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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, Sega needs to cater to the HARDCORE 13-year-old audience more.
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    No he wasn't. Knock this shit off and debate in good faith or don't waste everyone's time typing shit like you're a time-displaced NeoGaf member from 2008.
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    Day 6 which came out way better than yesterday, nice Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild) wearing the default outfit of Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria)!
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    *gets 8 hours of sleep for the first time all week* the creative part of my brain right now:
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    They will launch so many investigations, they can commence impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh and Trump and anyone else if they have the will to do so, they can finally get a hold of Trump's mysterious tax returns, and more. Congress holds a good bit of power, and they hold the purse strings of the government too, so they can interfere with the budget if it shits on their base. Most importantly: they can pretty much halt Trump's legislative agenda. It's rare for a party to hold both Houses for very long, short of some major catastrophe generating a Rally Behind The Flag effect (9/11 did this), so while it'd be great to see the Senate flip (it'd need to flip in an unprecedented way for impeachments to result in removals from office btw), just the House flipping would be a great thing.
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    Details on new scenes presented at the NYCC panel, which presents early points of the film in more detail. Apparently Sonic isn't just the one who tells Ralph how the internet is, but he's also the one that tells him and Vanellope that that's where they can find the replacement wheel.
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    Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There is nothing "mature" or "complex" about Shadow's game and it's among the worst portrayals of the character so far. We don't need tryhard edgy teeny wienie 13+ BS. This is Sonic the Hedgehog's comic. And since when was Shadow brand material anyway?
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    I think the whole argument comes from an incorrect perspective re: 2D Mario. Those games are actually the best selling games in the series by a margin so big that the so called ambitious 3D games started to take notes from them. They didn't actually flame out with anyone. They were an easy target due to am honestly pretty poor asthetic compared to other 2D platformers at the time, but that didn't really matter to the target audience of those games: less experienced players. 2D Mario mechanics are so polished, clearly communicated and accessible that it has an enormous appeal that other platforms don't. I don't think 2D Sonic has ever had the same type of appeal. I've noticed that the games have enough of a barrier of entry that it never catches on as easily. That, along with a lack of a decent drop in Co op mode will probably keep 2D Sonic in more of a niche unless they make some changes. The "niche" itself is profitable enough to keep up and could probably give 3D Sonic in its current state a run for its money but I'm not sure how successful it is when you really get down to it. Like, I'm not sure if something like Sonic Mania would outsell another 3D game with a good press run like Unleashed or Generations. Whether that audience grows or not depends on how they carry themselves with 2D Sonic going forward. It's not a surefire bet either way since Sonic just isn't as clever about appealing to novices as Mario, but I think the potential is here to at least build a solid run of successful games ala NSMB. One thing that's clear is how the 2D side of things is more than worth investing into though so let's maybe...not sleep on those types of games anymore?
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    Why is ResetEra like this? https://www.resetera.com/threads/damn-i-just-witnessed-a-simple-behavior-in-my-apartment-that-is-absolutely-unthinkable.73111/
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    As I've posted in the statuses already, I've got a daily drawing event happening this month, with the theme being outfit swaps (cuz Halloween, y'know). I'll be posting them here every 5 days or so! Naruto, Ash's costume Narmaya, 2B's outfit Luke Fon Fabre, Killia's outfit Tiki, Shanoa's outfit Luigi, Kirito's outfit
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    Well he's going to be Robotnik in the movie. It is it's own thing. A name like "Eggman" would be a lot harder to market to the general audience. Not unless you want nobody to take him seriously at all. Both names will be in the movie as confirmed by the writers
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    As much as I don't like Mighty No 9, I've gotta admit that I feel somewhat bad for Inafune. Despite his issues and the sketchy nature and broken promises of the Kickstarter, it seemed like he did genuinely want to pay respect to his creation through a spiritual successor and to try give fans a good time. Then Mega Man 11 comes out and done completely by a new team - and not only is it fifty times better in terms of gameplay, but also story, voice acting, character design and graphics. It ended up being horrible and the fallout is still ongoing with missing ports and the like, but that honestly has to sting for someone who put years of passion and dedication into Mega Man.
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    Cuz It's Art

    Anyone got a favorite bird? I like the green one myself.
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    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger? Now thats a name I havent heard in eons.
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    The skies of Sonic’s Game Universe are filled with just as many wonders as the lands and seas. Over the past 25 years we’ve flown using body parts, planes, rocket boots, and Extreme Gear to Floating Islands, flying ruins, and many of Eggman’ signature airships. As we look up into the sky be careful not to fall into any bottomless pits. NOTES: 1. All entries in the opening post are Air/Sky/Wind Zones and Hubs from Official, licensed Sonic Games. This includes: All Versions of the Sky Chase Zone Levels with the words “Air”, “Angel”, “Flying”, “Sky”, “Windy”, and “Wing” in their names Levels where Sonic and Tails’ biplane, the “Tornado”, is used 2. If a brand new Air/Sky/Wind Level is revealed for Sonic Forces or a brand new Sonic game within a month after I post this topic, I’ll add it in later. 3. If you have a favorite Air/Sky/Wind Level/Hub that fits Note #1, know an awesome level from a Sonic fan game that fits Note #1, have a level that follows the theme that I missed, or have a level you feel can be debated as a Air/Sky/Wind level, feel free to talk about it in the topic. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit/Genesis/Mega Drive Version): Sky Chase Zone and Wing Fortress Zone The Sky Chase Zone is technically Act 1 of Zone 9, where Sonic and Tails chase after Eggman in the Tornado over Westside Island. The Badniks waiting to Sky Block Sonic and Tails in the Sky Chase Zone are Balkiry, a eagle Badnik that tries to kamikaze into the duo, Nebula, a slow moving helicopter Badnik that drops spiked bombs, and Turtloid, a tag team of turtle Badniks where the big one flies and the smaller one other rides. The Wing Fortress Zone is a giant airship that acts as the locale for Act 2 of Zone 9, where Eggman is making his final preparations before going to the Death Egg. Sonic and Tails will split up here, even if you’re playing in Co-op, going solo to take on the level. Sonic or Tails will have to jump across floating platforms, gunners that act as platforms, and small rotating propellers, get propelled by mini flatbeds on wheels that act similar to boosters, ride vertical conveyor belts, hang from bars and crane hooks, float across fans and a section similar to the Labyrinth Zone where they grab panels while being blown by the wind, and dodge side turrets. Like the Casino Night Zone, there is only one Badnik protecting the Wing Fortress Zone and its called Clucker, a chicken Badnik that pops in and out of a cockpit and operates a turret but only fires in one direction. At the end of the Zone, Sonic or Tails will have to dodge and attack a ceiling laser while balancing on 3 small levitating platforms with spikes on the bottom. After destroying the laser, Sonic or Tails will catch a ride on Eggman’s rocket into space and onto the Death Egg. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Flying Battery Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone The Flying Battery Zone is a giant airship traveling across Angel Island to bring supplies to the Death Egg. After hitching a ride while it flew through the Mushroom Hill Zone, Sonic and Tails will carefully jump across floating platforms over bottomless pits, grab and hang from monkey bars, and avoid flame turrets, which can sometimes be used as springs, and spike weights, which move up and down during the electric magnet sections. The 2 Badniks charging around in the Flying Battery Zone are Technosqueak, a computer mouse Badnik that moves quickly on the ground and ceilings, and Blaster, a insect Badnik that uses a cannon but is slow and is also affected by the electric magnets. The Mini-Boss in Act 1 is a fake Prison Capsule armed with 2 long arms and Spiked Balls for hands. Our heroes can make it hit itself by standing on top and moving out of harm’s way once the hands come down. In Act 2, Eggman and Egg Robo appear with a… very suggestive fire mech. The Sky Sanctuary Zone is a series of ruins and temples that float over Angel Island. There is only 1 Act here and it plays out differently for Knuckles. Sonic and Tails try to rush through the area to catch up to the Death Egg all while hanging onto elevator poles, riding turntable platforms, jumping across floating and unsturdy pillars, bouncing off of clouds, using Warp Points to teleport to new areas, and facing 3 Boss Battles against Mecha Sonic. The only Badnik that appears during Sonic and Tails’ version of the level is Eggrobo, a Badnik based on Classic Eggman that has a jetpack and is carrying a laser gun. In Knuckles’ Version of the level, the Eggrobo that’s been taunting Knuckles the entire time gets surprise Spin Attacked by Mecha Sonic, who can now use the Master Emerald to transform into Super Mecha Sonic for a brief amount of time. Sonic the Hedgehog (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Sky Base Zone The Sky Base Zone is an exclusive Zone of the 8-bit Version of Sonic the Hedgehog and the game’s last Zone instead of the Scrap Brain Zone. It’s a giant blimp Eggman created, armed with lasers, missiles, and electric fields, that flies above the Scrap Brain Zone on South Island, but is hidden by the storm clouds. In Act 1, Sonic will have to navigate around the electric field to avoid getting shocked. In Act 2, Sonic will have to jump and dodge while auto-scrolling without any Rings and maybe grab the Chaos Emerald. In Act 3, Sonic will fight against Eggman similar to the final boss in the 16-bit Version but instead of crushing pillars, it uses electricity. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit/Master System/Game Gear Version): Sky High Zone The Sky High Zone is an area accessible by high mountain peaks where people can actually walk on clouds. Sonic will have to use Hang gliders to glide through the air (if you understand the control scheme), navigate a cloud maze (where it’s very hard to tell which clouds Sonic can walk on since they all look the same), and avoid the spike pits and bottomless pits. In Act 3, Sonic will fight Goose Mecha and her chicks in a farm of clouds. Sonic Chaos: Sleeping Egg Zone and Special Stages The Sleeping Egg Zone appears to be a set of sky ruins Eggman created for some reason (and the level shown on the US Boxart). Sonic and Tails can break through the ruins just by using regular Springs, bounce around using the Pogo Springs, and carefully go through a maze of transparent blocks. In Act 3, Sonic and Tails will fight a Pogo Mech with a turret. Some of the Special Stages in Sonic Chaos take place in the sky and will require Sonic to use power-ups, like the Rocket Shoes, in order to collect the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Triple Trouble: Special Stage 2 & 4 2 of the Special Stages in Sonic Triple Trouble will have Sonic or Tails pilot the Tornado while collecting Rings. Sonic Labyrinth: Labyrinth of the Sky The Labyrinth of the Sky is the first area of Eggman’s Super Labyrinth, where Sonic collects Keys on floating mazes, fights the Mecha Gorilla, and gets closer to removing the Slow Down Shoes from his feet. Tails Skypatrol: Metal Island Area The Metal Island Area is a giant airship where Wendy Witchart’s minion, Carrotia the Rabbit, was stationed. Tails Adventure: Battle Fortress The Battle Fortress is the main HQ for the Battle Bird Armada (aka the Battle Kukku Army). After using the Seafox to get aboard, Tails infiltrated the base, fought Speedy one final time, and took on Speedy’s father, the Battle Lord (aka Lord Kukku XV). Sonic the Fighters/Championship: Flying Carpet and Giant Wing The Flying Carpet is an arena made on a giant carpet flying through a desert. This is Stage 2 in Arcade Mode, where Amy uses a Hammer for the first time. The Giant Wing is an arena on a giant plane. This is Stage 8 in Arcade Mode and is Sonic’s signature stage. Sonic Adventure: Windy Valley, Sky Chase (Act 1 & 2), Egg Carrier Adventure Field, and Sky Deck The Windy Valley is a magical area that Eggman took over and filled with Badniks. It can only be accessed in the Mystic Ruins after finding the Wind Stone. The first area of the Windy Valley is an actual valley with areas where Sonic can run on wind, miniature windmills that Sonic can Home Attack, unsturdy bridges that can break, and trampolines that can bounce characters higher. Sonic and Tails found out about the second area of Windy Valley when they got sucked into a giant tornado. After escaping the giant tornado, it’s revealed that the other half of Windy Valley is a series of floating ruins and bridges that lead to the Blue Chaos Emerald. E-102 Gamma’s younger sibling E-103 Delta is also located somewhere in the valley part of the area. During Sonic and Tails’ Stories, they will ride the Tornado after the Egg Carrier in a 3D remixed version of the Sky Chase Zone. In Act 1, Sonic and Tails are almost able to aboard until Eggman destroyed the Tornado with the Egg Carriers’ laser. In Act 2, they ride the Tornado 2, which has a regular mode and a fighter mode, and destroy the Egg Carrier’s main cannon. The Egg Carrier was Eggman’s mode of transportation during Sonic Adventure, besides his Egg Mobile. This airship was bigger and better than his Wing Fortress and Flying Battery, actually blocking out the sun when it flew over Station Square. Unfortunately, it became shipwrecked and is now floating somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Despite the crash into the sea, it’s still fully functional… The Sky Deck is the exterior of the Egg Carrier, where Sonic and Tails dodge and destroy giant turrets, run across bridges and plane runways, cling to handles to avoid being swept away by the wind, and use a lever to change the level’s angle. Knuckles also explored the cargo area for the last 3 pieces of the Master Emerald. Sonic Adventure 2: Sky Rail Sky Rail is a system of rails built high above a few mountaintops where Shadow shadowed behind Team Heroes. Besides grinding and switching rails, Shadow can use a Homing Attack on Propeller Springs to reach higher areas, avoid the returning flamethrowers from Red Mountain, and grab the Ancient Light Power-Up Item to unlock his Light Attack ability. Sonic Shuffle: Fire Bird The Fire Bird is a massive Phoenix acting as the 2nd Dream Zone the team travels to in Maginery World, born from the dreams of those who love freedom. Void’s influence has trapped the Fire Bird inside of a machine like a Badnik and it’s starting to lose control. As players collect more and more Precioustone, parts of the ship will break off and hurt any characters standing on them. The ending minigame of this level has characters skydive into a hot air balloon. Sonic Heroes: Egg Fleet and Final Fortress The Egg Fleet is an array of giant airships shaped like fish that Eggman plans to use to takeover the world in 3 days. Teams will use the helicopter pulleys to reach other airships, fight against the new E-2000, a iron man colored humanoid mech that has a arm cannon, shield, and can transform between a offensive form and a defensive form, and take down 2 of the main flagships by using Sonic, Shadow, Amy, and Espio’s Rocket Accel. Instead of a Goal Ring, the stage ends with the dynamic freeze frame of the Team flying out of the exploding flagship. Final Fortress is the largest ship in the Egg Fleet shaped like a whale shark and housing Eggman, Froggy, Chacola, a factory of Shadow Androids, and Neo Metal Sonic. Teams will have to move quickly off of collapsing platforms, fight the E-2000R, a stronger Version of the E-2000, press a giant self destruct switch, and dodge lasers while grinding on rails. At the end, all Teams will have to face off against the Egg Emperor, Eggman’s strongest Egg Pawn series robot armed with a strong shield, an energy lance, and has the ability to boost, which he only uses if Teams get too far away. Shadow the Hedgehog: Sky Troops and Air Fleet Sky Troops is a series of floating ruins that are actually ancient Black Arms technology. As Shadow explored the area, he had 3 choices: Destroy Eggman’s airships for Black Doom Destroy the jewels powering the ruins for Eggman Ignore both sides and reach Eggman’s flagship As he decides on which villain to help or hinder, he’ll ride a Black Hawk and one of GUN’s vehicles that can space jump and hover. Fast Fact: This is the only level in the game where helping Eggman is considered the Heroic thing to do. Air Fleet is fleet of GUN planes escorting the president to a safer location. As Shadow navigated the main plane, he had 3 choices: Protect the President with Tails Kill the President Steal the Cyan Chaos Emerald from GUN The president’s escape pod will be hanging from a rail throughout the level and Shadow can change its path using a lever. Each path will have either Black Arms or GUN’s defenses, turrets Shadow can man in some areas, and electrified Grind Rails that only a saucer or Chaos Shadow (aka his Hero/Dark forms) can use. Sonic Pocket Adventure: Sky Chase Zone and Aerobase Zone After receiving an uppercut by Knuckles, Sonic ends up in the sky with Tails and the Tornado. The only difference in this Version of the Sky Chase Zone is that platforms appear in the higher part of the level that have Ring Item Boxes, Pop-Up Spikes, and sometimes nothing. It is possible to enter a Special Stage at the end. The Aerobase Zone is a remixed version of the Wing Fortress Zone from Sonic 2, with Silver Sonic as the Boss at the end. Sonic Advance: Angel Island Zone and Egg Rocket Zone The Angel Island Zone in Sonic Advance is more of a sky ruin than a rainforest. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy will have to jump across platforms and clouds, ride platforms down hills, spin around in giant bowls, grab pulleys and ride wind currents to higher areas, slide down and swim through quicksand, run on wheels to move up and get across gaps, and find the Special Spring in Act 2 to get the Cyan Chaos Emerald. At the end of Act 2, they will have to face off against Mecha Knuckles, a robot duplicate of Knuckles Eggman designed differently from Metal Knuckles in Sonic R. The Egg Rocket Zone is technically Act 1 of Zone 6, a space shuttle heading for Eggman’s new space station, the Cosmic Angel Zone. Characters will have to quickly get through 3 areas of the rocket in 5 minutes before it breaks off. Fortunately, reaching each new area counts as a Checkpoint. Sonic Advance 2: Sky Canyon Zone The Sky Canyon Zone appears to be a high, mountainous region on Angel Island (at least according to the Map). Here characters can use small fans returning from the Star Light Zone to instantly enter Boost Mode, use big windmills to change direction and get some air, do Aerial Tricks to get across pits and reach Dash Rings to new paths, ride gusts of wind like in Sonic Advance’s Angel Island Zone, and collect 7 Special Rings to go after the Grey Chaos Emerald. As Sonic ran through, he runs into Knuckles piloting the Egg Wheel, a massive spinning wheel carrying a breakable laser, a giant hand that can PIMP SLAP YOU INTO INSTANT DEATH, and the cockpit, which can only be damaged from the top and not the sides. Just another reason I turned Time Limits off during my playthroughs of this game. Fast Fact: In the cutscene after the Knuckles Egg Wheel Boss with Sonic, Knuckles’ eyes are sky blue instead of purple. Sonic Advance 3: Chaos Angel Zone, Emerald Altar Zone, and the Special Stages The Chaos Angel Zone is a set of floating ruins with a dark sky (or maybe even space) that’s the last empire of Eggman’s new world and where the Master Emerald Altar was relocated. Before Knuckles can return to guarding the Master Emerald, Eggman and Gemerl try to stop our heroes one more time with the Hyper Eggrobo. The Special Stages in Sonic Advance 3 will have characters ride the top of the Tornado 2 and try to collect Rings. Sonic Rush: Altitude Limit Zone The Altitude Limit Zone is a giant construction project reaching high into the sky. What makes this zone a challenge are the instant death lasers located under and above certain parts of the zone, causing 1 mistake to cost you a life. Sonic and Blaze can use cannons that supply them with height and parachutes, jet powered platforms to reach higher areas, and hang gliders in a few 3D sections. At the end, Sonic and Blaze fight the Egg Eagle, a robot bird that tries to shoot them from long distance and blow them away at a shorter distance. Sonic Rush Adventure: Sky Babylon Zone The Sky Babylon Zone is a floating island in Blaze’s world. Sonic and Blaze will grind on vines, use gems and gem powered pulleys to reach higher areas, burning paths that Blaze can go through but Sonic has to Boost through in order to not be injured, and collect Gold Material. Unfortunately, the instant death lasers from Altitude Limit Zone return. They do look cooler though. At the end, Sonic and Blaze will fight the Ghost Condor, a flying robot that can be reached by bouncing off its minions. Sonic Riders: Babylon Garden and Sky Road The Babylon Garden is a massive ruin floating in the sky thanks to the treasure cube of Team Babylon and the Chaos Emeralds. As the last racecourse for Team Heroes, Sonic raced against Jet on a new Extreme Gear, the Blue Star Mk.II. Sky Road is another area of the Babylon Garden, where Wave the Swallow races with Storm, Tails, and Knuckles to avoid Eggman’s Egg Riders. Sonic Rivals: Sky Park Zone The Sky Park Zone is a county fair themed amusement park with a roller coaster racecourse built through its attractions. It also appears to be a future version of the Carnival Night Zone on Onyx Island, a future version of Angel Island. As Sonic races against Shadow and Knuckles challenges Silver, they’ll use Spin Dashes to power strength testers that act similar to springs, move a giant Jack-In-the-Box and use it to reach a higher path, and launch and avoid roller coaster cars. After the first race, everyone will have race against Metal Sonic in a fiery version of the Zone instead of a Boss Battle. Sonic and the Secret Rings: Levitated Ruin Levitated Ruin is a school of flying fossils called Rukh where Sinbad the Sailor, the Arabian Version of Knuckles, is being held captive. Sonic will ride ziplines to collect Rings and dodge drill missiles, running on highways made of light, avoid getting turned into stone by Gargoyles, navigating 2D areas inside towers, locating levers to release the locks on Sinbad’s cage, and collecting the Blue World Ring, which represents “Hope/Prayers”. After freeing Sinbad, he tells Sonic and Shahra about the Water Blue World Ring and its power to weaken the Ifrit Golem in Evil Foundry with rain and about its location in Pirate Storm. Fast Fact: Levitated Ruin is the only level in the game without vocals in its music. Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood: Angel Island Zone Sonic and Knuckles led a Team through the Metropolis Zone and hitched a ride on one of the Marauders’ airships to reach Angel Island. Sonic Unleashed (HD/PS3/Xbox 360 Version): Tornado Defense and Empire City/Skyscraper Scamper As Sonic, Tails, and Chip fly to Spagonia and Eggmanland, they will have to deal with Eggman’s flying Egg Fighters. As Tails flies, Sonic will man the guns. It is basically a QTE Minigame, where you try to see how many enemies you can take down in a row and keep the combo going. At the end of each Act, they will have to fight the Egg Cauldron, a giant pot shaped airship that can only be hit when it opens its hangar doors. If Sonic can’t take it down before time runs out in Tornado Defense Act 2, it will explode taking one life. Empire City is an exclusive Country to the PS3 and Xbox 360 Versions of the game. It’s based on American cities like New York City and Chicago. Skyscraper Scamper is a set of highways and rooftops in Empire City that are so high up, clouds block the view of the ground. During the day Sonic runs through unfinished highways and the sides of buildings while taking out Egg Fighters and dealing with both the Aero Chasers and Interceptor. At Night, he tightropes on support beams while knocking out Dark Gaia Minions, including 2 Titans. Sonic Generations (HD/PC/PS3/Xbox 360 Version): Sky Sanctuary The 3D remix of Sky Sanctuary appears as the last level of the Genesis/Mega Drive Era. Act 1 has Classic Sonic balance on Spinning Tops while taking one of 3 different paths to the Goal Post, each with 1 Red Star Ring at the end. In Act 2, Modern Sonic can take a number of routes in much wider areas to reach the Goal Ring while facing Eggrobos with upgrades including guns that shoot 3 way lasers and black Eggrobos that launch homing missiles. The Death Egg still watches both Sonics in the background as they soar through the sanctuary. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Sky Fortress Zone The Sky Fortress Zone is an upgraded version of Eggman’s Wing Fortress from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which is now bigger, armed with giant missiles, and protected by Metal Sonic and his new aircraft, the Metal Carrier. Act 1 is another remixed Sky Chase Zone except with the Tornado getting its own Boost Attack, that allows it to smash through Boxes and deflect certain projectiles but makes Tails dizzy and stuns the Tornado briefly, Sonic will split up and reunite with Tails at certain points, and Metal Sonic will ride the Metal Carrier in at some points to release and lead Badniks and shoot cannonballs and energy balls at Sonic and Tails. In Act 2, Sonic and Tails will speed through the deck and running on sideways walls similar to the ones in the Ice Paradise Zone in Sonic Advance 2 and Dead Line Zone in Sonic Rush. In Act 3, Sonic and Tails avoid thrusters, spikes, and bottomless pits and use cannons similar to the ones from the Death Egg Zone in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The Badniks flying around the Sky Fortress Zone are Balkiry, which flies out of the Metal Carrier to dive bomb the Tornado in Act 1, Turtloid, which can still be used as a platforms once the smaller one is gone and they can now be crushed by the Tornado’s weight, Clucker, who can now shoot faster, and Fullboar, a new wild boar Badnik that rolls around on wheels. In the Boss Act, Metal Sonic tries to shoot Sonic and Tails down with the Metal Carrier’s laser system before using a tailwind and rotating giant missiles as a last resort. Sonic Lost World: Windy Hill, Sky Road, and Hidden World Zone 2 Windy Hill is the Green Hill region of the Lost Hex. While looking for one of the Prison Capsules Eggman dropped, Sonic will Parkour up trees and hillsides, team up with the Cyan and Indigo Wisps, bounce across clouds, jump around giant windmills, and take on Zazz and his Moon Mech. In the 3DS Version, Sonic teams up with the Red Wisps alongside the Cyan and Indigo Wisps. Sky Road is the highest area of the Lost Hex, carrying terrain from Windy Hill, Desert Ruins, and Silent Forest. In the Wii U Version, Sonic will fight against bigger Catakillers and giant Pink Catakillers that head-butt the ground to create shockwaves, Parkour or team up with the Crimson Wisps to cross gaps, fight a Tank Turtle in a cloudy arena, avoid fireballs and lasers from Zavok’s dancing dragon mechs, soar through the air while dodging and spinning into Turtloids and deflecting missiles at a giant puffer fish Badnik, and climbing a dark Desert Ruins temple to have a rematch with Zavok. There’s even a “Zone ?” where Sonic has to quickly run across disappearing blocks while dealing with Sprinkler, Buzz Bombers, and Orbinauts. In the 3DS Version, Sonic goes through a Casino, with elements of the Casino Night Zone and Casino Street Zone, surf on top of rockets to fly through the sky, carefully maneuver around burning blocks, and team up with the Cyan Wisp to fight Zavok in a skydiving Boss Battle. The Hidden World is an extra world, exclusive to the Wii U Version, featuring Zones that can only be unlocked after Sonic saves a certain amount of Animals. In Hidden World Zone 2, Sonic and Tails ride the Tornado through an aerial obstacle course. Unfortunately, they can’t attack any of the Badniks here. Sonic Jump/Jump Fever: Blue Sky Zone The Blue Sky Zone is a series of clouds and balloon bundles that Sonic and other characters can bounce on to reach the Goal Ring. The only Badnik that appears here is Spinner. Sonic Runners: Windy Hill and Sky Road Coming Soon In Sonic Runners, Sky Road is a level best suited for Flight characters like Tails. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Turbine Loop, Dark Arsenal, and Thunder Deck Turbine Loop is a racecourse based on the Final Fortress from Sonic Heroes, where racers will have to avoid wondering Egg Pawns and Egg Pawn Hammers in sleep mode being carried on a conveyer belt. Dark Arsenal is similar to Turbine Loop except that it has an area that has an optional shortcut where racers can try and use a ramp to get over a huge gap. It requires enough speed or the Power Sneaker item. Thunder Deck is similar to Turbine Loop and Dark Arsenal, except racers now have to dodge turrets and mechanical hands. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: Sanctuary Falls Sanctuary Falls is a racecourse based on the Sky Sanctuary Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles and the remixed Version from Sonic Generations, where racers will start with planes and switch into cars. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: Windy Hill The Windy Hill stage is Sonic’s signature stage for the Wii U Version. Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric: Sky Citadel Sky Citadel is a floating city where the last Chaos Crystal is located. Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal: Cloud Sanctuary and Air Fortress Cloud Sanctuary is the 6th and final island in the game, acting as a hub for several levels on a floating island. The Air Fortress is Lyric’s HQ where Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks try to break in to save Amy. Sonic Mania: Flying Battery Zone The Flying Battery returns to the skies in Sonic Mania. While not much is known at the time of writing this, we do know that using the Thunder Shield will allow Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to be affected by the electro magnets in the level. Also, there appears to be a garbage disposal area where Badnik parts and Goal Posts can be found. Discussion Questions 1. What is your number 1 BEST Air/Sky/Wind Level in a Sonic Game? Or if you can’t pick one, what are your top favorites? 2. What is your number 1 WORST Air/Sky/Wind level in a Sonic Game? Or you can’t pick one, what are your least favorites? 3. What are your favorite Air/Sky/Wind Level Music Tracks? 4. What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Air/Sky/Wind themed Levels in Sonic games? 5. What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with the Air/Sky/Wind themed levels, that haven’t been done yet, in Sonic games? 6. Would you personally like to see a new or remixed returning Air/Sky/Wind Level in Sonic Forces or another future Sonic game? Special Questions S1. Who are your favorite flying and gliding Characters in the Sonic Games? (Examples: Tails, Knuckles, Charmy, Rouge, Cream, etc.) S2. Are you glad to see the Flying Battery Zone getting remixed in Sonic Mania? If not, would you have preferred a brand new Air/Sky Wind Zone? Or were you hoping for another Zone from Sonic & Knuckles? Help me choose a Theme for the Next Topic The next topic after this one was originally going to be an Earth Themed Sonic Levels Topic. However, after doing research and putting a list together, I found out that way too many Zones could be defined as Earth themed levels. Also, I’ve covered some of them before in the Ruins Topic. So I’ve split them up into 3 categories: Desert Zones, Mountain Zones, and Cave Zones. Also, if you don’t want to explore the lands of Sonic’s Game Universe, we can also shoot for the stars and take a look at some of the many Space Levels. Dusty Desert Zones (Deserts, Pyramids, Sand, etc.) Gimmick Mountain Zones (Canyons, Hills, Mountains, etc.) Mystic Cave Zones (Caves, Mines, Tunnels, etc.) Mad Space Zones (Space Levels in Sonic Games)
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    I keep on forgetting Dreamworks still makes movies at this point.
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    God Tier Voice Acting

    God Tier Voice Acting
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    Next month is gonna mark 1 year since Forces came out. Man how has time flown by quickly.
  19. 1 point
    First day of spring is March 20 next year so it is definitely still winter before then, which starts December 21 this year. So roughly, if you go by when the actual seasons start then you'd have like ten days of winter at the end of the year for a game to fall into, which is funny since I think from mid November through New Years is considered Holiday by the video game industry. Or in short, seeing 2019 to me makes sense since that would be the start of the winter season even from an advertising viewpoint so I'm not particularly surprised by the date.
  20. 1 point


  21. 1 point
    Just returned from a con, i tried demos for KHIII, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Dreams, Smash Ultimate and Soul Calibur VI. Feel free to ask any questions here.
  22. 1 point
    I think I've realized that good running weather is my favorite range of weather.
  23. 1 point


  24. 1 point

    Luigi's Mansion (3DS Remake)

    The new gallery looks awesome! And a good way to keep track of what kind of chosts you caught, as well as how many Boos. But does it mean that Boolossus still has his own painting or is he going to be merged with the Boo painting since he is a fusion of 15 of them.
  25. 1 point
    Gonna be getting Super Mario Party today
  26. 1 point

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The impression I get is that perhaps Eggman's memory returning isn't a sudden moment, but more of a slow burn. Over time Mr. Tinker just gets more and more Eggman-like. That strikes me as a more interesting arc than just him remembering all at once or revealing that he really was faking it.
  27. 1 point
    Update: Having moved to ActBlue, the effort to raise money for Collins' 2020 opponent has hit $3 million. For comparison, Collins had about $6 million on hand for her 2014 campaign. Collins has historically been able to court an enormous amount of support in a traditionally blue state, but this decision seems to have eroded all that goodwill. Collins voted against Betsy DeVos, saved Obamacare, has routinely defended Planned Parenthood and abortion rights, but her decision to so casually give Kavanaugh a pass might just cost her her seat in 2020. A watchdog group has asked the DOJ to investigate and see if this would count as illegal bribery. I think not, since they're not paying Collins, just threatening to back her challenger if she does not do what they want. If this is illegal, that would make the NRA a much bigger culprit, because it routinely threatens to back primary challengers if a Republican caves even a little on gun control. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/05/politics/susan-collins-2020-challenge/index.html Former Obama National Security Adviser and UN Ambassador Susan Rice has hinted she might run against Collins in 2020. She has not fully committed, but it's not looking good for Collins.
  28. 1 point

    Happy hativersary

    Happy hativersary
  29. 1 point

    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
  30. 1 point
    Johnny reviewed Mega Man 11!
  31. 1 point
    Well I'm assuming that's what their going with as the Wikipedia page does list Robotnik as his name. Even Agent Stones tiny character description mentions Robotnik as his name. As for Sonic Boom S2, Robotnik was mentioned in the season finale by Morpho (of course that could be pure reference that anything canonical). Now if they decide to change the name later on in the films production, could be possible.
  32. 1 point
    So uh, I just found out that Capcom themselves spoiled the intended boss order of MM11. The trophy/achievement list has trophies for a special thing in each robot master stage. With exception to Block Man, they are listed top to bottom in boss order.
  33. 1 point
    All eyes will be on Chief Justice Roberts going forward. While he argued against gay marriage in the initial case, he ended up siding to protect gay rights in later cases. It's widely assumed he is politically savvy and understands LGBT rights are not the hill for conservatives to die on. Roberts also is the reason we still have Obamacare, when Mr. Oh-so-moderate Kennedy would have voted to strike it down completely. Roberts presumably knows any huge rollbacks of abortion rights or LGBT rights will anger Democrats and make the #PackTheCourt movement a lot stronger. He would be wise to err on the side of caution. In the world of Trump and Mitch McConnell steadily unraveling everything respectable about government, Chief Justice Roberts really is the last hope here. That's a depressing thought, but that's where we are. He gets to decide the tone of American politics going forward. Namely, whether we decide to keep our separation of powers or begin the road towards parliamentary supremacy. https://www.yahoo.com/news/susan-collins-triggers-2-million-211042811.html?.tsrc=fauxdal Breaking: Susan Collins has generated $2 million in donations to her 2020 opponent's campaign. As of right now, there is no formal opponent, but the funds will be held in escrow. The funds will only be charged if she votes Yes tomorrow. This is clearly a tactic to convince her to change her mind, seeing how many people she's pissed off. Will she? Who knows.
  34. 1 point

    Mega Man

    I honestly would hope they were NPCs. Mainly because I prefer the Archie continuity where they were repaired and wiped clean of Wily’s reprogramming. The thing to remember is 1, 9 and 11’s Robot Masters aren’t meant to be violent and try to destroy Rock, it’s because Wily reprogrammed them so they’ll be forced to do it while also making them more aggressive. So it depends really - If they brought Cut and Fire back, I really hope they’d have a good explanation for them like Wily’s captured them too as gear system test subjects or something as opposed to them just being outright evil, especially with the voice acting and writing being there to let Robot Masters displays some personality.
  35. 1 point
    Jack in Space

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I still think Ian is ignoring these SEGA mandates, after all we haven't heard anything about the 2 worlds, or even Classic Sonic, he stated that he is Sonic from the past (which kind of confirms my headcanon about the 2 timelines split after Generations). So, don't worry, I'm sure that IF he will address these "rules", they will be explained and they will start making sense. Like, for example, my headcanon is that Angel Island exists on both worlds and that is the portal which connects them.
  36. 1 point
    Dozens of people who came forward about Kavanaugh were not allowed to be interviewed, and the investigation was not permitted to cover Kavanaugh's drinking, or whether he lied to congress. The party that cried "Rigged!" so loudly in 2016 seems to be guilty, AGAIN, of projecting their corruption. I can only hope that the Democrats flip the House and immediately launch a proper investigation into Kavanaugh, since the GOP will not permit due diligence to be done.
  37. 1 point
    Yeah, but a lot of women like sex as much as men do. You can’t, nor should you, try to control them from doing that. So in the event they decide they want to, they should have options and be educated on them. I mean, which is more important to you that you want to prevent—women having sex if they can’t support the baby but are using contraceptives that would prevent such a thing, or them not using birth control and wind up having a baby they can’t support and consider abortion the solution? If I were against abortion (which personally, I am, but I Know I don’t have much say on it), I’d rather let women have birth control—it doesn’t really hurt anyone at the end of the day, and it has the bonus of reducing abortions. Women defending themselves against rapists should be common sense. The real issue is shaming or downplaying the rape victim trauma, which we’ve been seeing a lot thest past few years that are only now given the push to fight back.
  38. 1 point
    They should listen to reasonable input. Whether it comes from the themselves or from the fans. It doesn't matter. Reasonable decision making from those up on high is what's going to lead to good ideas coming to fruition at the end of the day though. For example, if they listen to fans but it turns out the fans they decided to listen to were the weirdos who wanted a Sonic game where you get to shoot people with realistic pistols and AK-47s then there's not much you can do. I don't care who they listen to, so long as whoever it is has a good head on their shoulders and knows what they're doing.
  39. 1 point
    Sonic Team/SEGA don't know what the fuck Sonic is supposed to be regardless of fan input. Meanwhile, a team of mostly long-term Sonic fans produced the best Sonic game in over a decade. How about SEGA gradually integrates Sonic fans into Sonic Team until the whole thing is Sonic fans
  40. 1 point
    https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/03/politics/richard-ojeda-west-virginia-trump-country-congress/index.html All eyes are on West Virginia, where Richard Ojeda is seen as a test of whether or not Democrats can retake rural parts of the country from the GOP. Ojeda voted for Trump on the basis of his populist message, but has turned against the GOP when he sees Trump focusing more on a border wall and filling his Cabinet with rich people like DeVos than helping the people of West Virginia with jobs and healthcare. Ojeda supports legalizing marijuana to weaken Big Pharma and help alleviate the opioid crisis, and feels building flood walls would do far more good for the state than any border wall. Ojeda is supportive of the coal industry and the jobs it creates, but he has enormous disdain for coal executives and how they've concentrated profits towards themselves. Ojeda's criticism of Clinton is scathing. He explains the reason coal country voted for Trump over Clinton was Clinton's message to people was that they needed to take lower paying jobs, often in another part of the country. When Trump was making promises to bring coal back, he naturally sold better to that class of voters. While Ojeda has given praise to Trump for loosening coal regulations, he feels Trump is an autocrat lover and plutocrat enabler who is far away from the working class, populist ideas that many people voted for him for. And that's why he's running as a Democrat, and only a few points behind the Republican in a district Trump carried by 49 points in 2016. Most Democratic politicians are religious is the thing. And a lot of them are personally pro-life (some people say this is the same as being pro-choice, but the wording is chosen for a reason, to separate them from the "lump of cells" activists) and pro-traditional marriage. But they don't think those religious morals should inform public policy, because not everyone is of that faith, and there are economic, irreligious reasons to support pro-choice legislation and gay marriage. Then you have John Bel Edwards of Louisiana. He has strong religious values and signed into law the toughest abortion ban in the country. And even he thinks the GOP's foaming at the mouth to destroy Planned Parenthood is irresponsible.
  41. 1 point
    Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She was at one point, but Cream ran for help because she feared that Amy was pushing herself too hard and she feared for her health. Amy was on an extreme diet and fitness plan and was self inflicting a crazy amount of punishment over herself. Cream was so pacifist in Battle that she was willing to stand still and be beaten to death. On more than one occasion. Knuckles flew into blind rages at a drop of a hat so many times you would have thought he was overdosing on steroids. Not sure how that figures to "spot on". Free Riders had some bad interpretations, but its got nothing on Cream or Amy here. When we as a viewer are first introduced to Boxersize in Chap 5, Cream makes it perfectly clear that this is a recurring event by saying "Not that again" and even going out of her way to duck participating in the first fight. So we know Amy has been doing this before and for some time. Amy's craze pre-dates its chap 5 introduction and as the motivation behind it is "to make herself more appealing to Sonic" its highly likely it even predates the start of Sonic battle. This is Amy's default workout regimen. Amy couldn't even walk straight following a 5 KO bout of Boxersize and she still dragged Cream and Emerl into a 10 KO slugfest. Then following that, she revealed that she had been wearing weighted gear, took them off and was looking to rumble some more. Cream made it very clear that Amy's extreme diet and training regimen was a cause for concern. She wasn't eating, resting and she wasn't healing - and it had been going on long enough that she knew that even as Amy's best friend, she was powerless to stop her. True. But there are just better examples to show that opposed to cherry picking a fight and ignoring a boatload of context behind it. If you want to see her being cunning manipulative and cruel, look at the build up to that fight instead. She tricked Sonic into giving her authority over Emerl ahead of time (ensuring he would leave with her willingly when the time came). She played her cards and bided her time until Sonic left Emerl with Amy, because she didn't want to risk a fight against him, and finally she struck a vulnerable target that wasn't equipped to defend herself. Cruel Cunning and Manipulative before she even threw the first punch. That is shortsighted Knuckles ancestors are characters in SA1 for crying out loud. Shedding light on his situation, and he goes through a pretty big arc from nemesis to rival to friend over the course of the series. He's probably tied up in more backstory and lure than even Shadow at this point. Gamma got a condensed, but no less complete telling of his life story. Complete with the classic redemption and mission arcs to fufil his destiny before death. Blaze's backstory has been brought up so many times that we have conflicting paradox's about her existence. She too also had a noticble and easy to follow character arc over the course of 2 games. Plenty of characters check that box
  42. 1 point

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It baffles me how with a cast as large as Sonic's, only one character had had a fully-explored backstory and an extensive arc that stretches for multiple games.
  43. 1 point

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Nah, Shadow is the moral guide. Rouge is just chill. While I could use the batman an catwoman archetypes as examples Brooding dark hero who seems like a shit but is actually a hero and cool girl, who's actually morally lax and and will steal from you. Let me use an example I just thought of that can make it simpler than that Shadow is the teach who is harsh but cares about you and wants you to do well. Rouge is more chill and will joke with you, but is willing to let you fail and doesn't care because its a paycheck. Rouge seems more nice because she's sociable but shadow's the one who's looking out for you. And omega is a violent metal baby Shadow from jump while he was being manipulated, and while what he was doing was wrong was to avenge someone. Shadow has always been trying to do what he has seen as right. He's just... kind of a dick.
  44. 1 point
    I look forward to Trump's incoherent ramblings come 2020 because there's no clear whale on the Democratic side. He banked so much on being able to smear Clinton as irredeemably corrupt, but he'll have a much harder time making the message stick to a wider field of candidates with varying interests. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/01/politics/congress-fbi-kavanaugh-white-house/index.html Bad news for Kavanaugh. Collins, Murkowski, and Flake do not believe the current FBI investigation is sufficient and want it to be more expansive, including the other witnesses that the GOP leadership have been quick to dismiss. With it looking like red state Democrats will not form the fifth column that was anticipated, if these three stand their ground, Kavanaugh's nomination could very well be sunk. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/01/politics/ice-arrests-immigrant-child-sponsors-legislation/index.html A bipartisan bill will be introduced that will prohibit ICE from arresting undocumented people who come forward to sponsor undocumented children. This is in response to numerous would-be sponsors being promptly arrested and subjected to deportation by ICE when they showed up to give children a home. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-rally-tennessee-01-10-18/index.html Trump is holding a rally in Tennessee to try and tie the Republican Senate candidate to himself, hoping it will stave off a possible upset by popular former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen. In true Trump fashion, he spun many lies, such as painting Bredesen as a huge supporter of Pelosi and Schumer, even though Bredesen is on the record for not supporting their continued leadership. The fact Trump is campaigning in all these ruby red states is fairly telling. The GOP is scared shitless, and they're hoping he can protect the GOP from historic losses that would have been thought impossible a year ago.
  45. 1 point
    Warren already has her assigned Trump nickname, Pocahontas, thanks to the kerfuffle over her ancestry. Odds are good that she may have been lying low to avoid drawing more fire, because years of sustained attacks would likely harm her chances in a similar manner to Clinton.
  46. 1 point
    https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/29/politics/warren-2020-presidential-run-midterms/index.html Elizabeth Warren, who up until now has constantly ruled out a 2020 campaign, has said she will look at a Presidential run after the midterms. It is quite possible that Warren has largely avoided generating hype for any candidacy because the election is still so far out, separating her from others like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Many observers have had their eyes on Warren for a while, however, since she seems to most closely align with what Democratic activists have been pushing: economic justice combined with social justice, with record numbers of women candidates this election cycle. Given Trump has some existential grudge against her, furthermore, people think she would be a perfect opponent for him. Her age might come up as an issue, but she is 3 years younger than Trump, which weakens it as a point of criticism. She's also 8 years younger than Bernie Sanders, so she looks like a better choice of progressive candidate than him in that regard.
  47. 1 point
    Entire Frozen and most of the Tangled cast confirmed to reprise for KH3 along with one reprisal from Pirates. No word on Mandy Moore or any of the Big Hero 6 cast, but James Woods isn't listed, so it's safe to say that this is only a selection.
  48. 1 point
    Latest endeavor. This is a little longer than the length of a normal mechanical pencil for scale from top to bottom.
  49. 1 point
    Happy late birthday Crow! Sorry, nearly forgot but at least you enjoyed yourself.
  50. 1 point
    A wild Happy Birthday message appeared!
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