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    So my "accomplishment" for the day was finally putting my art on DeviantArt...pretty happy about that tbh. Especially since I had a big "backlog". https://www.deviantart.com/paperechidna
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    Day 15, we're halfway there! Ash Ketchum (the slightly different version from my fan comic I'll make one day, Pokémon Oblivion) wearing the default outfit of Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue)!
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    Day 14, extra late because I started late and decided to put more effort in than usual Lora (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) wearing the default outfit of Chun-Li (Street Fighter)!
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    Here's a livestream of a Peregrine Falcon couple raising a few chicks in Melbourne: https://g0.ipcamlive.com/player/player.php?alias=367falconcamera
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    Hipster alternate costumes for Ultimate or bust, especially since these characters are all in. (minus Toon Zelda & Toad)
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    I hope we see the TWEWY cast in KH3. Even if it was just a summon, it'd be neat.
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    Oh yeah, how could I forget my tradition? Welcome back, @NegaMetallix to the SSMB Heroes Academy RP!
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    Finished the script for my review of House With A Clock In Its Walls! Just gotta handle Venom, and I should be caught up.
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    AntDude took on Megaman & Bass and his reaction to completing it was the realist moment ever.
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    "What happened?! What is it!?" "A Sonic game! Made it the old fashioned way!" "Sonic Team, you've got to make the level design open..." HOLY FISH PASTE, WHAT IS THAT?! "That's the Classic gameplay!" "B-B-But I thought you said you were the head developer team on the SS Generations?!" "Did I say that? No, I made the menus on the SS Generations" "I was the head developer on the SS Sonic 4!"
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    So you know that Sonic tweet. If you add all the numbers you get 666. Well... that does actually reference an old Sonic game...
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    Got the Guilty Gear Xrd games with my PS Now trial. That menu music is a friggin joy to listen to.
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    The intro to Tom and Jerry Kids is now playing in your heads, and you now have an entire brain cell dedicated to remembering it. Bwahahaha
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    The Sonic Lost World review is on a steady track! Should release this week!
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    Recently i played and beat loz oracle of ages, now I'm onto oracle of seasons. These games are really fun.
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    I was feeling a little silly owning both an Xbox One and a PS4, but then I thought of it this way: my original Xbox is fried and I never owned a 360. Thanks to Xbone’s backwards compatability, I essentially have three consoles in one here.
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    Damn, Starlink releases tomorrow. Mmm... wondering if I should get it at launch...
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    Hey there, I heard you say pie so... have a pie into your face
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    For all of the flak that Shadow's backstory and Adventure 2's writing gets, I have to say that no matter how many times I see it or interpretations of it that there is something about Maria dying as she launches Shadow to Earth in that capsule that just does it for me. It's really a shame that all of the memory manipulation that Shadow deals with and unnecessary complicated additions he receives to his back story kind of make it hard to say if that scene ever happened. I find that a shame since that scene is really defines Shadow's character and motivations and I can't even saw if he actually experienced it or not. That just sucks.
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    Man, news about Bowsette just spreads like wildfire. So many gaming outlets are already covering the mod for her into Breath of the Wild.
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    I swear one of the things I hate about the Goku Black arc is how utterly obnoxious they make Goku in order to drive Zamasu’s hatred of mortals to extremes.
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    53 smashing days left.
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    *not making any noise whatsoever other than whatever noise my footsteps make, and some neighbor below me does the broom thing on the ceiling right below my feet* now i've normally got a long fuse but next time they do that i'll send a stomp or two back. not my fault the walls and floors in this complex are so thin.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    reminder that this happened a year ago...
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    Best opening.

    Best opening.
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    You hold the thunder and I hold the lightning.
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    So amazon Italy listed a Sonic double pack for Switch which contains Sonic Forces and Mania. Cause who wants a Colors/Gens package anyways huh?
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    Ah, it's gonna be nice having two weeks off from work. These past few weeks have been tough, and I'm ready for a break.
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    Flash, Flash, 100 yard dash!
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    i'm half-convinced google's safe search doesn't actually do anything, because i keep finding weird shit with it on
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    The next episode better be out sooner than two years if they're gonna end on a cliffhanger like that AHHHHH
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