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    Unused concept art for New Donk City and HNGF WHY DID tHEY GO FOR 06 AESTHETICS OVER THIS THIS LOOKS AMAZiNG
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    I'm sure everybody knows at this point, but: At least we made his last wish come true. May he rest in piece.
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    Can we have a Mario game that's based off all the level tropes from Mario Kart?
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    We deserve this

    We deserve this
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    Tbh, the argument that Sonic Team should hold off on adding more playable characters like Tails and Knuckles in the main series 3D games again until they get better at Sonic's gameplay is an ok argument, but tbh it's been over 10 years now, and at this point I don't think sonic team will ever be "ready" again.
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    Boink: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/09/team-sonic-racing-egx-2018-hands-on-impressions/ Boink: Flibble Wibble. Any questions?
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    Literally every remix for Ultimate so far has been a banger, you can already tell this is a vast improvement over Smash 4. It definitely helps that Sakurai is focused on putting in a lot of high-energy tracks in the game this time around
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    Goofys fucking pissed (pic)
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    Well, the good news is that officially, Nintendo have nothing bad to say about the recent Bowsette trend. https://www.resetera.com/threads/nintendo-has-no-comment-on-bowsette.71086/ Though yeah, they're definitely aware. XD
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    -sees Princess King Boo fanart- I knew this meme was good
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    https://thehill.com/opinion/judiciary/405853-partisans-dilemma-fix-the-court-dont-pack-the-court Something different in the midst of all this chaos. While lots of conservative partisans are frothing at the mouth to control the Court, they probably won't be smiling when Democrats get the chance to pack it. That's where this proposal comes in: a Constitutional Amendment that would limit Justices to one 18-year term, fix the number of justices at 9, and have a new Justice appointed every 2 years (so basically, every election would involve picking a new Justice, so there'd be a new sense of fairness and political involvement for both sides). Yes, this means the parties need to give up their short-term gains whenever they are in power. But it also means the Court's prestige and independence is preserved. Otherwise, we are looking at a Court that just adds seats every few years and just turns into a partisan, increasingly powerless and ineffective mess. It is in both parties' long-term interest to pass a reform like this. It would also be easy to frame: Senator McCain enjoys reverence for his repeated desires to try and restore some of the consensus politics, and proponents of this type of Amendment say it would be a great way to honor him. Under the Federalist Papers, Justices have a life term for two reasons: first, it preserves their independence since they don't need to be appointed again, and two, it was a cushy job with lots of benefits that would ensure talented lawyers would try to get on the Court rather than opt for private practice. A single 18-year term would still keep the independence goal, would still provide excellent job security (plus a lot of high-ranking judges serve out of a sense of duty even though they could make more money going on book tours), and let's be honest, the Framers probably did not expect your typical Justice to live much longer than 18 years anyway. This is not a new idea for federal positions, either. The Federal Reserve chairs have staggered 14-year terms, to limit the capacity of a President to pack the chairs to his liking (as he will undoubtedly lose power in Congress as his term goes on). The FCC's board likewise is made of staggered 5-year terms, and has additional rules prescribing the partisan makeup of the FCC. Without a reform like this, we may as well just abolish the Supreme Court. Otherwise it's just an arm of whoever happened to last have a unified Congress and Presidency.
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    Man, editing is a looong process, but it really is fun seeing everything come together.
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    In 2006, we all believed Sora’s voice gradually deepened as he continued to mature inside the pod between CoM and KH2. In 2008, we discover that puberty just suddenly hit him like a train before he even got to Castle Oblivion.
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    blue's clues is really dark when u think about it
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    I watch gay porn in my garden shed. I lie to everyone that my father's dead.
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    Okay, Picture This: Mario's big 50th anniversary game. (though can preferably be whenever) It's basically Mario's equivalent to Sonic Generations and Mania. I'll be a standard, full length eight world game, and they all revisit levels from several past 2D and 3D Mario games, except with a major graphical overhaul and a few tweaks in it's design, the same way they remade the retro tracks in MK8. You can use almost all of the powerups in the entire series and have levels mix and match enemies from other Mario games too. A SMB3 level for instance might have powerups from the NSMBs inside the blocks, enemies from SMB2 or SMW alongside the originals. It could show signs of age, but age beuatifully, even if there's a billboard or hot air balloon of in the background. Another big feature is get to play as dozen of characters from Waluigi to Diddy to Bowser. The game does also celebrate the Yoshi, DK and Wario series with special worlds dedicated just for them. You can have 4 - 8 players race through a standard level, and have even more players together in the more open 3d levels. Almost every world has a hub world at the start of each map where many players can explore and play hundreds of recrational activities from kart races to PVP arenas. There's Toad Town, Cosmic Observatory, Defino Plaza, and even a new city hub based on NDC's concept art. Take pictures of/with all your favorite characters, and even film movies with them with their own preset animations in any place in the whole game. So how's dat sound? 😊
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    Happy about PlayStation getting cross-platform support... now if only we could get the same kind of reversal on Backwards Compatability, I would love to use my PS3 games on my PS4, even if I had to download them like Xbox
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    Oh look at that, they’re finally doing cross play for fortnite PS4.
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    My preview of Team Sonic Racing is live. Along with two gameplay videos. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/09/team-sonic-racing-egx-2018-hands-on-impressions/
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    While I think some episodes did okay touching the base of some emotional plot lines, I think my bigger issue with SatAm was not so much the premise but the fact it sometimes felt like it was trying to insinuate far more depth and grittiness than it really had. Robotnik did not look competent enough to keep control over the planet for over the decade, Uncle Chuck did not look like someone who has been stuck in a state of living death as his lackey in all that time, barely anyone but Sonic and Sally was important to the plot despite this ongoing theme of unity between the hero band, the comic relief, like in many of the darker games, was extremely juvenile and caused mood whiplash, and the characters somehow knew not to really care much about the 'red shirts' that got robotised. Concerning the games, I think it's not only this air of pretentiousness and EVEN WORSE writing, but also that they don't even rely much on the franchise's themes as a base, as already stated. In many games Sonic and co almost feel like aliens because the creative team have deemed better to completely retool the universe into some sort of gritty anime world or sci fi horror, so much that Sonic X's premise borderline makes fun of it. SA1 was more forgivable because it was obvious the anime backdrop was more a cosmetic and the bulk of the story actually revolved around the mythos of the original games, while for the SA2/ShTH and Next Gen arc it's the other way round, with Sonic's cast almost visitors in a completely different world. Basically the Storybook series and Sonic X, but it's not an explained part of the plot, they just had to alter the entire universe to make the story tone work. Some other interpretations suffer the same issue like STC and the earlier Archie series, you could tell the writers had less intent on bringing Sonic to life and more making their own completely different world which happened to have some of the games stuff here and there. I think a problem with the theme of 'darkness' is that some writers too often connect it with the approach of being morbid and grim in storytelling approach, killing off characters graphically, constant angst and breakdowns, robbing the whole universe of anything remotely cute or happy. That in itself can end up a corny cliche after a while, especially when written badly. Dark can be far more subtle in terms of narration. For example there is almost never a Winnie the Pooh story that doesn't keep the same extremely light hearted and whimsical approach to family audiences and kids, but some works like Pooh's Grand Adventure and The Tigger Movie and the recent Christopher Robin are considered valid attempts at being 'darker' works, largely for being more serious character studies that put the cast in more graver but still cartoony situations that don't betray the original aesthetics too much. In other words still developing on the original light hearted material but giving it more emotional weight. I feel like even Lost Worlds, in spite of it's more cartoony atmosphere and villains, could have acted as such (at least relatively to works such as Colours and Generations) since it seemed to be trying a more thorough character study than the stories recently before and toying with the idea of Sonic and the others being more flawed and on the losing end, the main problem was that the whole thing was written and executed in a very slapdash manner. Forces tried it a little less awkwardly, but lacked nearly any depth and emotional weight.
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    Doodling is fun.

    Doodling is fun.
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    Disappointed we haven't seen a single totem pole on set. I understand they can't use loop de loops and be believeable, but a few totem poles scattered across the town could be considered 'decorative' and a nice reference to the original stage. It seems like Green Hill, but in name only. They're not really trying to cleverly throw in little Easter Eggs referencing elements from the stage, they're just using the name and that's it. For example, the businesses. Why not have a bar called the 'Star Light' lounge? They need to incorporate music from the games in this somehow too. And no I don't mean just a 30 second sample of 'Green Hill Zone' during the final battle and that's it. I wanna hear Chemical Plant, Star Light, Death Egg Robot (even if the Death Egg Robot isn't used in the movie, the music should play during the final battle)
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    Bojack would be between Cell and Buu, Broly Second Coming during the Great Saiyaman Saga, Bio-Broly after the World Tournament Saga, Fusion Reborn after the Fusion Saga, and Wrath of the Dragon between the Kid Buu fight and the epilogue with Uub. I'm using FUNimation's terms since it's a handy way to split up the arcs. They may also do the 2008 special before Uub as well judging by how they handled Episode of Bardock and Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans.
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    [94] Sonic Riders - The Sands Of Time (Sand Ruins) https://soundcloud.com/paulybfromda303/sonic-riders-the-sands-of-time-sand-ruins-ft-fallen4freedom Length: 6:02 // Style: Techno // Speed: 154 BPM // Measures: 219 // Loops: 29 // Clips: 10 // Time Taken: 45 days https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/825488 Lyrics written by Pauly B, performed by Fallen4Freedom It’s my official audition to join Sonic Legacy as a contributor. Sonic Legacy, formerly known as Sonic Paradox, is a group of comic writers, artists, musicians, and voice actors dedicated to the Sonic fandom, It’s a beat I’ve had in my head for a long time, years. I could never start it because I had a requirement for a female vocalist, as it wouldn’t have sounded as good with my own voice. It took a while to find one. I was asking around one day, when my newfound friends over at Sonic Legacy pointed me towards one of their members, Fallen4Freedom, who agreed to help me out with this project. Hence, the project can commence! I replaced the original sitar melody with her voice, and moved the sitars to the middle bridge and the solo for variety. I had listened to a few examples of Persian electronica to study, and I incorporated a lot of percussive drums and ethnic instruments, mixed with fast paced synths, and I felt like speeding up the tempo was necessary for more of the feel that you’re racing. I tried to focus on layering, and adjusting the left-and-right panning accordingly. It’s still something I need to master, so I’ll gladly take any opportunity to practice it. I also took some time to balance out bass and treble and everything in between. As far as editing the voice clips go, I learned a lot from the single project, and Fallen4Freedom did an absolutely wonderful job with execution, and a lot of it was super easy to edit. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement from past projects, and I learned so much. I got a deeper look into a few functions that I hardly used, mainly in attempts to blend clips together when necessary. I’m paying closer attention to the little details, such as timing and volume control. Using two different programs to adjust volumes actually really comes in handy. There are some things I can’t touch with my producing program, Cakewalk Kinetic, that I can in my editing program, Audacity. I’m finding out what those things are, slowly but surely. Overall this was a really fun project to do. I want to send an extra thanks to Fallen4Freedom for doing such a wonderful job, and to Sonic Legacy for providing an opportunity. I hope you all like this as much as I liked learning from it. Thanks everybody! LYRICS: Racing through the sands of time No one knows just what you'll find All the answers lie in sand Your own fate rests in your hands Rests in your hands
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    Characters talking to each other. Yeah some people are really blowing this out of proportion. The character dialogue in this isn't that bad at all. Even during races it's very minimum and uses the 'Wine Party' theory really well. That being. You don't really notice the dialogue unless a team mate is talking to you or asking you for help. We had some pretty good headphones on which cancelled out the noise of the convention so you could focus on the music and dialogue. These complaints the the dialogue is too much or bad. Just not true. Edit: Oh yeah. Most of the time the dialogue only occurs if you the player interacts in some way with another character. So hit an opponent with a weapon. You'll get a response. Which is pretty good since you know your weapon strike hit a target even if they're around a bend out of sight. Same if a character hits you. It's a good gameplay mechanic in that you know where other players are in relation to you just by a dialogue line. It's not like these characters are like every teen road trip movie where they don't stop talking on their phones. Edit: In fact just editing my EGX footage now. There's an example of this context dialogue. I shoot a weapon. It goes around a corner and a few second later Sonic comments on how he just hit Big. I would have had no idea Big was ahead of me or m weapon hit target had that not been there.
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    This is always framed as a tonal issue when that's not really the problem. There are Disney movies that cover themes of betrayal and revenge. A concept or theme isn't inherently associated with a certain tone or age range. There are comedies about murder and race relations and there's at least one serious mystery thriller about a high-schooler drawing dicks on a car. There's an OK-KO episode about Gun control. I'm not even sure why people consider the basic rebellion setup of SatAM "dark" when Star Wars is one of the biggest kids properties in the world and features the galaxy perpetually in a dystopian state. Are people equating themes and things happening with being "dark"? Is that why this discussion is so confusing every time it happens? If so that's kind of concerning. Sonic Lost World isn't a bad story because it's "lighthearted". It's bad because it's not really executed well. It ends up falling flat in trying to say the few things it's even trying to say with it's story and it has almost nothing going in outside of it. The idea to put in jokes didn't do that. The attempt at lighthearted visuals didn't do that. All the mistakes are on the technical and execution side and not the conceptual side. I really wish we could move away from this whole "light or dark" thing. Tonal shifts happen within series or even within one story all the time. They're seriously not that big of a deal outside of hardcore sects of fandom.
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    Perhaps, but I'd much rather be pleasantly surprised by getting a lot more newcomers after expecting only one or two, than be disappointed by getting only one or two more newcomers after expecting a lot. I don't know, I just can't help but feel like that quote means we really aren't getting much more. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be proven wrong here. I'm just going to temper my expectations for now and not expect too many more newcomers.
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    So something small here. The new Castlevania Requiem is actually the PSP ports of the games, from Dracula X Chronicles, being ran on a PSP emulator, which seems to be why it's exclusive to PS4. So, I have a small, really insignificant question here, you know, really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and all but... If the PS4 has a PSP emulator ready on it and people can port PSP games AND upscale them through it THEN WHY THE FUCK IS NO ONE USING IT
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    People keep saying Paper Mario got dark and I legit have no idea what they're talking about. Granted I only played the first two. Did I miss something or is this just another "I interpret the vaguest sense of drama and bittersweetness as darkness" thing, cuz I remember Thousand Year Door even brought the fucking computer back to life.
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    Future Trunks slicing Merged Zamasu in half with his Spirit Sword. That moment is adored by fans.
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    Looks like I get to eat at the restaurant with pretty cool cardboard creations.
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    Wait, what the fudge??? That's actually Menzel doing the voice of Else in KH3!?!? What happened to her direction???
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    @Wraith So that is Menzel doing Elsa after all. Guess she’s doing a shit job then by your standards lol
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    Entire Frozen and most of the Tangled cast confirmed to reprise for KH3 along with one reprisal from Pirates. No word on Mandy Moore or any of the Big Hero 6 cast, but James Woods isn't listed, so it's safe to say that this is only a selection.
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    This better be in for Teen Titans Season 6!
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    how to casinopolis level A: become trash deposit rings repeat
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    Oh god, I just realised we're probably gonna see two memes collide...
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    (Tweet) Ridleyette? Peachley? Ehh, I just stick with Princess Ridley. Rolls off the tongue the best.
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    I bet this is Haniwa right about now:
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    met a new friend while shopping today
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    Why do I get the feeling regardless of what answer I give here it's going to generate a non controversy? There is no map. I cannot keep a mental note of 12 different characters in a racing game which has multiple routes.
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    I love dark themes. What we need is a game where Sonic stops running mid-level, unexpectedly wresting control away from the player, and curls up on the ground. He begins quietly sobbing to himself as the camera slowly zooms in and the upbeat music begins to fade. As we get closer we can hear him muttering under his breath, "Why... why do I keep running... why, oh god why...". He closes his eyes. "All the lives that have been lost because of our little 'games'... the lives lost when Eggman shattered the moon that time... or when Eggman broke apart the crust, who knows how many were killed as they plummeted into the mantle... my god, Eggman almost nuked a city... oh god, why...". He begins to shake. "I think that's why I run... I'm not running in search of new adventures... what I'm really doing is running... from my guilt... from myself. I.... I can't do this anymore. I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!" After a few tense moments, Sonic then stands up, collecting himself. He sniffs. "Alright, time to scramble some Eggman." The music resumes, and control is returned to the player. This entire moment has absolutely no bearing on the plot and is never brought up again.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    He's tried that with more resources at his disposal countless times and always failed. His grand plan here isn't just a clever throwback to 3 & Knuckles- It's Metal finally getting the idea to turn Sonic's ultimate trump card against him. Fighting him head-on? Sonic wins, either on his own or with help from friends. Turning into a giant dragon-robot with the powers of 12 heroes and a water god? Sonic and friends turn Super and overwhelm him. Taking that ultimate power for himself while assuring Sonic can't do the same, and retaining his power-copying? Metal's best chance yet. And although Metal's still loyal to Eggman, he's got enough to personally gain here. His primary motivation is to prove himself superior to his organic template, and as shown in Issues 7 and 9, he still has that goal. Just because he no longer has his own lust for power doesn't mean he's not acting out of his own interests, too- He just found a compromise between his and Eggman's desires.
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    Transformed snuck up on people after it launched and ended up selling really well, but I feel like a lot of that came from word of mouth about the quality of the game.
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    It's not that. I have to keep telling people every time I state my opinions that I don't think it'll be like the Smurfs or whatever else. This film doesn't look, nor feel Sonic. I'm not getting the sense of "super fast, spiny hedgehog who loves to explore the world and fight for freedom." Everything about this feels like "Sonic the Plot Device" instead. And because of no concrete information about plot or anything, we're left to wonder what the hell this movie is going to be about, and how Sonic ties into it. If it ends up as "Sonic ends up in our world," I will kick a puppy. All this talk of sequels make me feel even less confident about the film too, because it sounds like this is meant to form a poorly put together "movie universe" for da big monies, even though it's just a standalone video game adaptation in which the movie still hasn't finished filming. We need information, real information, and we need it fast.
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    Sup peeps! Glad to announce that Imagine That is currently enjoying a spot on the Newgrounds Weekly Top Audio list at #8! It's the second original of mine to appear in this list, the other one being another project I made for Aaron Webber. I hope this is a good sign, I need one right about now lol
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