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    Holy shit! Holy shit! Oh Sega what are you doing this year!?
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    Most people just want regulations that mean only responsible gun owners can purchase/access them. Proper vetting, proper training, psychological exams, proper licenses that need to be renewed every few years, no access to firearms that are specifically designed to mow down mass amounts of people in a military setting (not applicable to this particular disaster but all the same). The majority basically want a situation that shouldn't affect a responsible gun owner's ability to own a gun - if they're actually responsible and don't just see gun ownership as a power-trip.
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    Link to Download https://sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/sonic-chaos-turquoise-hill-demo.228/ OST Playlist:
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    WHEEZE art credit

    WHEEZE art credit
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    The biggest reason why I’m not pumped for this game is that it just feels inappropriate to be celebrating Modern Sonic at this point. Like, yeah, I harbor a deep attachment to the series, but ever since the original ASR, every other game has been some kind of Sonic celebration. On top of that, I don’t really feel like Modern Sonic deserves it right now. After being disappointed by Lost World, we waited 4 years - almost unprecedented for this franchise - only to get a hollow, slapdash, passionless product in Sonic Forces. Children who played the last great 3D Sonic game - Generations - are now in high school. Sonic needs to get a new mainline title that dramatically improves upon Forces in every area. Until then, I’m not interested in another “victory” lap. Game looks fun, though.
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    Sonic Chaos Reimagined (Fan Game)

    Definitely going to have to try this out later. Wouldn't mind if all the 8-bit games got this treatment, actually.
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    You're not wrong, but...what does that have to do with Sonic Team? The fan gaming community hasn't figured out 3D Sonic level design yet because fan-made 3D Sonic games have only started to become viable relatively recently, while Sonic Team (for whatever that name means over the length of time involved) has been making 3D Sonics for about two decades now and still can't get it right. Plus you're comparing amateurs and hobbyists to professionals who are being paid to make this shit. It should never have even come to a point where fans are being looked to to figure out 3D Sonic; that Sonic Team has had so many opportunities to get things right and has squandered all of them is why people have gotten so desperate. Really? Trying to make an Adventure-like engine is just being an uncreative tryhard, but all the attempts at making an Unleashed-like engine shows the superiority of that style? Damn near every fan game, 2D or 3D, classic, adventure, or modern, is iterating on something Sonic Team's done. There's no more inherent creativity or value in a fan game that expects you to boost between chains of springs and dash pads and one that expects you to spindash between chains of springs and dash pads.
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    Upon revisiting old sprite animations, I found something pretty funny in hindsight:
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    I like this new sega strat where they give the ip to someone who cares and stays far the fuck away
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    Really feeling this drawing I'm working on right now like
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    If the whole unlocking characters in Smash early thing with amiibo is true, thank goodness. I wanna be Sonic off the bat.
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    HHHHHH heistuxedomask Idontbelieveit
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    OH MY GOD!!!!! Yes, I want this so fucking much!
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    The hell I am. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a forgiving person—not so much that I’ll never forgive than it simply being a tall order. I’ll put as much effort into forgiving as the person being forgiven puts effort into repentance, but beyond that I at the very least try to understand—and oftimes my understanding of things can skew towards a negative perspective. For example, sometimes racism is something forcefed to someone who doesn’t know better and only believes because that’s what they’re taught, and that one is easier to forgive. But a lot of times it’s because a lot of grown-ass people know better and are being selfish, entitled asses, and that isn’t something I’m obliged to forgive.
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    Decided to made another picture. So, I imagine what will the movie feel like if Sonic's friends appear and interact with the human characters in the upcoming movie? I imagine James and Tika having an campfire with Sonic and his friends. So, here you go. Hope you all like it!:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yes, how dare Knuckles be a prominent character in the arc revolving around his emerald, on his island, that's currently under siege by the main villain of the current story.
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    Finally saw Ant Man and the Wasp. ...Marvel are just hitting it out of the park with this phase.
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    Recently discovered Imgur's image editor.
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    The article he's citing comes from a website which literally has the slogan "We report the truth - And leave the Russia-Collusion fairy tale to the Conspiracy media" plastered on it's banner. Suffice it to say we're not dealing with the most credible of news outlets here.
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    Me RN If there is one thing i wasn't expecting to read when i woke up this morning is this, Instant YES PLEASE!!!
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    SEGA of today is not just a video game software maker, it has other enterprises in Japan that they focus on via the SEGA Sammy conglomerate. Outsourcing the IPs to other developers makes sense from that lens, viewing the video game market as "simply" another enterprise and basing decisions on that perspective. At least they're outsourcing the stuff to studios with proven backgrounds.
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    I kinda like this SEGA of sourcing some of their IPs to these kind of developers, yeah it's bittersweet the SEGA of old aren't the ones doing the developing themselves, but fck it with this at least they're caring just enough to revive an old IP for modern audiences anyway Besides, despite that, their output these past couple of years has been pretty freaking great sooo STREETS OF RAGE FOOOOOOOOOUR
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    Well I just learned something mildly depressing. Brian Murray, voice actor of John Silver from Treasure Planet died about 6 days ago.
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    Genesis I find to be one of the least offensive out of those three and more. It had its problems, but I can’t really find too much out of it to find it a noteworthy point of critique—that few of us bring it up very often really make that point. Not surprised with Worlds Unite—I think almost everyone aware of the things behind the scenes could tell he hated it or didn’t care for it the moment he killed off Team Dark and how dull the plot writing was before the Sega and Capcom franchises joined in. It kinda spread to the readers. Same with House of Cards. We all (still) give that one flak, but we still know why.
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    In short it really depends on the game and no it didn't start with Sonic 06. When looking outside of the platforming world, you get to see many series evolve. Honestly a lot of stuff between 2003 to 2013/2014 were like this because people liked gritty things back then but it also happened when technology was advancing. Realistic can mean two things, the tone (that really shouldn't be called realistic since it can be as equally immature) and the simulator side. Both that I'll cover and yes, I answered the topic title. One positive thing straight away are racing simulators such as Formula 1 games and rally games (that are not arcade like such as Sega Rally* or Formula One Arcade on the PS1). By the nature of technology, the more realistic something gets, the better it gets due to graphical/audio improvements, ability to replicate the vehicles closer and for circuit tracks, higher/full on accuracy to the real thing. Like the Colin McRae/DiRT series got more praise when it was more of a simulator than a mix of arcade and simulation with DiRT 3 being the biggest victim just because one producer wanted it to appeal to the US who are not interested in rally games. Still a decent game but it did annoy fans of the series with its lighthearted tone, not fitting with the rest of the series. It was DiRT Rally saved the series because it went back to its realistic root and pretty much saved Codemasters from closing. With the Need for Speed series, it kept flip flopping between arcade and simulation gameplay but nothing like the above, usually they are arcadey with the exceptions of the first game on the 3DO, ProStreet and the Shift series (became Project CARS) where its mixed. Usually the series is at a lighter tone but it all changed in 2003 when the grit came in and the Fast & Furious influence was at full swing. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) is along with the Underground series to be considered the peak of the series by its fans (not for me, I prefer the 2012 game along with the Hot Pursuit games because of the tone) due to the tone, the cutscenes and especially the customization. Very few NFS games had customization and if it was, it was more typical game like rather than car decals. After Most Wanted 2005; the series struggled such as trying to replicate the formula and a true sequel but with control issues (Carbon), ditching that stuff and having it more realistic with drag races where you can only win by luck (ProStreet), going back to the formula but less gritty (Undercover), reboot the series (Hot Pursuit), trying to be like Cruis'n USA if it had a Michael Bay-esque story (The Run), being like Burnout Paradise without takedowns and proper cars (Most Wanted 2012) and mixing Hot Pursuit/Most Wanted 2012 because they were the most successful at the time (Rivals). Now its an online only series that doesn't know what it wants to be. Outside of racing games, sports games also fit the bill. One positive one is Fight Night Champion. It added more realistic graphics and added a story mode that is reflective to the tone of boxing. It was also a series that ended on a high, not many can do that. Zelda: Breath of the Wild in a way also applies due to its changes in gameplay but then again the Zelda series has been strong no matter what graphical style it uses whether cartoony or more realistic. To name some negative examples, one of them is the Ace Combat series. It is at a weird place because it started off as a flight simulator that got released in the arcade. Then the series started to develop a story and started to become less realistic with each installment getting more and more accessible but still retains the realistic aircraft. The fans loved it. Namco then decided to make a realistic entry to the series called Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Set on Earth in actual countries like the US and the Middle East rather than fictional countries, a darker tone, more realistic facial models to make it more Western rather than Japanese and turret/helicopter/action sections to make it more variety. Namco hoped that the series would get more fans and more people playing the series. The mainstream weren't interested, fans didn't like it one bit even though it was still a decent game. It also affected the 3DS game too because it shared the same name even though it is a remake of Ace Combat 2 with gameplay similar to the PSP/Ace Combat 6 games and tone to the rest of the series. It had a gap of 8 years between main games with only a F2P game in between. Now Bandai are releasing Ace Combat 7 going back to the roots and people are looking forward to it! Others that didn't succeed with the realistic gritty tone were Time Crisis: Raizing Storm because it lost most of the over the top action from the series even more so on the PS3 version where it lost its identity and no different than say Rainbow Six or Call of Duty because it was turned into a FPS! Yep from light gun shooter to FPS. It was originally a spinoff but Namco yet again changed to to be part of the series. DmC: Devil May Cry where fans argue whether this one or Devil May Cry 2 both with changed tones is the worst in the series. Bomberman Act Zero felt like an alpha version of a game and again lost its identity of the series. These have been Japanese developers changing the formula to appeal to Western tastes at the time but didn't pay off and went back to what worked. Sometimes it is just mixed like Sega Rally. I know what you are thinking, you already mentioned it! Not quite, notice the asterisk. Sega Rally 1 and 2 (as well as ports and handheld versions on the NGage and the GBA) all had a tone. It was arcadey and looked like it but had some simulation things like depth of bumps, trying to be a balance of both worlds. Sega Rally 2006, a more traditional game that stayed in Japan on the PS2 one that I'm bitter that it didn't get released but was like the previous two. Then came Sega Rally Revo (known as Sega Rally in Europe, so yes Sega wanted this as a reboot) that was more gritty and more realistic by gameplay and slightly graphically but didn't work out since a different developer was in charge that later closed. Sure it got high reviews but the learning curve was way too steep for a series that was made to be casual, pick up and play. The PSP version was worse since the Flatout developers worked on it, a series known for handling and AI issues. While it was talked about, it is forgotten with people rather playing the first game. After this game, there hasn't been a single sequel since only a dolled up installment existed. Sega Rally 3 is an arcade port of Sega Rally Revo, made it more arcadey as in changed the handling a bit and ported back home as Sega Rally Online Arcade. Bionic Commando (2008) was another one that was mixed however that was more developer issues rather than the tone of the game and Bionic Commando didn't really have a consistant tone per sake. The older games were more cartoony and the ReArmed series were as well but they were mainly older games that had system limitations. Even going from arcade to NES changed the tone to be slightly more realistic (but still had a bit of sillyness at the end) due to its weaker colour palette and changing the enemy sprites/having NPCs. While the GTA series haven't really been considered realistic but going from 1-2 to 3 was a jump, 3 to Vice City was another and GTA San Andreas is considered the peak of the series by the fans to the point where it launch the Saints Row series, that itself is an opposite direction. Why then? Advances in technology. The original GTA series are completely different, they aren't realistic and more like Carmageddon hitting people for points but done in a top down perspective. 3 added the ability to buy weapons and actually have to aim, store vehicles, having a minimap and finding places to stay (to save since the previous games you had to get to a million points+ to clear). Also explore the world more realistically based off Body Harvest and added the ability to jump. It has well known music including the soundtrack to Scarface and most games from there try to do the same (London was the first to use music outside of the development team though but it was obscure Italian stuff). The structure was more organic with missions tied to the story and not having to reload a map for chapters. Oh and voice acting. The originals were like Star Fox with gibberish but 3 onwards had real speech. Vice City had the ability to buy property. San Andreas had all the advances and the gritty tone to match but still having silly things. Then it got more realistic with GTA IV but then it came more boring... The handling didn't suit the series, the graphics became dull and no different than where some people live. GTA V went with a larger than life style taking the advancements even more but axing the not fitting parts of IV and seems to be working. Thinking about it, the examples that were given aren't realistic per sake because when it comes to platformers and the fantasy setting, it isn't really changing it to be more realistic. If they were, Spyro would be a typical generic red/green dragon and Sonic would be a small rolling thingy that is pretty slow. Maybe changing tone/graphical style might be more suitable? It is also changing gameplay as well to the point of changing perspectives. The Resident Evil series is a good example of that for better and worse.
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    Everything about this looks great. The artwork, the gameplay, the level and enemy design, the sprite work, the music...all of it. I wouldn't mind this being official at all.
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    Yes, we've reached a point where in a game that had both Tails and Charmy in it, the one that got the most overwhelming negative reception and complaints was Tails. They know whose popular and they know to exploit that. They just don't know how. The popular characters are getting messed up while the less popular ones don't get to show up. It's a messy oil spill that they keep trying to clean up with a used napkin.
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    Sometimes being oneself does actually have a strong relation to the kinds of people you know and the friends you've made. There's nothing really wrong with that. It's not the same thing as not having your own identity as a person. I'm delighted that Team Dark is a thing that can exist. I think Shadow, Rouge, and Omega make a great team. I don't, however, feel that the existence of that connection is the reason they're no longer allowed to be their own characters on their own missions from time to time. Sonic Team doesn't use it as an extension of their characters. They use it as a cheap grouping mechanism. Rouge isn't a jewel thief and government agent doing her own stuff that occasionally hangs out with Shadow and Omega anymore. She's just that second member of Team Dark now. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy having these connections with Sonic isn't the issue either. You know, I'm sure Sonic could be apart of whatever new story that comes into existence that decides to give relative focus to them while still maintaining the fact that the story being told is all their own. It just comes down to the people in charge not being very good story-tellers. As for the "issue" of the main four... sometimes a series has a main six, or a main ten, or a main five. This series has a main four, five, or six depending on how they decide to approach it. That's just how it works. Now, if the problem is that they've done a terrible job justifying why these four (five, six) are the ones getting this focus, that's a bit more understandable. That just goes back to them being bad writers and not utilizing what they have to the fullest for any of the characters. The ones headlining the series are just "showing up" and as such they're not doing a good job of demonstrating why they're at the front of the pack. On the flip side, the ones lost in the fold who may have more interesting foundations don't do anything because they don't have the popularity and aren't given enough screen time so that they can get more of it. I feel like this isn't really a problem with the characters you've spotlighted here. They've got some interesting ideas and they don't use or capitalize on any of them, not even with the popular guys, anymore.
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    Team idea... Sonic Man (speed) Pelé the beloved dog (tech) Orca (power) Don't forget about Pelé, he's too important.
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    I feel like level design is one of those things they should have played closer attention to the original game, trying to aim for extended replicas of the original levels with their extra gimmicks hidden inside them giving it the needed bells and whistles to feel fresh and higher tech, much like say, Mania's Green Hill. It's not just in terms of playability but the fact that, as awesome as it looks, I sometimes forget it's actually a remake of Chaos and not just an original game with odd nostalgia tidbits. They do a remake of Knuckles Chaotix, now THAT'S where they should make new level layouts.
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    I only was able to try a few SAGE entries last night, but let me jist say that Crash N. Tense is among the top of my list. For only three levels there's so much charm put into it already. The animations of Crash and Coco are wonderfully done and full of life. Controls feel tight and responsive; never once it felt off to me when jumping or attacking. I do have one issue though. After the first checkpoint in Coco's level with the shuttle loop. That boost pad will send you right to your death since the camera is so low it won't pan down when your driving through it. It can't keep up with the speed you're going, so it's a lost life for you
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    It would be nice if there was an easy way yeah. But there isn't. Making these changes will be hard, and... well I was gonna say the people in charge of america are lazy or cowardly but that's not really the case. They just don't care because it doesn't affect them because they're all rich pieces of shit that don't go to the public spaces where mass shootings happen.
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    A video about Pixar/Disney twist villains
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    (tweet) Pleeeeaaaase

    (tweet) Pleeeeaaaase
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    So I posted here asking for some challenges a while back and I got a suggestion or should I say around six suggestions from @tailsBOOM! the only one of notice was the Sonic/Marvel crossover idea. So for a quick bit of shits and giggles I dressed up some Sonic characters as some far lesser known Marvel characters. So from left to right Rory the bear (Pre-Genesis wave Archie) dressed up as one off mutant Dominic Desford, Ash Mongoose (Pre-Genesis wave Archie) dressed up as one note villian Hawd Boiled Henwy, Ray the flying squirrel (And ringleader of this mess as usual) as OP mutant villain Styfe, Blaze the cat dressed up as Rusty Collins A.K.A. Firefist (I wanted to draw Blaze out of character super pissed lol) and Saffron Bee (Pre-Genesis wave Archie.) as Dragoness minion of Stryfe (Kind of fitting since I headcanon Ray and Saffron stuck together as a brother/sister dynamic.) Sadly for you TailsBOOM you will not be getting any more free stuff from me anymore. After the amount of suggestions you've posted in two of my suggestions status, I'm drawing a line in sand. If you want anymore stuff from me you'll have to commission me from now on.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    All of these would be really great, for me. Personnaly, what I would like for Y2 (or following years) is : - At least a storyline in the Human World, with returning location from the Adventure. Bonus point if it's a storyline that use the two world setting in an interesting way, but just having some Adventure or Unleashed location would make me happy. If we see the portal and that it's a really cool and impressive thing (like something huge, or with a "ancient technology" look), it would be nice, too. - More worldbuilding and lore. Not a "world tour arc" like in the past, but just naming some location adding some stuff that happened in the past, some things to make the world more alive. - Another comic-book, to have more space to develop story and add side-story. For me a Sonic Universe-like with side stories is what is really missing for IDWSonic, because it would be space to play with the other characters. And I wouldn't be unhappy if characters for other continuity showed, as I love use of legacy Sonic content.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    And just in time for Halloween this year!
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    Hayao Mado-zaki

    Hayao Mado-zaki
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    I think you're assuming forgiveness means you have to kiss and hold hands. It just means you're not holding a grudge. Nor does it mean pacifism and inaction; you may not hold a grudge over past actions, but you're still capable of interfering with future actions. There are many cases of civil rights leaders becoming friends with former white supremacists. But notice the "former." The friendship could only happen after the person had recanted their views and converted to the new cause. No grudge was borne, because it was all in the past. All people are wired differently, though. It's nice to think of it all as completely personal choice, but let's be real here, some people have more self-control, reasoning etc. than others. We are more at the mercy of our brain chemistry than we would like. It's not enabling them so much as encouraging analysis. I can understand the rationale for a riot. There is most often some sort of injustice that prompts one. That doesn't mean I think the riot was a good idea. But it does mean I should look at the underlying causes and see if there's a way to prevent such things from happening again. Do you think the rioters are evil, because they yielded to aggression when so many others did not? Or did the violent and non-violent alike have a common cause for frustration, and expressed it in different ways? Yes, and that's why they're still valid targets of resistance as long as they're engaging in such behavior. There's a difference between "understanding" and "agreeing." That is not at all what I'm suggesting. Understanding does not preclude resistance. No more than the love for my racist family members precludes me from resisting their racism. Basically. You know what made the Mongols and Arabs great powers in their time? A guy came in, saw the feuding families, rounded all their leaders up, and said, "Okay. I don't care who started this conflict, you're stopping it, or I'll execute you and put someone in charge of your clan who will stop it. These clan wars are over. That's it." While this is a case of using violence as a means to obtain a goal, note the key detail here: they used the threat of it to make everyone else stop actually doing it. They didn't ask who started what, they just said enough was enough. Even if your clan was the victim in it all, you would be classed as an aggressor if you started shit back up. Someone must eventually make the first move if a cycle of violence and oppression will be stopped. And the first move does not mean complete relinquishing of resistance, just accepting there are some practices you're not going to reciprocate. And while it's tempting to say the dominant, oppressive faction should be the one to make the first move... let's remember their capacity for reprisal is a lot greater than that of the oppressed. That is why the oppressed need to make the first move.
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    Sonic Chaos Reimagined (Fan Game)

    Easily one of my favourite games at SAGE this year, and that's saying a lot cuz this year had a lot of solid entries. The only bad thing I can say about it at all is that I had some collision issues (sometimes Sonic would fall through platforms, fortunately never while I was at the very bottom of the stage but...still). IIRC this is built on a brand new engine tho' so it could be that they just need to iron some stuff out. There's also a bit where you have to go left in Act 2 that I've seen throw people off a little, haha. Maybe they could make it more clear where you have to go there, but personally...I liked that section as is and I don't mind if I have to think a little about where to go.
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    I'm just tossing this out there but can we get a remake of Pocket Adventure down the road too?
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I just saw the interview and I'm glad the stories he's done that he doesn't like mirror some of my own. House of Cards, obviously, but he reiterated an unfortunate situation of editor meddling where he had this idea of a storyline that was supposed to go on for a whole year but the editor said "Nope. No political drama. Wrap it up in two issues and lets jump to Enerjak Reborn". So he was like... I gotta find a way to wrap this break-up and reconciliation between Sonic and Tails in two issues... I guess having it be over something as petty as "You went out with my pretend girlfriend" would wrap up quickly enough. Sonic Genesis being one he doesn't like surprises a lot of people and he says he wasn't jazzed with the premise or what he did for it. It's just kind of there for him and he feels bad because he gets people at cons saying it's their favorite. But I agree with ian. Sonic Genesis was a waste of time. And, of course, he doesn't like World's Unite. He LOVES World's Collide (I do as well), but he owns up to World's Unite. That didn't turn out well.
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    Don't even joke like that! Sega will listen and we all know what's next! (But if Sega was smart they would put a GUN Truck. Come one, it's already a car. Preferably with chainsaws)
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    Way after the fact but been meaning to get to this for a while, but Sonic did still visit Soleanna for the festival even after the Flame of Hope was extinguished so Soleanna and Elise are still part of the world.
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