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    KHCast’s art gallery

    So I found some old drawings and figured I’d make a topic showing off some old and new stuff!
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    Day 5 is here and super late because DEPRESSION or something more minor, I dunno I just wasn't feeling great Luigi (Super Mario) wearing the Calibur Arc outfit of Kirito (Sword Art Online II)!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I agree. Mr. Tinker slowly turning evil could be rather creepy and interesting if done right.
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    We interrupt the discussion to bring in the cover of IDW Sonic #12- That tails mechanism reminds me a little of the Tails Doll...
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    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I prefer the Dragonball Minus backstory for Goku tbh. Bardock's & Gine's genuine love for each other is completely alien to the Saiyan culture. Ofc that nurturing and empathy, that carried on to Goku's time on Earth, would end up creating the first Super Saiyan in a millennium. It also presents a fascinating parallel with Broly. Paragus genuinely seems to love his son, just like Bardock and Gine did with Goku. But Goku had the privilege of living on Earth and really come to peace with his life and his friends through the years, while Broly was all alone until Paragus found him, but then molded to hold bitter resentment over Vegeta all this time. It comes across as Earth truly being the deciding factor for changing the ruthless Saiyans for the better. The three Saiyans all show different levels of growth as it pertains to Earth: - One loved as a baby, growing up on Earth and rightly calling it home. - One that's seemingly born for power first and love second, growing up with the cold and cruel Freeza, but came to Earth and learned to love and care for others - And one who was similarly loved as the first, but with no history with Earth at all. Three Super Saiyans born at the same time, becoming vastly different and their own persons through their different lives. It's just thought-provoking.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, Sega needs to cater to the HARDCORE 13-year-old audience more.
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    No he wasn't. Knock this shit off and debate in good faith or don't waste everyone's time typing shit like you're a time-displaced NeoGaf member from 2008.
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    New Super Mario Bros didn't really bore people because of nostalgia or the fact it was 2D, it bored people because every game utilised the same stage tropes, mostly the same mechanics, and so forth. With a game like Mania, I'd say there's more passion put into trying new stuff (even with the use of old stage tropes) with the addition of the Drop Dash, Mighty and Ray and their abilities, the new stages, new Special Stages etc, and that could easily be expanded upon in say a sequel that uses all original stages and such. I wouldn't even say your point about the 3D games applies, because 3D Mario games are generally beloved for trying new stuff such as Galaxy and it's gravity-based stuff, 3D World's combination of 2D and 3D Mario with some cool stage tropes, and Odyssey sending Mario across all these weird and wacky worlds with the contrast of stuff like New Donk and Luncheon. Using the Classic gameplay style isn't inherently some kind of death sentence - if it ain't broke, it doesn't need fixing. I don't see how using it will "flame out worse" unless you think using it means the game has to be exactly the same as Mania minus graphical differences, which is a weird view to take. Just add stuff (that makes sense) to it and tweak stuff that didn't work so well in Mania (the save system for instance) and I can't see folks getting too upset unless they're just pre-disposed to not liking 2D games. Which is fine, just... I don't think it's as dramatic as "Sonic is doomed if he sticks with 2D".
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    Day 6 which came out way better than yesterday, nice Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild) wearing the default outfit of Velvet Crowe (Tales of Berseria)!
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    Blue Wisp

    lmao kirby at the beginning

    lmao kirby at the beginning
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    *gets 8 hours of sleep for the first time all week* the creative part of my brain right now:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Almost looks like Boom Eggman.
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    What's more, the House flipping ironically could end up saving our government. For all the Framers' consensus that it would be the most unruly branch of the government, it actually might replace the Senate as the most bipartisan of the branches. If the Democrats win, they're looking over a rules change which would allow bills with a certain number of cosponsors to bypass the Speaker and their power to block legislation that is too moderate for their liking. This would allow Democrats to work with moderate Republicans and get an impressive number of bills on the floor, which no doubt would also fare well in the Senate. There are so many Senate bills which have passed by excellent, often veto-proof, margins, only to die in the House due to the Hastert Rule (the Speaker only allows votes on legislation that half their party approves). If the Hastert Rule dies, then we might get serious progress on things like DACA reform, Obamacare reform, etc. There are still plenty of moderates on both sides in the House. They've just been forced to be quiet for decades as the parties become more and more polarized. With the Senate rapidly declining in quality, the House may ironically be what keeps us from descending into complete mob rule. Here's the consolation prize to conservatives even if the Democrats take the House: Nancy Pelosi's time as an all-powerful Speaker will probably be over very fast. Even if she keeps the position, the Speakership is liable to lose a lot of power due to rules changes.
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    They will launch so many investigations, they can commence impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh and Trump and anyone else if they have the will to do so, they can finally get a hold of Trump's mysterious tax returns, and more. Congress holds a good bit of power, and they hold the purse strings of the government too, so they can interfere with the budget if it shits on their base. Most importantly: they can pretty much halt Trump's legislative agenda. It's rare for a party to hold both Houses for very long, short of some major catastrophe generating a Rally Behind The Flag effect (9/11 did this), so while it'd be great to see the Senate flip (it'd need to flip in an unprecedented way for impeachments to result in removals from office btw), just the House flipping would be a great thing.
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    Details on new scenes presented at the NYCC panel, which presents early points of the film in more detail. Apparently Sonic isn't just the one who tells Ralph how the internet is, but he's also the one that tells him and Vanellope that that's where they can find the replacement wheel.
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    Flame Lance

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There is nothing "mature" or "complex" about Shadow's game and it's among the worst portrayals of the character so far. We don't need tryhard edgy teeny wienie 13+ BS. This is Sonic the Hedgehog's comic. And since when was Shadow brand material anyway?
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    Is this about me using the word "niche"? is that it? I said "more of a niche" for a reason. It's a niche in the comparative sense to the New Super Mario Bros games selling literal millions. It's relative. The game did fine, guys. Great for what it is, even. I didn't think I'd have to keep affirming that in this discussion since it's common knowledge, but Sonic fans are still insecure even when shit's fine, I guess. I'm just saying, as a person that prefers 2D Sonic over 2D Mario, that there are things 2D Mario is doing that are worth looking into if Sega want to make classic Sonic even more viable. 2D Mario is doing pretty exceptionally all things considered and it might be worth taking a look at it's staying power instead of turning your nose up at it. Part of that staying power is accessibility. Does accessibility have to kill depth? I don't think so. We can talk about that instead of this. Get the chip off your shoulders. Nobody's trying to prove Sonic invalid here.
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    I'm a huge fan of the Classic style, but even I can get what he meant wasn't necessarily some brutal put-down of Classic gameplay. Mario is inherently more accessible than Sonic, because it's a lot simpler. That's not exactly a controversial observation, nor is it really something to take offence to. And I think there could be ways for Sonic to be made more accessible without butchering what makes it good - that shouldn't be controversial either.
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    I think the whole argument comes from an incorrect perspective re: 2D Mario. Those games are actually the best selling games in the series by a margin so big that the so called ambitious 3D games started to take notes from them. They didn't actually flame out with anyone. They were an easy target due to am honestly pretty poor asthetic compared to other 2D platformers at the time, but that didn't really matter to the target audience of those games: less experienced players. 2D Mario mechanics are so polished, clearly communicated and accessible that it has an enormous appeal that other platforms don't. I don't think 2D Sonic has ever had the same type of appeal. I've noticed that the games have enough of a barrier of entry that it never catches on as easily. That, along with a lack of a decent drop in Co op mode will probably keep 2D Sonic in more of a niche unless they make some changes. The "niche" itself is profitable enough to keep up and could probably give 3D Sonic in its current state a run for its money but I'm not sure how successful it is when you really get down to it. Like, I'm not sure if something like Sonic Mania would outsell another 3D game with a good press run like Unleashed or Generations. Whether that audience grows or not depends on how they carry themselves with 2D Sonic going forward. It's not a surefire bet either way since Sonic just isn't as clever about appealing to novices as Mario, but I think the potential is here to at least build a solid run of successful games ala NSMB. One thing that's clear is how the 2D side of things is more than worth investing into though so let's maybe...not sleep on those types of games anymore?
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    Luigi's Mansion (3DS Remake)

    Footage of all amiibo functionality: The Super Mushrooms you get from a Mario amiibo heal you, and a Luigi amiibo also makes finding Spooky Spirits easier. Neat.
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    Huh. A Sonic Generations mod, a Dissidia mod, a Fire Emblem Heroes mod, a Soul Caliber 5 mod, other obvious mods and now even Caddicarus is covering Bowsette. This is all before Halloween and the fan convention kick things into higher gear. XD
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    Looks like it. I mean, we were never told it was 2018 were we.
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    Beginning shooting for the next review today! What is the next review? See my first one to find out! You might be surprised.
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    Release date could easily be moved...but even so, do these movies have a crossover audience? I'm struggling to figure out who the target demo is for this Sonic movie. I'm more concerned about that than anything else. Hoping a trailer will clarify that...but I'm also worried it's not going to clarify anything. I hope this movie isn't a trainwreck.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Why is ResetEra like this? https://www.resetera.com/threads/damn-i-just-witnessed-a-simple-behavior-in-my-apartment-that-is-absolutely-unthinkable.73111/
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    Yes, but that's slightly different from the situation being described here. That is money basically paid in exchange for taking a policy view, even if it is not technically so. In the Collins funding case, the activists are saying they will back her opponent or not based on what she does. Now while the watchdogs are screaming bribery, I'm not sure it qualifies. Every interest group makes implicit threats with its funding. Planned Parenthood and the NRA always have an implicit threat they will back primary challengers more in line with their views. It's why I do not think it would class as bribery. Collins is not being offered the money herself for a No vote. She's just on notice that there is a tidal wave of money ready to go to her opponent if she votes Yes. It's largely semantics, but if threatening a politician's campaign prospects counts as bribery, then logically every citizen who has said "if you do this, you lose my vote" also needs to be charged with bribery. In short the realities of democracy make it hard to claim "bribery" for most things. I think there's a stark difference between a large number of people pooling money and threatening to donate it to an opponent and something like a coal executive slipping a politician a personal check in exchange for loosening coal regulations. In fact, the Supreme Court's been quite clear that money is free speech, so threatening to give or withhold funds is most likely protected.
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    Backseat moderating is every bit as much an offense as taking the piss out of other members is. I'm not letting you out of a cheap shot like this just because the member in question already got told off. Don't pull this again.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ah. Delightfully creepy of you Eggman. I bet anyone of those would kick the shit out of Annabelle.
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    As I've posted in the statuses already, I've got a daily drawing event happening this month, with the theme being outfit swaps (cuz Halloween, y'know). I'll be posting them here every 5 days or so! Naruto, Ash's costume Narmaya, 2B's outfit Luke Fon Fabre, Killia's outfit Tiki, Shanoa's outfit Luigi, Kirito's outfit
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    Well he's going to be Robotnik in the movie. It is it's own thing. A name like "Eggman" would be a lot harder to market to the general audience. Not unless you want nobody to take him seriously at all. Both names will be in the movie as confirmed by the writers
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    One thing I like about Bowsette over Peach. No fish lips. IN both designs.
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    As much as I don't like Mighty No 9, I've gotta admit that I feel somewhat bad for Inafune. Despite his issues and the sketchy nature and broken promises of the Kickstarter, it seemed like he did genuinely want to pay respect to his creation through a spiritual successor and to try give fans a good time. Then Mega Man 11 comes out and done completely by a new team - and not only is it fifty times better in terms of gameplay, but also story, voice acting, character design and graphics. It ended up being horrible and the fallout is still ongoing with missing ports and the like, but that honestly has to sting for someone who put years of passion and dedication into Mega Man.
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    Cuz It's Art

    Anyone got a favorite bird? I like the green one myself.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In the past, the ME was in the open, and look what happened. Surely the survivors didn't want it again so they hid it. The Super Emeralds became the Chaos Emeralds after S3K.
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    Here’s what Sonic’s voice actor respond to the recent news of the Mega Man movie.:
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    Ty The Tasmanian Tiger? Now thats a name I havent heard in eons.
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    "Shitty friends" was a direct result of the genre roulette controversy though. People originally recognized that shit like treasure hunting and fishing didn't really fit into the franchise, but because those things were decided on a per-character basis at the time they ultimately ended up copping a majority of the blame for it anyway. This is one of those situations where I feel fans misinterpreted the situation just as much as Sega did, but Sega of all things really should have known better to begin with.
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    Update: Having moved to ActBlue, the effort to raise money for Collins' 2020 opponent has hit $3 million. For comparison, Collins had about $6 million on hand for her 2014 campaign. Collins has historically been able to court an enormous amount of support in a traditionally blue state, but this decision seems to have eroded all that goodwill. Collins voted against Betsy DeVos, saved Obamacare, has routinely defended Planned Parenthood and abortion rights, but her decision to so casually give Kavanaugh a pass might just cost her her seat in 2020. A watchdog group has asked the DOJ to investigate and see if this would count as illegal bribery. I think not, since they're not paying Collins, just threatening to back her challenger if she does not do what they want. If this is illegal, that would make the NRA a much bigger culprit, because it routinely threatens to back primary challengers if a Republican caves even a little on gun control. https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/05/politics/susan-collins-2020-challenge/index.html Former Obama National Security Adviser and UN Ambassador Susan Rice has hinted she might run against Collins in 2020. She has not fully committed, but it's not looking good for Collins.
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    Clarence Thomas is 70. I can only pray he doesn't think to retire under Trump. If a Democrat wins in 2020 and 2024, they have a good chance at shifting the balance back. The next Democratic President also needs to convince Ginsburg and Breyer, both in their 80s, to step down so they can be replaced with younger liberals. Scalia was 79 when he passed. This nonsense is really highlighting why an amendment to abolish the life term in favor of long, staggered terms would be a good idea.
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    I fully expect this quote to be in the movie. Bardock: "Live as one of them, Kal-El-Karrot, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. Always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people, Kal-El-Karrot. They wish to be. They only lack the light to show them the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you... my only son."
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    I don't think the issue is whether or not Sega have been listening to their fans. They have, but in such distorted, hyperbolic, Monkey's-Paw-esque fashion that it comes off like they're interested only in granting wishes on a technicality, to hell with whether or not the actual purpose of the demand is met or whether or not it even gels with the design of any given game they're offering. And this has been happening for a pretty long time too, at least as far back as ShTH and arguably even earlier. You say bring back classic Sonic, they hear "bring him back as a completely separate character and only bother with a surface level understanding of his gameplay rather than the inner mechanics and level design that actually makes it fun". You say genre roulette is fucking stupid, they hear "let's never have more than one playable character besides Sonic ever again, oh but we're still doing the genre roulette thing". You say the story tone is too sugary or too gritty, and they'll hear "let's swing so far into the other spectrum that we're practically a caricature of what people are asking of us". It's honestly absurd that Sega can make decisions that are blatantly based in some form on the things people are asking of them, and yet somehow still consistently miss the subtext of it every single fucking time. This isn't to say fans are qualified to make every decision the franchise takes, because as you all know there's not a whole lot the fandom actually agrees on. But even though most of them aren't game designers, it doesn't take a chef to know when the dish is rotting, so I still think they're obliged a lot more respect than "okay let's just copy down a bunch of cliff notes full of buzzwords and hope that gets the message across".
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    Supporting options that would reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies, and with it the chances of abortions, goes a long way. Starting with not restricting women from having access to birth control. That is the single stupid solution to stop women from having abortions, when such would very likely reduce it in itself.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's surprising to realize that Shadow is probably closer to being a traditional hero (though not by much) than Rouge and Omega when you get down to it, especially given his reputation.
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    Entire Frozen and most of the Tangled cast confirmed to reprise for KH3 along with one reprisal from Pirates. No word on Mandy Moore or any of the Big Hero 6 cast, but James Woods isn't listed, so it's safe to say that this is only a selection.
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    Some recent drawings I did. I drew the latter two today!
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