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    Wow, I just started playing Fallout 76 and I'm BLOWN AWAY! The game is fantastic! It plays perfectly. You should definitely buy it.
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    My nephew told me today that he wants to make his own Sonic game featuring Sonic & Amy's children and Eggman's children
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    So glad to see Gigapolis. #SonicChaosRemake
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    To anyone who joined on my stream, thank you!
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    Kaze no Klonoa

    i am 18 years old

    i am 18 years old
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    (tweet) NOM!

    (tweet) NOM!
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    Making friends isn't as easy IRL as the Pokemon franchise would have you believe.
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    Basically this. Sonic's continuity is already kind of a mess, and Marvel's bread and butter is to let the heroes do their own thing for a while before bringing them together to stop the world/universe ending threat but that's not exactly exclusively a Marvel thing either. If that's what you're asking for, well, then no. Part of Sonic's problem is that Sega doesn't keep him on tight enough of a leash, and I don't think throwing even more at that wall is the solution here.
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    As a late birthday present, I finally got a Nintendo Switch, along with the last available copy of Sonic Mania Plus at my local Target !!! I'm so happy :') I haven't had a new console a little over 5-7 years !!
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