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    Every stage with water just got banned in tournaments. lol
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    No but if you notice the series kept doing stuff like that until people lost interest. Nsane Trilogy was successful because it was back to basics.
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    I’m really on pins and needles here in Georgia. But at the same time I’m confident that the rest of the country might help usher in a blue wave. Then again I was sure that America would do the right thing and not elect trump, and we all know how that story ends.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Station Square is not the same place as South Island, Westside Island, or Mirage Island. Also, now that there are 2 distinct worlds for Sonic and Humans, we don't even know how or when Amy traveled to the other one. Where is Amy from originally? What was she doing before and after she got a place in Station Square? How does she afford a place in Station Square? She can't always be running and traveling the world after Sonic without money to buy and pay for basic necessities. is mostly a combo of the games, Sonic X, and the Archie Comic mythos put in a blender, with some odd herbs and spices thrown in without proper research. To be honest, besides Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog, we've mostly seen them alone individually in the games. Although Charmy gets less screen time and playability than Vector and Espio, they've still managed to show a lot of character. Blaze is our ongoing royalty character in the series. She has her own strengths, weaknesses, and goals despite having a similar role to Knuckles. Also, the whole alter dimension thing hasn't pulled her down much. His future is changing so much that I'm not even sure if Silver will ever be able to live in a peaceful time at all. While the whole "Iblis Trigger!" thing can come as annoying, that never really came back. In most of the games, since Sonic Adventure, Amy's appearance always starts with her coming in to hug Sonic and then immediately asking him for a date or to marry him. In the first cutscene of Sonic Generations, Modern Sonic is holding her back with one hand while talking to Modern Tails. Heck, they even made a running joke of it where she mistakes other hedgehogs for Sonic. In the Genesis Era, she only does this twice: in Sonic CD and her ending in Sonic Drift. I don't know many people in real life that love having their personal space being invaded or loved being asked the same question multiple times over the course of 15+ years. If you notice, no one complains about her portrayal in Lost World and Forces because she actually stops being clingy. Heck, she doesn't even come off this way in Sonic Adventure. Why should Amy appear for 20% of an episode over the other characters? Sonic always stops Eggman In the true ending of Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow chose to leave the past behind him because he's the last one. because despite loving and needing money, he knows its not the most important thing in the world. If Sonic felt in love with someone else and became a couple with them and got married, but Amy was actually respectful to the relationship and backed off, how would you feel? Would Amy feel like a character needed to be dropped or would she still have some narrative value? Or would you quit the series because the one thing you liked about a particular character doesn't and can't exist anymore?
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    I drove past the filming in SF. I honestly wished they needed extras but it was just for an action scene it looks like.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What if he wasn't confined to continuing from Sonic Forces? Honestly could've just been...a new story and ran off from there and no more adaptations.
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    Kuzu the Boloedge

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ian is, for all intents and purpose, a fan writer and writes the series as such. I really wish he would get an assistant to help with his plotting issues because if every arc is going to be like this, it's going to be s very boring read going into 2019.
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    And hence lies the perpetual problem with 3D Sonic. Its hard enough to lay out enough track for a character moving at mach 1 - let alone tiered branching pathways built in such intricacy that you may blaze through a single path - bypassing the other two and thus missing a chunk of the stage that otherwise could have been made mandatory to pad the level length. Its a nasty catch-22 but its something that even the 2D games have to deal with. And those games are successful in overcoming the issue in large part due to the encouragement of exploration by exploiting the minor differences between characters. If you take all the assets in the side missions, and dump them into the standard levels, you could create a more re-playable experience akin to the 2D games. One where you want to revisit stages to check all the alternate routes. Much like how different wisp loadouts could access different branching paths in Forces, playing as Tails or Knuckles could come with the same boon. Sonic Team in many regards has moved away from that, in favor of a more cinematic and flowing experience for their Modern Sonic levels. If they take the handcuffs off they can maintain the quality through specific set pieces and sections while also providing quantity through means of replay-ability.
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    2D level design is never going to adapt directly into 3D, but that doesn't mean verticality is off the table. Instead of building everything directly on top of each other as if you turned a 2D level into a 3D level, start by taking advantage of that extra dimension, building your levels wider, and having different "lanes" at different heights crisscrossing over each other. And even though that probably wouldn't allow for as much vertical design as in the 2D games, it'd still be plenty for you to take advantage of moves like flight, gliding, and climbing.
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