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    You know what never made much sense to me? People criticizing a series that focuses too much on it's main character...when that's kind of the point? They're the main character for a reason lol.
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    Oh that one, yes I think I did see it. The footage he uses is what I have in mine.
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    Finally saw Spider-Verse. I laughed, I cried, I geeked out at all the in-jokes, and the artstyle gave me a new spark of hope for the animation industry. My new favorite superhero film.
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    Sonic Legacy - Our Legacy (Sonic Legacy Theme) EkoNeo & Pauly B (78% complete) Lyrics - Half of the second verse is written. One it's finished, that will be the whole song written. It's pretty challenging coming up with sentences pertaining to the same subject, while also keeping it relative to how timed the first verse is. But it's finally happening. I hope the lyrics aren't too cheesy for the audience though. I am trying, but it can be hard sometimes. Instrumentals - There's a chord change near the end of this song. I've been having to adjust and try to keep it interesting, since it is the last part of the song I feel like this is where the climax should be. So I'm really gonna have to rock out on those drums. I want to add just a little more to the background, so I went with more Sky Synth, with kind of a spacey feel to it. Just a new sequence I'm trying. We'll see what happens
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    It's funny how Peach used to sound generally surprised in Melee when she said "Oh, did I win?", but in Brawl onwards she now says it in a mocking tone
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    Into the Spider-verse was great btw
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    Hit the nail on the head. I cared about Tails’s self-esteem in Sonic Adventure when I played it last, even as I laughed at the clumsy presentation. I cared when Eggman tricked Sonic and launched his ass into space (which remains the smartest writing in the games thus far). I cared about Gamma’s moral awakening. There are problems - huge problems - even in the best game stories, but one thing they’re distinctly better at than anything since 2009, is getting the player to give a shit. I MIGHT have cared about the Wisps in Sonic Colors if their plight was treated more seriously than just “D’awh, don’t worry little buddy, we’ll kick Baldy McNosehair’s butt!” I might have cared about the Deadly Six if they actually had any motivation or backstory whatsoever. I might have cared about the fate of the damn world in Forces if the writing conveyed any conviction that Eggman’s conquest actually happened. And so on. Forces in particular is proof that it’s not just tone that doesn’t really matter; the stakes can be as high as possible and that doesn’t matter either. It’s about telling a story with a tangible conflict with earnestly portrayed characters that feel like they actually inhabit their world.
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    Some more art for the night! Food Fight from Skylanders, as well as his Dark variant!
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    Edgy Sonic games were better?

    I have to disagree. A well written story and characters could easily balance dark and light, respectively. Going to one extreme or the other will most likely alienate fans further and complicate the Sonic universe even more, too... I agree that Unleashed did a good job at balancing the tone. It was even able to give the player a lot to do, like Adventure 1 & 2 did, but this time with only Sonic as playable.
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    Like I said, I actually like Rouge being selfish, it's a trait I expect from someone as vain as her. I just didn't like that her selfishness extended to literally not caring about an entire world. She's the type of person who may have selfish motives, but ultimately does the right thing because she's not heartless. Rouge's selfishness can be the source of great character conflict, but it needs to be just enough to where she can still be somewhat likable. Like, if Rouge had no idea how important the Sol Emeralds were and stole them anyway before returning them, fine. That's good. Like, a lot of these characters have (well...had) traits that can make them pretty dynamic, but Sega just seem content with making everyone as plain and friendly as possible and it's just...so.....boring.
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