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    Okay, time for some Bumblekast news! I'll name some important bits for IDW: 1. Ian's actually been getting along with SEGA quite well, and they have actually been very receptive to ideas. Including things coming up that he was surprised that SEGA actually gave the okay for that would've NEVER happened in the previous book. The main thing that changed is that Ian isn't as hand-on as he used to be. 2. Ian confirmed the fate of Cream the Rabbit: she is NOT back to being mandated as some people might think. In fact, she (as well as other characters) is actually coming back in Season 2. They were originally supposed to show up in Season 1, but that never came into fruition. So hey, some positive news for once.
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    Eating at Jack Astors be like
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    Starting to feel less sick, that's good.
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    I want to note down my brief thoughts, but I’d argue that Mina Mongoose was one of the strongest characters that had been featured in Archie, even back during the Penders/Bollers war era. Mina entered the plot with a clear and defined arc, and one that told a pretty strong story as well compared to a lot of the contrived nonsense we got later, especially with Penders’ cast. Mina’s story starts on a depressing note with her being shown as a direct consequence of the actions of Eggman’s return to power after Endgame, with her mother being roboticised and Mina soon falling to the point where she wishes to be roboticised too because at least she’d be with her mother then. It brings up an interesting idea for the series because before this point, even the more comic relief characters in earlier issues were rising up and training to help the effort, and now here was this poor defenceless teenager who lost everything and believed giving her life up to be with her family was better than being without anything. In essence, Mina had given up. Then Sonic steps into the picture to save her, not only giving her the courage to fight, but giving her something she desperately needed - someone to relate to, because Sonic lost both of his parents to Eggman early in his life, and lost Chuck shortly after. This is great because it shows Sonic giving someone else inspiration and the will to fight based off his own personality and experiences. Mina’s arc continues from there though, and in more interesting ways, because it still veers into territory we hadn’t seen yet. Mina was the first character I can really think of that was established to be in something of a bad relationship with the Freedom Fighters, more specifically the fact that despite having super speed, she just isn’t capable to fight in wars against Eggman. She has no tactical or fighting knowledge and that affects her, she feels useless to the war effort. On top of that, due to Sonic being the only one she can relate to, she ends up developing a crush on him that was doomed to fail because of his feelings towards Sally. This led to the biggest lessons of her arc, because she forcefully tried to change herself for Sonic, to doing things she wasn’t capable of doing, and in the end, it caused heartbreak after heartbreak for her. To the point that she nearly got herself killed to save Sally from a gunshot from Nack because she cared more for Sonic being happy than her own life and happiness. But then she continues getting better as a person and working through her own issues once she accepts that Sonic doesn’t feel the same way to her, and she continues to be better. She learns to grow from her own strengths and personality instead of just changing to satisfy another. She doesn’t go out on Freedom Fighter missions, but she uses her natural singing talents to become a pop star and to provide inspiration to those who can fight, the same way Sonic gave her inspiration to keep fighting when she originally escaped Eggman’s grasp. She got a new boyfriend who loves her for who she is, and doesn’t want her to change. Even after her original arc, she continued to be pretty interesting because of her ties to Mammoth Mogul and especially when it’s revealed she’s suffering from PTSD from the Iron Dominion invasion and her fear, paranoia and PTSD is manipulated by Naugus to spread distrust and hatred of Nicole amongst New Metropolis, which I was happy to see resolved before the end of the continuity. I think the particular strength about Mina is despite the original concept for a new love interest for Sonic, or a love triangle with Sally, or whatever, Mina seemed like someone who was meant to be a riskier character in terms of arcs. She isn’t like Amy or Tails, kids who are capable of running out and doing field ops, she’s got a bundle of personal issues and insecurities developed by all of the shit Eggman has done to the world, and her family, and even when she’s technically rescued, her character continues to develop in a realistic way. It’s a really strong arc of learning how to grow, be comfortable in your own skin, moving over insecurities, and how to aid others in different ways, even if you aren’t quite as capable to directly fight. Honestly. I think one of the few times Mina was badly portrayed that I can remember was in the godawful Issue 150, which ironically was the one and only time Penders got his hands on writing her, in which case he regressed her character and development to the point she considered cheating on Ash with Evil Sonic, who she believed was the real Sonic. She doesn’t do it, but the fact she was tempted is really bad given this was at the tail end of her original arc. Thankfully, given how awful the whole issue is in general, you can consider it non canon and ignore it.
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    https://ninmobilenews.com/news/2019/02/18/toby-fox-talks-a-bit-about-deltarune/ Holy wow. I had a feeling Toby Fox was an Ace Attorney fan going off of the first game's soundtrack, but as of Deltarune, it's now downright confirmed.
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    If you think it won't be judged by how well it's based off of its faithfulness to the product that it was originally supposed to represent, think again. Perhaps it could be a smash hit, maybe it could make gangbusters, but it will definitely be a terrible adaptation, and to minimize that is to miss the entire point of a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The goal is to represent the character and setting on the big screen. That's a fail so far. While correlation does not imply causation, there's still the correlation. Live action movies with CG cartoon characters are almost always a disaster, and no amount of hopefulness and blind faith can erase this statistic.
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    Chamomile #96
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    An action series doesn't need every threat to be bigger and scarier than the last. Power/threat level/however you want to phrase it isn't even necessarily a linear scale to start with, and it's only a small part of what makes up a story anyway.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think maybe they feel like sonic forces using a visual style referencing a famous type of poster is the same thing as referencing the holocaust as a means of a story telling device. I don't think they are correct on that, but maybe that's the idea. Also on note that's not about the comic referencing things poorly. I just i dunno... I never felt before flynn got there ( and heck... or even untill the reboot tbh ) the book ever cared who the game characters were supposed to be really. And that was a major turn off to me. Despite wild shifts in tone with the games, they sort of get the characters. To reference a specific arc I think the future arc is a prime example of that.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What the average Sonic character is capable of and a little bit of then some. Point is, she's a character some people wanna see get to do and hopefully be stuff again. I mean, sure, that too. One that's both notable and actually thinks like one, then.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So is your point that you've decided they're equal so nobody else's opinion matters?
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    Kingdom Hearts is the battle of the narcissists when you think about it: You got Proto-Riku (Terra), regular Riku, Proto-Sora (Ventus), Sora, Cloned Empty Sora (Roxas), Kairi, Blonde Kairi (Namine), Empty Black hair Kairi/Sora person (Xion), Aqua, Axel, Mickey, Donald and Goofy on one side. Then you got Old man Nort (Xehanort), Baby Nort (Young Nort), Mindfucked Nort (Terranort), Eviler Mindfucked Nort (Ansem), Empty eviler Mindfucked Nort (Xemnas), Blue haired Nort (Saix), Female Nort (Larxene), Flower Nort (Marluxia), Gambling Nort (Luxord), Evil Mindfucked RikuNort (Riku Replica), Evil Sora (Vanitas)...and I think I got everyone.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We've seen dozens already.
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    If you try to rewrite history, perhaps. Remember, the people who did like Boom liked the cartoon for it's own sake, and even then, characterization wasn't terribly off-mark or unfitting (in some cases, they were an improvement), the biggest departure were the goofy scenarios they were in and the designs themselves, and compared to what we're getting for this film, it's very tame (Buffles the Enchilada aside) At most, Sonic Boom could be seen as a step towards the pre-Adventure interpretation of Sonic in the West (AoStH and the early Archie comics... not Earth, mostly animal cast, lower stakes), which had it's merits. Also, the premier games were absolute disasters, if you can recall. Sonic Boom is hardly the best example to make a case for drastically changing up the core of the series.
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    A while back, it was mentioned that they would post Sonic Mania Adventures remixes each week for 4 weeks. We only got one. What could have happened to the rest.
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    Quick update on what Ken is doing - (other then ranting on about politics) More proof he's barely even started this project - Huh? HUH? Are you kidding me? Wait, THE REPUBLIC isn't dead? Are you fucking kidding me? TLDR; Ken is doing nothing, sorry for wasting your time .
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    Chris Guerrero did an excellent job with the "Poison Poison Poison" part, I was always wondering how that part would play out in English because of Poison being more complicated than Doku. He's an absolutely fantastic Lavender overall and it's a shame that's the end of Lavender's run, he makes him wonderfully psychotic. As for Roh's death, I must say the Japanese was more satisfying. The "Grand Zeno, no!" just felt so weak compared to Japanese Roh's "ZENNNN-OHHHH-SAMAAAAA!" That's like the best part of Episode 98 to me is seeing that shitling get vaporized. Can't wait to see the unofficial couple of Shosa and Majora next episode. Also lol @ Beerus referring to the Trio as "furry nobodies." Funimation knows that group's fanbase, doesn't it?
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    Me: "It's snowing in Vegas. I guess Coyote cast Blizzaga." One of my bfs: "STOPZA!"
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    *Sits down to spend the rest of the night playing Civilization Revolution* Civilization Revolution says:
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    I'm eventually going to be so old that my grandkids will ask me "grampa, what was the dark age of Sonic like?" and I'll reply, "which one?"
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    https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/02/17/devil-may-cry-5-dante-shot-filming/?fbclid=IwAR38RC0wW-3ILD6_MTw7nrVsZr_gMAncY0PHuFSpyrCu65pp9qopyMrxbE8 What the fuck. *before you read, Ruben survived
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    ....... What if the cartoon premiers at SXSW
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    3rd Day in without a Cigarette. Feeling it a bit this morning I gotta admit.
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    I travelled into the city today, to indulge in my hobbies! Into the Spider-Verse poster, issues 12 and 13 of IDW Sonic, and volumes 7 and 8 of My Hero Academia! I try to shop cheap, so that I can buy what I please without worrying for costs! Though, even despite that, I still worry for how much I am spending... So I will save up and refrain from these sorts of purchases for a while. The poster is really REALLY big. Absolute unit, even.
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    Yeah, this. Ultimately the ambiguity of whether Sonic will win is up to the player doing well, but if gameplay is all that matters then how high the stakes are is irrelevant anyway. Sonic can face the same huge, difficult villain whether the villain is trying to conquer the world or steal his beer or force him to make out with Shadow on camera to make DeviantArt pictures, and the gameplay won't change. Of course, Sega favors plots where the world is in trouble. But they could do well to show more than tell. This is what separates DIC's freedom fighters cartoon from Sonic Forces; the scenario is similar but the cartoon goes much further to acquaint us with both the heroes and villains, showing that their ambitions and ideal worlds are very different and irreconcilable.
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    This is actually a PS2 game in disguise. Dem stiffy animations remind me so much of the first Ultimate Ninja games. It's kinda of a thing with anime games cutscenes, sad to see it didn't changed much, with the only exception being Naruto Ninja Storm, especially the last one, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. This game itself never looked good to me to begin with. J-Stars for the PS3 looked tons better than this.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Going to leave this here. Let me know, if you like it.
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    Piranha Plant's poison spew is disgusting...
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    Ya know, Rosalina's plush she had since a little girl is a rabbit. I think it's best that she not sees the Rabbids and lose one of her few precious childhood memories.
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    Dang, these two look like they just got out of Tron Legacy I'm not saying a Sonic game with Daft Punk producing the soundtrack is going to happen, but I'm very welcomed to the idea
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    Wario is planning to get a ransom from the family of ... Lucas Good luck with that
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    "Amazing, a booby trap that actually catches boobies" - Optimus Prime
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    Flashback to when I made this and people actually fell for it
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    "Don't you dare throw the beer in the trash, that's a waste of money" And buying it after it repeatedly ruined your life and the lives of those around it DOESN'T WASTE YOUR FUCKING MONEY?
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    Espio is somewhere in this picture! Can you find him?
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    When your selfie gets improved by a picture of the old you in the background
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    Watching this video is like stepping into a universe you're not supposed to be in
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    And away we go!

    And away we go!
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    I hope Sonic gets a crossover with IDW Transformers just so we can get a page about him on TFWiki
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Obviously it's the sickest air guitar solo the world has ever seen.
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    Reaction: Testbish is actually Papyrus all along.
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    You must defeat Testbish to stand a chance.
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    I hope Testbish senpai will notice me, uguuuu~!
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    DOOM has a meeting with Testbish 2099, see ya guys later.
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    T-Testbish visited my profile?!

    T-Testbish visited my profile?!
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    I love Testbish.♥

    I love Testbish.♥
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    And so it begins. Testbish invades the SSMB Skype Chat
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    April Fool's topics are dumb and today is not an excuse for making dumb topics.
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    Testbish is the best

    Testbish is the best
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