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    When trying to concentrate on work and take your mind off of Smash at a college as tech savvy as mine: Let's just say that's easier said than done when we even play them on movie projectors! Ha!
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    for all the college kids out there

    for all the college kids out there
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    Judge Eyes (New Yakuza team game) is coming to the west and it'll have an English Dub!! https://www.resetera.com/threads/judgment-judge-eyes-coming-to-the-west-in-2019-english-dub-confirmed.85957/ Hopefully this means they'll start dubbing Yakuza again, too.
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    I saw Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse about an hour ago. I want to gush about it, but it’ll end up spoiling major plot points. AND SO MANY MYTHOLOGY GAGS!! Best Spider-Man movie, you’ve GOT to watch it.
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    Dear Sakurai: You guys call her Zero Suit Samus even though she is, in fact, still wearing a suit. The term "Zero Suit" implies nakers. WHY IS SHE NOT NAKERS!? Do you not allow that? I thought this was Super Smash Bros, not Super Tumblr Bros. So disappointed in you. Signed, Speederino
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    Got myself a fighting game from a well known series that covers a vast history that came in the mail today. It is S... Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Sorry if you expected Smash Ulitmate but rather unusually, this one was actually nearly sold out and managed to squeeze a copy.
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    So I finally looked up public figures on twitter, specifically voice actors/actresses. It's surreal to be able to communicate with a person that I've heard perform on TV and games. But at the same time...it feels meaningless. I could message them and tell them how they helped bring to life a way to escape a harsh world that I simply couldn't cope with. That they bring to life ideas that can inspire, that they are like a friend to a socially awkward introvert... But I'm sure they'd have much to do and better people to speak with. Why would they give the likes of me the time of day? Even if they wanted to reply to every message they got, I doubt they could. I guess it shouldn't matter if I got a reply or not, it just eases my mind a little to know that what I've said has been read at least. I'm so conflicted... Though everyone is busy doing something else so perhaps I'm talking to myself now too. lol
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    i keep forgetting that the simpsons are in season 30 now
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    Oh my god, someone remade Dragon Ball Super's Limit Break OP using Smash characters completely hand-drawn and animated and it's rad as shit.
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    The following has happened in the last 7 days for Bethesda... Fallout 76 is so bad the game is now 50-75% off in some places. They secretly changed a high quality duffle bad pre order bonus to a trash bag. They attempted to get around consumer rights by offering customers fake money as an apology. It turned out "Influencers" got canvas bags, paying customers did not. And as of 40min ago they have just confirmed that they have leaked hundreds of customers personal data including home addresses, full names and partial card details.

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