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    Shrek had legitimately good movies, though. Bubsy has yet to produce anything decent.
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    Eat your... ...Hot Dogs. Caught you off guard, huh?
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    Changed avatar right now so I don't step on any toes due to what's going on with Atlus.
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    Huh, a 30-second Detective Pikachu trail-- >gets to this: BURN IT WITH FIRE
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    So apparently the Atlus thing is actually a misconception and the timing of the scene is ambiguous? Everyone thinks that makes it okay, but umm... that was Song of the South's problem.
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    Zootopia's train scene where the city state is introduced is still one of my favorite worldbuilding moments. It being set to "Try Everything" helps a lot. It's just a pity that the story itself feels REAALLY awkward to watch considering the state of the world less than a year after it's release.
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    I love the memes that come out of any Nintendo Direct (minus Bowsette, of course). This meme is one I use whenever I see unfair whining about any game anywhere:
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    Why are you really into Sonic?

    because his games, especially the boost games and the classics, offer something that isn't available anywhere else. Great graphics, catchy music, fast gameplay, complex levels, all rolled into one package.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    While we await for the next [big?] mainline game and it's story, I suppose an interesting question would be what type of new villain/character should follow up Infinite? Should it be an antithesis or something else entirely? And what could that be like?
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