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    So uh, Xbox Live is coming to Switch. Is it me or did the chances of Banjo As Smash DLC just skyrocket?
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    God I love The Legend of Tony Hawk's The Elder Dogma Shadow of Metal Souls Downhill Jam of the Cooking Xenomama Chronicles Gear Solid II Turbo HD Remix & Knuckles: Featuring Dante From the Devil May Cry Series (Which obviously has Amiibo support and includes the "Ray" expansion)
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    If SXSW is in March are we sure this announcement today isn't just gonna be confirmation of another panel with the real reveal(s) coming next month?
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    "I did what you couldn't do, I was there for them"
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    A handful of entertaining Dedede clips, baked fresh.
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    This looks like a good place to find some ingredients!
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    Why? Like what now? What the shit?
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    Was gonna continue trying to finish off KH3 100% but given I'm past the 60 hour mark and still got treasures and synopsis to do, I think I'll take a break for tonight. Think I'll play Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga again, I got Bowser's Inside Story remake since I never finished the original and I said I wasn't gonna start it til I finished off Superstar. I'm just after the part where you have to collect the pieces of the star shard or whatever the maguffin in Superstar Saga is called.
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    Haven't read the full thread, but I'd like to bring up that I'm glad that they don't follow the official one. The rest is equally bad.
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    Happy birthday, man. Hope you're doing better and it's a good one for you.

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