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    Normally I wouldn't indulge "I saw the trailer!!" stuff, but this is somewhat interesting to me for a few reasons. First of all, DreamcastGuy is a fairly popular Tuber:tm: as it were - and clout can attract folks looking for a way into that clout. Hence, sharing something like this with the guy. He's certainly relevant to something like that - IIRC he's worked with or at least been heavily plugged by SEGA Europe in the past. Secondly - I know this stuff can happen because it happened to me, even with my relatively small 'clout' compared to this guy. A couple of years ago I was sent an embargoed piece of Nintendo media just on account of knowing the right folks (the difference is I didn't leak it...). Wouldn't surprise me if this guy just built up the right connections for this to happen. Again, normally I wouldn't entertain this stuff but for once I'm somewhat interested in this debacle.
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    Worth noting that the 'apology movie' is a trend that's been going on in Hollywood recently. Bumblebee, the last Smurfs movie, the newest batch of DC offerings etc all wound up closer to the source material coming off of series assumed to be failures. If they try to make 'Sonic' happen again I think that's what they'll do. If this movie is a big enough disaster I doubt they'll bother at all, though. It depends on if this manages to scrape back it's extremely lean budget come november. I'm not hankering to see Sonic on the big screen either way and feel pretty indifferent toward this movie. Still food for thought for those feeling anxious.
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    Okay, time for some Bumblekast news! I'll name some important bits for IDW: 1. Ian's actually been getting along with SEGA quite well, and they have actually been very receptive to ideas. Including things coming up that he was surprised that SEGA actually gave the okay for that would've NEVER happened in the previous book. The main thing that changed is that Ian isn't as hand-on as he used to be. 2. Ian confirmed the fate of Cream the Rabbit: she is NOT back to being mandated as some people might think. In fact, she (as well as other characters) is actually coming back in Season 2. They were originally supposed to show up in Season 1, but that never came into fruition. So hey, some positive news for once.
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    The game is called "Sonic Colors" but why is the manual in black and white? You're sending me mixed messages here SEGA.
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    Eating at Jack Astors be like
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    Wrapped in Black

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The discussion began with whether the games or the comics are a more drastic departure from the more lighthearted original series. It was admittedly not worth getting wrapped up in to the extent that we did though. The context was lost along the way somewhere. It's why I just let it go somewhere on the last page. Even Disney movies have made allusions to fascism so it's technically not out there for something similar to surface in another all ages piece of media. I'll hold that L. Pender just did it in a way that felt like a step further to me by taking a real person's writing and using it as an aesthetic. It's obviously shit writing but it also feels uncomfortable to me. There's a reason these things are approached carefully. That's my last word on it.
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    Unless the movie is hiding an entirely different premise under it's sleeve, nothing is going to change a single thing that Indy has said. From the very beginning, the representation of the universe the movie itself is based upon has been a complete and total joke, and it's premise strips everything that's recongizable from the character into the blandest amount of crap possible. I mean, when the height of our excitement here is that Sonic can be in car chases, that shows how much they failed to hit the mark on what this series should be. Let's keep in mind that Sonic's idea of a car chase is literally being chased down by a heavily weaponised military truck crashing and smashing into cars, right after Sonic previously sky-dived from a helicopter, and snowboarded down the actual city from scrap from said helicopter, there's just jack shit that you can do with set-pieces, at least not to the regular extent that the games have shown to us. I wouldn't be surprised if a big reason why a lot of people aren't excited is just the fact that this setting heavily limits what can be done with Sonic and his action now. You can't have some of the downright insane shit that you had in the games because Sonic has now been forced into a grounded and realistic setting. Hell, even the concept of a car chase doesn't appeal to me because the entire point of Sonic is that he's so ridiculously fast that police cars can't even keep up with him. How could you even do a car chase without nerfing Sonic's speed? Not to mention the fact that the concept has been done fifty times better with something like Sonic X, because while it took place in a realistic world, it allowed the craziness of Sonic's world to spill out into it as well. Sonic X fully makes fun of the fact that literally everything in a human/realistic setting would be completely blown out of the water by Sonic's speed. It took a police team with rocket cars and race drivers to make the car chase fun because it was over the top and unique. And really, if you need to rely on a sequel, or movie universe to drag things closer to the actual version, then no, that doesn't make things better in the slightest. It would just be a bad superficial attempt to drag in fans again through fan-service, which surprise surprise is what Out of the Shadows did. Not to mention the fact that Out of the Shadows still managed to completely mess it up by having Casey out of character, Bebop and Rocksteady into annoying goons instead of charmingly idiotic or over the top, Shredder is still a generic as hell japanese man, and Krang is increasingly forgettable. Beyond a superficial level, it was still godawful because they only shoved fan-service in for the sake of it instead of actually doing it correctly.
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    Transformers did that. The Transformers movies were still pretty goddamn ass. The same goes for something like The Emoji Movie. I'm not a Paramount shareholder so I'm not arsed how much money it makes, I just want something good.
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    I'm pretty skeptical personally - after seeing the way the internet is with leaks and stuff, I can't really trust anything until I see it with my own eyes. That being said, him saying that Sonic looks terrible... it's whatever, y'know? 'Cuz that's entirely subjective. I have to wait until I see it myself before I can make that claim. Using that song in the trailer... sounds absolutely bonkers if it's true... and yet, it doesn't seem that out-of-place or unlikely given what's going on with this movie. I'd honestly be fine with it if they're going full-blown goofy and silly with the trailer. xDD Either way, I know tons of people will rage about it if it turns out to be true, but they're gonna rage no matter what get's shown, so eh. -shrug- Just have to wait and see.
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    To be honest, that's a big reason why I like the arc so much, unlike a lot of the unrelated bullshit that Penders and even Bollers developed, Mina's arc actually felt set-up to subvert the usual ridiculousness of Sonic's world, where someone who's got the same abilities as Sonic isn't really capable of fighting, just because she has those abilities, where on the other hand - during the era she was created - you had eight year olds running out to battle death robots. Mina's arc is interesting due to it's subverted nature, the universe in which it happens, and just in general how good it is.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think they would have, to be honest. Even when Sega is/was attempting to make Sonic appear more mature with the things you cited, all they were really doing was adding action movie and shonen anime fluff to the mix. You have to remember at the time Archie had virtually no oversight from Sega and their writers got away with a lot of things. When that oversight came back, it's no surprise other writers and editors did a pretty major course correction. It was so major that it forced Penders to quit because he didn't like working with the restrictions or having the Sega characters be a focus in stories about his own characters. The guns came about because of requests they'd gotten and they felt Shadow, who was decidedly more offbeat and different from Sonic, but also equally popular at the time, was the only candidate who could pull it off and have a game made around him. I'm not saying it was a good idea, but it's not too weird why they did it even if they did it badly. Sonic Team being incompetent or not understanding their feedback is certainly not news. I think it's important to understand why the decisions were made versus the fact that they were made.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The worst shit the games have - a human kissing an anthropomorphic animal guy, which is awkwardly executed but still a pretty typical fairy tale thing - is far, far less bizarre and uncomfortable than shit like Echidna Auschwitz and "First they came for the hedgehogs".
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    Starting to feel less sick, that's good.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Not as hands-on means he doesnt get to see the drawings! He see the art the same time as we do. That's what he said.
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    Yeah I wouldn't trust ZealousFox fellow. Considering he's the same person who tried to call SEGA's customer service department to try to get Ian Flynn fired from the IDW comics because he wasn't enjoying them.
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    I'm throwing ten bucks Sonic will do the flossing eventually. I mean, gotta appeal to what kids today are into. Maybe Sonic could be an youtuber.
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    Y'know, Hamlin was insufferable, but at the end of the day I like what they did with him on the council of Acorn. He was downright bitter and resentful about getting the short end of the straw as a Freedom Fighter, and he kind of took it out on the rest of the crew by being the legal thorn in the side and better represented the limitation playing within the rules has on characters like Sonic. Sonic does what is "right", even before what is "good". By contrasting him with a cast of characters like Hamlin, we got more stories where we could accurately depict that part of Sonic. He was kind of like a necessary evil.
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    Not really news. Just some cool looking fan art of the characters from the movie. Looks like that Tika’s character will be officially named Nan. Don’t know where he got that name. So, I asked him for that. This is what he had said.:
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    If Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric's build-up and eventual massacre taught me anything, it's to go into this with expectations below zero with a glass of hard liquor in your hand. Bring it on.
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    I want to note down my brief thoughts, but I’d argue that Mina Mongoose was one of the strongest characters that had been featured in Archie, even back during the Penders/Bollers war era. Mina entered the plot with a clear and defined arc, and one that told a pretty strong story as well compared to a lot of the contrived nonsense we got later, especially with Penders’ cast. Mina’s story starts on a depressing note with her being shown as a direct consequence of the actions of Eggman’s return to power after Endgame, with her mother being roboticised and Mina soon falling to the point where she wishes to be roboticised too because at least she’d be with her mother then. It brings up an interesting idea for the series because before this point, even the more comic relief characters in earlier issues were rising up and training to help the effort, and now here was this poor defenceless teenager who lost everything and believed giving her life up to be with her family was better than being without anything. In essence, Mina had given up. Then Sonic steps into the picture to save her, not only giving her the courage to fight, but giving her something she desperately needed - someone to relate to, because Sonic lost both of his parents to Eggman early in his life, and lost Chuck shortly after. This is great because it shows Sonic giving someone else inspiration and the will to fight based off his own personality and experiences. Mina’s arc continues from there though, and in more interesting ways, because it still veers into territory we hadn’t seen yet. Mina was the first character I can really think of that was established to be in something of a bad relationship with the Freedom Fighters, more specifically the fact that despite having super speed, she just isn’t capable to fight in wars against Eggman. She has no tactical or fighting knowledge and that affects her, she feels useless to the war effort. On top of that, due to Sonic being the only one she can relate to, she ends up developing a crush on him that was doomed to fail because of his feelings towards Sally. This led to the biggest lessons of her arc, because she forcefully tried to change herself for Sonic, to doing things she wasn’t capable of doing, and in the end, it caused heartbreak after heartbreak for her. To the point that she nearly got herself killed to save Sally from a gunshot from Nack because she cared more for Sonic being happy than her own life and happiness. But then she continues getting better as a person and working through her own issues once she accepts that Sonic doesn’t feel the same way to her, and she continues to be better. She learns to grow from her own strengths and personality instead of just changing to satisfy another. She doesn’t go out on Freedom Fighter missions, but she uses her natural singing talents to become a pop star and to provide inspiration to those who can fight, the same way Sonic gave her inspiration to keep fighting when she originally escaped Eggman’s grasp. She got a new boyfriend who loves her for who she is, and doesn’t want her to change. Even after her original arc, she continued to be pretty interesting because of her ties to Mammoth Mogul and especially when it’s revealed she’s suffering from PTSD from the Iron Dominion invasion and her fear, paranoia and PTSD is manipulated by Naugus to spread distrust and hatred of Nicole amongst New Metropolis, which I was happy to see resolved before the end of the continuity. I think the particular strength about Mina is despite the original concept for a new love interest for Sonic, or a love triangle with Sally, or whatever, Mina seemed like someone who was meant to be a riskier character in terms of arcs. She isn’t like Amy or Tails, kids who are capable of running out and doing field ops, she’s got a bundle of personal issues and insecurities developed by all of the shit Eggman has done to the world, and her family, and even when she’s technically rescued, her character continues to develop in a realistic way. It’s a really strong arc of learning how to grow, be comfortable in your own skin, moving over insecurities, and how to aid others in different ways, even if you aren’t quite as capable to directly fight. Honestly. I think one of the few times Mina was badly portrayed that I can remember was in the godawful Issue 150, which ironically was the one and only time Penders got his hands on writing her, in which case he regressed her character and development to the point she considered cheating on Ash with Evil Sonic, who she believed was the real Sonic. She doesn’t do it, but the fact she was tempted is really bad given this was at the tail end of her original arc. Thankfully, given how awful the whole issue is in general, you can consider it non canon and ignore it.
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    Is that the mentality people have nowadays? If so, it's no wonder DBZ feels so out of whack. Once you go past villains like Cell who claim they have enough power in the palms of their hands to blow away the entire solar system, how do you make people care about the constant upscaling? You do what good story-telling does and make the conflict about the characters. A big conflict can be as big as it wants from a perspective of scale but it won't reach its truest potential if it's not tied, in some way, to the characters in a way that has a chance of developing or affecting them personally. The premise that Forces had would have been a good way to do a lot of that considering a war story typically has a better chance at being about the world and it's cast than not. As it stands, it definitely hasn't reached any sort of limit, because it didn't even really attempt to capitalize on that. It can throw Gods and monsters at us all it wants but it's never gonna feel like the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood climax with it being as impersonal as it is.
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    Yes, that would be the "Ken Penders is a fucking hack" part. Yes, that's the kind of thing that being a hack writer causes when you try to draw ham-fisted parallels to real life events in your fiction to increase the emotional stakes. It's why show don't tell is such a sticking point with many works. It very similar in that respect to "Sonic was thrown in solitary and tortured for months." It certainly was for the Archie setting at various points. Too bad the person writing the comic for such a long time was such a hack, huh? Maybe more of the focus should be more on that and less on how "offensive" and "tasteless" the entire concept is, then. The only reason I've posted in this thread is because I saw that and my eyes rolled out of my skull at the implication, since reinforced, that the problem was inherent to the references rather than just because Ken Penders was a fucking hack who resorted to copy pasting Niemöller's poem to get the point across.
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    Wrapped in Black

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    He's deliberately taking the argument in circles. It's not worth repeating yourself.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, but you know what they still didn't do? That. What you think's happened in some alternate reality is not what actually happened in the game in the real world we live in, whereas Penders actually did appropriate a Holocaust poem for Sonic the Hedgehog. Stop conflating the two.
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    Wrapped in Black

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I can only judge what exists, and what Sega was selling was mostly Sci fi and fantasy shit that happened to be popular in other media that was aimed at their target audience at the time. Sonic was designed to compete with what was current from the start so he's always been a bit of a culture vulture so to speak. He picks up a new hat and puts it down and moves to the next one. This comes with some tonal shifts but the extremes of such have been woefully exaggerated by years of discourse. It's all dumb cartoon shit, just in different flavors. With as many games as they put out and as many times as you could argue they sold out they never got close to Penders level of melodramatic writing or questionable content. I don't care about what they 'could have' done. They flat out never went there and that's the end of it for me.
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    https://ninmobilenews.com/news/2019/02/18/toby-fox-talks-a-bit-about-deltarune/ Holy wow. I had a feeling Toby Fox was an Ace Attorney fan going off of the first game's soundtrack, but as of Deltarune, it's now downright confirmed.
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    Wrapped in Black

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'd argue that these elements arent actually even outside the realm of "kid's movie" with the way the games skirt around them through their presentation. Like Shadow's back story is gassed up by sonic fans as being some awful betrayal of tone and it sounds kinda weird on paper but a lot of it is taken from a Pokémon movie so...yeah All of that aside they're still not fucking direct references to the holocaust. Like, wake up and think about what you're saying for a second.
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    That's all fantasy cartoon shit you're talking about vs very real holocaust allegories in my Sonic comic Like...who's been attacked by a werehog in real life
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    Really wish the Switch's eShop had some background music sometimes
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    That doesn't make any sense. If it's based on an existing brand, an almost 28 years old that is, then why in the name of heavens use the titular character and name? Just call it Speedy the Porcupine then. People will judge and compare to the source material and they are 100% right to do so, like, you really think the writing and acting will be something to write home about it if you're taking the adaptation factor out of the equation? The only big caliber actor in this is Jim Carrey and he is reaaaaally far from his prime. "Oh, but Tim Miller directed and wrote Deadpool which is a good movie!". Because Ryan Reynolds set his foot and said "we're doing this exactly like the source material or we are not". And what is that they are doing now? None of those things!
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    If you think it won't be judged by how well it's based off of its faithfulness to the product that it was originally supposed to represent, think again. Perhaps it could be a smash hit, maybe it could make gangbusters, but it will definitely be a terrible adaptation, and to minimize that is to miss the entire point of a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The goal is to represent the character and setting on the big screen. That's a fail so far. While correlation does not imply causation, there's still the correlation. Live action movies with CG cartoon characters are almost always a disaster, and no amount of hopefulness and blind faith can erase this statistic.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean is cream really that big a deal? What exactly has she ever done that is just wow factor. Sticks over cream would be a nice change. At least her insane personality is kind of funny. Most I can think of for cream is she can control a choa and says MR Sonic a lot. If sega is open to ideas i wonder if they will try and use some or ian to improve their 3d games stories.
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    Wrapped in Black

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    Sonic characters are allowed to do all of those things st young ages because the series is at least partially a power fantasy for young kids. It makes sense in that context.
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    Well then, people liked stuff like Boom, didn’t they? It had completely different settings, Sonic having a very different characterization, etc.
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    I say let's wait until a trailer drops, then we can agree if it sucks, I don't want to defend what's bad. I just hope it will be good based on the news we got and cast and crew. That's why I'm positive so far. But I can't help but feel like some people will hate it no matter what we get, and if that's okay for them it's okay for me.
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    This is proof that people just want Sonic to fail and die, you are glad that the movie is terrible. Great wording. Anyway, I find it hilarious and curious that when a rumor is positive it must be a Conspiracy, while when it's negative and catastrophic, everyone jumps to conclusions and is naive to believe it
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    We just attach our hopes to whatever the next thing is.
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    Just the theme I'd imagine for a Sonic movie trailer.
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    @Myst is right. It makes sense for the movie to be a parody of itself. It's not going to be self-serious, it's poking fun at the concept. In that context, the song fits really well. And now I can easily imagine the tone of this movie being something like this
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    It's still crazy that Crash Bandicoot came back after being dead for 7 years and his game pretty much out sold every platformer series that wasn't Mario by a huge margin.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I do, and to give you the example... to be blunt the entire scenario. To break it down, into its purest form. Tails was upset he wasn't obligated to a girl, she was into some else. And he was rather creepy about it, and this girl despite reasonably being upset about being creeped on was literally and figuratively made the bad guy. The entire premise of at least that part of the story was tails being a simp. But we can go deeper than that. Heck when Scourge first got back it was weird when he was impersonating sonic... like very few of the women scourge decided to hit on ever questioned " Hey uh... sonic I don't want to be around you , you are acting hella weird " like none? Like none of these women have enough agency than to decide " hero , must kiss ". But how about when sonic feels in order to help his friend... he must date her... infront of him because.... that's how this works I guess. Or fiona's spontaneous and unwarranted bad guy conversion which really seemed like a half assed reason to make the girl who reasonably didn't want to hang out with sonic and tails.. the bad guy.
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    the entire industry needs this film to win the animation oscar so bad its not even funny
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    Alright, finally back. Me full.
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    I thought for sure we'd have another years-long gap between sonic shows, like we had between X and Boom, so the rumors about another one so soon are a little surprising to me.
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    Chamomile #96
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    An action series doesn't need every threat to be bigger and scarier than the last. Power/threat level/however you want to phrase it isn't even necessarily a linear scale to start with, and it's only a small part of what makes up a story anyway.
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    Bad, terrible, awful things happen to your mental serenity when you take Sonic's narrative too seriously. Infinite kicks Sonic against a wall and is faster than him. Sonic isn't OP anymore, so bask in it.
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    Hey, guys, guess what day it is:

    Hey, guys, guess what day it is:
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