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    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    This is wonderful news, SOR was my favorite beat-em-up as a kid. I just hope there are more than two playable characters. There almost certainly will be, two is far too little. My boi Yuzo must make a comeback or no sale
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    It would be nice if there was an easy way yeah. But there isn't. Making these changes will be hard, and... well I was gonna say the people in charge of america are lazy or cowardly but that's not really the case. They just don't care because it doesn't affect them because they're all rich pieces of shit that don't go to the public spaces where mass shootings happen.
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    So do we agree that if another NiGHTS game is announced it should be outsourced too?
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    Oh yeah, Psylocke became white again this week. Yup, that happened. Real talk: This wolverine stuff seems to just be about cleaning up the X-men bit by bit while establishing new ongoing story set ups. Like with X-23
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    Was really happy a second ago when I heard the original Exiles books were discounted on Comixology. Turns out it's the Claremont sequel to the original run. And it's got one hell of a bad reputation.
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    I’m more sick of the main four as a group that’s seen as one that should be constantly together because “fuck circumstances.“ There’s nothing wrong with them as individual characters...bar Sonic Team’s inept handling of them. It not like others have farred better, mind you, but the main four getting the kind of preferential treatment regardless of any poor quality really does say something about the standards held among the characters. I’ve always said I’d prefer a mix of the cast...the only series that has given me that so far was Archie, and to a different extent IDW comics.
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    I'm getting sick of the main four

    I'm tired of James Bond movies being about James Bond. Or why every Kirby game has to star Kirby? How dare they assume being a lead character entitles them to anything! Not that I don't share the sentiment (to some degree), but this is how pretty much every franchise works. Someone is a main character someone is not. And before someone nitpick, Princess Peach's job position is stable too, even if Mario has 2 more princesses. All important Marvel character were made in 60s/70s (plus Cap from 40s), etc, etc. Franchises don't tend to change their leads, with some self explanatory examples (lives action like Star trek, constant reboots like Final Fantasy, etc)
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    Your outlook for the 3D series

    I agree with you there. I never understood the idea behind people without much context saying how 2D games will get old and boring... yet 3D games doesn't have this curse somehow? Doesn't make any logic to me. A good game is a good game and a bad game is a bad game, being 2D or 3D don't change that by itself. If the 2D games got boring to everybody later-on then it's simply because the new titles don't have enough interesting good ideas put into them and or good enough execution of ideas... and going 3D instead wouldn't fix that problem.
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