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    Huh, a 30-second Detective Pikachu trail-- >gets to this: BURN IT WITH FIRE
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    In just 5 days I turn 24 and can make all the 24 jokes I want.
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    Yeah, guessing that since they've said the DLC fighters will be coming out steadily over the next 2 years, that means some might not be set in stone yet, and it would be a LOT of work to organise the Kid Icarus VAs to record 30 seconds worth of dialogue each every few months. Though honestly gathering them up to do all 5 in one go at the END of the content for the 5th's release doesn't seem like an unreasonable compromise, but alas, money is still a thing - would probably cost a lot just for the sake of an easter egg.
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    In the theaters for Alita: Battle Angel!
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    Kellodrawsalot art thread

    Thank you so much!! Here is some of my other fanart stuff random
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    V-Day is interesting for me because I'm greedy and have more than one boyfriend :v
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    Roses are red Violets are blue I made macaroni and cheese, baked ham, collared greens Oh, and candied yams too.
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    I still can't comprehend being being bothered by that though. Yall are saying 'It can't be as bad as mass effect andromeda' based on shit you heard about that game vs someone who played every game in the discussion. Like do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Lol At the end of the day it's just one person's opinion too. The game is a critical darling and already made its money back. There's more shit exactly like this coming. It's really hard for me to see why this is significant aside from affecting online discourse about the game that I avoid taking part in anyway. Hell if it gets more people talking about this games problems it might be a good thing.
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    That's a safe bet because all movies and trailers have comedic elements (thankfully). The movie can still be badass and funny. Anyway, Junkie XL joining is fantastic news! Seriously guys, joke how much you want that the movie is gonna suck, but every bit of news we get is amazing, and yet you panic for a silhouette. I don't know you, but I'm more excited than anything about recent games we had.
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    I'm not sure if the new contract for merch includes movie stuff but I would say it's a safe bet. And they are showing the new toys at NYC toy fair this weekend. Any chance to get our first look at Sonic's design in those days?
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