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    So, after a very long time, I finally have my own car! Used, from a family friend who's also an engineer, so it's in incredible condition, almost feels like it's new. It's very satisfying to drive a car of my own, rather than borrow my mom or dads car like I have been this past year.
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    I have sinned. anD THERE'S NO GOING BACK
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    <video> Previously-undiscovered SF64 secret
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    When artists say they made a drawing on their phones and call it a quick five minute sketch when it looks better than what I can do in 30 minutes
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    Goku will use the Dragon Balls to revive all the fallen fighters when he gets announced for Smash
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    Well, for all Switch Owners, I wholeheartedly recommend A Hat in Time, it's a great 3D Platformer that harkens back the N64 era games and heavily inspired by Super Mario Sunshine, it's a great buy and I bet being able to play it anywhere will only enhance the experience. ...Now if you'll forgive me, I'll sit on a corner waiting half a year for the new DLC on PS4, since they only announced it for PC as of now.
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    My video game tastes are pretty niche (if that's the right word for it) compared to usual here. That, or I rarely ever actually talk about the games I like.
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    Well looks like I made it through another birthday. The second cake turned out good and the nachos were solid. My computer only gave me issues this morning and other wise worked fine. My little thrown together pic at least got me drawing something today and even though it's not great it serves its purpose for the most part. Now tomorrow it's back to the regular old grind and I can put another birthday behind me peacefully. Thanks to everyone who offered their support and sorry if I still came across as a downer. No promises about being more positive, but I'll at least have a go at being a little bit less pessimistic and negative. Have a good night everyone.
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    Wasn't too lost on Fallout. A fun time.
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    When you think about it, Amy in the pre-Unleashed era was honestly one of the more influential characters, even if her role wasn't always combat orientated. Sonic and the more combat oriented people might be the big faces of the band so to speak, but in many ways she was the one who often times noticed or helped out in the small but important ways that others overlooked. Take Gamma for instance: A machine who blindly followed orders no matter what, proving himself to be the best of Eggman's robotic soldiers at the time, but harboring doubts when he saw Eggman's callousness towards his fellow machines who had failed. She managed to influence Gamma to start doubting Eggman and was brave enough to stand against Sonic despite him wanted to destroy Gamma, thus allowing for Gamma to not only turn against Eggman despite his limited programming, but also drive him to destroy several of Eggman's strongest soldiers at the time and free his trapped Flicky family. Shadow was a grief-stricken revenge minded person, driven only by distorted memories of his past and friend, and a desire to punish humanity for destroying his life. She managed to get through Shadow's memory block in Sonic Adventure 2 where no one else was able to and convince him of the error of his actions and the true intentions of his dead friend, not only allowing for the world to be saved from Gerald's revenge beyond the grave, but also in the long term ensured a permanent new ally in the fight against evil. Silver was a well-intended, but sadly gullible pawn who was so desperate for the salvation of his future, that he was mislead by evil into nearly ensuring a far worse future for everyone. Yet deep down he harbored doubts of his mission, but did not see any reason to change since he believed it was what needed to be done, even if unpleasant. She was able to plant the seeds of doubt in Silver's mind in the erased 06 continuity by defending Sonic from him despite the drastic power difference, and made him start questioning his actions working for Mephiles, thus ensuring that in the long term he would be able to help put an end to the threat of Solaris. She's not the best fighter, and her bratty moments and obsession with Sonic does get in her way at times, but when the chips were down, she often times ended up being a more important catalyst for change for several of the most prominent characters in the franchise than any amount of the flashy kickassery of her larger than life friends, and did so primarily through her smaller actions of being an honest and kind soul.
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    Egg Dragoon from Unleashed is probably my favorite boss theme in the entire series....... so the theme you hear when fighting it in Forces is like a twisted, sick joke or something
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    http://vidadepostureo.tumblr.com/post/176730082996/audio-please please watch this video with the sound on
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    I know it hasn't even been two days, but it feels like FOREVER since I been on here . . . Probably because I usually come here on my mobile, and since it caught fire a few days ago its been out of commission XD
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    I never thought about it before, but I hope the DW Christmas specials under Chris Chibnall will continue to be actually “Christmassy”. That was one of the best things about Moffat’s run, and I’d hate to see them slip back into the RTD-style “standard adventure you’d expect to see in any other episode except it’s happening at Christmastime” fare.
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    she do a puff. makes a good emote
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    Life is Strange 2 official reveal trailer:
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    The tech in those new RTX graphics cards looks mad cool, but I really wish these huge advancements were applied to consoles, first and foremost. That way the industry might actually design around this tech, and make games easier to make and look better across the board, as a standard; as is, it just feels like games will have the "option" for this lighting model now, which is a lot less interesting imo and might just make things harder to pull off across the board. Though just having the ability to have realtime raytracing in the first place with even the low-end cards is really tempting personally, even if I have no idea whether I'd use it or not
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/7wsezq/a_hat_in_time_devs_confirm_that_the_game_will_not/?espv=1#ampf=undefined Ahahahahahahaga! I'm sorry, what was that game that people swore would never come to Switch and called optimistic folk like myseld fools to expect? Let's see, was it? A Bowler Hat In The Future? Ehhehehe.
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    Watching this really makes you realize how much of a blessing this man is.
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    Hat in Time is coming to Switch suddenly! Also getting local co-op and a new chapter as DLC. Good stuff.
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    i tried drawing sonic characters again, and they're almost chibi-like to the point they look like kids. and it looks adorable too :v One day, I will reach Yuji Uekawa's level! He's got the style of Sonic I wanna shoot for.
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    Reaction: “Amy isn’t playable in Mania because she’s a damsel in distress in the classic branch.”
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    I still find it hilarious how, of all the things Maruku could have been mistranslated as during the localization process of Kirby Super Star, Nintendo's localizers chose Marx. Henceforth convincing several people in the anglosphere that said villain is not just a lying creepy douchebag, but also a metaphor for Communism.
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    on one hand I'm sad that we're getting a third CG Star Wars show in a row rather than something like Genndy's 2D clone wars series, but on the other, I will admit that this show's production values look really good for a TV show, and it's one of the best looking attempts at the Cel-shaded look I've seen on a TV show too, beating out previous stuff Disney's done like Tron Uprising, which already looked good in a "you've gotta get used to it" kind of way. Still not Paperman-level, but it's something.
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    Five minutes into Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie and the legend himself is there to say his iconic line
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    I misheard face wash and face watch, so I almost immediately thought this: Facewatch: Facebook’s new smart watch.
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    So quick birthday update before nachos for dinner; Computer trouble to start the day Cake fell out of the spring form-pan and oven while nowhere near done Thought a great birthday gift would be seeing my wonky little Amy/Rosy design drawn again so whipped up this sloppy and haphazard scribble Other than that uneventful so far. Hopefully it stays that way for the rest of the day, or at least trouble free.
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    Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins) ft. Jasmine Harvey aka Fallen4Freedom (46% complete) Added flutes and strings to the last part before the chord change. Sometimes you gotta just take a song and shuffle it around a little bit. Variety. The chord change was a tough part to get through. It was indeed as I predicted it would be. I had to make it connect to the next part, which I wanted to start died out somehow, so I made an abrupt end and a two measure break. Sounds bad on paper but the added effects I have really make those instruments really pop. After I get this next part down, I'll be ready for Jasmine to record her vocals. It's funny because it's like she understands the direction I want to take with this, without even having to ask. Great minds think alike I suppose, and hopefully it shows in the final product. I'm trying my best, as usual
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