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    Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited (or Sonic 3 A.I.R. for short) is a mod... remake... thing of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It takes the Steam version of Sonic 3 and overhauls it using an external .exe, adding 16:9 support, Achievements (with unlockables attached to them, a la the Mania Medallions), options for both emulated and remastered soundtracks, level design tweaks, new control options (Tails can drop out of his flight into ball form), a Time Attack mode, and much, much more. Essentially, it's the Taxman version of Sonic 3 we've been waiting for, and the full game released today! I can't believe how quickly the remake's creator, Eukaryot, managed to get it all together - the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles experience is here, from Angel Island all the way to the Doomsday Zone, now in 16:9, 60fps, with smooth Mania style rotations and all! I've yet to play through the game in full, but this is a seriously impressive effort. I'm not sure to what extent we'll be seeing updates (I'd love the ability to play through the game with the prototype level order), but huge props to Eukaryot.
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    The interview was an absolute success! They were really impressed with my portfolio. As reward... gonna see Captain Marvel again!
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    You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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    Scored an interview for the University I applied for! Things are looking bright!
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    You crack me up, little buddy!
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    3rd Day in without a Cigarette. Feeling it a bit this morning I gotta admit.
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    Fun is not something one considers when being followed on Twitter. But this... does put a smile on my face.
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    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    Boobs are good.
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    An action series doesn't need every threat to be bigger and scarier than the last. Power/threat level/however you want to phrase it isn't even necessarily a linear scale to start with, and it's only a small part of what makes up a story anyway.
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    • Shaddy Zaphod

      Weighing my options with TSR's Switch release being something I can play with family, and the PC release's online multiplayer. Because seriously, fuck Nintendo's service.
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    • Polkadi~♪

      i have won four times in a row at a claw machine
      bow to my supreme power, inferior beings
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    • Sean

      s2e16 of DuckTales 2017 redeemed the entire show for me. Holy shit.
      I dropped off partway through season 1 and lost the enthusiasm I had built up after watching the pilot, but between this and the return of the Three Caballeros, I'm fully back on board. I'm gonna binge the rest of the series this upcoming week.
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    • KHCast

      You know, had the Persona Q games been a console experience that looked like a project with a lot of effort put into it, I’m sure it would have nicely paid off more for Atlus instead of it being a spin-off people forget exists. I mean, it’s a canon crossover between the Persona casts with fairly deep plots and interactions, people would have given a shit for that. I wholly think it could have worked in a traditional Persona style. Would have been a great love letter, even if it would have cost them a bit more to turn it into a console experience. The ideas were pretty ambitious. Heck, they could have easily kept the chibi style and just gave it the HD touch, and release them on the Nintendo consoles like the Wii U and Switch(or the PS3/PS4). Like you can’t tell me Q and Q2 couldn’t have worked just fine as console persona games(albeit a bit shorter). It just...frustrates me a concept like this was ultimately wasted and ended up feeling not as charming as I’d wanted. But eh, that’s my rant done. 
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    • Blue Wisp

      Gonna list all the best super transformations from the series
      1) «image»
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