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    Most people just want regulations that mean only responsible gun owners can purchase/access them. Proper vetting, proper training, psychological exams, proper licenses that need to be renewed every few years, no access to firearms that are specifically designed to mow down mass amounts of people in a military setting (not applicable to this particular disaster but all the same). The majority basically want a situation that shouldn't affect a responsible gun owner's ability to own a gun - if they're actually responsible and don't just see gun ownership as a power-trip.
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    Link to Download https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-chaos-turquoise-hill-demo.228/ OST Playlist:
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    You're not wrong, but...what does that have to do with Sonic Team? The fan gaming community hasn't figured out 3D Sonic level design yet because fan-made 3D Sonic games have only started to become viable relatively recently, while Sonic Team (for whatever that name means over the length of time involved) has been making 3D Sonics for about two decades now and still can't get it right. Plus you're comparing amateurs and hobbyists to professionals who are being paid to make this shit. It should never have even come to a point where fans are being looked to to figure out 3D Sonic; that Sonic Team has had so many opportunities to get things right and has squandered all of them is why people have gotten so desperate. Really? Trying to make an Adventure-like engine is just being an uncreative tryhard, but all the attempts at making an Unleashed-like engine shows the superiority of that style? Damn near every fan game, 2D or 3D, classic, adventure, or modern, is iterating on something Sonic Team's done. There's no more inherent creativity or value in a fan game that expects you to boost between chains of springs and dash pads and one that expects you to spindash between chains of springs and dash pads.
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    Upon revisiting old sprite animations, I found something pretty funny in hindsight:
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    HHHHHH heistuxedomask Idontbelieveit
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    Decided to made another picture. So, I imagine what will the movie feel like if Sonic's friends appear and interact with the human characters in the upcoming movie? I imagine James and Tika having an campfire with Sonic and his friends. So, here you go. Hope you all like it!:
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    Recently discovered Imgur's image editor.
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    I kinda like this SEGA of sourcing some of their IPs to these kind of developers, yeah it's bittersweet the SEGA of old aren't the ones doing the developing themselves, but fck it with this at least they're caring just enough to revive an old IP for modern audiences anyway Besides, despite that, their output these past couple of years has been pretty freaking great sooo STREETS OF RAGE FOOOOOOOOOUR
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    Well I just learned something mildly depressing. Brian Murray, voice actor of John Silver from Treasure Planet died about 6 days ago.
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    Everything about this looks great. The artwork, the gameplay, the level and enemy design, the sprite work, the music...all of it. I wouldn't mind this being official at all.
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    Yes, we've reached a point where in a game that had both Tails and Charmy in it, the one that got the most overwhelming negative reception and complaints was Tails. They know whose popular and they know to exploit that. They just don't know how. The popular characters are getting messed up while the less popular ones don't get to show up. It's a messy oil spill that they keep trying to clean up with a used napkin.
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    Team idea... Sonic Man (speed) Pelé the beloved dog (tech) Orca (power) Don't forget about Pelé, he's too important.
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    It amazes me how the MLP movie got two Marvel actors (Zoe Saldana aka Gamora and Michel Cena aka Louis from the Antman movie).
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    I only was able to try a few SAGE entries last night, but let me jist say that Crash N. Tense is among the top of my list. For only three levels there's so much charm put into it already. The animations of Crash and Coco are wonderfully done and full of life. Controls feel tight and responsive; never once it felt off to me when jumping or attacking. I do have one issue though. After the first checkpoint in Coco's level with the shuttle loop. That boost pad will send you right to your death since the camera is so low it won't pan down when your driving through it. It can't keep up with the speed you're going, so it's a lost life for you
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    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    This is wonderful news, SOR was my favorite beat-em-up as a kid. I just hope there are more than two playable characters. There almost certainly will be, two is far too little. My boi Yuzo must make a comeback or no sale
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    It would be nice if there was an easy way yeah. But there isn't. Making these changes will be hard, and... well I was gonna say the people in charge of america are lazy or cowardly but that's not really the case. They just don't care because it doesn't affect them because they're all rich pieces of shit that don't go to the public spaces where mass shootings happen.
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    Eat your pizza.

    Eat your pizza.
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    I really like the idea of collecting emeralds to get new abilities in sonic islands, even cooler is the fact that you can upgrade them simply doing what the series is known for, going fast and exploring. Really hope they develop this further as I see loads of potential with the skillset sonic has here.
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    of what i've played of sage, my top 5 (in no particular order) is sonic islands, sonic chaos, crash n.tense adventure, kyle & lucy, and cosmic boll. if you skipped over any of these i'd highly suggest going back and taking a look at them; they're all solidly made, aesthetically appealing, and decently creative
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    So do we agree that if another NiGHTS game is announced it should be outsourced too?
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    A video about Pixar/Disney twist villains
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    Hey SEGA, can we get a new NiGHTS game and NiGHTS himself into Smash please?
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    Final Fantasy Type 0 is a horror movie. Only 10min in and a Chocobo gets gunned down!
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    Big Panda

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think I’d rather have a classic book as a miniseries. An ongoing classic book wouldn’t add anything to the worldbuilding of the main book because, well, they’re different continuities.
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    Tails would have worked fine as an Assist without even using melee attacks, though. He could have tried to carry you off the stage, or use the Tornado to fire projectiles and act as a platform. Not that I'm bothered, since I'm ok with either.
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    Hot damn, Vegeta Baby's Revenge Death Ball can one-shot someone if done right, lol.
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    So I posted here asking for some challenges a while back and I got a suggestion or should I say around six suggestions from @tailsBOOM! the only one of notice was the Sonic/Marvel crossover idea. So for a quick bit of shits and giggles I dressed up some Sonic characters as some far lesser known Marvel characters. So from left to right Rory the bear (Pre-Genesis wave Archie) dressed up as one off mutant Dominic Desford, Ash Mongoose (Pre-Genesis wave Archie) dressed up as one note villian Hawd Boiled Henwy, Ray the flying squirrel (And ringleader of this mess as usual) as OP mutant villain Styfe, Blaze the cat dressed up as Rusty Collins A.K.A. Firefist (I wanted to draw Blaze out of character super pissed lol) and Saffron Bee (Pre-Genesis wave Archie.) as Dragoness minion of Stryfe (Kind of fitting since I headcanon Ray and Saffron stuck together as a brother/sister dynamic.) Sadly for you TailsBOOM you will not be getting any more free stuff from me anymore. After the amount of suggestions you've posted in two of my suggestions status, I'm drawing a line in sand. If you want anymore stuff from me you'll have to commission me from now on.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    All of these would be really great, for me. Personnaly, what I would like for Y2 (or following years) is : - At least a storyline in the Human World, with returning location from the Adventure. Bonus point if it's a storyline that use the two world setting in an interesting way, but just having some Adventure or Unleashed location would make me happy. If we see the portal and that it's a really cool and impressive thing (like something huge, or with a "ancient technology" look), it would be nice, too. - More worldbuilding and lore. Not a "world tour arc" like in the past, but just naming some location adding some stuff that happened in the past, some things to make the world more alive. - Another comic-book, to have more space to develop story and add side-story. For me a Sonic Universe-like with side stories is what is really missing for IDWSonic, because it would be space to play with the other characters. And I wouldn't be unhappy if characters for other continuity showed, as I love use of legacy Sonic content.
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    I've just learned that Clip Studio Paint can manipulate a drawn line. You can curve a straight line, make it think or thinner and it even has special rulers that can help create speed lines. This stuff it gold! I've gotta test it all out! XD 🤩
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    My Hero Academia

    Mm... Well, I know that Naruto has two moves that are canon to its story, but it's literally the final two movies that have been created for the franchise. (Naruto: The Last which takes place between chapters 699 and 700, and Boruto: The Movie which takes place after chapter 700) But honestly, it's not so common for anime movies to really be canon to the actual manga story itself. It's definitely becoming more common for the actual mangaka creators to be involved with the movie projects (i.e. Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Hero Academia mangaka writing the story/script/doing character designs for their recent anime movies!)
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    Oh yeah, Psylocke became white again this week. Yup, that happened. Real talk: This wolverine stuff seems to just be about cleaning up the X-men bit by bit while establishing new ongoing story set ups. Like with X-23
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    Hayao Mado-zaki

    Hayao Mado-zaki
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    Was really happy a second ago when I heard the original Exiles books were discounted on Comixology. Turns out it's the Claremont sequel to the original run. And it's got one hell of a bad reputation.
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    this is so damn cool
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    I’m more sick of the main four as a group that’s seen as one that should be constantly together because “fuck circumstances.“ There’s nothing wrong with them as individual characters...bar Sonic Team’s inept handling of them. It not like others have farred better, mind you, but the main four getting the kind of preferential treatment regardless of any poor quality really does say something about the standards held among the characters. I’ve always said I’d prefer a mix of the cast...the only series that has given me that so far was Archie, and to a different extent IDW comics.
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    I'm getting sick of the main four

    I'm tired of James Bond movies being about James Bond. Or why every Kirby game has to star Kirby? How dare they assume being a lead character entitles them to anything! Not that I don't share the sentiment (to some degree), but this is how pretty much every franchise works. Someone is a main character someone is not. And before someone nitpick, Princess Peach's job position is stable too, even if Mario has 2 more princesses. All important Marvel character were made in 60s/70s (plus Cap from 40s), etc, etc. Franchises don't tend to change their leads, with some self explanatory examples (lives action like Star trek, constant reboots like Final Fantasy, etc)
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    Don't even joke like that! Sega will listen and we all know what's next! (But if Sega was smart they would put a GUN Truck. Come one, it's already a car. Preferably with chainsaws)
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    I miss having politicians who could be respectful despite disagreeing and competing with each other. Make America Classy Again.
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    I'm having a whale of a time reading this thread, guys. But I think we orca change the subject now.
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    Team Sonic Racing - GamesCom Impressions

    I really hope someone from the dev team has been reading our threads to see the reaction to the game and personally takes a moment to go to the designer who plonked the Transformed Orca into the ice track (where, due to budget constraints, the alternative would've been... nothing), and say "hey remember when you did that on a whim as a quick idea to liven up the track? The fanbase talked about it for an entire page of a forum thread." Or alternative scenario, it's such a distinctive animation that someone on the team painstakingly recreated both the model and said animation because the original was unusable for some reason, as a really subtle easter egg for Sonic Transformed fans, and the entire effort was for nothing lol.
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    Sonic Duels: Chao VS Wisp

    Honestly I think Chao are sort of treated like the "Green Hill Zone" of characters. Green Hill Zone is the "HEY REMEMBER THIS" for casual/grown-up Sonic fans, while Chao is that for Adventure-era fans exclusively. For a while they were a major part of the lore, much as Wisps... sort of are now, but their whole point was customisation, so seeing "NPC" chao doesn't really have any value to anyone. People who weren't around for the Adventure era have no reason to care about them, and for the people who were, the "HEY GUYS REMEMBER CHAO" feeling presumebly kinda stings as they continually can't offer anything more for chao fans than references to the fact that they were once relevant. I feel they don't really have any "innate" appeal like bringing back a character for a spin-off. Like say, if Tikal was in Team Sonic Racing, I'm sure a lot of people who hadn't played Sonic Adventure might still like her, because her personality would still shine through as-is. Default, uncustomisable Chao don't have any personality, as evidenced by the fact that they need Omochao at the wheel to provide dialogue. They don't really have that same appeal other than, as said, "HEY GUYS REMEMBER CHAO", and being a good generic copy-pastable character for crowds in Mario & Sonic or racing spin-offs. Their continued appearance in the series is certainly throwing a bone towards chao garden fans... but it's just that. A bone. Not a scrap of meat on it. Though that's just how I see Chao right now, which this topic sort of gave me a platform to think about and articulate. To respond to the topic more directly, I don't find Chao vs Wisps to be all that comparable other than being "cute small creatures that are very different from the main cast of characters in design". They serve extremely different purposes when it comes down to gameplay - and when you are looking at that, you might as well be making a thread for "Chao Gardens vs Sonic Mania Power-Up Monitors" or "Chao Gardens vs Sonic Advance 3 Team-Up Move System". All I can say though is that I don't care a huge amount either way. Chao Gardens, Wisps, I'm fine with neither, because I wanna do platforming as vanilla Sonic really. Wisp sections get in the way of that when they're mandatory to finish levels or even just reach certain routes. And of course, Chao Gardens contain no platforming, and I don't play Sonic games to do not-platforming. Their absence or inclusion wouldn't affect me a huge amount for that reason.
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    Way after the fact but been meaning to get to this for a while, but Sonic did still visit Soleanna for the festival even after the Flame of Hope was extinguished so Soleanna and Elise are still part of the world.
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    Its comforting to see everyone having fun on set. The opposite happened during the filming of the live action Mario Movie 😕
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    Mad Convoy

    Your outlook for the 3D series

    "Looking for a conveniently vague rebuttal"? Woah, that's very presumptuous. I was genuinely wrong about my information there, and I will fix my previous post accordingly. But there was no ill intent or intentional desperate reaching on my part. I was simply, well, mistaken. And it isn't even the only point I made.
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    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I agree with you there. I never understood the idea behind people without much context saying how 2D games will get old and boring... yet 3D games doesn't have this curse somehow? Doesn't make any logic to me. A good game is a good game and a bad game is a bad game, being 2D or 3D don't change that by itself. If the 2D games got boring to everybody later-on then it's simply because the new titles don't have enough interesting good ideas put into them and or good enough execution of ideas... and going 3D instead wouldn't fix that problem.
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