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    Just received a phone call. I got that job.
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    It's not that. I have to keep telling people every time I state my opinions that I don't think it'll be like the Smurfs or whatever else. This film doesn't look, nor feel Sonic. I'm not getting the sense of "super fast, spiny hedgehog who loves to explore the world and fight for freedom." Everything about this feels like "Sonic the Plot Device" instead. And because of no concrete information about plot or anything, we're left to wonder what the hell this movie is going to be about, and how Sonic ties into it. If it ends up as "Sonic ends up in our world," I will kick a puppy. All this talk of sequels make me feel even less confident about the film too, because it sounds like this is meant to form a poorly put together "movie universe" for da big monies, even though it's just a standalone video game adaptation in which the movie still hasn't finished filming. We need information, real information, and we need it fast.
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    I just want this to actually hit theaters. I don't even care if it gets negative reception from critics from their advance screenings. So much progress has been made beyond the pre-production phase and I honestly didn't think that would ever happen. The fact that were seeing daily updates of it being shot is almost surreal to me and we have the front seat of watching the behind the scenes thanks to insiders around its production posting pics on twitter. Ive never in my life followed a film's progress like this and its an experience Im glad that we're all able to share together.
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    This just in: Pong is one of the defeatable assist trophies. Yup. Ya'll just saw Ridley murder Pong.
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    Sounds like he's saying 'Sorry Ian, you had too much on your shoulders. These are my characters, meaning only I can understand them.' Of course its rubbish really, other writers can bring flavour to another persons characters. Just look at Infinity War, the Russo's were handed a bunch of characters they'd never worked with but they understood them well enough to do a good job. If this was true Ken many franchises would die after the original writer died.
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    Penders is in no position to complain about about this, and frankly I have a very hard time believing he actually says the crap he says online to people in real life. Let's recap Penders precise treatment of Flynn over the years. Penders has slammed Flynn for relying on characters he didn't made, but then gone around and slammed him for not using pre-existing characters more. He's repeatedly denigrated Flynn's run on the book while admitting he hasn't actually read any of it, while at the same time pointedly saying that if he were to ever return to the book he'd simply ignore everything and pick up where he left off. He constantly passively aggressively digs at Flynn on his twitter, often bringing him up out of the blue. When Archie lost the license, he could barely contain his glee at the fact that Flynn and all of Flynn's coworkers lost their jobs- while Flynn thanked his co-workers for their time together, all Penders could do was harp on them for not having a backup plan or some crap, in a rather staggering lack of empathy. Most damningly, he's even gone so far as to accuse Flynn of lifting ideas from him under the most flimsiest pretenses imaginable, and not once has he ever taken back or apologized for doing so. This man has consistently done nothing but spit bile towards Flynn, and while Flynn has consistently said all of zero about Penders as he tries to get on with his life. And you know, let's talk about those 'professionals' Penders professes to have so much 'respect' for. Actually, that's a lie- Penders doesn't really have much respect for anyone else who worked on the comic save for those people willing to enable him. Back when Mobius 25YL was happening, Bollers opined that 25YL was not THE future, but rather A future and one of many. Penders disagreed tremendously with this, and when Bollers brought this opinion to his forums, Penders repeatedly deleted the threads that contained the information while angrily decrying Bollers, and even going so far as accusing the man of trying to undermine him. Likewise, he's wholly dismissed Angelo DeCesare's contributions to the book while trying to claim sole responsibility for the Bunnie/Antoine ship that got started under DeCesare, calling him a small timer and even baselessly calling his work 'Furry Archie' while admitting to having never read any of it. And then of course there's the fact that he happily trash talks Ben Hurst, a dead man with no ability whatsoever to defend himself or talk back. Penders entitlement here in the face of everything last thing he's said and done is staggering, especially because if ANY person dared to treat him as he's treated others we would never hear the end of it. Flynn owes this man nothing- not courtesy, not politeness, and certainly not his attention. ESPECIALLY when, without getting into specifics, Penders own fanboys obnoxiously tag Flynn's name and Penders name in the same posts over and over and over again purely so they can either try and start something or just froth at the mouth over the fact that the franchise passed them by. THis entire display is as pathetic as it is disgusting.
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    "Not that I care, but I really obviously do care or I wouldn't be writing this tweet."
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    Maybe it's Eggman in disguise? Trying to blend in with the townsfolk while searching for Sonic? Or it's not Jim Carrey at all. Hard to tell.
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    Because Florida and Pennsylvania deciding the winner is so much better. And no. The Electoral College was set up to help slave owners. They wanted to have an impact on the Presidency. A popular vote would have basically erased the political power of the South. The three-fifths compromise and Electoral College worked together so Southern slavers could have their cake and eat it too, harvesting a political advantage from their large non-white populations without giving them a say in things. The Senate was set up to help small states. Popular vote is most likely coming. Even red states are getting on board. Even some swing states are. And the best thing about this? Even conservative pundits think it's a good idea increasingly. Florida is shifting blue, and if the Electoral College rules continue, the GOP is basically guaranteed to never win another damned election. Plus a popular vote would mobilize conservative voters in blue states. The popular vote is ultimately a net benefit for the health of American democracy. This focus on states is frankly 19th century nonsense. It's about parties now. And, to conclude, the idea it helps small states is hilariously inaccurate. On paper, yes, it gives more weight to small states. But in practice, most small states lean one way or the other, so candidates don't care what they think. They're hitting up Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc. They don't care about Delaware or North Dakota or Wyoming.
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    Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins) ft. Fallen4Freedom (93% complete) All clips have now been obtained! It's time for me to buckle down on the editing. Fallen4Freedom did a pretty good job, though I haven't tested it against the timing yet, I have a step-by-step program that I came up with myself just for this very situation, from when I was writing for Aaron Webber's independent Skies Of Arcadia project. It worked on my vocals, but this oughta sound real interesting once it's done. She even did both melody and harmony. I'm super stoked about this one. The timing wasn't all too bad either. With my other current project nearing completion, I could possibly be posting two songs within the same week! That will definitely help get my name out there, if they see it a little more frequently. I'm definitely gonna be busy for the next few days
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    Blue Blood

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I managed to miss this earlier. Perhaps SA-55 could be a bit too brash, but he was actually beneficial to Eggman by giving him someone competent to bounce off when he was getting flustered or too egotistical. He was on Eggman's side, but still resented him. Orbot just doesn't do anything of benefit. He and Cubot just sit around being lazy and/or stupid, with no interest in Eggman's schemes at all. Cubot is probably the bigger issue here, as he only exists to be a useless lackey for comic relief. Get rid of him, and Orbot will probably be forced to be a better character.
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    Revive One, Banish Another

    Revive: The Babylon Rogues - Cool designs, their race has very curious origins (which are expanded a little bit in the Sonic Universe comics) and I loved the interactions between themselves and Sonic. Banish: Silver the Hedgehog - To me, he is the Waluigi of Sonic. His personality is very meh and doesn't "shine" next to other characters.
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    Seriously. I should note that those 'few stories' Angelo DeCesare did numbered in 14 in total (at least according to Comicvine), and contrary to what Ken is saying here, DeCesare was indeed the first one to build up the Bunnie/Antoine romance. Now, the BOLLERS incident can be recounted earlier in this thread. Namely here... Aaand here. So yeah, in short? No matter what Ken likes to profess about himself and professional courtesy, he doesn't actually have a lot of respect for anyone who isn't him. Any pretense to the contrary is just him trying to re-write history in his own favor. A *bit*? That tweet REEKS of smug condensation. If that tweet were a person you'd want to punch it just for looking at you, and no court on Earth would fault you for it. You know, I would expect myself to be pissed, but honestly that's just legitimately sad that this man honestly thinks that's good reasoning. These characters were tied into a friggin children's book meant to promote a series of video games. That he invested that much of himself and his life into a Sonic comic is just troubling. Like oh my God man, you really think these fictional characters line up SO well to the people you know in real life? Despite most of them having few to no distinguishable traits or being memorable for all the wrong reasons? That's not profound, that's just tragic.
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    If he put as much effort and passion into his work as he has into his Twitter rants: 1. We wouldn't be making fun of him here. 2. We'd be a few issues into his "project" by now. He's falling into obscurity, save for hanging on by his fingertips. One only wonders how long his grip will last.
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    ...why even bring this up if you just want to start trouble? There is no reason for this. The comments on it are especially frustrating. I swear this guy knows what he was doing when he posted it.
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    That can't be Eggman. Remember when the storyboard artist for the film posted this a few months ago? https://mobile.twitter.com/DouglasEinar/ It's probably just a random citizen of Green Hills.
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    The electoral college frankly has its own ridiculous issues that make that a moot point, though. Using the national popular vote is a better metric at this point.
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    Titans (2018)

    You know, I just realised the one version of Batman this might be accurate to, and it is not one of the good ones... All-Star Batman & Robin SHOULD NOT BE A GOOD REFERENCE POINT
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    Balding Spider

    Titans (2018)

    If you're still expecting quality from this show
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    Well, if I start a Pokemon marathon now, I should be finished with every generation before the main series game for Switch is released, probably before it's even revealed. These are the teams I'm gonna use. https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTmk3llemnqLrMIwfKvLXnPUJRPILHT6U9i4c4npcjtbyOWQXy_QRh6L-gZXwsqHGo9Dc2BXmv3ZAC8/pub
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    Amazing Joycon design

    Amazing Joycon design
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    Inb4 Sora gets announced for Smash at Square Enix Presents’s TGS show. A man can dream, can’t he?!
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    Sonic Shuffle had some very interesting Enemy Designs.
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    Vergeben has some more to say https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/234547-super-smash-bros-ultimate/77008096 So nothing about Skull Kid sadly, but he does say the games getting supported post launch, so expect quite a bit of dlc apparently
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    They can still work on CGI after trailers release- Thanos looked kinda shoddy in some of the early Infinity War trailers, but he looked spectacular once the movie came out. 6-8 months is pretty standard for when trailers start releasing before a movie. Using Marvel again (cause they're the only movies I follow), IW got its first trailer in late November 2017 with a late April release date. Captain Marvel gets its first trailer this week with a March release date next year. These movies already have a ton of hype so they can afford shorter advertising periods, so I expect to see some stuff for Sonic around early spring next year.
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    Oh yeah right, yeah! She does there. Don't know why I misread your post as having to do with the comics and not an episode title. My mistake!
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    My first playthrough of Spider-Man is in full swing. Completed 23% so far.
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    Wow, Ridley murdered Pong^
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    Pictured: a gud boi

    Pictured: a gud boi
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    Mega Man

    Mega Man's Twitter account just uploaded samples of the pre-order-exclusive piano remixes: Fuse Man's is chill as heck. Gonna be listening to that quite a bit.
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    Chamomile #74
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    Revive One, Banish Another

    I wish that SEGA once more cared about him more than a cash cow on his anniversaries (i.e. Filling the online shop with items of him) and the one-time re-release of Tail Adventure on the 3ds E-Shop These things were great, but he needs more love... Luigi got a whole year devoted to him. Can't Tails just have more attention? SOMEONE SEND THIS TO SONIC TEAM AND SEGA PLEASE!!!
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    That may have had something to do with her supposedly older age and new sense of responsibility. How so? That's kinda what happens when you have to retcon in and consolidate more up to date information and themes with what came before.
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    Revive One, Banish Another

    Revive Marine, and give us a Blaze spinoff with her as Blaze's sidekick. I'd be interested in seeing more of their world and a different hero/sidekick dynamic. Retire Silver. Ugly design, boring personality, an unearned aura of importance, sketchy gameplay mechanics, and the constant time bullshit associated with him makes him an awkward character to use (not that Blaze isn't, for similar reasons, but Blaze's dimension being independent of Sonic's gives them more flexibility compared to Silver's time being influenced by Sonic's).
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    This is more or less the stance he's taken before -- that as soon as the original creators left a book, it might as well be over. I mean, he's right -- few are capable of writing characterization as blandly as he can and think they belong on a pedestal. Doesn't he usually tend to @ people a lot, including Ian? That would be a good reason to block, and I know he didn't do so here, but what would have been the point?
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    Where do you want to see this potential cartoon airing? My dream would be Netflix, it'd be more accessible to people. (And I definitely don't want to see Sonic on CN again).
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    If I'm honest, I don't think StC Amy's upwards spines bear any particular resemblance to Super Sonic's or Shadow's; Amy's pointed directly upwards, while theirs still go backwards and merely twist up a little at the end, or go diagonally up and back at most. I agree that it would be weird if they looked similar, though.
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    Honestly, I never really liked the upward spines. It created a weird commonality between her and Super Sonic. But I guess if Shadow will never be in Classic Sonic media, might as well let Amy have it
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    (cough cough) Isaac (cough)
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    Look closely at the front door of the police station. This confirms his first name is indeed 'Tom' in the movie. (Until this point all we've known is his last name is 'Wachowski'. The name Tom was just rumored)
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    There's no reason you couldn't have argued your points without resorting to petty personal attacks, but in doing so you have only drawn attention to your equally troubling history with hostility towards members. Not to mention the compulsive ban-dodging and penchant for alt accounts. I need not go on.
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    Let's not get off-topic, guys. Please direct all Smash discussion to its own thread.
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    The thing is, Unleashed's reliance on the Werehog for game length is far from the only case of the series doing this. It's been a thing since Adventure. It wasn't really until Colors that Sega learned that they could sell a game of decent quality even if it was a tad on the short side. Though with that being said, I still argue that any decent Sonic level is going to take a lot of time and resources to make no matter what. If you shrink down the stages, make Sonic slower (but not too slow), and make them meatier that's still work you have to do applying the "meatier" part. To that end, I don't think the actual length of Unleashed's stages was/ is the problem. Sonic is just a fast character who's going to require larger levels than other series to support that (we've seen this across the entire series). The only thing I can reasonably see Unleashed adding to the equation is putting the art team on a bigger workload. Otherwise, I don't see how crafting, say, a decent adventure styled level is any different from crafting a boost one. To go into the topic more directly, well... it's hard to say. There are very few cases of 3D Sonic games sticking with one overall gameplay formula and not relying on some other means to pad out its length. The ones that come to mind are Heroes which made you basically play through the game 4 times over and often repeated segments in levels. Shadow which, again, required you to replay the game a bunch to get to the ending (with certain goals tied to some of the levels beyond simply completing them). Colors (probably the best one to go off of) which relied on, again, copying and pasting levels with slight tweaks in order to make different acts. And LW which had a severe gimmick problem. At some point I have to fear what ST would've replaced the Werehog with to pad out the game's length. At the end of the day, if the game is good, I think length becomes much less of an issue. If, in a perfect scenario, ST were literally just taking out the Werehog and applying those exact resources to the daytime stages then the game would probably be around your average 2D Sonic game length. Would that be long enough for a full priced 3D game? Well again, it's hard to say and I'm sure that opinion would vary among different people like it already does with other games. For me personally though, probably. I guess it's also worth mentioning that Sonic games have also always relied on their replayablity factor as well which, I think, is why the issue of length is never really brought up. You beat the game, you replay it and get better times and scores. That alone has already proven to be dozens (and sometimes even hundreds) of hours right there.
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    I love this idea. Can't wait to see how Sonic and pals deal with this cavalcade of villains! ...But seeing that Boom!Shadow is among the villains makes me fear for their chances. We're talking about the same guy who curb-stomped his universe's Team Sonic in the cartoon's season 2 finale here (hell, he nearly destroyed his universe... deliberately).
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    So I poked my head in and decided to clean up the last few posts. Nobody is in trouble, but I'd like to reiterate the point that horridus had brought up about not commenting on Penders's fans/family/whatnot. Please just focus on his work and whether or not it's even coming out at this point (I'm not holding my breath and I stopped caring about a year ago). I don't think the thread is in any danger, since I don't think we've had a reason to put it up for review, but this is just a reminder not to drag random people into this regardless of their behavior.
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    Guys, cease, desist, zip it. How Penders' fans behave and their interactions with Ken is decidedly *not* within the purview of this thread. They are not to be discussed, mentioned, pointed out, or anything at all that involves them in this. This discussion is about 25YL and only that, so let's move away from the fanboy before this thread winds up derailed and locked.
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    Yeah I'm just gonna leave this here before I gather my thoughts
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