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    One thing I definitely don't agree with, with regards to Forces, is that Sega/Sonic Team put /no/ passion or effort or care into making it. As if the whole time they were making it, they didn't give a damn at all. I just simply don't agree at all - I heard that before playing the game myself, and as I was playing, I SAW the effort and passion there. It was obvious to me in their attempt at a darker story, in their attempt at making the new villain Infinite, in them trying to do 3 different play styles in one game, and it was definitely there with the introduction of the Avatar/character customization and the soundtrack. I saw it myself, and I felt it. It never felt like I was playing a game made by people who didn't care OR who didn't try. Now, that being said, is it incredibly obvious that Sonic Mania had MORE effort and passion put into it? I'd absolutely say yes, and that's incredibly clear - even though I didn't play Mania myself, I watched my sibling play it, and I could see AND feel all of the passion and effort that went into that game. However, not having the same amount of passion and effort... doesn't mean that there wasn't any at all, y'know what I mean? Mania may have had more put into it, sure, but to then turn around and say that Forces had NONE and that people just basically shat it out without a care in the world or without legitimately trying to produce something good... nah, I totally disagree. If it's not good enough for you personally, if there wasn't enough passion and care for you personally, I can totally understand that. I just disagree that Forces is the result of people who didn't care and didn't try at all, and I didn't just come to this conclusion blindly - I played the game myself and I saw what was there, and I could see the care, the effort, the passion, the genuine attempt. It might not have been as much as with Mania, and there were clearly problems along the way, but it WAS there.
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    Well, for all Switch Owners, I wholeheartedly recommend A Hat in Time, it's a great 3D Platformer that harkens back the N64 era games and heavily inspired by Super Mario Sunshine, it's a great buy and I bet being able to play it anywhere will only enhance the experience. ...Now if you'll forgive me, I'll sit on a corner waiting half a year for the new DLC on PS4, since they only announced it for PC as of now.
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    My video game tastes are pretty niche (if that's the right word for it) compared to usual here. That, or I rarely ever actually talk about the games I like.
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    Well looks like I made it through another birthday. The second cake turned out good and the nachos were solid. My computer only gave me issues this morning and other wise worked fine. My little thrown together pic at least got me drawing something today and even though it's not great it serves its purpose for the most part. Now tomorrow it's back to the regular old grind and I can put another birthday behind me peacefully. Thanks to everyone who offered their support and sorry if I still came across as a downer. No promises about being more positive, but I'll at least have a go at being a little bit less pessimistic and negative. Have a good night everyone.
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    Art #49 -- No time like the... Bramblewood A5 Notebook - Page 30
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What controversy. There is not any controversy unless someone is literally 10 years old and their mom just popped their hand for saying heck or crap. IDW is NOT archie and this is noting new. They have much more freedom in language in their books. The stories are also more mature to a extent. I mean were on issue what 8 and we are having stories about the end of a war and people rebuilding their lifes and cities while still fighting and "some" are upset someone used the word CRAP. Hell this is just......just wow. Hell even damn has its use. say a bomb is about to go off and suddenly say neo tells sonic and oh while your dealing with that im about to burn down this village while flooding this city filled with children. A damn said under the breath would be fine.
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    I know it hasn't even been two days, but it feels like FOREVER since I been on here . . . Probably because I usually come here on my mobile, and since it caught fire a few days ago its been out of commission XD
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    The Moon should be playable. I can see the tag-line now. "The Moon CRASHES DOWN!"
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    everytime someone calls someone else the GOAT, i just imagine an actual like, triumphant goat
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    Wow! A game for the Vita in 2019? That's 2 forgotten things coming back next year
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    On the subject of the current team. All past Sonic games from Sumo were done by the Sheffield team, even the handhelds. Pretty sure this one is being done by the Nottingham team. But even if it was done by the Sheffield team, it's not the same team that was there when ASRT was being made, I know a lot of key figures have moved on, but even down to the QA team, it looks really different to the team that was there during the ASRT days.
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    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I have absolutely no faith in modern Sonic anymore lol. And this is coming from someone who loved Unleashed and thought Sonic Lost World was a good game (but don't really blame people who don't like it and can see where it failed) Classic Sonic has always been my preferred gameplay for Sonic, and I think classic is in good hands, but unless Sega completely restructures how they approach general Sonic development (and tbh I have my doubts that Sonic Team is looking at Mania and actually comprehending why people like it so much, at least to an extent that they can reasonably apply it to their own philosophy), modern Sonic is gonna rot away 'cause I don't feel like there's anyone left at Sonic Team who truly cares about it anymore. Sonic Forces is fucking terrible. I played half of it - no, more than that since I got to stage 20 or so, and I could not fucking bring myself to finish it at all. Like, it's weird, I don't hate it in the sense that I have very much emotional investment in it to truly hate it in the first place (my most hated 3D Sonic is probably Heroes, and I managed to finish that one few times over the past decade). But it's positively without a doubt one of the worst 3D Sonic games ever made. It's one of those games that's so bad that it made me lose complete faith in the developers and I can't comprehend at all how they can turn around from this without getting someone who cares about 3D Sonic about as much as Whitehead and Thomley care about 2D Sonic. Which means kicking every higher-up out the window and starting fresh with a new team of passionate individuals who actually know a thing or two about good, interesting new ideas Bring on Mania 2. It upsets me but I can't bring myself to care about modern anymore because I am not part of whatever audience Sega thinks they're trying to target with shitty output like Rise of Lyric or Forces.
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    Same difference. He's made claims like this before, multiple times, and has come up with squat, each and every time. There won't be a winter release, just like the last time there wasn't a winter release, or the summer release before that.
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    When will you learn that giving Penders ANY kind of benefit of the doubt is asking to be disappointed? Either way, not a whole lot to say. We've seen this song and dance before, and until something actually comes of it, all it amounts to is a lot of hot air.
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    Oh well... I told my dentist about the jaw pains and migraines so if he could give me an earlier appointment, then he would have. The only way I'm going to get fixed sooner, is if there was a cancelation...
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    The moral of the story is to not take these kinds of statements at face value. @Polkadi~♪ Devs will often eventually go where the money is unless they're under contract.
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    I never thought about it before, but I hope the DW Christmas specials under Chris Chibnall will continue to be actually “Christmassy”. That was one of the best things about Moffat’s run, and I’d hate to see them slip back into the RTD-style “standard adventure you’d expect to see in any other episode except it’s happening at Christmastime” fare.
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    How do you perceive Sonic (the character)?

    Dat salt. For me, Sonic is somewhere between : - a sarcastic kinda-jerky heroes with a massive ego (mostly how I see the american vision of Sonic) - a constantly-moving, slightly overexcited and thrill-addicted traveller (mostly how I see him in game like SA and Shadow the Hedgehog) - a laidback and sarcastic, nearly lazy, with a heart of gold (how he appears sometimes in Sonic Heroes) And add a lot of freedom and never-giving-up tropes (that's always usefull) in here, in most incarnation. And when something is able to take all that and blend it well together, I'm happy.
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    Nintendo Direct Megathread

    After they flat out said earlier that Hat in Time "won't" be coming to Switch... Yeah, I'm surprised this got announced. And I'm mad, too. I bought it on sale on PS4 a while back and haven't even gotten a chance to play it yet. And here its now coming to Switch anyway. Like wow. Well, I already have it on PS4, so I'll probably just play that version instead when I get the chance. Maybe I'll work on it after I finish my current Indie game I'm working on, Cosmic Star Heroine.
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    she do a puff. makes a good emote
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    Life is Strange 2 official reveal trailer:
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    Hat in Time is coming to Switch suddenly! Also getting local co-op and a new chapter as DLC. Good stuff.
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    Headcanon: Vektor joined forces with Silver and Blaze so they can all traverse time and space to find God.
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    Sonic Manga Translations

    Him and the SA1 writer.
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    i tried drawing sonic characters again, and they're almost chibi-like to the point they look like kids. and it looks adorable too :v One day, I will reach Yuji Uekawa's level! He's got the style of Sonic I wanna shoot for.
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    Ducktales (2017)

    Apple shortbread pie with a scoop of sea-salt ice cream
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    Its not. But its clearly used in place of "OMFG" which is a swear. The fact that someone came in here and brought it up. and some time later we are still talking about it says otherwise. Personally, I could care less about the language. Crap is harmless to me and I wouldn't bat an eye if the writer went a little bit farther down that road. But at the same time, we all know what its a stand in for, so if someone took offense to it, I'd understand that too. Hence, why I like to go the creative route. ^^
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    Yeah, that's early for me, too, so I'll probably skip out as well. I can always find out later.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'd rather the comics include some mild cursing where appropriate (i.e. When the damn writers aren't going out of their damn way to force damn swear words into every damn sentence like in Shadow the damn Hedgehog) than bend over backwards to avoid it at all costs. People swear, it's a fact of life. Trying to use euphemisms or write around an offending word (especially a mild one) can come off as awkward when a succinct , "Oh crap!" would get the job done better.
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    So quick birthday update before nachos for dinner; Computer trouble to start the day Cake fell out of the spring form-pan and oven while nowhere near done Thought a great birthday gift would be seeing my wonky little Amy/Rosy design drawn again so whipped up this sloppy and haphazard scribble Other than that uneventful so far. Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the day, or at least trouble free.
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    Mania Glitch Thread

    Alright, here's a thing: I took Tails through (what is usually) Knuckles' LRZ 2 exit to Hidden Palace/the Heavy King fight. At the checkpoint before the fight you can fly up/left to reach a platform and then up/right and you can trigger the Heavy Rider fight. Rider's stunt ramps are semisolid to the players for some reason, and I softlocked the level transition by standing on the left ramp because the characters wanted to run off to the right but kept slipping back (hitting pause skipped to MMZ though). e: and if you don't get stuck on a platform you run off into a wall and the transition softlocks anyway.
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    The roster seems more of a Sonic Team/Sega decision rather than Sumo picking and choosing which Sonic characters to have, probably explains the character decisions. For some reason Vector's car reminds me of this. As for the game itself, it looks like it tries to be like the first two but something seems off looking at the footage just can't put my finger to it and don't mean the team talk either. Then again will this game get a higher score than All-Star Fruit Racing as in its competitor? Oh never knew that they had a Nottingham team, thought it is just Sheffield and their art studio in India. (looks it up and also finds out that they have studios in Newcastle and bought The Chinese Room too, also restructured since the Foundation 9 days) Not the same Sumo indeed and imagine that the people that were there during the Gremlin/Infogrames Sheffield House/early Sumo days are all retired. So if it is done in Nottingham, then it is their first ever game. When a studio does a game for the first time, it is always unproven especially considered the reputation that the studio as a whole had when it comes to the Sega titles. Since it opened in 2016, then this game would have been in development for 2 years max but probably even less than that. It is a bit of a concern since it is pretty much a new team lacking in experience just using a well known name. That sounds pretty familiar doesn't it?
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    They could shoot some really beautiful shots there.
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    I wanna see a Kiwi Sonic character.

    I wanna see a Kiwi Sonic character.
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    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I agree with you there. I never understood the idea behind people without much context saying how 2D games will get old and boring... yet 3D games doesn't have this curse somehow? Doesn't make any logic to me. A good game is a good game and a bad game is a bad game, being 2D or 3D don't change that by itself. If the 2D games got boring to everybody later-on then it's simply because the new titles don't have enough interesting good ideas put into them and or good enough execution of ideas... and going 3D instead wouldn't fix that problem.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Apparently crap is now a bad word...of the mild variety no doubt. Hopefully this reaction doesn't become the norm.
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    It would be so much more amusing if Eggman ripped his hair during one of his temper tantrums after being foiled one time too many. XP
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    Maybe he cuts his hair to make it short enough to wear bald cap.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    "Dorky Silver" is when he's at his best imo. Gives the guy some humility without turning him into a complete joke. Him trying his hardest to be friendly but being a bit awkward just makes him endearing compared to when he was just another stiff imo. I like the contrast between Silver trying to be more of a proper hero and Sonic's more laidback approach to everything.
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    His character is actually radically different in personality to Sonic or Knuckles, and before Mania I never saw any reference to super strength (except his name) in any game he was in, SegaSonic or Chaotix. This is his profile from the Japanese Chaotix manual (posted on http://info.sonicretro.org/Chaotix_manuals )... Mighty the Armadillo Gender: Male Age: 16 years old Hobbies: Peaceful walks through the woods Likes: Tranquility, nature Dislikes: Violence A traveler who feels that his purpose in life is journeying out to various places. He exhibits an amazing ability to completely turn predicaments around if he's put in one, but he's a gentle guy who doesn't like acting rough. He happened to arrive on this island and get caught up in a fuss...
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    Man you really sold me on introvert Sonic. Your read on what he's doing when dispensing philosophy (he's deflecting) really clinches it for me. I've never really been able to see Game!Sonic as anything but an extrovert, he's sociable, and making friends just seems to come as natural as breathing to his main incarnation, but I've always found the introvert of Sonic X fascinating. It was a trait in myself that I have never seen in Sonic before. Now it's possibly my favorite take on the character and in Sonic X he lines up perfectly with your description. Another surprising trait that's stuck out to me is how calm and lackadaisical he can be when he doesn't have a world to save. Again in the early days Sonic was often described as brash and impatient but those elements are severely down played ever since Sonic gained a voice. OVA!Sonic kicks back on a lounge chair at the beach, and low and behold Adventure 1 opens up to practically the same scene, and he's sleeping under a tree at the end of it. Again in Sonic X there isn't a tree or roof he hasn't slept on, or flower he hasn't sniffed. My take away is that he travels for a purpose, he runs to a destination and takes the time to appreciate the location, nature, culture etc. That's why I love the fact his Japanese voice actor is bilingual. It gives credence to Sonic's image as an experienced world traveler.
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    In SC/ SG e SLW Sonic and Tails were forced too much. I didn't feel any emotions when Tails protected Sonic from Eggman in Sonic Colours, or when he was thrown in the capsule by mistake. There is no feeling, it doesn't keep you on "spikes", is just a mass of "try hard" scenes that, honestly, didn't work. And in my opinion 2010-present Sonic Isn't Sonic, is a flat clone.
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    Sonic's ideal characterization topic

    Well, better late than never to respond ...Where do I begin ? Why I don't like them for how they are represented in Colors, quoting your points ? You said "two true long-time friends"...To me, it looks more like they barely tollerate each other. "- enjoying a trip at an amusement park" I thought they were trying, you know, to investigate on Eggman's sudden change of heart. And for being an amusement park, it looks pretty dead and boring. "- throwing snarky yet harmless wisecracks at each other" You mean like this ? Seriously, they look more like they don't like that much each other, even from what they say to one another. And Sonic contraddicts himself, since in the previous cutscene... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Le-Cn4p-ESI Pontac and Graff, do you know what consisctency is ? "- laughing for something stupid only they found really funny" And here's the problem : only THEY found their jokes so funny, but instead of just doing it once, they CONSTANTLY rub the bad, tasteless joke in your face, as to say "Did you get it ? Huh ??? Isn't it great ??? Huh ?? Huh ???? LAUGH, YOU IDIOT !". "Baldy McNosehair", the "Clobbering" joke, the "Copyright" joke aren't funny. They are trying hard to be "smart humor", but they only result in being annoying as hell, repetitive, and as juvenile as a Teletubbies or Dora The Explorer episode. "- eventually putting themselves in danger to protect one another" Perhaps you're referring to the Mind Control Ray cutscene (too lazy and disgusted to look for it). Because that's the only cutscene where this actually happens... then they go "Fuck it ! This thing is too dark and interesting...Let's throw EVEN more jokes for the sake of it !!!" Tails is always depicted as pissy-pants wimp, with a propension to be cynical and passive aggressive throughout the game. Seriously, he can't even build a proper translator, just because Pontac and Graff decided to screw his character too. "They mock Eggman like bullies because... well because Eggman is a villainic doctor who captures and tortures cute little critters/aliens to create his army of robots." Well, thanks for reminding me he is the villain. Because he's no more threatening or competent than Team Rocket. He is that pathetic now. And when the villain is so ineffective and silly, of course you start siding more with him than the so-called heroes. Especially when he's got so useless minions. At least, he's trying to fulfill his role as the villain (terribly bad and unthreatingly, but he tries). Those little pricks are nothing more than "LOL MCNOSEHAIR IZ DUMB !!! I'M SO COOL AND FUNNY!!!" and "SONIC, YOU LOOKS SO STUPID AND LAME WHEN YOU TO TALK TO YOURSELF, BUT I'M STILL FOLLOWING YOU ANYWAY !!!" Plus, all this bro-behaviour makes sounds Sonic sooo...dumb, one-dimensional and petty. This is trying hard to be cool by trying to be like "kids these days". Not to mention how every lines sounds even worse in Roger's mouth. He's just the worst choice for Sonic. Period I prefer to spare you the details on how I would represent them, because I already did in my original post. And why should we be satified only with "two friends minding their own business". Where's the action ? Where the energy ? Where the real fun ? Why should I sit through an unbearable lousy sitcom, instead of something MUCH more interesting. Unleashed was also about close friendship, but compared to Colors, it has that whimsical, profound sense of bond and emotions. Colors, and Sonic and Tails' friendship in there, has no soul, no development, no evolution. It's just jokes. And Lost World is even worse, because if by P&G's standards, character development = character butchering and unlikeability, then they are terrible writers. Colors didn't sell much not only because it was Nintendo-exclusive, but also because it was so infuriantingly childish, and the gameplay and the contents (Were there even contents in that game?) were so lazy, so pandering to specific, niche audiences (Classic fans and Nintendo/Mario fans), that the game went pretty much unseen outside the Sonic fanbase. Its successis FAKE, biased critics said it was good, and everybody blindly and hive-mindedly agreed. To a lot of unheard and disappointed people who preferred either to stay mute or to leave Sonic entirely, it was boring and it didn't save anything. It was just lazy and haphazardly made.
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    So I know this topic is really old and completely forgotten by now, but I kinda want to bring up something that I wasn't really sure where to put it, or if I wanted to start up a new topic that won't really get anywhere: Sonic strangely always strikes me as a person who is exactly what he appears to be (friendly, heroic, freedom and stuff)...but only when everything works to his favor, and he isn't the cause of the problem. Think about it: In almost every adventure he's ever been in, most of the things that go bad tend to be the result of outside forces, and rarely has he ever been in a situation where bad stuff happens BECAUSE of his philosophy on life, or his own personal actions. Granted you could note cases such as Unleashed and Lost World, but I'm a little iffy on both because of the former not really doing anything with the concept due to a lack of development plotwise in that regard, and the latter handling the concept so clumsily that I honestly felt like it didn't really do it very well.
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