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    I'll never understand why whenever the conversation turns to wanting more out of the Sonic stories, the subject immediately jumps to assuming it needs to be "deep". What does that word even mean nowadays? It gets thrown around so much, seeing it pop up so much is really irritating. I want a narrative that has a lot going on in it. I like seeing the characters interact with one another. I like seeing different things happen. I like seeing different objectives come their way and different reactions to said objectives mix things up. The premise of what's going on doesn't need to be "deep" in order for them to achieve that. I use this example all the time but what was going on at Prison Island wasn't "deep". It was a fairly simple thing. The bad guys wanted to steal some chaos emeralds and blow up the island. The heroes wanted to break out Sonic. But because of the different objectives in mind as well as the individual personalities of each character, the two sides clashing led to everything going crazy and haywire. Eggman's plan was almost immediately thrown off when he met Amy and then got delayed by Tails. All Rouge had to do was steal some emeralds. She asked for a shorter time and got it but then the Flying Dog showed up because the outside threat of the island was there acting as a third party. Shadow had to stop what he was doing to go save her but then ran into Sonic who was just set free by Amy. Sonic and Shadow fight. The timer is ticking down. Eggman warns Shadow that the bomb is about to go off. Sonic is there so he hears it. They both rush off to gather their collective parties together and barely escape. That shit is exciting and fulfilling. There were THINGS happening. The twists and turns that happened there, happened literally just because they had a bunch of chess pieces and decided to utilize them. Both sides had a plan but weren't aware of the prescese of the other party. They took their pieces and moved them all over the board, asking what would happen if this character was stopped by this character. How does this character find this important detail out? Well, what if they fought with this character. That's all I want. When I read the comics and watch something like Sonic X, that's what I get. I'm not opposed to them going full One Piece and throwing some sort of really well-written and beautiful deep message among all the adventure, humor, and action but I'm well aware the writing talent to pull THAT off isn't over at Sonic Team. "Simple" plots are fine but "Simple" storytelling is boring. The plot of Forces was simple. Eggman took over the world and you have to get the world back. However, the storytelling of Forces was also simple and it shouldn't have been. Way more should have been going on in that game. Forces suffered because they didn't do much with it's plot (among a ton of other things). You can write something interesting around a game with a simple structure too. They just don't.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    You're going to need to add a bit more to a post here beyond pot shots at certain groups (which is never allowed). It's mean spirited and adds nothing to the current discussion. As for the fate of Boom, well... while there is certainly still hope, I wouldn't hold my breath for it. Between Sega apparently going forward with a new animation project for the series (especially with MA's success) and Boom in general not having the highest reputation thanks in multiple parts to CN's managing of it, Boom's overall track record, and some general problems on the show front, there seems to be more than enough there to say it's over. Nothing is concrete yet, I hope they get a proper chance to send it off, but... yeah.
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    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    It boils down to the fact that Fully Charged was never gonna grab a big enough audience because of a reason even worst then the fact that everything before the Wood Man episode is garbage(Aside from the second Hypnowoman episode, that wasn't that bad): It lacks a focus and a clear identity. Let's think about it, is this show made for the fans of the games? Well no, it goes out of its way to get the classic canon wrong, like replacing Roll with a new character with a far less appealing design and charm or turning Wily into Aki's best friend at school. Is it for new fans, little kids that never heard of Mega Man and this is a new spin on the franchise for a new generation? Well then why is the show shoving the Mega Man 2 theme in our ears so often, constantly shoving in reference to Classic, referencing memes that only fans will get and doing pointless pixel art transitions? Seriously who is this show for? It's not that there aren't people that like it, it's just that the aimlessness of the show means it won't get an audience that can support it enough, although yead the bad writing and bland visuals don't help. I'm gonna go one further, you know why Teen Titans Go does still have an audience that sticks up for it and it did have good ratings at one point? That's because despite its lack of quality it knows what it wants to be: a zany comedy for really little kids with poop humor and bright colors. Yeah its a bad one, but it's still got a firm grasp on what it wants to focus on and sticks with it. Fully Charged has identity issues, plot focus issues and jumped from one extreme to the other in terms of tone in the recent episodes, making it seem awfully inconsistent and at odds with itself. Sonic Boom survived 2 seasons because regardless what you think of it, it was a show that picked a direction and stuck to it, causing fans of that specific direction to flock to it.
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    I think you're half-right - I don't think I'd call this "rushed," but I don't think the problem here is that it's a "smaller scale production" - ASRT and Mania were both that and were also not as dire as TSR looks. In fact they were actually good. Like, real good. So instead of "rushed" I'd probably use: naff poor unpolished crap going a bit Pete Tong mediocre
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    Yeah, Sonic X had closure. Satam and Underground were cancelled. Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog also had some kind of ending before getting a new episode 3 years later ( Christmas one ). Sonic Boom still have stuff to be solved, I guess.
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    Sorry about that. It's not outright confirmed though.
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    Days 11-15, halfway done with the event! Link, Ludger Will Kresnik's outfit Mina Ashido, Rin Kagamine's V4X outfit Rean Schwarzer, Rock Howard's outfit Lora, Chun-Li's outfit Ash Ketchum, Ryo Hazuki's outfit
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    The game looks quite unpolished in various areas. The graphics aren't impressing me, the team ultimates look awful (even the particle effects look dodgy) and the framerate is apparently poor.
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    Weren't they planning to rework the Mane Six for that, though?
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    We're going batty this Hallo--uh, Thanksgiving I guess.
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    I look forward to Team Sonic Racing. I guess it'll be a decent game, albeit lacklustre and lacking in content. It certainly lacks the spark from SASRT, and the circuits revealed up to the moment don't seem nearly as fun as the ones in Transformed; While I'm fine with Ice Mountain and Market Street, Wisp Circuit on the other hand could have some hazards or obstacles that make it a bit more challenging to get through. It's a literally empty track whose only noteworthy gimmick is the grass at the beginning of the stage which slows you down unless you are playing as a technique-type character. Visuals are nice, but nothing outstanding. The roster is my main concern as I believe that they could have used more than 15 characters, knowing how large the Sonic cast is, and I don't really understand why they couldn't keep Team Rose as it was in Sonic Heroes like they did with Team Sonic and Dark, or why did they exclude the Chaotix (minus Vector) when they specially would fit the most in a game whose main mechanic is teamwork. As I see it, It would have made more sense to leave Team Rose and the Chaotix as they were in Heroes, then leave the remaining slots for Team Eggman and add 3 extra slots for Blaze, Silver, and the Chao, for a total of 18 characters. I'm glad that we get to play as someone else other than the main trio regardless. The team mechanic is quite interesting and somewhat complex. I like the idea, but I don't think it's enough to replace the Transforming mechanic from SASRT. I also appreciate that the teams (story mode aside) aren't predetermined and can be chosen freely. Overall, I'm optimistic that this will be a solid kart racer, although still not on par with SASRT and the ASR series in general.
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    I want to say I truly want the film to succeed, but I just can't see it happening, particularly in the reception side, from both, critics and the general public. And from what I have seen so far, it doesn't look good. A live-action/CGI hybrid has never seemed appealing to me. Up to now, there haven't been any characters from the franchise confirmed to appear in the film aside Sonic and Eggman, not even the most obvious ones such as Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. No locations from the series either. What happened to Sonic's world and all of his friends?. The story is rather shallow and uninspired, from the get-go; Sonic being "on the run from the government"?, befriending a sheriff and his wife?, is this for real?, it sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me. I can't find a single positive aspect for this movie, at all. Hopefully it's just me being pessimistic and the film turns out to be indeed good, at least on the box office which I believe it will because Sonic in general still has a strong selling power, but I guess it's not entirely guaranteed.
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    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Yes. Finally the writers are giving the fans what they want, yuri fanservice. It's about time we had another lesbian ship in the show. Last one being Zoey flirting with Dawn, but Dawn was a bit too oblivious to realize it so it was mostly one-sided. After they had Serena crush on Ash in all of XY, obviously they had to do something different with Lillie and couldn't have her crush on Ash too. Funnily enough, I find Mallow and Lillie's personalities "just ok" in SM, and nothing really special since they just have cheery/girly personalities and don't stand out much, but for some reason I like their ship. I guess it's proof you can put two characters together to make people like them more?
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    Any gameplay will get repetitive after awhile. That's just an inevitability. There's tons of Pac-Man sequels and spinoffs that all play basically the same. When you have a formula that works, you really don't have to make major changes because again, you have a formula that works. As the old adage goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I'm also going to let you in on a little secret: Not every game needs to be a major innovator or game changer. Look at something like Sonic Colors or Generations, they're about as "play it safe" as it gets and they're some of the best received Sonic games out there.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    It's almost like it just wanted to be a cartoon. There was a Chaos Emerald arc, though. I hear it was gonna tie into Sonic Xtreme at one point due to it's original name being an Xtremely Sonic Christmas or something, but they ended up renaming it.
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    I do think there is a threat that Mania could be mishandled going forward, relying on remixing old zones and playing upon nostalgia. I hope that doesn't happen, but it is possible SEGA could take it in that direction.. And as I've said previously, I think Plus was a step backwards so I think there's a real possibility for the franchise to be mishandled. I didn't think Encore Mode was enjoyable, the palette changes were pretty poor and Mighty and Ray always seemed like odd choices to me. I also agree with the sentiment that the Mania brand can only go so far without major innovation. I think a game like Mania but with entirely new stages is the next logical step, but where do we go from there? We can't keep doing that without it becoming repetitive. At some point, we'll need a major shake up.
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    Somebody over on Sonic Retro Forums stated that they love this drawing, so it seems that there may be a common likening to this piece in particular. 🙂 This is also certainly among my top 10 in terms of favourite drawings that I have done. I'm rather fond of this character design, I'm delighted that you like the character too! Art #65 -- Native Nature Nurture Guardian. Bramblewood A5 Notebook - Page 40 The hair-esque ears have a combined inspiration from 2 sources: one of them is the hair on the Bubbles character from The Powerpuff Girls series, the other is the ears on the Milla Basset character from the Freedom Planet series. The eyes (Except the pupils.), nose and mouth are inspired by the faces on characters from the Happy Tree Friends series. The muzzle is inspired by the muzzle on Tails. The butterfly pattern on the belly is inspired by phrases such as "butterflies in my stomach". The heels are inspired by the stick of the Braixen Pokémon. Also, while not a deliberate inspiration, the left and right sides of the waist are also likely to be subconsciously inspired by the waist of that same Pokémon. This post concludes my Bramblewood A5 Notebook posts.
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    Sonic Warrior

    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    Sega should come and say Sonic Boom is cancelled. They had no problems when they officially cancelled Sonic Satam and Sonic Underground ( both series got cliffhangers and never got a closure ). Does anybody know what happened to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog? That was the first animated series, but it seems it never took itself seriously. It simply came and went away. It didn't even get a main plot. Every episode was different. It was followed by Sonic Satam in the same year and 3 years later, we got another episode ( Christmas one ). Does anybody know what was the point of that Christmas episode? Sonic Boom hardly got a main arc, with every episode getting its own plot and being over in 11 minutes. The only arc I remember from Sonic Boom, was the part with The Robots from the Sky ( 4 episodes ).
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    This is awesome! Sara makes an odd amount of sense given her role in piloting Mecha Robotnik as Eggy's "hostage", 😆 and I'm ecstatic to see Tekno make her first leap from print to motion picture! Probably my favorite character to come from Fleetway's neck of the franchise. I love the comic exaggeration in the profiles, the size of the Piko Hammers, and Cream's (adorable) ears really make those characters standout among the crowd. (Heh, Catty Carlise)
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    But literally everyone has already said "the next step for the Mania Team is all original zones and concepts and so forth." Pretty much nobody wants another game with old zones, at this point you're just inventing a non-existent fan boogeyman so that the criticism is equally distributed across Classic and Modern. Which fair does, Mania has stuff to be criticised, but the fan response is what I expected - do more, but just cut out the old zones and then build in ways such as Mighty and Ray etc.
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    This, so much this. Classic Sonic is already established, but additions like the Dropdash are incredibly smart and add a lot to the gameplay. If you take all that into account and still say "there was no innovation", well, I don't even know what to say at that point.
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    Power Stone

    Power stone was a fully 3D fighting game series developed by Capcom for arcades, Sega Dreamcast and later for the Playstation portable. The games allowed the players to move freely in a variety of maps with the ability to use items and their surroundings to crush their opponent. A key component of the fights were the power stones. The power stones would appear on the maps and once a player picked up 3 that player's character would transform and become much powerful for a duration. When they used abilities or were damaged in this form they would lose some of the duration. Though Power stone did become fairly popular and continues to have a cult following I do not think that many people have taken it seriously. There were 2 power stone games. The first was a typical 2 player fighting game but set in a 3D environment with a variety of items. The second had up to 4 players and a larger amount of items that stated out on the field for long and had more of an influence over the battles as they were low risk high reward. The first Power Stone game actually had quite a bit of character diversity and the gameplay is actually a lot deeper than at first glance. I have known people who played the game for years and never knew the game had a dizzy system. I played the games since 2001 and instantly loved them. I would play it for hours with friends and never got bored. However, as time passed I stopped playing the games. I returned to them recently and found that I could not enjoy power stone 2 and I think a lot of people who do just like it due to nostalgia. However, when I started playing the original Power Stone again I realized it was much better than I remembered. I started up a group of fairly competitive minded players and got to work on trying to understand the mechanics better. Recently we had a get together and had a series of money matches. One of them was a first to 10 set, seen below; Anyone else have any fond memories of this game?
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    Suggesting the Mania Team shouldn't return and have no capacity to innovate based on a game that already introduced a fair share on innovations to the Classic formula is foolish at best. And last I checked, a sizeable number of players did want a return to the Classic formula, just done actually well - handily that's what Mania was. Forces is constantly criticised for trying to appeal to everyone, and now you want that? Unless you think that the mere act of using a consistent playstyle basis such as the Classic formula means it can't possibly innovate in which case hahahahahahahahahahahahah oh god (I await the "Classic fanboy!" accusation with bated breath)
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    Mega Man: Fully Charged

    I don't care for MMFC anymore so I'm indifferent to it possibly dying......okay, I am a tiny bit relieved. But it sucks for those that actually loved it. But you can't be too sure. I know MMFC is less known/popular, and Sonic Boom isn't a good comparison, but there can be a slight chance it will continue. Tbh they could've done a direct adaptation of Megaman Classics with some original fillers (Archie) or with a lot of creative liberties (Megamix). Just, keep/respect the source material, especially in design. With MM11 being released, a lot of people would've checked it out if it had the same design. Or, you know, go full original like that pachinko game. Give us Lady Light and two girl sidekicks. Go crazy so no one can compare it to a pre-existing series.
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    Y'all need to broaden your imaginations a bit. There's a lot that could be done with the score system, bonus modes, mechanics for new and existing characters and general structure that can keep the experience fresh from entry to entry. Sonic CD is always my go-to example for how you can have the same core gameplay formula with a significant twist in approach (time travel, exploration, etc) Mania's story is fairly straightforward. Sonic and co chase Eggman and his minions across Mobius Earth with his Phantom Ruby maguffin. Hardly a cluster. That would be Forces.
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    I've honestly been extremely wishy washy on whether or not I'd want another 3D Sonic game right now. I am aware relying on the Mania formula won't work forever (without any other Sonic game as a supplement, the furthest I could see it going is a trilogy before fatigue makes itself at home), but I have been sorta feeling like Sonic Team might need some time off. But again, wishy washy, had conflicting ideas as to where to go from here. Sometimes, a break helps. And while I don't think continuing from Mania's success should be a permanent solution, it could at least be a temporary solution to buy Sonic Team some time to recharge some batteries.
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    This game really is just a cheep filler until the next big game comes out. You know... the worst part for me is.... if this game will fail, which is very likely to happen, than Sega will no longer produce any of the All-Star games anymore. They always do that to a series , when it fails. Think about it. - Sonic Rush Adventure failed and they ended the Rush series - Sonic 06 failed and they stopped with the Adventure series - Lost World failed and they (kinda) stopped with the Colors series - Black Knight failed and they stopped with the Storybook series. - Riders failed and they stopped producing other Rider games. - And Chronicles failed so hard that they didn't even bother with a sequel. It was always like that. And I do not want this series to die. Those are such good party games that can even rival the once from Nintendo in terms of quality. Do we really have to sacrifice everything that made the All-Stars series so charming just for another mediocre Sonic game? Sega, why do you always do that? Why do you always destroy the legacy of your games! It is always the same with you and I'm sick of it! The All-Stars series was the perfect answer to Mario Party games. But No! Can't have it for some reason.
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    This is probably one of my favorite pieces of yours so far. It has such detail and precision but with a fun expressive character. The various elements of it kinda remind me of a elements from Sonic zones in a general way.
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    I didn't even think they did a good job promoting Forces. The bulk of what they did came so close to it's release. It was weird. However, it was far better than this. I really don't feel it should be normal for months to go by and be presented with almost nothing. Then again, this ensemble game doesn't look like it's going to have much to it so they likely have very little to show. Like with Forces. And they truly did do a much better job promoting the first two All-Stars games.
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    You know, despite liking Silver a bit nowadays due to me embracing his dorkiness, what's messed up about him is the fact that he actually wasn't kept because fans liked him. He was designed and planned from the get go to be a character they were going to keep. Back in 2006, Sonic 06, Sonic and the Secret Rings, and Sonic Rivals were all games we knew were coming. I remember people speculating about how fast Silver's character could potentially be from watching trailers of Sonic Rivals while at the same time being worried about his speed from another trailer from Sonic 06. They didn't even wait for his reception to come before they decided he was here to stay. They just decided he was here to stay, period. Regardless of what people thought of him after 06. And I assure you, people on the internet were mostly negative towards him when he finally made his debut (although I can't speak for Japan or other countries where they don't speak English). He was one the most hated characters for such a long time but he was already slated to return in Rivals which came out the very same year and was also a playable character in Secret Rings' party mode, which came out early 2007. They were putting out so many games at the time. It was insane. Oh God. And that shitty Sonic 1 port to the GBA came out in 2006 too! Holy crap SEGA/Sonic Team. What was WRONG with you...?! Either way, they were probably certain he'd be popular eventually. He was designed to be that way. That's why he's a hedgehog. That's why he was paired up with Blaze, another fan favorite, in an attempt to link them in a manner that made him spring to mind everytime you thought of her. The phrase "Silver and Blaze" is pretty typical and common nowadays so it ended up working. That's also why he was put front and center as one of the main rivals of Sonic in the next handheld outing. They didn't know WHAT they were going to do with him once he finally GOT popular but... babysteps I guess?
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    Spyro's best meme returns! There's a longer pause before he speaks this time compared to the original. Definitely not as annoying this time round. Is it the same voice actor? ...and more art
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    Probably post production which can also include re shot scenes
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    No. Sega will now focus on Team Sonic Racing and maybe the movie first, before they announce the next big game. Unless the next big 3D game is a tie in game with the movie. But if not, than the next new 3D game should only than come out, if Sega finally figured out, what they want to do with it. I don't care if it takes them 5 years or maybe even 10 years. They just should finally figure out a formula that works for a 3D Sonic and stick with it. Before this happens, I do not see any reason, why they should bring Modern Sonic back. Modern Sonic can't have another mediocre or bad game in his line up. Not even Sonic can survive this long. One day, if their continue with this routine, all the people including the fans will loose hope in the 3D games and maybe even in the series in general. There for, I really hope, that the next Modern Sonic game will only than come out, when they finally have a vision of it.
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    I wouldn't expect anything movie related in TSR.
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    Well, I don't consider SA2 a dark story. I consider it a story with dark elements. And it's not a particularly great story, but it's also not offensively bad - which is more than I can say for Shadow, 2K6, or Forces. SA2 is, for the most part, still just a game about stopping Eggman from taking over the world. It's full of colorful robots, goofy-faced ghosts, a pyramid base full of Eggman's mug slapped onto ancient Egyptian artwork, and fairly lighthearted character interactions throughout. (Oh yeah, and rap songs about Emeralds. Can't forget those.) Really, only the finale (and a couple of flashback scenes with Shadow) offer these "dark" elements. The game doesn't wallow in them and get up in the player's face about how sad and serious it's trying to be, and on that front, I think SA2 did a much better job than later games in the series that aimed for a similar tone.
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    Can't say it has much appeal to me. I'm expecting the movie to be awful so I'd rather it not leak into other Sonic media, and "some generic cop dude" and "some generic town" aren't exactly the most inspired concepts, especially compared to the colorful, stylized characters and fantastic environments that make up the bulk of the series.
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    A Rhynoc! Ooh, let me at him! Whilst Elora appears a lot in Spyro 2's cutscenes, she also appears once or twice in Spyro 3. This is one of her brief appearances:
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    Only in an ironic, masochistic sense; after Forces I have so little faith in Sonic Team that I'm mostly looking forward to the next game to see what new way they'll find to fuck it up.
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    See no reason why not? Kirby, Pokemon, Zelda can be serious, even Mario.Why not Sonic?
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    With the recent game in mind, Dragons and especially Monkeys would've been nice to have as options.
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