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    A lot of the bad stigma for clones in the past came from the misconception that it diverted resources away from making wholly original characters, which was never really true, at least not in the sense that most people imagined - Sakurai even back in the day went on record saying that he could make a pretty large number of clones with the resources it took to create just one proper newcomer, and that the sheer amount of them we got in Melee was more down to time constraints than anything else. They've been welcomed more readily in Ultimate because Sakurai has made that distinction crystal fucking clear this time - these aren't glory stealers, they're just the little bonuses on top of the main event. The fact that many of the new echos are fan favourites that would have been only Assist Trophies at best before - and some of which that were ATs before - certainly helps
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    roses are red violets are blue BUT ENOUGH TALK HAVE AT YOU
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    STARTING PROJECT: Sonic Riders - Sand Ruins ft. Jasmine Harvey aka Fallen4Freedom (5% complete) 6 minute beat (70%) Find female vocalist (5%) Write lyrics (5%) Obtain vocals (10%) Editing (10%) I've had a plan for this one for a long time. I just needed to find a female singer for what I had planned. I ran into Sonic Legacy member Fallen4Freedom, actually by recommendation from the rest of the group. Luckily she agreed to help me out. I look forward to this one. It's gonna be EPIC. I just wanted to replace the beginning sitar with vocals, and maybe add lyics later. But for now, it's time to start the basic foundations. LETS DO THIS
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    Ratcicle King

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    Is that Sonic.. DRIVING A MINIVAN!? Website also seems to confirm Tails & Knuckles. http://www.hollywoodnorth.buzz/2018/08/big-movie-sonic-movie-with-sonic-the-hedgehog-voiced-by-ben-schwartz-james-marsden-in-downtown-vancouver.html
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    I think Monster Hunter would be cool but it's honestly weird revealing Rathalos by itself and not with the character, if he's in.
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    What do y'all think of my latest drawing?
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    The only Smash reveal that could rival K. Rool's:
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    lol wat bro Do you know what criticism is? You're spewing a load of nonsense. Like, what kind of a point are you even trying to make? You're just saying that people are wrong for having negative opinions. If you want a point-by-point response, there's one below. But it should all be obvious, not least of all because every point here has been made a thousand times already. You can't compare a 3D kart racer to a 3D retro platformer on any level at all, so just forget about that entire comparison you made. The Riders games also didn't have big casts. And regardless of their cast sizes, it had no bearing on the fact that the TSR cast is small. With 15 character and 12 characters per race, there's hardly any variety in there. It doesn't matter if this game isn't a sequel to ASRT. If you're going to use that as an excuse to tell people that they shouldn't be disappointed by the lack of SEGA characters, then instead recognise that people are disappointed that it's not a sequel to ASRT. (And anyway the game is just ASR3 without SEGA characters. The name is totally inconsequential.) And with the small cast, they aren't going to using any characters other than the most common ones. It's not an am exciting roster. And no, it's not identical to ASRT at all. The cars seem to handle similarly, but the course design is very different to accommodate the team-based gimmicks, which frankly haven't gotten glowing reception yet.
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    So why doesn't Pokemon have at least 3 save slots? It just makes so much more sense with there always being 3 starters. Like really, one slot for Charmander, a second slot for Squirtle, and a third slot for another Charmander
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    Just something fun I cobbled together based on K. Rool's trailer
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    Two pages before my novel is complete. Two. Pages. And it's a fight scene. Which I suck at writing. The final challenge. I can do this.
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    I hope we see the design of Sonic much sooner than that. Perhaps an Entertainment Weekly spread?
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    When the teacher tells you and your class that you can take a picture of the assignment:
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    Something I didn't notice is that the main theme is gonna be a collab with Lyn and Lotus Juice. 10/10.
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    Just a solid reminder that the Michael Bay produced Dora The Explorer movie is still happening. ...why
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    I think Rayman still has a slight edge in that he (bizarrely, but still) got a trophy in the last game. It's not even close to a guarantee but it's...something.
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    Art #46 -- Multi'-point Splatter-break Orbit. Bramblewood A5 Notebook - Page 27
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    Blue Wisp

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    I wouldn't say Shadow is a LOCK but there's literally not a character I'm more certain about given how easy it would be and how hard this game is leaning into "heroes vs villains" Skullkid is hard to say. It's weird that he's an assist trophy but it's weirder that they wouldn't make something like the Moon his final smash, right? I'm probably just keeping my expectations in check because that is literally my most wanted Smash character ever though, lol. Don't really have much speculation to offer about the rest though. Literally anyone can get in. RE: stages. I didn't believe for a second those were the total amount of stages. Stage reveals are almost always tied to characters. He's gonna surprise us with a few more(not that many though)
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    You know, I looked back at previous roster and I must admit, Nintendo are masters of marketing Melee: "Ladies and Gentlemen, 13 new fighters!!! Please ignore that half of them are clones and nobody asked for Dr Mario or Pichu." Smash: "Ladies and Gentleman, we apologize for all those clones last time. We removed worst of them and this time only 4 new ones, much more unique anyway." Wii/3DS: "And this time only 2 clones (unless you count Mii)" Ultimate: "Ladies and Gentlemen, clones are back in full forces. But we're calling them 'echos' now, so you'll eat them up. 4 send, more probably coming." And yet I still want echo Shadow. Well played Nintendo, well played.
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    Sonic driving a vehicle? In the movie? Not likely since the only time Modern Sonic even rode a vehicle was in the racing games (okay that one time in Generations, but still). It's more likely Dr. Eggman. I know but they could be doing a CG Eggman, I mean doesn't a vehicle match Eggman more than Sonic. But wait, where's the Eggmobile? Does Eggman use vehicles early on in the film before switching to the Eggmobile? Or maybe he only uses the Eggmobile in combat to power his creations, then to seem like a well known scientist with no world domination plans he would use normal vehicles. I don't know I just can't wait to see the trailer when it releases.
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    *when you always try to be polite but people keep being rude so you have to break out the big guns and maybe throw in a heck or two to show ur srs*
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    The Social Justice Thread

    We already have threads that technically fit sub-categories of this. If you have a specific issue in mind, you're free to make a topic about it, but as is, there's no need for an all-encompassing topic on the matter.
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    Or a convention reveal, or a new reveal trailer in a batch, or just a sudden announcement like the cast additions, or... ok, to be honest, i just want something as early as we can get it to spare any potential pain, or to sustain discussion
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    https://heavy.com/news/2018/08/seatac-plane-stolen-hijacked-grounded-seattle/ So, uh, this happened...
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    And it's kinda crappy. In ASRT, getting hit would barely bring you to a halt unless you were hit by three fireworks at once; otherwise you would just lose speed but keep going. This time, getting hit will stop you almost completely. And unless you're fortunate enough to have a team member very close behind who's paying enough attention to bump into you, you're going to suffer hard for it. It's a bit shit. You'll be suffering a lot from minor attacks. It's one of the major ways that ASRT was a more driving (/boating/flying) focused kart racer that emphasised player skill rather than randomised weapons like Mario Kart. That's not a dig at Mario Kart though. It's just remarking in how TSR doesn't seem to know how to make its mechanics work.
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    Oh god Orbital Gate Assault better be in Ultimate. Star Fox Assault needs more representation. Where's my Aparoids at Nintendo.
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    With all of the focus on human characters nobody gives a rip about, I'd prefer they not throw in any more Sonic characters. I have so little faith in this bomb being anything more than utter garbage that I'd rather they not sully any of the other characters, thanks.
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    Spyro's new Totaku figure's been unveiled, but...
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You know, back on Bumbleking when Ian would do the knowing smile thing, it was in response to a question or a some tangible subject being discussed. The rest of us knew he was saying he had plans for or something was in the works related to what we were talking about giving us a level of expectation and opportunity to speculate in the meantime. In contrast, Ian's posted an exclamation mark. That could be literally anything. Maybe a new Sonic book is coming out, maybe Mega Man is coming back, maybe he's writing a game script, maybe he's writing an episode of the new Turtles show, maybe he's going to be part of another encyclopedia book, maybe he got approval for something Superman related, maybe one of his pet projects just got a breakthrough, maybe it has to do with the Bumblekast, maybe he's been invited on the stream again, maybe he gets to meet Iizuka, maybe Aleah will be joining the comic, maybe he's just having a good day and came up with a neat idea. I'm sure Ian means well, but those cute little habits only work in an environment where they have quantifiable meaning.
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    Maybe Sonic is trying to get back his rings so he can use the chaos Emeralds so he can use his super form? Since those require rings? :) also just made an account here since I'm so hyped for this movie!!!
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    Personally I dunno. He has been requested for a long time, but he's kinda lost some steam in recent years. I honestly think Crash might have the edge over him. Not Spyro though, hype for him started way too late.
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    Latin and Ancient Greek

    Hey everyone. I'm currently a PhD student in Classics and do some lecturing on the side. I'm going to start teaching Latin pretty soon. I've done some Latin teaching already and find I'm pretty good at it, since I didn't start learning Latin until I was 19 so understand better where the students are coming from. Most lecturers learn Latin from age 8. Would you be interested in learning ancient languages if given a chance. If not, why wouldn't you?
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    >The guy cast to voice Sonic in the movie sounds like this
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    @The Deleter Alright, I’m done, GGS. if there’s anything you should work on, you need to string your combos more naturally. Don’t mix mid-air small ki blasts into your combo as it doesn’t keep your enemy stunned and gives them recovery time, For example, if you keep tapping Y for a light attack combo, you’ll get a decent combo that lets you use a level 1 super if you want to. Just keep tapping the attack buttons instead of using ki attacks.
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    I work in a hotel and there was this wake afterparty that stayed up till half 1am and got absolutely wankered. I didn't clock out till gone 2am lmao. What a shift 😂 Got a couple of free pints out of it though! And a lot of hours
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    The OP is trash and doesn't really tell you anything so a lot of people are missing context in this thread. EVO was supposed to be Smash 4's last hurrah before the new game, but the game had started running out of steam long before then. The best and probably most liked player in the world quit the year before because he considered the game gimmicky and not worth competing in. Many other top players either didn't show up to EVO or got upset and placed low. Bayonetta is a problem for the game's design, but usually she's held down by the top players who know how to deal with her but refuse to play her. This isn't going to happen when so many players don't have their heads in the game though. The top 8 had 3 Bayonetta players who managed to crush the remaining competition with ease. This is frustrating for spectators who hate watching the character, but there's nothing morally dubious going on until you get to this: Grand finals start and the two players stall the match for 3 minutes taunting. A lot of people in the community took this as a massive insult. Players who worked hard saw the competition turned into a joke before their eyes. To many it made Smash 4 look embarrassing to the other communities. It was also the game's last "big" tournament and the whole game basically goes out with a whimper now. Many others thought it was funny, or that they worked to get to grand finals and so they were allowed to do what they wanted. Bayonetta players get a lot of heat thrown at them for playing the strongest, cheesiest character so this was seen as a form of payback. It's really up to you to decide whether what they did was okay or not. Personally I think this wasn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme(like yeah it sucked but there will be other tournaments guys) and the controversy has already kind of faded away from the consciousness of the community at large due to the Smash direct, so it's not really worth making a topic about in the first place, but whatever. There's the context.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The funny thing about that is it was less him wanting to wipe out the planet and more him just doing what he was entrusted to do. Like, he believed he was doing it to avenge Maria's death and all, but he seemed to treat the program initiation itself as just a task to be completed. One notable detail about the scene where Amy comes to him is the fact he's just chilling by window, watching as the planet draws closer for a collision, when informed that Sonic and the others are trying to stop Gerald's plan--and he doesn't care. Whether because he knows their success is slim or because getting the program activated was the only thing on his list, he had no intention of doing anything at that point. As far as he's concerned, his part was done. Spark of Life starred Nicole with Sally as a Supporting Protagonist backed by Tails and Big and Eggman's Dozen featured the Egg Bosses being led by Eggman, but that's about it for actual releases. There was gonna be a Freedom Fighter arc establishing/following personal adventures for each with a game character or two backing them up, but that obviously never got past Part 3's solicit. 😞
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Hooray, K.Rool for Sma--you're not K.Rool!
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    Eh, it's Etika. Sometimes I think he puts things a certain way just to ruffle people's feathers. I think he's aware enough without necessarily meaning anything by it, but that's the impression I've gotten from following him for a couple years. For what it's worth, I have no attachment to Castlevania/Simon/Richter, so their inclusion doesn't mean anything to me personally and I can get where Etika comes from even if he's trying to be edgy to piss off his audience, but at the same time, their trailer is so cool I get excited enough to want to learn about them. That's the cool thing about Smash. In the context of his post, I don't think that's what KH means though. Let's not drag this thread down over this, please.
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    It's not so much that people are hating the game, but the reason quite a lot arecancelling pre-orders and/or boycotting the game is because they don't support Activision's BS policy, which doesn't take into account, people who want actual physicals and don't have the luxuries of good internet connection. Shame Acti probably won't get the message either way, if Rise of the Dark Spark and the results of its sales causing them to blame the franchise rather than themselves, is anything to go by.
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    Never found anything particularly interesting about Mighty... Neither his design, his personality, nor his gameplay (clone in Chaotix, more of the same "copy Sonic's signature, throw a couple moves and call it a day" thing that I disliked ever since Advance 2 made Cream into this right after Advance 1's Amy showed that playable characters could be much more than that) did anything to get my interest. His only saving grace is being a curiosity, an obscure character that IMO should had stayed as a "Have you seen me?" cameo poster instead of wasting the slot that should had gone for Amy, who has much more merit in all areas, including visual design despite being a hedgehog. Also I'm not particularly fond of pacifists characters, as either they're boring or hypocrites. (Though none can ever beat Lynn Kaifun from Macross as the worst pacifist type character and his "I'm morally better than those guys who put their lives on the line to protect the civvies")
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    With Dark Samus being promoted, Knuckles being an AT, and with him nowhere in sight for two presentations, we all know that Shadow is all but confirmed at this point. But the big thing is, Sakurai and co. also know that we know that Shadow is all but confirmed at this point. Revealing only Shadow in a specific trailer, as 3rd Parties would be, would be an underwhelming revelation, something we knew was coming anyway, fan and developer alike. Basically what I'm saying is I have the strangest feeling that Eggman is about to drop in as well. The environment seems to be just right for it.
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    Sonic being "iconic" doesn't lend much worth to whether or not this particular movie is going to do well. It barely functions as a reason he'll be successful at anything nowadays. If the movie looks awful or people aren't jiving with the way it feels, no one's going to gravitate towards it. Certainly not when it comes to bringing in the casual, Non-Sonic fan audience. The context behind the way something looks and is presented and whether or not it fits the series it's apart of goes towards making a movie successful. It isn't blasphemous for Tomb Raider to see some success when all making a movie about it basically amounts to is making a generic action movie where you try to survive some stuff and fire guns at people. Rampage is even more of a non surprise. I didn't even know it was a video game movie until I saw a video of someone reviewing the trailer. That's because it looks like yet another giant monster movie. And it starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Its status as a video game movie barely matters in its case. Sonic might have had a better chance conforming to what it is by embracing being a cartoon, though, even then I doubt it'd see too much success unless the marketing for it was super good. But relying on SEGA to market Sonic properly is kind of a fool's errand unless it's something they have actual confidence in, like Mania. Just based on what I've seen and heard so far, I don't see this working comfortably enough as a natural movie and I also don't see it working on the front of being a faithful video game adaptation either.
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    Still absolutely idiotic this happened.
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    I hope the cutscenes are as expressive as Riders 1 and not like Sonic Forces/Lost World/Generations/Colours.
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