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    Cuz It's Art

    I drew some Whispers. Enjoy quietly. Pencil Sketches:
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    Forgot to mention, I finally bought Star Allies yesterday and I’m playing it right now. Kirby’s too good for this world.
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    My mom's watching Fox News, and they had just a report on the new Playstation Classic, claiming that famous video game mascot Sonic the Hedgehog would be returning to his roots. Guess they skimmed through a Wiki article and stopped at "Sonic's Ass Game".
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    *Shh!Shhh!* Don't cry Lea. It'll get released eventually.
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    Every time I read the "Switch Online is only $20 a year" argument I can just hear the sound of nails on the chalkboard in my head.
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    Art #58 -- The Rusty Ruins Of Richard Jacques A drawing that I have done on an individual A4 sheet. I drew this piece while listening to this YouTube video on loop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXubvSgn-KA. Most of the elements in this drawing are inspired by Rusty Ruin Zone from Sonic 3D Blast: Flickies' Island. (Specifically the SEGA Saturn iteration.) The lamp post is inspired by lamp posts in White Park Zone from Sonic 4: Episode II. BIC blue médium biro pen on regular paper.
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    Well, Switch Online happens tonight, according to Twitter, there's a maintenance planned, and it's ready to go. Goodbye online that barely counts as serviceable for free.
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    Flame Lance

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Banish the Deadly Six. Personally, I don't have all that much against them, but they're also just kinda there. Their designs are ugly and they look as if they belong in Mario or something, like everything else about Lost World. I'd be lying if I said their dialogue didn't make me laugh though, especially Zor. Still, I would happily ditch all six for the following: Revive Marine, Sticks, the Babylon Rogues, and Cream's prominence. It's been 11 years of no Marine outside of bread crumb cameos, one mention, and an appearance in the 25th anniversary Sonic Channel comics. I long for the day we'd finally see the spunky Aussie, hopefully by Blaze's side. Cream has really been lacking appearances and just once I'd like to see her interact with Blaze again. Sticks deserves a chance in the modern canon since Boom's dead. The Babylon Rogues are extremely fun and underrated characters. I think they're great rivals as well as comedy relief, and I love all things Riders. It's criminal TSR dropped the ball and does not feature these three. I think they're far more engaging rivals for Team Sonic than Team Dark.
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    Hnngh ❤️

    Hnngh ❤️
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    Sonic 1 (SEGA Ages) launch trailer: Includes drop-dash, spindash and Mega Play version.
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    revive witchcart, banish shadow
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    (tweet) Yooo, the SEGA AGES intros are freaking dope
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    A theory about the next issue (probably spoilers) On the topic unrelated to spoiler above, Burning Blaze NEVER looked better. Not only transformation looks fantastic, but her hair, tail and even her cuffs look like fire. Sweet!
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    Cuz It's Art

    I like them! There is something about both images fully coloured that's really charming.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    CHARACTER INTERACTIONS, something I love so much!
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    Yep. It was 25 years ago today, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1993, that the ABC Sonic The Hedgehog SatAM made it's TV debut on the aforementioned network, as well as the CTV Television Network in Canada. The episode 'Super Sonic' led off the show in Week 1, after getting a 6-minute preview the night before during ABC's 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper', a special presentation of that show. The fact that discussion on the show has continued non-stop for 25 years is still pretty crazy to me. Again, Happy Silver Birthday to the Sonic SatAM! =)
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    Number 1 Saddest Anime Death
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    Sounds like a lot of work that could be spent on making a new good game instead of remaking a bad old one.
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    >when Hulu and Netflix both email you at the same time to watch the same show on their service So this is what being desired and fought over feels like
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    So, I found out some male redback spiders voluntarily climb into the female's mouth...
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    Bunny girl's joined the party! And then Elora was dropped like a penguin's nuke.
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    This video is everyone on this board.
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    I wonder why they didn't reveal all games for the PS Classic. Some secret heavy hitters on there?
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    A bit mixed seeing this. It does get hit with nostalgia but will I buy it? I don't know... Sure it resembles the PS1 package that I got around 20 years ago right down to the blooming manual so its thumbs up for Sony regarding attention to detail (except the box was a bit different on mine) but without the DualShocks, it would affect many of the later games especially Ape Escape (or even early ones that used the Dual Analog) and some games are awkward with just the D-Pads. Once you go DualShock, you don't go back. Wait and see regarding the games first even though Ridge Racer Type 4 and Tekken 3 are good games. Also just for fun, here's what I reckon what the other games are, give or take regions: @Ryannumber1gamer @TCB Sorry but the chances of either Gran Turismo game going to be in are almost 0. One is that it is licensed especially when it comes to the music and two, one that people forget are the manufacturers of the cars themselves who each of them have different standards. They can be extremely picky when it comes to representation and they might think that they don't resemble the cars so it gets rejected, that and it would be really expensive to license even if they could. The only licensed racing games to my knowledge that got a re-release way after the original were Daytona USA (more so on the name, the game itself isn't since Sega did actually re-release it without the name as Sega Racing Classic) and Sega Rally 1, the latter only in Japan as a limited edition. Out Run got brief ones on the original Xbox as an extra to Out Run 2 and the Saturn however most releases since just changed the car. Easy on Out Run when there's only one important one but impossible in GT when you have 200+. The same reason why TOCA, Colin McRae Rally, V-Rally or even Need for Speed won't make it to this mini console. A shame really since GT1 gives me nostalgia and had a good time with GT2.
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    Played the NES games for a while and... Yep, they sure are NES games. There are a few games that play pretty well or interest me, and a big draw is gonna be the multiplayer for me, since I can see these being good dumb competition when we got nothing better to do... but overall, not really for me. Plus, the single player titles reeeeaaally stick out like a sore thumb; at least the multiplayer games feel good for the most part... Also, outside SMB3, (apparently scrolling artifacting has always been a thing?) the emulation and service is as good as I hoped it'd be... But it also feels like it's missing stuff, like button mapping from the Wii U VC, and for NES games, not including a manual... really doesn't help with how archaic these feel, lmao. Also, while being pretty out there as a possibility imo, playing with randos would be rad, as well. It's pretty much near perfect quality-wise, but I wouldn't say the best it can be just yet. I think I'm ready to move on, though, yeah. As it is, this feels like it has more merit as a dump of solid multiplayer arcade games about as deep as your average smartphone game than an actual virtual console service with the games this console offers. It's a good service, but it feels a looooot more like the side-dish to the paid online than anything remotely close to a main course right now.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Just read the issue. Short review: I'm at work right now and people look funny at my constant stupid grin. If someone checks what I'm doing, I'm finished. Longer review I'm honestly concerned about next issue, because I don't think it can be as good as this one. Yeah it's mostly set-up, but done RIGHT.
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    Well you're idea isn't bad, but Shadow the Game has just too many bigger problems. Basically your idea is like fixing a leaking pipes in a house that is on fire.
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    Well, so long as they stay away from Nintendo's tactic of artificial scarcity I may have a shot at picking one up. Assuming scalpers don't pick up 500 at a time.
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    This makes me happy!

    This makes me happy!
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    i wish nintendo would make a new wario land game
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I like these pages and the writing within them, and I gotta get my copy of this issue (I buy physical)! Though, just one problem... Blaze looks super wonky. In one panel, she gets an actual neck. Even Tangle looks a little weird. Something about the art screams "rush job" to me...
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    I watched the first two episodes, and it made me laugh somewhat more than I'd been lead to believe it would. It's decent so far, not super great, not Futurama great, but it holds promise. A lot of promise.
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    "Oh boy! I'm gonna 100% Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep!"
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    They could have avoided all of this by just giving us four multicolored Marios. Fucking hacks.
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    To be honest, if Peach had to stay in her damsel role, I would've vastly preferred Rosalina or Daisy as playable instead of Toadette.
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    Not sure if anybody noticed the post about the chopped Tacoma that I was talking about. I noticed that the truck is the latest Gen Tacoma, which has its roof chopped off. Is Toyota provide some of their cars for the movie? Usually car companies will give their cars away for movies to damage them. I also noticed an silver RAV4 with an California license plate on it spotted at the filming set in Ladysmith. Could that be Tika’s car? Maybe, Tika could be an tourist from California who ended up helping Sonic and Tom. . The car is an outgoing gen of the RAV4. I know I may be going a bit untopic, but here’s the new one.: BTW, this could be the reason why Paul was no longer considered for the role of Tom. http://www.justjared.com/2018/09/07/chris-evans-paul-rudd-scarlett-johansson-film-avengers-4-in-atlanta/ Oh, here’s an funny little comic of Tom and Sonic having chili dogs.
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    Penders is in no position to complain about about this, and frankly I have a very hard time believing he actually says the crap he says online to people in real life. Let's recap Penders precise treatment of Flynn over the years. Penders has slammed Flynn for relying on characters he didn't made, but then gone around and slammed him for not using pre-existing characters more. He's repeatedly denigrated Flynn's run on the book while admitting he hasn't actually read any of it, while at the same time pointedly saying that if he were to ever return to the book he'd simply ignore everything and pick up where he left off. He constantly passively aggressively digs at Flynn on his twitter, often bringing him up out of the blue. When Archie lost the license, he could barely contain his glee at the fact that Flynn and all of Flynn's coworkers lost their jobs- while Flynn thanked his co-workers for their time together, all Penders could do was harp on them for not having a backup plan or some crap, in a rather staggering lack of empathy. Most damningly, he's even gone so far as to accuse Flynn of lifting ideas from him under the most flimsiest pretenses imaginable, and not once has he ever taken back or apologized for doing so. This man has consistently done nothing but spit bile towards Flynn, and while Flynn has consistently said all of zero about Penders as he tries to get on with his life. And you know, let's talk about those 'professionals' Penders professes to have so much 'respect' for. Actually, that's a lie- Penders doesn't really have much respect for anyone else who worked on the comic save for those people willing to enable him. Back when Mobius 25YL was happening, Bollers opined that 25YL was not THE future, but rather A future and one of many. Penders disagreed tremendously with this, and when Bollers brought this opinion to his forums, Penders repeatedly deleted the threads that contained the information while angrily decrying Bollers, and even going so far as accusing the man of trying to undermine him. Likewise, he's wholly dismissed Angelo DeCesare's contributions to the book while trying to claim sole responsibility for the Bunnie/Antoine ship that got started under DeCesare, calling him a small timer and even baselessly calling his work 'Furry Archie' while admitting to having never read any of it. And then of course there's the fact that he happily trash talks Ben Hurst, a dead man with no ability whatsoever to defend himself or talk back. Penders entitlement here in the face of everything last thing he's said and done is staggering, especially because if ANY person dared to treat him as he's treated others we would never hear the end of it. Flynn owes this man nothing- not courtesy, not politeness, and certainly not his attention. ESPECIALLY when, without getting into specifics, Penders own fanboys obnoxiously tag Flynn's name and Penders name in the same posts over and over and over again purely so they can either try and start something or just froth at the mouth over the fact that the franchise passed them by. THis entire display is as pathetic as it is disgusting.
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    Look closely at the front door of the police station. This confirms his first name is indeed 'Tom' in the movie. (Until this point all we've known is his last name is 'Wachowski'. The name Tom was just rumored)
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    Classic, Modern, I don't care what form of Sonic they animate, I just wanna see the same kind of energy and fun like they showed in Mania Adventures if they decide to expand the web animation stuff. I do hope Mr Hesse sticks around too, he's got a style that's just brilliant!
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    That truck seem to be the latest gen Tacoma. I wonder if Toyota paying SEGA and Paramount to featured their cars in the movie? Usually damaging newer cars in movies is expensive. Damaging older cars is cheaper than destroying newer ones. Thanks, maybe, we will see it hopefully. So, anyway, this donut shop was hired to provided the food for them, and they made this.
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    Here's an picture of Sonic and his friends hanging out at Green Hills for an special event. I put characters like Silver and Blaze who are unlikely to appear in the movie, because I wonder what the movie will be like if they appear.: Um, no, it's probably set in the present day, because there was an fake SFPD police car spotted on set. The car is an Ford Police Interceptor (2013-present).
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    Found this cool looking fan made poster made by SmezMorePrakezz. This look official! Great job on this!
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    Made something for you guys to enjoy and some movie related Instagram posts.: I made an comparison about that USPS logo.:
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    Sorry for the multiple double posts, but I want to show this. It’s just one of the writers joke that one of the crew members show up dressed as Mario.
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