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    C'mon internet. Make this crossover happen so something noteworthy and good comes out of Mega Man Fully Charged. Even if it is just by giving Sonic Boom at least some sort of conclusion/send-off.
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    I have so many great Sonic-related memories. -First playing Sonic at a mall kiosk back in 1991. -Discovering Sonic CD at a mall kiosk. I had no idea what this mysterious new Sonic game was, and it looked amazing. Never played it again until it came out on PC years later. -Watching my recorded tape of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog after school every day. -Seeing the primetime preview of Sonic SatAM and hearing Sonic speak for the first time, then wondering why Tails was turned into a girl (seriously, Sally just pops up out of nowhere; who are us dumb six year olds SUPPOSED to think this random new character is?). -Watching season 2 of SatAM and getting excited to see the story build to a climax...only to miss the final episode because the show changed timeslots and I didn't know it. -Playing Sonic 3D Blast with my cousins during the summer. -Playing the Game Gear Sonic games on long car rides with my dad. -Watching my tape of the Sonic OVA over and over and over again. Seriously, it was and still is SO GOOD. -Watching my tape that featured the first video footage of Sonic Adventure and being absolutely enamored with it for the full year+ I had to wait for the game to actually come out. To this day, I've never been more pumped for a Sonic game than Adventure. -Playing the Japanese version of Sonic Adventure almost every Saturday at a local game store when I drove into the city. Made it all the way to Casinopolis before we had to go. Seriously, the wait for Adventure was excruciating. -Staying home from summer school to play Sonic Adventure 2. Lots of memories. Don't think I've had any great memories since then that I can think of.
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    So this is going back a very long way. I'm currently trying to make a documentary and have been doing a lot of research into a few thing. Well... something which I know exists but can't find is a TV advert for Alton Towers. Specifically. The one which advertised the Sonic ride and hotel room. It definitely exists, because it was the 2nd sample of RCS Sonic voice we had outside of the 'check out the console's' room greeting. The advert lasts only a few seconds and I'm sure it was broadcast on a kids tv channel back in the day. The problem... I can't find it anywhere. YouTube is giving no results, nor is dailymotion. It's definitely real because it was posted in the forums back in the day. Anyone have this clip? Or is it now lost media?
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    Sonic Team is really weird about how they approach fan feedback... It's like they have a guy spying on fan communities, who overhears bits of conversation lacking in context, and then relays his interpretation back to Sonic Team who just sort of hear all this gibberish and say "okay, we can do that." Obviously the thing to keep in mind here is balance, as most everyone in the thread has pointed out, and the act of creating should be based on one's own sensibilities with those of the audience factored in to the extent that is healthy, but I'm gonna say at this point that if given the choice of "have sonic team keep doing things the way they're doing 'em" or "have sonic team not give a dooky about any of us whatsoever," I'd probably choose the latter and see what happens. I mean who's to say if they'd put out something good that way, but I'd be more interested in seeing shit no one asked for than half hearted attempts to pander.
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    I GOT THE PLATINUM IN BIRTH BY SLEEP AT LONG LAST And it only took...*goes into trinity archives*... 141 HOURS?!
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    Yeah that's it. I guess nobody managed to record a higher quality version of it.
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    So, novel update. Multiple rejections, several personalized. The common consensus is the same, which had led to my making a huge decision: I'm going to change my novel from young adult to middle grade. This will require de-aging my characters from 17 to 13, cutting the book in half, and making minor tweaks to certain scenes. On the plus side, I think my odds of getting my book published as middle grade are significantly higher, and when I'm done editing, I can say I've written TWO complete novels instead of just one! This has been kind of a bitter pill to swallow, but I think it's definitely in my book's best interests. This feels right.
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    Yes. There's Spider-Ham. 10/10. Day one watch,
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    Birthday Bob CC14

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2

    More small details straight from Disney, courtesy of Gamespot. Here's the most interesting ones: * Felix and Calhoun's role in the movie is to care for Sugar Rush's ousted citizens, basically getting a chance at parenthood in a way that doesn't make us question the mating logistics of digital characters. * The movie will go into both the positives AND negatives of the internet, comment sections included. * Sonic warns Ralph about how the internet is. Also, looks like I was right on the money when I said that this film is turning Ralph's final line from the first movie on its head: "The first movie wrapped up pretty nicely with Ralph's line, which is, 'If that kid likes me, how bad can I be?'" co-director Phil Johnston said. "Which, at the time we made it, felt like a very sweet sentiment. However, as we started poking around at that idea, it's actually a little bit dysfunctional that Ralph is defining himself based on how another person feels about him. And so we were like, 'Well, Ralph still has some work to do.'" "What is the worst place you could put someone who defines himself by how other people think of him? The internet," co-director Rich Moore added.
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    Sonic Adventure 1 has always intrigued me with it's unfinished quality, though one element that takes my interest the most is through very obscure coding. In the original game there are placeholder labels for three level slots, 'Jungle', 'Mushroom' and 'Desert'. There's not much to base on from that info alone, but it sounds like we might have at one point gotten an Angel Island nostalgia level and platforming desert area that likely would have formed together with Sand Hill to make it a proper level. No assets and details of any three of them have been discovered yet, but I'd loved to have seen how some extra levels would have played out in SA1 and how they would alter the progression of the story.
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