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    @Strickerx5 @Pawn @Blacklightning Congrats on the... (Does this mean I can finally get off sewer patrol?)
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    Congrats! @Blacklightning @Pawn @Strickerx5
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    I drew Mash Kyrielight from Fate/Grand Order
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    Radical Rex - Do Or Die (Graveyard) (24% complete) Finally done with the intro part. Found a good drum lead in. It gets complex. And here's something else. I found what else was missing. You ready for this . . . I'm gonna be using the church organ all throughout the song. It just sounds better. I made it work with a DnB piece! I didn't expect that actually, I was planning on just using it for an intro. I'm at the part now where the lyrics come in. So I gotta kill everything off to its softest and somehow make it epic sounding. I'm gonna have to do some studying on this one too. I know the sound I want but I don't know how to get it yet. I've had some ideas. Something very rock and roll. I'll find it.
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    So known Kingdom Hearts youtuber and Steven Universe fanatic Skywardwing(real name Sky Flores) is actually making his dream a reality and working on a cartoon series! Amota & Nebson apparently takes inspiration from many of his favorite forums of entertainment ranging from video games(kingdom hearts namely), to television(Steven Universe). It’s really obvious given the general theme and feel of the show. An action adventure focusing on treasure hunters roaming the universe. It’s always great to see content creators finally able to create things they’ve been dreaming of doing for so long, and being a longtime viewer of Skywardwing, I’m extremely happy for him and hoping he makes his Kickstarter goal. heres the video showing a slight preview of the cartoon And here’s also his Kickstarter if you’re wanting to help support this.
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    Little more the latter. Mm, perhaps. Honestly, he's the one character I think would be a little too awkward to properly put in a 2d platform game.
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    I just realized that @Monkey Destruction Switch spelled out in name format becomes Monkey D. Switch... SHE'S A RELATIVE OF THE FIFTH EMPEROR, THE HERO OF THE MARINES AND THE WORLD'S MOST WANTED MAN IN ONE PIECE 8O!
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    A wild Happy Birthday message appeared!
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    OK! Tonight's the opening night for our big show, the Hunchback of Notre Dame!
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    Radical Rex - Do Or Die (Graveyard) (17% complete) I'm not making too much progress on this at the moment. Introductions are so hard sometimes. Once I get going, it'll get going. But I've finally found a good bass riff to use. I may have to jazz up the church organ a little bit so it doesn't get tedious. It's just for intro, but it's still an important part. If I don't captivate here then how are they gonna listen to the rest of the song? All I need after that is to find a good drum introduction. I plan on going slow at first. 84 BPM in the beginning, I plan on killing off everything for a bit for somewhat of a dramatic part, where the lyrics are gonna go. Then bumping it up to the max with 168 BPM. Maybe a little faster if I feel it's necessary. But that's down the road. The drum intro is my biggest worry at the moment
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