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    There's literally no reason to think that Dodonpa is classic Eggman, though. I'll be first in line to shit on Sonic Team but they don't deserve to be blamed for a baseless theory some fans made up.
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    Does anyone recognize where the song used for the intro after the title card and the recap comes from?
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    I'm definitely not angry and I definitely don't hate or despise Sonic Team. I'm more like...frustrated. And disappointed, I guess. I thought Sonic Forces was decent. There were a few parts that I had some fun at, but it was overpowered by all the flaws and things I didn't like about the game. I guess that's what frustrates me the most. The game is just...eh. It's like Sonic Team knows how to do the bare minimum to make a Sonic game, but they don't understand how to make it really good or fun. Like they're stuck and struggling around in the mediocre range and don't know how to raise themselves up just a little to make it to the good range. It gives me this weird gnawing sense of disappointment. They know how to not a bad game...but they don't know how to make a good game. I'm sorry if none of this makes sense, I always have trouble describing things. I always try to stay optimistic and look forward to the next Sonic Team game, but it's hard. I want Sonic Team to get better. I want them to really come together and look at what they get criticized and praised for and try to improve from what they find. But they've shown multiple times that they're not the best at that. On another note, I've always wondered if Sonic Team should take a break from Sonic. Not abandon it, but just kind of put it away for a while and maybe work on other Sega games or something else. Then, after a bit of time (a year maybe? Maybe less or more?), come together and really discuss what Sonic is all about, where they're failing and what they're doing right, go back to the well-received Sonic games and see what made them fun, maybe bring in some new people and fresh ideas...I don't know, just something that shows they're willing to improve instead of just cranking out lackluster games continuously.
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    Nothing good really. It definitely puts me off thinking they can put something out that's good without a major shakeup to the team and/or their core idea of what Modern Sonic should be if they even have a clear direction. That said, I would like to know more about the circumstances around the development of Forces, in no way does it feel like a game that got a substantial about of development time. I have to wonder if a prototype just didn't work out, team members left or were put on other stuff, if they panicked and tired to make a not-Generations game after the string of failures that came out for Sonic in general between Lost World and it, ran into problems with the NX, or something similar. I have to think there is more going on than simple dev incompetence.
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    Need help are your ideas on the 10 best sonic games(in your opinion)
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    Turns out neither of my appointments are on my mental health. They’re on other things.
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    You know those 'Virgin vs. Chad' memes?
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    No, it's not. We're not talking about Test Drive 5 or Need for Speed II here. R4 is one of the best racing games of the entire console generation and legitimately an excellent choice for the collection; even if it falls a bit flat due to the controller decided to include. It can easily go hit for hit with any other racer on the system and nothing on the other two systems can really even approach it, possibly to the extent of being the best racing game of the console generation that doesn't have licenced cars that someone would have to pay for; and the only game that is really definitively higher on the totem pole before the PS2 era is the second Gran Turismo game. Activision definitely isn't going to pay for that.
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    If Apollo gets in Smash I need this theme in the game.
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