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    I love fighting games

    I love fighting games
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    He basically assumes that as a company, they would only care about the money aspect, and thus would overlook how much of a nuisance he was for the chance for a money making Knuckles movie. It's a super cynical and extremed detached way to think about things, since while corporations certainly are focused on profits first and foremost, they do have SOME standards on how they intend to get it.
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    I'm not really seeing here what you are trying to imply. The model you say that you prefer instead makes him look shorter and stockier to me then his current model. Personally I prefer Sonic with fairly shorter spines overall regardless the style of Sonic. Because as a example while I understand this below looks cool to some peps... However to me it kinda just looks ridiculous... But it isn't a big deal to me either way.
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    Oh wow, the cutscenes in Ring of Heroes even reference the Skylanders novels. Didn't expect the mobile game to build on the lore in this way if Activision "gave up" on this series. It could easily be rushed out without a plot and make no difference.
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    Spinoffs for other characters?

    Been thinking about this for a while. Most of the alternate gameplay styles that were in the 3D games should of been spinoff titles from the get go. I like some them in concept but I'd be lying if I didn't say that they were all half assed attempt at padding the games length instead of giving more levels to the real meat of the game. They just felt out of place where the main focus is about high speed platforming. An Eggman spinoff based around his mech concept in the same vein as the Mis-Adventures of Tron Bonne would be glorious. Robbing banks, causing havoc in the city, building enough materials to create weapons of mass destruction. Dude this would be awesome I'm mad as hell this isn't real yet. I always said that the Werehog would of been perfect for Knuckles so just give him a beat em up game with more fleshed out combat similar to something like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry. And use his glide ability to explore the hub worlds and find some hidden goodies. It was mentioned earlier in the thread that they could make a game centering around the Chaotix actually being detectives for once and it could lead into a comical adventure. The only thing that pops to my mind are the investigation segments in the Ace Attorney series. Which are probably the weakest parts because everybody just like going to the trails Amy is that character that they can do whatever the hell they want with. But I wouldn't mind a more fleshed out version of how she played in SA1 since it was basically a standard platformer just with the occasional case sequences to "spice" things up. Silver arguably has the best potential for a spinoff game due to his physic powers. Could be like something along the lines of the Force unleashed or Psychonaughts idk.
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    Say what you want about Nintendo Switch Online, it's lacking features deserve the bashing. But it's a godsend for backing up and feeding Spirits to amiibo.
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    I'm kind of curious for an answer to a question that's hard to word, but your assessment that people reach out and touch and hold each other all the time honestly creeps me out. I personally loathe physical contact and avoid it as best as I'm able. No high fives, hugs, shoulder pats, nothing like that. At best you may get a handshake out of me or a fist bump if that is your preference but that's all and never anything extended. Physical contact makes me very uncomfortable. Moving on from me, Sonic was created and handled by for the longest time a Japanese company, in Japan, where physical contact is typically avoided (consider shaking hands is typically only amongst diplomatic or large business ventures) and just so much as holding hands in public is still considered a public display of affection. Now also consider that touching someone without their permission could be considered rude and that this is a children's series and the last thing you want in any country is familiarizing children with people touching them through their media. That's also a little disturbing to even think about in my opinion. To a point though, while I can't speak for everyone, you find the lack of the characters being all over each other as unnatural where as from my personal experience and passive knowledge of Japan I find it both natural and strangely comforting. I also find that adds to certain interactions such as Sonic's reactions to Amy who disregards all sense of personal space which immediately makes Sonic uncomfortable when said space is violated without his consent. I can understand that feeling and believe it would help you better build your argument to both consider the culture that made the franchise and that not everyone who shares your input on what is normal human interaction. Now would it hurt for the characters to be more animated during cutscenes? Probably not and I'll agree with that, but I don't believe they need to be putting their hands all over each other for every meeting and line of conversation. That seems every bit as unnatural to me as them not doing it seems to you and as a point it might be worth noting that the people who direct these cutscenes feel more similar to me than you resulting in the lack of the body contact you find lacking.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Humans in Sonic Games

    They should also have humans with weird gimmicks to them too. Unleashed did that but they should go further with it. Billy Hatcher would fit right in with the Sonic Universe probably. Just a boy who dresses up like a chicken. Why? Because he's in Sonic's world and people are weird.
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    You're welcome. It was an odd period in comics history, and the Image Story in particular is one of those things that came to define the decade in which it happened, for better or worse. I've got a bit of fascination for that particular period in US comics given that its the era in which I grew up, even IF my comic of choice was a Hedgehog rather than a superhero, heh. And yeah, pretty much. A big part of it is that Penders, for all that he talks about 'vision' and 'creativity' and all that, demonstrates this incredibly cynical approach to writing, particularly when it comes to characters- he doesn't have a lot of ability to innovate and tends to compartmentalize things for his own convenience, doing what is most familiar and easy over actually trying or thinking. In short? He's a guy in a creative field, but his mentality is that of a businessman... in this case, a particularly out of touch businessman who thinks that tired, rote tricks still work on people rather than being innovative. As such, his 'original' works are pretty much bland stereotypes upon bland stereotypes, regurgitations of things that have been done before while lacking any of the things that made those iterations worthwhile. In another life, he'd have probably made a killing if he somehow found his way into the mockbuster business... Your suspicions are quite correct. Now, obviously, there's no post going around wherein Penders declares anything like that, but when you read the content of his stories as well as his statements elsewhere, it lends a LOT of credence to the idea that Penders never really wanted to write a book meant for children, and given the comparatively little oversight he had, basically tried to convert the book into something more 'legitimate'. Hence you get all these half-baked attempts at 'mature' subjects and 'mature' storytelling, as well as everyone speaking like a middle aged man who reeds the thesaurus for recreation. What really clinches it though is that he really, really does not care about anything of Sonic that didn't originate from the comic, or from him. See, while the comic was ostensibly there to promote the video games and the SatAM cartoon series around at the time, Penders has made it a point of pride that he never really played any of the games, and as for SatAM? Well, let's take a count- firstly, he tried to permanetly kill off Sally in order to motivate Sonic. Secondly, he mentioned wanting to kill off Rotor and Antoine because he couldn't think of anything to do with them. He succeeded in permanently killing off Robotnik for a time, and on his forum even went on to say that the Dark Legion could 'eat Eggman for breakfast along with any of his incarnations'. Even more damning, in a thread on said forum, he said that in order for a Sonic film to succeed, it would need to 'grow beyond the games and comics'. Heck, when the Sonic Adventure adaptation was forced down on the book, he STILL couldn't bother to do any basic research and simply chose to shoehorn his own shit in where it did not belong (the detour to Cat Country). It's incredibly, painfully clear that Penders was never really interested in Sonic for his own sake, and saw Sonic more as a means towards an end that he would never otherwise achieve on his own. One of the reasons he latched onto Knuckles so readily is because Knuckles was a blank slate that he could do whatever he wanted with, and that in turn led to this incredibly derivative, weird ass science fiction story that fixated on the concept of destiny and lineage and so on and so forth, with elements bluntly stolen from his favorite franchises like Superman, Star Trek and even Dune. Hence why as time went on, Knuckles and the Echidna became the most important aspect of the book at the expense of everything else. Penders has... an INCREDIBLY warped perspective on such things. See, he doesn't just denigrate the other writers on the book- he's such a blinkered fanboy that he has pretty much declared that 'only the original creators do it right' when it comes to the crap that HE likes, and even when other writers come along and are basically the source of a book becoming a success (such as the case of X-Men and Daredevil), he will still insist they bow and scrape of the original creators, regardless of how much or how little said original creators actually contributed to the popularity of a property (For context, X-Men and Daredevil were both the red-headed stepchildren of Marvel until they were re-invented and re-vamped by later creators). He feels so strongly about this, he actually threw a BITCH FIT when someone pointed out that the Daredevil TV series takes entirely after said later run. This is what forms the basis of his criticism towards Flynn (with him flip flopping between slamming him for 'wasting' characters or 'relying' on older characters), but of course, NONE of it applies to Penders himself or his own body of work, despite the fact that without Sonic he wouldn't have had any kind of career. As to the latter point... I'm not sure at what point it happened exactly, but Penders got it into his head that the Archie Sonic comics were some kind of massive, internationally recognized PHENOMENA, and that Sonic is a comic star on par with figures like Spider-Man, and that Penders is the one responsible for this tremendous exposure and fame. Whether he is legitimately blind to the actual order of things or simply deluding himself on purpose to make himself seem more important than he is is anyone's guess. Notably, this intense self-hyping really began to ratchet up after the lawsuit finally ended and everything he made was removed from the book. In any case, whatever the cause, Penders has basically been marinating in his own Kool-Aid for a while now. I think its overcompensation for the fact that his lawsuit kinda proved that nothing he did really mattered, given that the book went on just fine after his stuff was cut out, and IDW is doing likewise. Ah, now HERE is a tale. See, in comics, artwork is generally handled by three people- the Penciler, The Inker, and the Colorist. Each job is pretty self-descriptive, and naturally, multiple duties can be handled by a single artist depending on how much of the workload they want to take. Well, the thing of it is, is that Dawn Best was the penciller for several issues, while Ken Penders was the inker. Ken Penders is an absolutely lousy kind of inker- the kind who basically refuses to actually work with the art style of the penciller and just draws his shit over everything, ruining it in the process. And the same happened here- fabulous pencils by Dawn Best basically being deformed into Penders' own shit, but since nobody really considers how the inker is a separate thing from the penciller, Best wound up getting the heap of the criticism and blame, with everyone thinking that THAT was standard for her art. It's a crying shame, doubly so since Penders uses her to prop himself up constantly.
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    The generous interpretation would be Penders means that Echyd'nya society permits its members to DECIDE for themselves what sex/gender/what have you they are. I sincerely doubt that he earnestly means that they can physically shift between the two- it's an idea far too outre for someone like Penders, and even if he meant it the more literal way I would bet you money that none of it would really matter or impact their society in a significant way. It's all just window dressing so he can sell himself as being on top of the latest battleground in LGBT rights.. Penders has always been exceedingly insistent that these 'Echyd'nya' are aliens and not, in fact, anthropomorphic echidna. He's even gone on to postulate about retconning them into having live births rather than laying eggs, thus making them even more like humans. Deucedly ironic, given that real life Echidna biology is incredibly alien to our own on a number of levels. Monotremes in general are *weird* man. It will precisely be that. This is after all Ken Penders, He Of Zero Effort. Or that would be the case if he were ever to release this damned thing already. That is indeed so, but coming from someone like Penders? It doesn't actually mean much of anything. Penders is a man far, far more interested in posturing and placing himself upon a pedestal than doing anything of actual substance to spread awareness or understanding. It's a deeply, blatantly manipulative attempt by him to look more like a progressive than he actually is, and the only reason he ever does anything like this is so he can look like he's on the right side of history. Talk is cheap. Anyone can SAY they're going to do something, and in the end that's all Penders ever really does- talk about how progressive he is. Talk about how feminist he is. Talk about how understanding and inclusive he is and how HIS comic will be all those things... all the while not actually producing anything, let alone anything that substantially demonstrates his talking points. It's all very self-serving and skeevy, but eh, what else is new?
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