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    Like my name implies I like to draw a lot, I have a tumblr and Twitter where I post my stuff often http://kellodrawsalot.tumblr.com/ and https://mobile.twitter.com/Kellodrawsalot Here is some something recent I made, something short for valentine
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    Hm, despite the usual stress and feeling slightly "blech," I was able to attend the Autism Group as usual. How many have I been to since first learning about it? 7? 8? 9? We had a person join in to discuss how the courts could help those with autism. She'd tell us what it would be like if we were a witness or committed some sort of crime and had to attend court. We'd the share how we might react in those terms. This marked the first time I contributed considerably in a conversation. It takes me a while to comfortable speak up around people so this was a clear sign that I'm getting more comfortable. I still couldn't keep up with the conversation at times, but I'm still proud that I contributed. The last time I felt pride was...2008, I believe.
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    Huh, a 30-second Detective Pikachu trail-- >gets to this: BURN IT WITH FIRE
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    in another world, this is what the Link's Awakening remake looks like
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    Disappointed, but not surprised, the upcoming DLC characters won't be getting their own Palutena's Guidance. It's a shame since Piranha Plant had one, but I suppose it was planned to round out the base roster anyway and wasn't ready in time for the game's release.
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    In just 5 days I turn 24 and can make all the 24 jokes I want.
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    Yeah, guessing that since they've said the DLC fighters will be coming out steadily over the next 2 years, that means some might not be set in stone yet, and it would be a LOT of work to organise the Kid Icarus VAs to record 30 seconds worth of dialogue each every few months. Though honestly gathering them up to do all 5 in one go at the END of the content for the 5th's release doesn't seem like an unreasonable compromise, but alas, money is still a thing - would probably cost a lot just for the sake of an easter egg.
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    In the theaters for Alita: Battle Angel!
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    Didn't think I'd get all of these, but major score!
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    Apparently Tomy’s No longer the master toy license holder for Sonic, and their Boom product is possibly going unreleased. Jakks-Pacific seems to lack any Boom product so far. Press MODE to pay respects.
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    Made it back home safe and sound. Now to do that again 2 times per day next week.
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    Right, through a licensed Halloween costume aka merchandising. Same deal as toys basically
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    I'd actually be a lot less suspicious of the graphical style if this were a new game rather than a remake. I'm actually quite happy with Nintendo's more experimental tendencies with visual styles, but the toybox style they're going for here I think would fit more with something like Minish Cap, a game which I think never fully realised its gimmick's potential. Link's Awakening is more of a lonely, melancholy experience, and I'm not at all sure that the style here is going to capture that. As noted above, it looks like the spritework was interpreted literally, which was never the point; the beauty of abstract pixel renderings is that you can interpret them in any way you like, rather than the intention being for everyone to be seen as a bobblehead toy. Maybe I'll come around. I warmed up to A Link Between Worlds, too, despite never being happy with the fact that it made zero effort to disguise its origins as a LttP remake - though at least that did differentiate itself. (Incidentally, the "New Legend of Zelda" jabs against ALBW were on the mark; the game's Iwata Asks confirms that they genuinely considered calling it that.)
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    The photos were, but not the bulk the game. I typically interpret older sprite-based games as intending to look like their promotional art or other in-game assets. This would have been the perfect chance to really push something more in line with the opening style. And even with that in mind, the photos didn't feel anywhere near as dead or toy-like as the game here looks. I wouldn't mind if I was looking at something that felt like the photos. But instead this feels like The Legend of Nintendo Land, and it's pretty yuck. Game is gonna be solid though cause LA is a great game that only benefit from modern conveniences like more buttons and a better menu. I'll be playing it for sure.
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    Not to mention “Ultimate” editions of games that still require you to go out of your way to buy additional content regardless if you want everything. The word ultimate rarely ever seems to mean what it is lol
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    Jesus. That final lead up in Kingdom Hearts 3 was lifting hard from JOJO Part 6: Spoilers obviously https://imgur.com/a/aAhZf https://imgur.com/a/Lj4sX Even the name from the final world is shared in JOJO:
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    Kellodrawsalot art thread

    Thank you so much!! Here is some of my other fanart stuff random
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    Ah okay, I misremembered. Yeah, you know honestly it does feel like "Special" is the better name of the two than "Ultimate". This doesn't feel like the "Ultimate" Smash Bros in anything other than characters and gameplay - which are absolutely the most important things, but it's because of those that the absences of all the little things are felt so much more deeply. It's heartbreaking that we have this absolute polished gem of a base game but there are so many other absences. I hope we have some new (old?) modes incoming - the tease of Ver. 3.0 in the most recent direct really does seem to imply that we'll be getting more than just the Joker DLC and the usual balance update.
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    So, with a few weeks having passed since the game released, and about a week or two since I finished it, I thought I'd pop in to give my general opinions on Kingdom Hearts 3, which I know have taken awhile to do so. Partly because I knew I was gonna be in the honeymoon phase of the game and loving every aspect of it, which would've been pretty biased, and partly because I hoped to 100% it before doing this (I didn't do that yet). First things first, my battle report (which is inaccurate since it was from when I finished the game, it's pretty different now as I grinded to level 99, got Ultima and such) Difficulty: Proud Mode Enemies Defeated: 3035 Most Used Keyblade: Happy Gear (8:20:27) Distance Travelled: 75.8 km, 47.1 mi Most Used Situation Command: Riskcharge 115x Gummi Ship Completion: 33% Lucky Emblems: 90/90 Most Consumed Cuisine: Chocolate Mouse X2 Clear Time: 41:10:56 So, starting off on a positive note - the graphics. The worlds this time around are just downright stunning, and closest IMO to actually feeling like you're playing through a living and breathing Disney world. One of the sad facts about the previous games in the series is they were hindered by their engines/consoles at the time, and whilst the original console KH games are the ones that have aged the best in terms of PS2 era games, I'd still say the worlds in of themselves felt pretty lifeless. This is the first real time the game itself just feels alive. There's NPCs everywhere, the voice lines are all voiced with no more text boxes, the environments are far more varied and feel a lot more fun to explore, feeling far more like an open world sandbox, as opposed to a room comprised of blocks and poles. Veering into that, the performance is frankly draw-dropping. I'd say this is one of the most lush and beautiful looking next-gen titles to date, all aided by Unreal Engine 4, and it was completely surprising how it ran. 0.2 set an example that we'd be forced to give up a full 60fps for a stunning set of graphics, with 0.2 even dropping frames at points, like in the Phantom Aqua fight. But then KH3 releases and not only does it look even better than 0.2, but it's running at a consistently good 50-60fps? That was insane, and showed how much effort went into optimising the game's performance to be the best as it possibly could. I was so happy to see this change added, because Kingdom Hearts 1, and 2 both released originally locked at 30fps, and then the collections had been slowly trying to build all the games up again with 60fps, and Kingdom Hearts 2 is just a totally different ballpark when playing that in 60, compared to 30. 0.2 showed a disappointing, but what we thought - was necessary concession for better graphics at lower framerate, but seeing KH3 pull off a perfect compromised balance was great IMO. Moving into the story and characters, I think really the main thing I'd like to say firstly - is that the dialogue and humour is just fifty times better all around. You'll still get awkward and chringy moments, as you will from any other Kingdom Hearts game, but I'd say that this time around, this is where they really nailed the dialogue and interactions of the characters. I was really surprised at how much I came out liking Sora, Donald and Goofy as a trio this time around. It was clear to me that a main focus of this game was reinstating how important this trio is, how this trio is practically at the centre of the entire series, especially after Donald and Goofy got downplayed in the rest of the series, especially Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance. I love how Sora and Donald constantly seem to love getting jabs in at each other, playing on each other's flaws in a playful manner, while Goofy is either too egotistical, too oblivious, or both to realise he isn't as above things as he thinks. Moments like Goofy thinking he was beyond suspicion in the Toy Story world, whilst criticising Sora and Donald at the same time really had me laughing. But there's also a very definite concern between the three. Donald and Goofy despite all their jabs at Sora's personality, clearly care about him, and clearly would fight to keep him safe as much as possible. I'd still say the strongest theme in this game in general - is their bond, and how far they've come from the first game. It's constantly empathised how the trio would keep fighting for each other, and deem themselves only as strong as their friends. The message that is always brought up is "Pint and a Half", because they're three half-pints together, which I felt was a really good call-back to previous titles, as well as a good set of arc words for their journey's conclusion. This is the conclusion of the adventure they started all the way back in Kingdom Hearts 1, and to see them grow, and truly work as a team this time around was great. Furthermore, adding on this - I'd say the writing for the rest is pretty strong. There's a lot of strong interactions with the original characters that I don't really wish to go into specifics with as they are serious spoiler material, but still. The biggest surprise to me was the Disney cast, who are all written pretty much in character. The banter especially with duos like Woody and Buzz, or Mike and Sully, or even the Big Hero 6 crew felt near identically from something I'd expect from their retrospective movies. Even characters like Jack Sparrow get really good material this time around, especially Jack since he gets tons of optional dialogue as you travel through the Pirates world. The only set of dialogue I felt was pretty weak was Frozen which...yeah, I'll explain later. On that note, I feel like the story in of itself is a really big mixed bag. There's a lot of moments in it I love, there's even conclusions to arcs that happened near identically to how I wanted them to end. But then there's stuff I just really dislike as well. In terms of the gameplay, I actually quite enjoyed it. I felt like the tools were present to make the combat particularly involved, and much more experimental compared to the spin-offs between this game and KH2. Having a traditional KH level up and ability system yet again was just nice to have after so many games filled with idiotic and often frustrating gimmicks, especially with how round about it was to get basic quality of life abilities like Second Chance and Leaf Bracer in the likes of DDD and BBS. I loved a lot of keyblade styles, adding new flair and combo potential for Sora, as well as the really cool finishers they had, and I liked how each other them had different combat styles, like shooting projectiles, using blade attacks, using attacks to get closer to enemies etc. The only real complaints I have with combat this time around that I didn't get used to was firstly - Attraction Flows. They're just too frequent for their own good, and far too intrusive. They're stupidly powerful, reduce damage taken, and are insanely easy to get. They really should've been more difficult, either at the expense of MP, or something else. As is, they're game-breaking and not particularly fun to use. Secondly, it's the difficulty. I was shocked when I played Proud, something I don't typically do on my first run through of a KH game, but did for this game, to discover that by the end of Olympus, it's basically Standard Mode. This means that about 90% of the game, you don't get to make use of how many tools the combat system offers because you can get away with bare-minimum combat, and using the triangle commands, instead of making full use of the toolset provided by the game. And in terms of my other flaws - the other biggest main one to speak of is the total lack of end-game content. Bar the usual grindy nonsense you'd get from a KH game, a lot of it just feels really bare bones. There's barely any secret bosses, the battle portals - while interesting are just enemy gauntlets, the Ultima is really grindy to get, and the minigames will not last you very long. And whilst there's an defence to be made that the previous games didn't get their great end-game material until the Final Mix editions, that problem really shouldn't have been a thing to begin with in a 2019 game. I think in the end, I don't really know how to feel about Kingdom Hearts 3, I feel mixed about it. On one hand, a lot of the elements could lead to it being my favourite, mainly being just for the fact the Disney worlds are actually fun to run through this time, unlike KH2 where it's critical mode and combat was much more superior, but the Disney worlds in general were far more of a boring slog to run through. But on the other hand, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix just feels like a fifty times better experience. In all honesty, I still think I need to give it to 2FM because whilst the combat in 3 is strong IMO, and the worlds are better, 2FM just feels like the much more complete experience. Maybe things will change if a 3FM ever materialises and if so, I'll give it another look. But IMO, I'd say at the least, KH3 is a solid 8/10. It's a great game, but there is serious flaws holding it back still, even ones I'd argue really shouldn't be a thing in this day and age.
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    Heh heh, anyone being paired with Silver would be hyper competent just by comparison.
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    I may not really be a fan of the Final Fantasy series, but since both cars are free and this is pretty much a crossover between two games...
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    Minish Cap

    Minish Cap
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    Well, one thing I'm curious to hear are the interactions Eggman has with everybody else hahaha *Eggman sends power-up to Sonic* Sonic: thanks.. but no thanks Doc. Also, is there friendly fire in this game?
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    Something was mentioned a while ago about characters having excessive lines of dialogue in this game. It'll most likely be so that they can combine clips. E.g... Clip1: Thanks for the boost <clip 2>! Clip2: <name>. There'll be several recordings of each character saying every other name with a bunch of different inflections.
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    Just got back from a "Gallontine's Day" party with my bible study group. We had a Battle of the Sexes trivia contest, all the ice cream we could eat, and we got to shove a pie in our host's face. Who needs romance, am I right?!
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    http://www.towleroad.com/2019/02/eric-porterfield-2/?fbclid=IwAR36_osZzbJWi-h2KX4tbPrpCW06_3FXvoZxGKGz-6FhWpPoQL7dH0GfIR the story is here btw. Do people seriously think that they’ll gain conservative mass support by saying this shit. I mean what is the goal here?
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    V-Day is interesting for me because I'm greedy and have more than one boyfriend :v
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    Roses are red Violets are blue I made macaroni and cheese, baked ham, collared greens Oh, and candied yams too.
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    Big news: macedonia is now North Macedonia. Macedonia is now called North Macedonia and it's making the news. The Republic of North Macedonia... wow, the world is really changing.
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    Interesting choice. Looking forward to listen to his score.
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    i love transformers

    i love transformers
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    Another Papercraft Mania Adventures short!
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    I wouldn't be so sure about that. This is how we got our first look at the 2014 TMNT designs We got our first look at the Lizard in 2012 through this PEZ dispenser We got our first "real' look at Stepphenwolf (from JL) through this toy leaking out This was the original design of Ares for the movie before the VFX artists changed it due to the leak. Yes, through Toyfair https://batman-news.com/2017/02/19/ares-wonder-woman-action-figure/ Just a few months ago, the suit designs for Endgame leaked through toy packaging Toys have a veeeery long history of leaking designs and plot details. It's entirely possible we may be getting a look at the design through Toyfair. Speak of the devil, some Lego leaks have just revealed more stuff from Endgame last hour
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    Well, not exactly. Toy Factory isn't a mass toy conglomerate like Jakks Pacific. (They sell plush toys at carnivals and game shows the like) The latter of whom acquired the merchandising rights to the entire franchise so they'll probably be doing the movie line. They're doing the movie line for KOTM too. Glad we have Junkie. Imagine if we got something like this when Sonic is transported to Earth 0:55 Or something like this for Robotnik
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    What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?

    Yep. Specially when it comes from Jim Sterling, everything that says the butterball cenobite should be taken as grain of salt. In regards of Cream, any character that served gameplay in any meaningful way on previous games is alright to me. However, I don't care for any of them when they are added just as flavor content.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't at all similar to the other jrpgs he played and hated so I'm not sure why that keeps getting brought up. He hates the game largely for things unique to it. Anyway I think the review brought up good points so it's whatever. I'm not sure why people are bothered when these are problems with the game that have been pointed out since launch. I kept this to myself but I honestly found myself kinda annoyed at the 9/10 reviews from mainstream outlets because it felt like they were handling the game with kids gloves so the fans wouldn't get angry. The only thing I take issue with out of that whole situation was Dunkey retweeting angry Kingdom Hearts fans so his fans would dunk on them but he stopped pretty quickly when he realized how nasty that would get.
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    Not sure how serious I should take Dunkey as a reviewer, but he brought up some good points. KH3 isn't a bad game, but it is also not perfect. It is basically more a movie than a video game and we can all agree that the story in KH is the biggest part of all the KH games after the first one. Sometimes I think KH would work better as a TV show or a movie series rather than a video game.
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    That's a safe bet because all movies and trailers have comedic elements (thankfully). The movie can still be badass and funny. Anyway, Junkie XL joining is fantastic news! Seriously guys, joke how much you want that the movie is gonna suck, but every bit of news we get is amazing, and yet you panic for a silhouette. I don't know you, but I'm more excited than anything about recent games we had.
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    Not to sound egotistical but...Ha! I called it! Trailer Tracker believing we're likely getting a trailer in May AND it has comedic elements.
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    I'm looking for this timestamp where he talks about it. Thank you!
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    Oh, I think I’m going to love his music for the movie. Some of his songs were featured in some of the Burnout games.: So, BTW, I found this audio interview with Junkie XL. I think he talk briefly about Sonic. This is what he had say. Skip to 39:07 to hear it.: Well I can't say too much about it except that I'm working on it. I can say that it is an extremely funny movie. It has a completely different character and language than what I am used to working on. I can say 2019 is going to be a very exciting year.' http://www.filmmusicmag.com/?p=19352
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    Considering that Junkie XL has also done some remixes, could we see him remix some older Sonic tracks? Or something like “I Can Go Supersonic”? Maybe he’ll even jump to the games, which also recently had the London Symphony Orchestra.
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    Yup, he also did scores for Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomb Raider, Mortal Engines, Run All Night, 300: Rise of an Empire, Black Mass, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Point Break, The Dark Tower, Divergent, and Alita: Dark Angel, which recently came out in theaters. He also did compose scores for several EA games like such as NFS: Underground and NFS: Pro Street.
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    The Avatar and Signature Topic

    Today marks my 7th year anniversary on SSMB and like several members have noticed and mentioned I continued my tradition of changing my avatar here as it is the only time I do so. Since joining here on this day back in 2012 I have always had a Sonic-related avatar and from 2013 to 2018 I had one with at least Sonic and Tails in it. This year I took it back to the beginning of my tenure here with Sonic only: This image is from the ending cutscene of Sonic Unleashed and looking back I’m surprised that I’ve gone this long without an avatar from my favorite video game of all time! I’m definitely way overdue for showing Unleashed some love. Going back to the image, after Chip’s departure, hearing his parting words and taking his necklace as a keepsake of their adventure Sonic takes a brief moment to reflect. Then he’s off to his next adventure doing one of the things he does best by running. I feel like this moment is indicative of moments in life in general and it’s definitely indicative of my own life in the near future. My signature remains untouched for another year. It is still the infamous brofist between Sonic and Tails from one of the ending cutscenes from Sonic Colors, which is my second favorite video games of all-time next to Unleashed. Sonic and Tails being best friends and the brotherly love between them across all forms of media is my favorite thing in the entire Sonic series and I absolutely love it! Especially by means of this gesture between them 🙂 The quotes from Richard Bach, John Madden and the middle quote that I saw on a bumper sticker that I felt was some really good advice still remain in there my signature. I have had members continue to tell me they appreciated those quotes so keeping them there made sense to me seeing that it has helped others as that is something I really enjoy doing and strive to continue to do here at the SSMB as long as I’m here. Now via my avatar and signature I have the best of both worlds with my video game favorites in both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors 😉
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    If we're getting a Sonic 3 and Knuckles remix album, hope the PC original tracks get some love. Probably not. I'm probably one of the few only people who remembers/ prefers that version. Would have sidestepped the whole copyright debacle too. But geez, with TSR's mostly marketign itself trough music tracks, and now the possiblity that a new game/ remaster is being anounced trough a music track, I get the feeling Music is starting to become one of the most vital aspects of Sonic's identity at the moment. Hah, are we going to get a Sonic and Space Channel 5/ Samba de amigo crossover game now or what? Hey, if Mario can have a DDR game, can't see why Sonic can't.
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    Thanks, China. Again. I guess on the plus side, it will make fun material for reviews for Johnny and Caddicarus in the future.
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    Weird Star Fox spinoff? Well, it was a nice run Retro Studios. I'm sure you'll like being bought by Microsoft and run into the ground.
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    Can't I have a, I don't know, a fucking proper Star Fox on-rail space shooter game without a racing gimmick or obstrusive motion controls tacked on and that isn't a Star Fox 64 reboot again? Like holy shit, I don't know if it's Nintendo being obstinate with their franchises that aren't Mario or Zelda or what but it's not that fucking hard I just want a fucking Star Fox game that is fun. Fucking Christ. Star Fox Assault you're still my OTP.
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