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    Just received a phone call. I got that job.
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    Oh also I now have a girlfriend. This month is definitely one of changes for me!
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    It's not that. I have to keep telling people every time I state my opinions that I don't think it'll be like the Smurfs or whatever else. This film doesn't look, nor feel Sonic. I'm not getting the sense of "super fast, spiny hedgehog who loves to explore the world and fight for freedom." Everything about this feels like "Sonic the Plot Device" instead. And because of no concrete information about plot or anything, we're left to wonder what the hell this movie is going to be about, and how Sonic ties into it. If it ends up as "Sonic ends up in our world," I will kick a puppy. All this talk of sequels make me feel even less confident about the film too, because it sounds like this is meant to form a poorly put together "movie universe" for da big monies, even though it's just a standalone video game adaptation in which the movie still hasn't finished filming. We need information, real information, and we need it fast.
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    Blue Blood

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Banish Fails Revive Tails
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    I just want this to actually hit theaters. I don't even care if it gets negative reception from critics from their advance screenings. So much progress has been made beyond the pre-production phase and I honestly didn't think that would ever happen. The fact that were seeing daily updates of it being shot is almost surreal to me and we have the front seat of watching the behind the scenes thanks to insiders around its production posting pics on twitter. Ive never in my life followed a film's progress like this and its an experience Im glad that we're all able to share together.
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    Relevant https://twitter.com/TheChaosBlue/status/1041748413241610240?s=19
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    Topic doesn't have much substance beyond listing what characters people consider important with no explanation. Going to lock this.
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    Yeeah, Penders has always had this.... truly baffling viewpoint of how his precise relationship with SEGA actually works or how it would work, acting as though he's a legitimate player in the scheme of things despite his lack of media experience and being a for-hire comic writer for a spinoff book meant to promote the games. If he were a fictional character you'd call him unrealistic. Fun fact though- once upon a time, Penders was actually quite capable of acknowledging the factors that made the book so successful, back in the day. In an interview he directly attributed the great sales to the fact that for a long stretch of time, the Archie comics were the only game in town. SatAM was cancelled, and there weren't any real major Sonic games until the Dreamcast came out and Sonic Adventure became a thing. For a very long time, the Archie Comic was the only fix available, and Penders understood and acknowledged this. Course, that was then, and this is now- by this point Penders has wholly convinced himself that he was the sole reason for the book's successes, and absolutely refuses to hear otherwise or take into consideration other factors that would have aided his success. Something like that. Its more like that Penders at this point abjectly refuses to grasp people didn't come to the book for him and his characters, but for Sonic, and anything he put into the book became popular only because of the Sonic connection. Well, that's not entirely true- he knows it, but he doesn't really want to admit to it, hence why he tries so damn hard to keep up the Sonic connection for his new project. More accurately, he doesn't grasp that the Archie book was never a major influence on the wider franchise or that it has always been a niche when compared to the wider audience for the games. He's only vaguely aware of how successful Sonic really is as a game series, once revealing that he believed there was only 'a dozen or so' games a few years ago. He only really processes Sonic's success as a COMIC book phenomenon, with the games as an afterthought. There were a great many ways Penders could have gone about this without alienating the fanbase in the process, but the thing of it is, at the end of the day, what Penders wants is a fast track to success. His mentality is that of a man who wants to invent the Chia Pet- something with little effort and a lot of success. The other paths out there would have taken too long and with too much effort, and so, we are here. There's no need. Try this- http://kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2717 Copy and paste this into the wayback machine, and proceed from there. Hopefully you'll be able to find it then. Oh, you're quite correct that he gets misblamed for a great many things, and even gets miscredited for what he did in the book (you'd be amazed at how many people think he's the sole person behind EVERYTHING in the Archie comic before Ian Flynn rolled into things). Indeed comparing him to such real life figures is going overboard, given that at the end of the day he's just a putrid little man who was given more chances than he deserved, at the hands of a company so complacent that it actually hired the man to begin with and let him keep his jobs despite him not actually being all that good at it. I'm just pointing out that Penders tendency to make a spectacle of himself is what makes it so easy to think of it as all him rather than as the result of Archie's negligence. He's the one who constantly reminds people of what happened and continues to act like a jerk towards... well... pretty much everybody. That, and as a person he's more directly addressable than Archie- none of the people responsible for the loss of the paperwork have a twitter, and furthermore, Archie itself doesn't constantly bring up the trial and take shots at Penders. Penders does the exact opposite, while putting himself on a pedestal that tends to invite people to want to knock him down. There's no real hero in this story, its just that one of the players is dumb enough to keep reminding people of what he did and thus ensuring that everyone will remember HIS misdeeds rather than Archie's. Astoundingly enough, Penders seemed fairly convinced that he would be with Sonic forever, and in particular was completely certain that the Knuckles series would keep going for another hundred issues or so. He really seemed to think he would be 'the' Sonic guy, and having to share the creative duties of the book was one of the causes behind his eventual feud with Bollers- Penders tended to ignore anything not pertaining to his own plans, and deeply resented any kind of intrusion into what he saw as his own private domain. The reason he quit? Was because he couldn't stand the fact that things were changing away from the status quo he preferred, and having to deal with an editor who wanted him to include more game characters and concepts. Archie was a very unique case. Basically, Archie didn't give the Sonic book much oversight for a very long time, and SEGA didn't really care all that much so long as Sonic characters were used and the book sold. There was very little in the way of quality control- what you read about Penders finalizing stories and then moving on is quite true, and he himself even admitted that Archie would even publish incomplete stuff just to make the deadline. Archie was extremely unique in this regard, and at least part of it was due to eventual editor Justin Gabrie having an incredibly hands off approach. The future feud between Bollers and Penders happened because he didn't bother to properly communicate things, and for the longest time that was the way of things. When Sonic Adventure came out and SEGA decided they wanted a more coherant approach to Sonic, that slowly changed, and the end result of it was that Penders eventually left. As to where Archie was during all of this? Their top priority was always their in-house titles, and in truth they didn't care to pay much attention to Sonic due to it being licensed, despite how popular it was and despite it eventually becoming their flagship title. It was this that allowed all the other stuff to happen, and is part of the reason they took so little care of the paperwork. In fact, the fact Archie was so shoddily run is entirely the reason Penders had a career. He was brought on board due to the reccomendation of a friend who already worked at Archie, stayed on board because he was buddies with the first editor he had (Scott Fulop), and continue to stay on board because Gabrie just let him be. He found a job where his work would sell like hotcakes regardless of the quality and regardless of the content, and nobody ever bothered to really reign him in. Everything about Penders' career with Sonic is due entirely to him being at the right place at the right time and being able to stay that way for a decade without ever having to improve himself. Once that changed, he left.
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    This just in: Pong is one of the defeatable assist trophies. Yup. Ya'll just saw Ridley murder Pong.
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    With his reputation already so low and nobody taking video game movies seriously I doubt it'll have much effect.
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    Sounds like he's saying 'Sorry Ian, you had too much on your shoulders. These are my characters, meaning only I can understand them.' Of course its rubbish really, other writers can bring flavour to another persons characters. Just look at Infinity War, the Russo's were handed a bunch of characters they'd never worked with but they understood them well enough to do a good job. If this was true Ken many franchises would die after the original writer died.
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    Not really. This apology is backhanded and passive aggressive at best. He's basically putting his characters on such a high pedestal and claiming they're SO personal to him, nobody could ever HOPE to approach them but him. That's not penance, that's self-congratulation and smugness.
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    Just wanted to chime in with something. I know a guy who went to Sonic Revolution right? Talked to him in person a few weeks ago. I asked him how it was, he loved it. I asked him about Ken, since he always goes and he says everyone loves his app at the event. He looked a bit bemused at me and said 'No one went to talk to him, he was alone for most of the day.' So confirmation, he's fibbing about his app's success at conventions.
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    He ain't falling into obscurity- he's already there. The only people who know about him are Sonic fans, and the newer ones are focused more on Sonic Mania and the IDW book, as is everyone else. He's not known for anything but Sonic, and Sonic fans at large absolutely hate him. He constantly touts the successes of people he knows in a vain effort to make himself seem more important, and that post there was done solely so he could rile up his remaining legitimate fans and pretend he still has some actual relevance in the scheme of things. Frankly, once this thread finally dies (which, given the likelihood he will never, ever release his stupid project, is gonna happen sooner rather than later), there will be virtually nothing about him... and this thread is practically a shrine to despising him and chronicling his various misdeeds.
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    Penders is in no position to complain about about this, and frankly I have a very hard time believing he actually says the crap he says online to people in real life. Let's recap Penders precise treatment of Flynn over the years. Penders has slammed Flynn for relying on characters he didn't made, but then gone around and slammed him for not using pre-existing characters more. He's repeatedly denigrated Flynn's run on the book while admitting he hasn't actually read any of it, while at the same time pointedly saying that if he were to ever return to the book he'd simply ignore everything and pick up where he left off. He constantly passively aggressively digs at Flynn on his twitter, often bringing him up out of the blue. When Archie lost the license, he could barely contain his glee at the fact that Flynn and all of Flynn's coworkers lost their jobs- while Flynn thanked his co-workers for their time together, all Penders could do was harp on them for not having a backup plan or some crap, in a rather staggering lack of empathy. Most damningly, he's even gone so far as to accuse Flynn of lifting ideas from him under the most flimsiest pretenses imaginable, and not once has he ever taken back or apologized for doing so. This man has consistently done nothing but spit bile towards Flynn, and while Flynn has consistently said all of zero about Penders as he tries to get on with his life. And you know, let's talk about those 'professionals' Penders professes to have so much 'respect' for. Actually, that's a lie- Penders doesn't really have much respect for anyone else who worked on the comic save for those people willing to enable him. Back when Mobius 25YL was happening, Bollers opined that 25YL was not THE future, but rather A future and one of many. Penders disagreed tremendously with this, and when Bollers brought this opinion to his forums, Penders repeatedly deleted the threads that contained the information while angrily decrying Bollers, and even going so far as accusing the man of trying to undermine him. Likewise, he's wholly dismissed Angelo DeCesare's contributions to the book while trying to claim sole responsibility for the Bunnie/Antoine ship that got started under DeCesare, calling him a small timer and even baselessly calling his work 'Furry Archie' while admitting to having never read any of it. And then of course there's the fact that he happily trash talks Ben Hurst, a dead man with no ability whatsoever to defend himself or talk back. Penders entitlement here in the face of everything last thing he's said and done is staggering, especially because if ANY person dared to treat him as he's treated others we would never hear the end of it. Flynn owes this man nothing- not courtesy, not politeness, and certainly not his attention. ESPECIALLY when, without getting into specifics, Penders own fanboys obnoxiously tag Flynn's name and Penders name in the same posts over and over and over again purely so they can either try and start something or just froth at the mouth over the fact that the franchise passed them by. THis entire display is as pathetic as it is disgusting.
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    "Not that I care, but I really obviously do care or I wouldn't be writing this tweet."
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    This guy knows how to Sonic

    This guy knows how to Sonic
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    Maybe it's Eggman in disguise? Trying to blend in with the townsfolk while searching for Sonic? Or it's not Jim Carrey at all. Hard to tell.
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    Because Florida and Pennsylvania deciding the winner is so much better. And no. The Electoral College was set up to help slave owners. They wanted to have an impact on the Presidency. A popular vote would have basically erased the political power of the South. The three-fifths compromise and Electoral College worked together so Southern slavers could have their cake and eat it too, harvesting a political advantage from their large non-white populations without giving them a say in things. The Senate was set up to help small states. Popular vote is most likely coming. Even red states are getting on board. Even some swing states are. And the best thing about this? Even conservative pundits think it's a good idea increasingly. Florida is shifting blue, and if the Electoral College rules continue, the GOP is basically guaranteed to never win another damned election. Plus a popular vote would mobilize conservative voters in blue states. The popular vote is ultimately a net benefit for the health of American democracy. This focus on states is frankly 19th century nonsense. It's about parties now. And, to conclude, the idea it helps small states is hilariously inaccurate. On paper, yes, it gives more weight to small states. But in practice, most small states lean one way or the other, so candidates don't care what they think. They're hitting up Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. They don't care about Delaware or North Dakota or Wyoming.
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    I know that feeling. All these set fotos and even videos now. It's happening dude!
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    Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins) ft. Fallen4Freedom (93% complete) All clips have now been obtained! It's time for me to buckle down on the editing. Fallen4Freedom did a pretty good job, though I haven't tested it against the timing yet, I have a step-by-step program that I came up with myself just for this very situation, from when I was writing for Aaron Webber's independent Skies Of Arcadia project. It worked on my vocals, but this oughta sound real interesting once it's done. She even did both melody and harmony. I'm super stoked about this one. The timing wasn't all too bad either. With my other current project nearing completion, I could possibly be posting two songs within the same week! That will definitely help get my name out there, if they see it a little more frequently. I'm definitely gonna be busy for the next few days
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    Blue Blood

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I managed to miss this earlier. Perhaps SA-55 could be a bit too brash, but he was actually beneficial to Eggman by giving him someone competent to bounce off when he was getting flustered or too egotistical. He was on Eggman's side, but still resented him. Orbot just doesn't do anything of benefit. He and Cubot just sit around being lazy and/or stupid, with no interest in Eggman's schemes at all. Cubot is probably the bigger issue here, as he only exists to be a useless lackey for comic relief. Get rid of him, and Orbot will probably be forced to be a better character.
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    “How many did you see?” “14,000,605.” “How many do we win?” “...one.” Chills. Every time.
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    Hmm might be a interesting idea to merge the concepts of Chao and Wisps somehow. Maybe something as simple as after you raise Chao, you can fuse Wisps and Chao together to form super Chao that you can equip as power-ups?
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    Revive One, Banish Another

    Revive: The Babylon Rogues - Cool designs, their race has very curious origins (which are expanded a little bit in the Sonic Universe comics) and I loved the interactions between themselves and Sonic. Banish: Silver the Hedgehog - To me, he is the Waluigi of Sonic. His personality is very meh and doesn't "shine" next to other characters.
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    You are not the first to ask this. In fact, it was one of the first questions to come up when this mess- why NOT make it wholly original and be free of any constraints? Why bother with all of this at all? Why not just shuffle the names, make a bit of effort at originality, and simply go forth from there? Well, the reasons are twofold, and they intimately tie in to one another. Now the first thing you need to understand, is that Penders is under the impression that his work (and let's be clear here- its ONLY his work that he really cares about or holds this view of) is far more valuable and influential than it really is. Like, either he believes this or has done a very good job of convincing the world he does, but the bottom line is that he's convinced that his work on Archie has a huge reader base and is incredibly influential and would still sell super well today, despite all the things that made his work relevant no longer having any real place within the franchise. He's obsessive and deeply hellbent on the idea that his work was a potential gold mine, in particular his ambitions for a Sonic movie- he's gone on at length at how his Sonic Movie idea would've CHANGED EVERYTHING if only THOSE FOOLS at SEGA/ARCHIE had just let him have his way. Hell, he even tried to strong arm a Knuckles movie from SEGA during the lawsuit. (Not even kidding there, read and be astounded) So, point of order? He thinks his work is profitable and popular, and what he wants most of all are the profits that could be made from reprinting his work, and as such, this needs to directly tie in to that. Mind you though, profit is only part of the reason, and the second part ties in closely with the first. That second part being that Sonic is the only thing Penders has ever had going for him. For as much as he tries to hype his other projects and his career outside of Sonic, the sad reality is that Sonic and Knuckles are the only things that gave him any kind of success or acclaim. His work before Sonic is lackluster, and none of his 'original' works ever went anywhere- The Lost Ones, a comic series made for Image, was cancelled after the first issue, and he still has yet to demonstrate that The Republic will ever be released. His entire identity is intertwined with Sonic, as are his successes. Whatever he claims, deep down he is painfully aware that Sonic is the only thing he's known for and the only thing that's worked for him. He doesn't have any real confidence in his own ideas, and as such he needs the Sonic connection more than anything. You noted the changes he's made, but the thing of it is, those changes are at the absolute minimum needed to make his work 'distinct' while at the same time trying his damndest to maintain the Sonic connection. The biggest changes we've seen so far have been in those areas where he has no other options. Otherwise? He's still using Mobius, for God's sake. So yeah, in short? Its a weird mixture of avarice, pride, and ultimately cowardice. While that is a lovely sentiment, the sad reality is that Ken is more responsible than for his own wretched status within this fandom than anyone. See, everyone does indeed know that it was Archie's staggering incompetence that allowed a pipsqueak like Penders to go anywhere, and that as far as companies go they're one of the worst. Nobody denies it. The thing of it is though is that Ken is... honestly, kind of a really awful guy, and he brings it on himself. He's been repeatedly caught lying about his career and dismissing the worth of creators who aren't him, has been nothing but horrible to Flynn before AND after the trial, pushes shoddy work while screaming about how professional he is, and in once instance even stole the name of his intended series from a fanwork made by a devoted fan of his, and abjectly refused to speak with the guy or anything. It's recounted here. http://web.archive.org/web/20150427113133/http://kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2717 Take note that this guy wasn't just some small timer either- he was a long time member of the forum and a defender of Ken's, and even discounting the theft Ken's treatment of him is nothing short of awful. Also, apologies if the link leads nowhere. For some reason this stupid site gets weird about links from time to time, especially to the wayback captures of Ken's old forum. Anyway.... it'd take me far, far too long to do a step by step over all the crap Ken has done. Point of order, his reputation is more than well earned, and even discounting The Lawsuit he's just a wretched excuse for a man. But the thing that makes people hate him above all else, even Archie who enabled him and allowed him to get further than he ever should have? He hasn't moved on since the Trial, not even remotely. Everyone else has gotten along, even after Archie lost the SOnic license. Everyone except him. He still has nothing to show for his efforts, and he still refuses to acknowledge that his era is well and truly done, all the while making a jackass out of himself whenever possible and loudly screeching about what a professional he is, despite having recently been caught directly copying art and selling it (an image of Shadow that came from Sonic Chronicles, ironically enough). This post is long enough, as you said, but point of order? The hatred Penders gleans even when compared to Archie is virtually entirely of his own doing. While he gets blamed for more than he is responsible for, his behavior makes it incredibly easy, and the fact he has absolutely nothing to show for all the misery he inflicted on the fans during that lawsuit only exacerbates matters. The fact that he consistently tries to portray himself as the SOnic Savior and the 'only one' who knew Sonic's 'potential' when it was nakedly clear he never, ever cared about Sonic or Knuckles beyond what they could do for him doesn't help matters, like, at all.
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    My baseless guess: animated tie-in for Sonic Mania 2, with Amy being a new playable character. Sega's fixation of "Modern" and "Classic" universes makes me certain that at the very minimum, there must be some kind of Mania followup in the works, hopefully one being led by Mania's original team. I think Amy was left out of Plus because they want her presence to be in a bigger sequel, not in a DLC pack. Another series, perhaps several episodes longer, with it all serving as a prelude to Mania 2's plot. Just my speculation and guess work.
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    Seriously. I should note that those 'few stories' Angelo DeCesare did numbered in 14 in total (at least according to Comicvine), and contrary to what Ken is saying here, DeCesare was indeed the first one to build up the Bunnie/Antoine romance. Now, the BOLLERS incident can be recounted earlier in this thread. Namely here... Aaand here. So yeah, in short? No matter what Ken likes to profess about himself and professional courtesy, he doesn't actually have a lot of respect for anyone who isn't him. Any pretense to the contrary is just him trying to re-write history in his own favor. A *bit*? That tweet REEKS of smug condensation. If that tweet were a person you'd want to punch it just for looking at you, and no court on Earth would fault you for it. You know, I would expect myself to be pissed, but honestly that's just legitimately sad that this man honestly thinks that's good reasoning. These characters were tied into a friggin children's book meant to promote a series of video games. That he invested that much of himself and his life into a Sonic comic is just troubling. Like oh my God man, you really think these fictional characters line up SO well to the people you know in real life? Despite most of them having few to no distinguishable traits or being memorable for all the wrong reasons? That's not profound, that's just tragic.
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    TBH, if they just replaced one od the extraneous Toads with Toadette and let her play like any other Toad, I woulda considered that a win. Making her half Peach is... weird. Not inherently good or bad just really really weird.It's like the Nintendoest thing ever in the worst way, but I kind of love it just because it's so fucking bizarre.
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    If he put as much effort and passion into his work as he has into his Twitter rants: 1. We wouldn't be making fun of him here. 2. We'd be a few issues into his "project" by now. He's falling into obscurity, save for hanging on by his fingertips. One only wonders how long his grip will last.
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    ...why even bring this up if you just want to start trouble? There is no reason for this. The comments on it are especially frustrating. I swear this guy knows what he was doing when he posted it.
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    Gotta love how reading about all this never makes me feel like they are filming a Sonic movie. I get zero Sonic vibes from everything that has been revealed so far, but hey..how bad can another disaster to the franchise actually be?
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    i should feel like I’m surprised that there is a pouch/wallet designed to look like a burrito, but considering novelty items exist, I’m not. That said, I wonder how many people tried to eat it at one point by mistake.
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    Amazing Joycon design

    Amazing Joycon design
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I said stronger, not heavier.
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    Inb4 Sora gets announced for Smash at Square Enix Presents’s TGS show. A man can dream, can’t he?!
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    Something I found out the other day that I had no idea until now was that Sonic Mania was released in South Korea, minus artbook and OST. Here are some pics of the box, but I didn't buy it.
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    So the internet in my house is out... ...Yeah... HELP ME!
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    I think that's possibly when the trailer will release as it lines up with the 8-month mark when trailers start getting released for films. Especially with Paramount they always try to get a trailer out as far in advance as possible, so they might try to exceed the 8-month mark to 9 or possibly 12-months. But I still say a trailer might release with bumblebee, that's within the 12-month range. But it could still be too early though.
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    *Sees @Strickerx5 telling someone to keep the spoilers down, mentally notes it as backseat modding...then remembers that he actually IS a mod now*
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    Revive One, Banish Another

    I would rather have Sticks than that emo drama queen . At least Sticks feel that she belongs to Sonic world .
  47. 1 point

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The artwork is impressive as always, i hope we get more exposition on the characters, even if briefly, also, i've put together the double-page spread
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    There's no reason you couldn't have argued your points without resorting to petty personal attacks, but in doing so you have only drawn attention to your equally troubling history with hostility towards members. Not to mention the compulsive ban-dodging and penchant for alt accounts. I need not go on.
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    I'll never understand the vehement hatred people have for Classic/Modern designs. And I'm talking art design here. I personally prefer the Classic designs and the Mickey Mouse aesthetic, but the differences are so minor between designs that I just can't comprehend how some people get so angry about one particular look.
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    Looking forward to seeing this. I'd greatly prefer modern, but am expecting more classic. Mania Adventures was great so this will be hype either way. Just please don't be anything like Boom. PS: Sonic X was awesome. PSS: Both of Amy's game designs are great.
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