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    Unused concept art for New Donk City and HNGF WHY DID tHEY GO FOR 06 AESTHETICS OVER THIS THIS LOOKS AMAZiNG
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    In 2006, we all believed Sora’s voice gradually deepened as he continued to mature inside the pod between CoM and KH2. In 2008, we discover that puberty just suddenly hit him like a train before he even got to Castle Oblivion.
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    My preview of Team Sonic Racing is live. Along with two gameplay videos. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2018/09/team-sonic-racing-egx-2018-hands-on-impressions/
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    This is always framed as a tonal issue when that's not really the problem. There are Disney movies that cover themes of betrayal and revenge. A concept or theme isn't inherently associated with a certain tone or age range. There are comedies about murder and race relations and there's at least one serious mystery thriller about a high-schooler drawing dicks on a car. There's an OK-KO episode about Gun control. I'm not even sure why people consider the basic rebellion setup of SatAM "dark" when Star Wars is one of the biggest kids properties in the world and features the galaxy perpetually in a dystopian state. Are people equating themes and things happening with being "dark"? Is that why this discussion is so confusing every time it happens? If so that's kind of concerning. Sonic Lost World isn't a bad story because it's "lighthearted". It's bad because it's not really executed well. It ends up falling flat in trying to say the few things it's even trying to say with it's story and it has almost nothing going in outside of it. The idea to put in jokes didn't do that. The attempt at lighthearted visuals didn't do that. All the mistakes are on the technical and execution side and not the conceptual side. I really wish we could move away from this whole "light or dark" thing. Tonal shifts happen within series or even within one story all the time. They're seriously not that big of a deal outside of hardcore sects of fandom.
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    Why is every Abriged series pretty much the source material but more meanspirited?
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    People keep saying Paper Mario got dark and I legit have no idea what they're talking about. Granted I only played the first two. Did I miss something or is this just another "I interpret the vaguest sense of drama and bittersweetness as darkness" thing, cuz I remember Thousand Year Door even brought the fucking computer back to life.
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    I hope they’ll do a behind the scenes video for KH3 highlighting all the big voice actors doing their roles again for KH3
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    Your least favourite thing is now a curse word. Use it in a sentence.
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    My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is the best movie I've seen all year. Absolutely amazing. Had such a fun time with friends tonight and thank you Funimation for retweeting my Hero post on Twitter. lmao Hero Hype out here trending!
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