expected a bit more. Hopefully my views can change as things progress.
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    Meh. Who am I even kidding? Pretending to be all smarticle like the rest of you. The roster is really the only thing that's disappointing me so far. I very well could agree that the tracks, aesthetics, and sound design could have been handled better but my reaction towards it being like this, as it is, isn't a visceral or punchy one at all. I'm fine with it. Any concerns I have lean more towards ideas for making it better but there's nothing here that I feel I'd need to tell them in order to keep it from being "bad". It's just that roster. Even if they had gotten in 18 characters, it still would have been enough to ensure that most of the people everyone cared about got in. Why stop at 15? 15! DLC better be over the horizon, I swear man.
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    All Stars Racing Transformed came out in 2012, and this game looks worse in its character roster, track design, aesthetics, sound design, weapon design (the weapons themselves), forced team gimmicks and virtually every other aspect. It doesn't hold a candle to Mario Kart 8, it's obvious competitor, despite that game being 4 years old. The game looks like it would be alright but somewhat uninspired if it came out in 2010, but it's woefully outdated by today's standards. It doesn't look good, it looks mediocre as fuck, the kind of game which any mascot would be thrown into.
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    People grew up with him in their comic books, so they wanted him in their games as well (at least, that's like 95% of the pre-Mania interest). Of course, now he's in their game(s), he can't be in their comics any more.
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    Fanart of the Encore Mode Good Ending created by Clarissa_Arts on Twitter.
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    Just because someone's ya sidekick doesn't mean you have authority over them... Character dynamics determine that...
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    Just a couple more Sanic sketches. Sonic. Pose based on concept art. Tekno
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