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    That's a false equivalence. Sonic =/= Marvel/DC. Besides, did you forget CapAm's hilarious costume in Avengers 1? Spiderman may not wear a "purple polka-dotted lycra suit with yellow lenses", because as far as I'm aware that has never been his costume design. He's always worn a red and blue suit, and guess what, he wears a red and blue suit in literally every live-action movie he's in. Irrespective of how stupid it looks. And speaking of "market research" you are aware of the movie Space Jam right? A live-action movie with actual cartoons in it, which grossed $230 Million in 1996. Ah yes, there is also this one movie which did something similar called Who Framed Roger Rabbit which grossed $330 Million in 1988 (which is $700 Million in today's money, adjusting for inflation). You act like a cartoon in a live action simply cannot work, when it has quite literally been done before, and to massive success at that. Ah but of course, times change so maybe those films wouldn't be as popular today. I am willing to concede that, but you missed my point anyway. Why does the film need to be Sonic in the real world? Why must it be Live action? What is the need? The existence and apparent success of the Smurfs and TMNT and them being popular isn't really good enough for me, because neither of those movies were well received critically. And even though they were relatively successful; grossing around $500 Million each, neither of those movies can even begin to touch the critical reception or even commercial success of say...The Incredibles ($633 Million in 2004, inflation adj. $ 850 Million) or The Incredibles 2 ($1.241 Billion in 2018). I could list a fair few other Disney or Pixar productions in recent years that absolute shit on Live-action movie adaptations. I know you keep saying those films are for kids, like that's somehow a bad thing...even though they tell stories with emotional depth hitherto unseen by any Sonic game ever created. And I know you keep comparing this Sonic movie to the MCU, but that is frankly, delusional. This movie is better compared to the likes of TMNT, or Smurfs, cause that's how the average parent who sees posters of it, are going to view the movie. Maybe it will be a success...Maybe it'll break even at the Box office, or more. But that will never change my view that a fully animated film would probably have been better. I don't really like being talked down to in a way that suggests that my dislike of something I view to be bad, is somehow "toxic". Why should I be optimistic? Other movies that took this approach to bringing beloved franchises to big time Hollywood ended up being trash. Sonic's most recent endeavours haven't exactly been up to the mark.Do you expect me to sit down and keep quiet? This is a discussion board after all. A place where us fans can talk about things regarding a franchise we love(d). Not everyone can agree on everything, every time. I reserve the right to remain sceptical of everything I see, and I reserve the right to be critical of things I think deserve criticism. Just as you're free to like what you see, or be cautiously optimistic or whatever. You can even try to change my mind. That's the whole point of a forum.
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    First impressions. Immediate thoughts, gut instincts. Appealing to some tastes, while soured in others. All thoughts and opinions are made in that one tenth of a second, where everything counts. The saying goes: "Make a good first impression," and that's not said for no reason. You are judged based on the appearance that you give off, because once that first impression is made, it defines how others see you. And even behind sihouette, where not even the face is seen, a first impression is still made. The appearance is seen, and it is judged. So we see the Sonic movie poster. In that one tenth of a second, we make our judgement. The appearance tells us all we need to know. If it turns out that we see it as bad... Then the opinion is made. It is bad. After that first impression, I begin to think that this does not feel like Sonic. If it doesn't feel like Sonic, then that opinion doesn't change. First impressions of the design have now been made, and now there's no more to it. The fact that it's in sihouette changes nothing. So I read the plot synopsis, even first impressions there still inspire no confidence. The whole premise on my first impression gives bad vibes. The fact that it's a live action/CGI movie gives bad vibes. Even if there's a talented crew, even if Jim Carrey could play a great Eggman, even if, hypothetically speaking, the story were to be written by Erik Wolpaw, that doesn't change the fact that the human response of first impressions MADE ME THINK THAT THIS DOES NOT FEEL LIKE A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG MOVIE. I don't care that it might look good. Once again, in that one tenth of a second, my opinion has been made. In that one tenth of a second, everyone's opinion has been made. Feelings cannot be changed, it is a matter of natural human responses. "Make a good first impression," they say. If it weren't obvious, this movie had failed to do that.
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    Oh yes, Roger Rabbit, that delightfully innocent and child-friendly film about racism, oppression, depression, regret, and topped off with a psychopathic toon murderer truly is a innocent story with a light-hearted tone.
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    Because your argument is only right if you completely simplify it to the point of explaining it to toddlers or someone who doesn't understand what makes a good movie. You're whole stance, which you've now just admitted is 'Sonic must look realistic, because otherwise people don't like it, look at all other movies to prove I'm right.' So the reason why therefore the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie failed is because the characters didn't fit in with the real world setting? It had nothing to do with the following... The script. The acting The jokes. The plot. Sound design. Costume design. Direction. Cinematography. Editing. Now apply that to any other movie which meets your criteria. It's completely nonsense argument. And even if you were adamant that it was that, I can name a good chunk of movies in which it has worked exactly like that, even to your parody extreme with the 'cartoon artstyle.' It's like how some people think that all you need in a game to make it good is a good story and that Gameplay is a minor thing.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Apparently it sells well, so hopefully that won't happen. But.. there are unforeseen circumstances that are impossible to predict, so there's no point in worrying about that now. Reception is good, sales are good.
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    That is fake news if ever I saw it. The Lion King has a pretty grounded story.
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    No such thing exists. The only art is things I liked when I was five and those things must mature with me as I age.
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    Yeah i think for once you are and i are on the same page here Sonic Fan J I mean really why is this movie live action? Why cant it be completely animated? This really does smell like a lifeless cash grab than anything legitimate and something that will benefit the franchise. I mean i can get behind adapting a franchise for western audiences, I nominally dont have an issue with this. Sure it causes a divide but at the same time appealing to other sensibilities is a necessary evil. But totally changing everything about this franchise for the sake of a live action film really is ludicrous. It was different in the 90's when the series had no established mythology, this is why we got Archie and SatAM like them or hate them they were a side effect of appealing to a non Japanese audience at a time when anime was scarce in America. But this is a whole other level and there is no reason for this movie to exist in the form it does. When animated movies are having a renascence, sure not all are hits but a lot of animated films have had wild success in the last decade. A live action movie does not add up at all, when you had other movies made in the last 5 years that were animated hitting it huge. Frozen, Incredibles 2, Zootopia. The fucking Minions movie Why really why, fuck hollywood.
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    To be fair, it’s only really BS if your view of SEGA is comprised solely of Sonic. This image is a tad outdated as it doesn’t factor in a few games released since September. Those being Fist of the North Star and Persona Dancing (Both hovering around a fairly respectable 72). Add in the sublime SEGA AGES ports and development of the Mega Drive Mini being moved in-house as an active response to AtGames, and it seems fairly clear to me that SEGA’s quality control chatter actually has some basis in reality - just not pertaining to modern Sonic, amusingly.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I know you're just stating your concern and possible outcome, but DON'T JINX IT!
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    Off to see Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse!
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    Well. Aquaman is fun, colorfull and a little cringe. But mostly fun.
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    I've got Emma Emmerich here. We've managed to avoid drowning!
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    Muted a bunch of words on twitter, so hopefully that’ll be enough. If not, I’ll just straight up delete Twitter until 3’s out
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    I peeked into the Sonic Live Action Movie thread. ...I really shouldn't have done that.
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    Some of my favorite cartoons ever made are about anxiety, loneliness, depression and suffering.
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    Have you ever seen an animated movie in your life? I'm legitimately curious now. The lengths you will go to defend the Sonic movie. Is it worth it?
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    ET looks like a cartoon in both of them anyway. The film is basically the cartoon design just made into a 3D model. Why would you expect a "real" alien to be a bipedal tetrapod with big human-like eyes, two exterior nostrils, grasping limbs, and a cute tetrapod derived face anyway? Why would ET resemble anything that has lived on Earth? How is that realistic? Sonic is like ET in the respect that neither of them are conceivable in reality.
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    I don’t think they’ll remove the trophy girls, but rather I see it likely that they’ll redesign them to have a bit more of a appealing and distinct design, similar to what Tawna received in N Sane.
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    We stand. United. We have to be the rays of sunshine: threads of hope.. In the void of darkness that is this thread. I've been super excited for this movie since 2014 when we found out it was being made. And I've always dreamed of Sonic getting the big screen treatment. That's why I'm always going to be positive about this movie.
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    Sonic Forces already did this Eggman even had 99% of the world under his control.
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    Hail to your fluffy despair king.
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    This never gets old.

    This never gets old.
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    Why would DC even think making this the cover was a good call?
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    OOTS failed because it was a sequel to a blockbuster action movie that had no substance. These movies do well with how much they grab the audience's attention, and whether they would go waste a Friday with friends to watch it as "this week's movie" or not. If they already know the series has nothing going for it from the first one, they're probably not going to follow up for a sequel, either. Transformers was the exact opposite case. Despite the writing and designs that most fans weren't happy about, the movie absolutely nailed the appeal of giant alien transforming robots with Spielberg's inspiration, and back in 2007, the Cgi on display was absolutely mind-blowing. Michael Bay made the right call with style over substance, and the general audience went to see it in droves. People wanted to see it. People wanted more. And as time went on, they got and watched more... Until they got bored with them, and started seeing through how useless the movies ended up with this direction. For a blockbuster movie to succeed, the trailers and movie itself have to hook the audience with something impressive/engaging. And even in the best case scenario in my head for a Sonic-centric movie, with a budget at least high enough to create a few key CGI scenes and action sequences... Sonic is facing a reeeeaaally steep uphill battle on this one. And that's best case scenario. If it's a small-scale action movie with "a heart of gold", I guarentee it'll be DoA. Now if it were marketed as a kids movie like Alvin and the Chipmunks, on the other hand...
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    I've always wondered why not go with the Bill Hatcher designs since they follow the same design philosophy as Eggman. It was brought up in this thread a few pages before the poster reveal from a tweet of someone who claimed to have seen the teaser trailer screening that it was pretty much what Sonic looked like in the screening. As for it's origins the website on the picture belongs to the artist and you can find the story behind it there as well. I can't speak for anyone else, but the design is just one of many complaints I have about the movie. Nothing they've advertised or said to think about has been Sonic as I know him in any capacity and that is worrying. Then those who defend it like yourself also tell me to discard everything I know Sonic to be implying that Sonic can't sell a movie as he is. While that is probably true, it also goes to show that Paramount should have never went after the license. If Sonic can't sell a Hollywood movie then he shouldn't be put in one. That's just plain common sense. If you have to change everything, then why use Sonic in the first place? Don't tell me bran recognition because Sonic is already recognized as a joke if you aren't already a fan and the movie isn't being representative of what the franchise is by discarding everything because it doesn't work. If you want to call it Hollywood's take that's fine, but this is easily one of the loosest adaptions I've seen in a while and they have yet to sell me on it when they tell me not to think of the franchise I love and their defenders tell me it can't work. If what I love can't work and shouldn't be thought about isn't that kind of enough proof that I should be concerned about this movie? I don't like it. I can't speak for anyone but it honestly looks lifeless and uncanny to me before even getting into the head placement problem this edit creates. Okay, now with my responses out of the way I would like to ask a question about why Sonic can't have his traditional design with realistic textures and minor tweaks when Mr. Mime here seems to have no problem with it. Sure Mr. Mime is not the main character but he's still a noodle limbed character in a live action adaption that had no qualms showing him off in their debut trailer with his noodle limbs intact. In fact, there are actually a number of striking similarities between Detective Pikachu and the Sonic movie. Both are live action adaptions of videogames that have lots of designs for living things that would not work within the laws of biology as we know them. Both are buddy cop movies. Both movies are aimed at the general family audience. Both movies are relying on brand recognition to generate buzz and interest. Yet it is with the differences that my question arises. One is being truthful to the source material to the point that in the trailer you even see nods to the various tournaments while the other constantly tells you the source material as is doesn't work. One has no problem sticking as close as possible to the original designs while the other tells that the traditional designs aren't realistic and can't work in a live action movie. One came out and showed everything it is trying to be proudly while the other hid itself away in shadows or out of sight as though it were afraid of what it was. One embraced its brand and fanbase while the other seemed to shun it. It's a terrifying difference in approach to me and shows a completely different mentality and belief in the brand they are making a movie out of. That the Detective Pikachu production and marketing crews are proud enough to show off their work so clearly including a noodle limb character in in a live action movie while the Sonic movie production and marketing team seem to avoid doing so and even tell fans not to think of the franchise itself but countless other franchises just looks bad in comparison. I can't be the only one who has noticed this or find it concerning in anyway. But I don't want to be presumptuous and would like everyone to share their thoughts. And maybe, if their is anyone up to the task, would like to hear someone explain why in two very similar movies it is okay to use noodle limbs and stay as accurate to the source material as possible but is not in the other. I mean, if noodle limbs and as source material accurate as possible doesn't work in live action then I would an explanation for Mr. Mime here please.
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    Still looks dumb man. Face is too small in that mock-up. I just don't get why a cartoon blue hedgehog being a cartoon is such a point of contention with movie studios. Why is more "realistic" so much better? Being a cartoon and exploring mature themes, or having a serious narrative aren't mutually exclusive. See: Plenty of anime, Batman TAS, Justice League Unlimited etc.
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    Is this the first videogame movie with big head mode cheats on?
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    I've already addressed the post in question, so there's no need to continue the cycle of complaining by complaining about people's complaining about other people's complaining.
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    What does this have to do with anything? Doesn't really mean much by itself.
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    The chosen animals species

    I don't think that's entirely true. The gliding and climbing come out of nowhere, sure, but echidnas resemble hedgehogs which plays into he and Sonic being rivals, their spikes obviously are the basis for his dreads, and they have large claws (thus the spiked knuckles) that they use for digging (an ability he gained in SA). That'd be so obvious, though. I agree generally that, if you're going to make an animal character, other parts of the character should be influenced by and reflected in their species, but if you try to tie everything to their species you're just going to orbit around the same couple of cliches. Besides, what ties Blaze to her species is her personality and way of carrying herself. She's aloof and elegant but not without her temper, and her gameplay has a more acrobatic style compared to Sonic's which matches the agility of a cat. Silver could've been just about anything, the only valid reason for him to be a hedgehog is how he, Sonic, and Shadow come to represent past, present, and future by the end of '06 and being the same species reinforces that link, but that's pretty weak symbolism that doesn't survive past that one game anyway. Shadow, though, was explicitly meant to be a "dark Sonic", so being a hedgehog, or at least some kind of similar spiky mammal, is pretty much necessary.
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    Somewhat telling when a late-night political comedy show makes a jab at the design. Sonic's design is up there with Mickey and Mario in terms of iconicity - people know what he looks like. Small changes like colour of arms and green eyes might go over the heads of almost, but such an overhaul of the defining cartoony proportions and silhouette, along with the uncanny use of realistic fur does get noticed. I'll say it again: this is going to be laughed at and not taken seriously by most. (as we have already seen!) It's simply mind-boggling to me that you would go with a 'realistic' route for this. Would that ever be considered a good idea for Mickey or Bugs?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well first, I'm mostly being facetious when I say it's "bad." It's a good kind of bad, if that makes sense. I have more to buy which can be a bit of a hassle, but I have a lot of a good thing to sink my teeth into which is great. I wouldn't call them "unofficial companions" though. With some exceptions (like 3/4 of Turtles in Time, and the annuals) the various TMNT side stories, one shots, and miniseries fold back into the main plot in some pretty important ways. Characters and whole concepts are introduced in those, like the idea of the Pantheon, Kitsune, and her contract with Krang being part of The Secret History of the Foot Clan. Without that, you'd get a bit of Shredder yelling about finding her and then her just showing up a bit after with no real context. At least not enough for either point to be impactful in the way it's supposed to be. Even characters like Alopex or Harold are introduced in one shots, but become very important later on, and their initial connections with the Turtles in their respective one shots are pretty important to really understand or appreciate their development. And that's why the deluxe editions are so great. You get a hell of a lot of comic in these nice hard covers with all the side stories included and ordered so they make sense. You can go at those from front to back cover and treat it as one whole story, which is really the way it feels like it was meant to be. Anyway this is a long walk to me saying I hope Sonic gets a similar release. Ah ok, that makes sense then.
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    That is the single most hope-destroying thing you could ever say about this franchise and I am so very glad it's complete baseless conjecture.
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    Team Sonic Racing OST - "Sand Road"

    Out of all the Adventure tracks to be remixed, Sand Hill was among the last ones I expected to be remixed. Definitely not complaining though, the original track was a bit underappreciated IMO, so it's nice to see it get some love and this remix is really fucking good to boot. Seriously though, I hope Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes collaborate more often beyond TSR as their styles just really go well together.
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    I've never really paid all that much attention to who's in charge of the series, especially not as far back as when Iizuka took over, so I can't say I had any specific expectations for him. As for what he's accomplished, I'm certainly not happy with where the series has ended up, but I also feel like the problems with the series go beyond any one person. I think it's easy to put the blame on him for everything because he's a name we're all familiar with and he's surely responsible for some bad decisions, but in reality there's a lot of forces at play and it feels like nobody knows what to do with Sonic anymore. So, it's just kinda middling disappointment. I'm not happy but I'm not frothing with rage either.
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    This is now proof of something? Any celeb who has fans or followers on something mindlessly support what they post. Even fans of lindsay lohan were supporting her for trying to kidnap that families children. But movie design is absolute garbage. Everybody knows it, even some very high profile Sonic fans think it's utter trash, I don't know why they're keeping so quiet, well I do. They don't want to risk souring their relationship with Sega. Even the shoes are just a product placement waiting to happen.
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    You could probably find people praising a picture of literal dog shit on the ground if you really wanted to, just saying.
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    Man, it is scary that Paramount think anything about this is good so far. The logo is terrible, the tag line is terrible, the very concept of Sonic in the "real world" is annoying (why can't it just be a beautiful CGI film, like a Pixar or Illumination production?), and now this cop-out silhouette of what looks to be a pretty terrible and terrifying redesign of a classic, iconic character. Seriously, let's stop and look at some facts: In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, none of the cartoon characters were changed at all and yet interacted perfectly with the real world; Yogi Bear wasn't changed that drastically for Yogi Bear, so why the weird, compulsive need to screw around with Sonic? I love how they tried to spin it and say they wanted to realistic portray him as he would be in real-life but, news flash, it's a talking blue hedgehog who runs at the speed of sound! There was never anything realistic about Sonic so why do this now? Honestly, only my complete and total devotion to the franchise and character is allowing me to give this the benefit of the doubt but it is very questionable. Like, did they not hear how people (I think literally everyone?) complained about Michael Bay's redesigns of the Transformers and Ninja Turtles? What about the backlash from Sonic Boom? I actually liked those redesigns but even I will admit some of them (Knuckles...) were very extreme but this takes the cake! All they had to do was make it a completely CGI film and nothing would have to change. Surely that would be cheaper in this day and age than doing a CGI/live-action hybrid? But, yeah, I agree with Jango; the whole silhouette thing shows they have no confidence in this. I am legitimately scared to see how Eggman turns out 🙄
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    My cousins laughed at the poster. They used to be fans of Sonic but overtime they had enough. When this film was announced in 2014, they weren't excited because the franchise always screw themselves up. Their point was proven yet again. What. A. Joke. "But but! This film is targeted to a different audience!" Screw you, man. If this is targeted for 3+ kids, they may actually be scared of the design and I certainly don't want them growing up thinking that is how Sonic looks like. I want them to cancel this film, but if it's too late, bury this film ASAP after release.
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    Hey, real talk. Have you guys ever noticed that everytime SEGA played the "silhouette game", it turn out bad? Remember with me: Project Needlemouse aka Sonic 4. Sonic Lost World Sonic Boom! Sonic Forces (the avatar) It seems that SEGA knows when they're gonna get mixed to bad reception, so they play this stupid game. It's almost as if they're ashamed of what they're doing instead of proud. It's a feeling of "hide this thing as long as we can, and don't make a big deal out of it, fly under the radar". Now compare it to Sonic Mania, a project you could see crystal clear they were proud of: revelead during an event with a trailer and a playable demo. Amazing marketing campaign with nostalgic ads remades, trailers with hand drawn animation, post-release content and even an YouTube series. I wanna see this energy in everything Sonic. Why they keep fucking up and not learning? Stop with this bullshit, SEGA. Stop it.
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    So now we don't have a cartoony, mickey-mouse-esque blue "hedgehog" that doesn't "fit" with humans, we have a creature that has the beady-eyed head of a real hedgehog, the hairdo and proportions of a cartoon, supplanted onto the body of a burly, furry toddler... Who is also still blue. Great win for realism, though? Who will actually like this design? Parents are probably gonna be offput by how freaky it looks as a mascot targeted at their kids, kids won't be drawn in with his awkward body proportions, especially compared to the smooth and appealing cartoon aesthetic he's renowned for, teenagers will know better and probably laugh at it, fans already hate it, adults won't know how to respond to it... Seems like the only real reason for people to watch this outside the potential trainwreck it could be, is Jim Carrey as Eggman. Which hey, it's something. It'll do nothing for the Sonic brand specifically, just fans of Carrey who want to see whatever other dumb popcorn flicks he stars in, but it's still... something, I guess...
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    Everything thing either has to be "3D" animation or a mix of 3D and Live-action these days. I miss the days of Disney blockbusters and Warner Bros. hand-drawn or at least 2D styled films. A movie in the style of Mania with a larger budget would be really cool. Edit: Up in the air though whether or not it could be successful in this current climate.
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    Damn, I've been on and off with this franchise for the last 14 years, and even though it's had some rough patches I've never felt so empty about something this franchise has done. I didn't mind '06 because at least it had great music, I enjoyed X in a so bad it's good way, shrugged off Boom because the supplementary stuff like the TV series was nice to occasionally have as background noise (boom knuckles really did make me chuckle) and just ignored the Forces since it did try but was very misguided. After all, with games like Unleashed and Mania sprinkled in every now and then, it really wasn't that bad at all. So how did a single poster make me loose all hope 😧? Unless they're planning to pull a Kojima and this is just a joke to fuel meme fire until they reveal the real thing (which as much as that sounds like wishful thinking, I'm holding out hope), I'm done man. This is melodramatic as hell and won't kill the series but seriously, how did they let this happen when SEGA have access to such great CGI. It's just 'one step forward, two steps back' with this franchise as the Shadow the Hedgehog intro so eloquently put it back in 2005. I hope this movie somehow ends up surprising us all so I can eat my stupid words 😄
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    Why's he so small? Dude, what do you expect? They're silent about stuff that's actually good about the franchise too, like the comics--both when Archie was still running, and even after an opportunity to fix that with IDW they only really posted about it when it was announced.
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    The biggest missed opportunity in the series is and always will be not taking the time to properly implement slope/momentum physics in 3D and develop a gameplay style based around them. SA made an attempt but they couldn't stick the landing, SA2 had some bits remaining but felt like it was moving further away from it, and then by Heroes it was just...gone. All dash pads, slippery acceleration, and the god-damned boost from there out. I'm sure they're not the easiest mechanics to work with, but when they do work they're so good, but they just...gave up on it. Having everyone throwing around generic elements is so lame though...
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    I'll just get straight to the point. Someone saw this dude, with stretchy arms that grapple onto things, and for some reason decided he needed to play like a generic God of War clone rather than an analogue for freeform Spiderman swinging, and that just boggles my fucking mind. Nobody expected the Werehog to approach Boost speeds but at the very least this would still have made movement fun. Honourable mention goes to Forces letting you make custom characters but for some reason only allowing them to use guns. Honestly are there even that many OCs that wield arm cannons?
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