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    Wow, I just started playing Fallout 76 and I'm BLOWN AWAY! The game is fantastic! It plays perfectly. You should definitely buy it.
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    So glad to see Gigapolis. #SonicChaosRemake
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    To anyone who joined on my stream, thank you!
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    Kaze no Klonoa

    i am 18 years old

    i am 18 years old
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    Hello everyone I've gone ahead and started developing this game and it's currently functional! I've included a few screen shots during some game play. It's not a lot to look at, but it has sounds/music, and of course the most important thing for a game of this type, the content, is what I'll be spending the majority of my time working on. If anyone however is interested you can certainly help me out a lot. In order for a trivia game to be good, it needs many many questions, and I'm happy to take questions from anyone in the forum who would be interested. The questions will be of all degrees of difficulty and cover all Sonic's works. Here are a few examples: Easy: Which Sonic 3 boss does Eggman's machine contain a drill while fighting Sonic? "Hydrocity","Marble Garden","Ice Cap","Angel Island" Medium: In Sonic 3's Gumball Machine, what is written on the green gumballs? "B","1UP","Rep","Nothing" Hard: Which of these Sonic Triple Trouble special stages involves piloting the Tornado? "1st","2nd","3rd","5th" Very Hard: Which of these Sonic 3 and Knuckles levels contains exactly 1 Eggman monitor? Lava Reef 1","Mushroom Hill 1","Ice Cap 2","Death Egg 1 Impossible: In Sonic Chaos, which emerald is found after completing a pipe maze with several invincibility monitors in it? "Green","Yellow","Blue","White" So if you think you're super knowledgeable about Sonic Trivia, feel free to post as many questions as you want. If you want to write a lot, I can give you my Discord or something to that effect and we can work together. Once my question bank is sufficient to make a reasonable game and works to my satisfaction, I'll release it. It'll run using Java. Thanks everyone!
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    (tweet) NOM!

    (tweet) NOM!
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    Making friends isn't as easy IRL as the Pokemon franchise would have you believe.
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    That last part isn’t really true because the lore in Sonic Adventure doesn’t really ignore what was established in Sonic 3, it actually builds off from it. The Master Emerald never shattered and and thus kicked off the events with Chaos in 3 like it did Adventure.
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    Basically this. Sonic's continuity is already kind of a mess, and Marvel's bread and butter is to let the heroes do their own thing for a while before bringing them together to stop the world/universe ending threat but that's not exactly exclusively a Marvel thing either. If that's what you're asking for, well, then no. Part of Sonic's problem is that Sega doesn't keep him on tight enough of a leash, and I don't think throwing even more at that wall is the solution here.
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    As a late birthday present, I finally got a Nintendo Switch, along with the last available copy of Sonic Mania Plus at my local Target !!! I'm so happy :') I haven't had a new console a little over 5-7 years !!
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