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    @Fusion-Ellipsis's current avatar is the perfect representation for how nervous I am about tomorrow's TGS news turnout.
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    Remember when Goku became Professor X?
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    Does anyone recognize where the song used for the intro after the title card and the recap comes from?
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    Need help are your ideas on the 10 best sonic games(in your opinion)
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    Turns out neither of my appointments are on my mental health. They’re on other things.
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    http://www.siliconera.com/2018/09/20/cotton-from-cotton-fantastic-night-dreams-will-be-playable-in-umihara-kawase-fresh/ SEGA. "Fantastic Night Dreams". Not NiGHTS Into Dreams. SoOoOOO close!
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    You know those 'Virgin vs. Chad' memes?
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    i was thinking about doing a mario-themed sprite animation for halloween this year... ...but i don't actually know how to do sprite animations.
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    If Apollo gets in Smash I need this theme in the game.
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    Honestly, I think this cartoon is pretty good. But @Miitoons is right. You can’t expect expert criticism on a website like this.
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    • Zaysho

      I tried out the Unleashed Project mod for Generations for the first time tonight. Honestly had a lot of fun with it (even though I'm really fucking bad at boost games now) and I have more of an appreciation for Gens and Unleashed now. Really helps that the mod does away with the bullshit parts of the latter (random QTEs, primarily).
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    • KHCast

      Had Mephiles been in Forces, do you think he’d have been given any lines or substant role? Truth be told, would have been interesting to see Mephiles realize he’s a fake(being a omniscient god and all) but still rival himself against Infinite regardless for the power spot, creating this power battle within the villain side. Bonus points if they’d have been able to counter his super seriousness with some humor from some of the less serious characters creating some funny interactions. Imagining Mephiles’s patience being tried by eggman and orbot/cubots idiocy for some reason just sounds like a funny thing to see. 
      Then again this is all hypothetical and forces would prob have done this badly, so I’m not really that disappointed or anything. It’s merging two underwhelming steaming piles , 06 & Forces, and expecting something good to come out of it. In reality, it would have been a train wreck waiting to happen.
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    • KHCast

      Watching the Sonic runners history vid on YouTube, I feel as if the guy goes perhaps a bit TOO into detail on every update and event in that game. He also drifts I feel into non relavent talking points every now and then 
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    • SenEDDtor Missile

      Question to you:
      In Digimon Tamers, when he faces Beelzemon, Leomon says that "To have power is not to be strong." I feel like I know what it means, but at the same time I'm not sure if I do. What do you guys get out of this, and what do you think he meant?
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    • Polkadi~♪

      I have found something... peculiar in my Japanese studies.
      To like is 「好き」。Makes sense. But if you love something, it's 「大好き」。
      「大好き」is literally "big like."
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