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    I said before that the Sonic movie was going to be a generic kid flick filled with cringe ironic and "fellow kids" humour, but that was before I found out it was a horror movie.
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    I finished my 3rd commission yesterday!
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    Sometimes I think about the subset of casual fans who's only real exposure to the franchise was "Sonic Adventure Battle 2" before leaving the series again without getting attached
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    Been a while since I posted Saimatsu. Better fix that.
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    I've got Emma Emmerich here. We've managed to avoid drowning!
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    Muted a bunch of words on twitter, so hopefully that’ll be enough. If not, I’ll just straight up delete Twitter until 3’s out
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    sorry for being dumb, just not feeling so good today. I'll be okay though.
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    I peeked into the Sonic Live Action Movie thread. ...I really shouldn't have done that.
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    hey don't skip out on that spiderman thing cause it's a kids movie it's kind of the best spiderman movie ever and probably the best superhero movie in 10 years thanks
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    The Snowman & When The Wind Blows Two books turned films that were written by the same author Raymond Briggs, and have a similar artstyle between them. You couldn't think of two different works that contrast so differently from each other in tone. A brief description of the two in spoilers
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    Started KH DDD. Of course the first PS4 game I play that actually does more than the bare minimum with the touchpad is a port of a 3DS game lol
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    https://www.resetera.com/threads/sega-of-japans-cs2-sonic-puyo-sakura-wars-working-on-new-ip-translation-help-wanted.87280/ Apparently CS2 division of SoJ (aka Sonic Team) might be working on a new IP. If anyone can actually translate the full article, that'd be great. Wonder if they can actually cook up something different than Sonic (which they can't even cook up lmao) or Puyo (I don't fully understand why the article also mentions Sakura Wars, since it doesn't belong to ST) and make it good. Guess we'll see in the future.
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    Totally not a leaked scene from the upcoming Sonic movie!
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    Tumblr dosent seem to like the Sonic movie design...
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    I did it. I beat it! Good God who the hell thought that was a good idea?
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    Fuck me, I lost my phone. Great.
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    Was hearing to some 2000's Sonic music (Live and Learn, With Me, Catch Me if You Can, Supporting Me) and I gotta say, I miss edgier sanc cuz goddamn I love these tracks lol Heck, most viewed Sonic music on YouTube IS from 2000's.
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    Playing with some of my Smash secondaries since 4. Zelda and Bowser feel so much better.
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    About to compete in an online Smash tourney hosted by Nairo... Wish me luck even though I'm going to be annihilated based on who I'm facing in the first round
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    I think Spider-verse lives up to the hype. It was so good, and it's the best Spider-man movie in my honest opinion. Also it has a much appreciated post credit scene.
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    Made a new movie review! This time on Ralph Breaks the Internet!
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    the most realistic, and thus, most correct, sonic design:
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