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    roses are red violets are blue BUT ENOUGH TALK HAVE AT YOU
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    Blue Wisp

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    *when you always try to be polite but people keep being rude so you have to break out the big guns and maybe throw in a heck or two to show ur srs*
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    >The guy cast to voice Sonic in the movie sounds like this
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    Am I the only one low key hoping for a feature in KH3, update or not, where you can dub your voice into the cutscenes?
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    Yo wait what? The X-men are getting their own Avengers No Surrender treatment event? The fuck? Why the hell did they not reaveal this at comi- con? Rosenburg and Tompson are on this, thats It's great news. Why Marvel?
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    Blue Wisp

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"

    "oh im gonna get ya mmmmmm"
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    "Remember, demons can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged!" oh god doom
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