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    Instead of expressing your dislike and disagreement in a respectful manner you’re resorting to insults...again. You can get your point across without having to demean someone on their intelligence level no matter how obnoxious or unreasonable you think someone is being. That’s totally uncalled for. Again (as you have been told this on more than one occasion) be sure to express your thoughts and criticism in a respectful and constructive manner even if it’s something that you disagree with or think is ridiculous.
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    Why? Is it because you think adding more moves is going to give them more of a personality? Passive abilities like Knuckles tearing through rocks and Mighty's hard shell are a great way to go. See, if we're talking about the Classic Sonic games right now, which I think we are, then I really don't think you understand why they were successful in the first place. A simple one button setup is what the series was built upon, and aside from some Debug Mode shenanigans and a much-needed unique "Super Sonic" button, the core of the gameplay excelled with only a single button. This was a boon to Sonic's accessibility, and I don't think adding extra moves would help at all. Sonic Advance is the only example we can really point to for this, and I don't think I've ever used a character's special attack once, aside from Amy, who was gimped to begin with. It was inoffensive at best, but fluff at worst. We don't need it. But if you're talking a 3D Adventure-esque game, then we have more room to discuss this. There's application for attacking on the ground in 3D, since not everyone can have a homing attack without it getting repetitive. If that's the case, go nuts. If it were me in charge, I'd have a two button set-up, but I'm not here to fantasize games that Sonic Team will never make, so I'll leave it at that.
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    Normally "how it should be" is entirely subjective, and in many ways it still is - but I still think it bears pointing out that the actual backstory of Tails is basically "he was so mesmerized by the shit Sonic was able to pull that he learnt to spindash just to keep up with him". So "flying Sonic" isn't actually all that far off all things considered - the mechanical brilliance most people know him for today is kind of an obnoxious flanderization we got from the fact that he fixed Sonic's plane once, and I don't think it's unfair either to suggest he's overrelied on it since. Said double jump happens to make such a huge difference to the way characters work that it often defines their routing singlehandedly. I think you're really underselling just how much of an impact it has on their gameplay, as much as you're missing the point of characters having mechanics in common - mechanics, not moves, as rolling is the foundation apon which pretty much all Sonic gameplay is based on.
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    My predictions: Movie opens with a documentary telling the illustrious career of Dr. Robotnik and all his advances in the field of science. He has become embroiled with controversy by animal rights activists after it was discovered that he has experimented on animals. He recently finished a series of military robots that he plans to use in the war on terror, hoping to quadruple his profits by selling them to the US Government. His latest device is his most brillant yet. A CERN style supercollider which can open the door to new worlds, new dimensions. Infinite possibilities. His assistant Stone has doubts however, fearing it may bankrupt the company and if malfunctions, could have catasrophic results. Robotnik ignores him and sets up a test run in a room filled with lab technicans. A portal opens, and something pops up on one of the monitors. A heat signature of a spiky creature. The room begins vibrating, and the power goes haywire. The technicans beg Robotnik to shut it off, but he refuses. Sonic jumps through the portal, sending Robotnik flying backward onto a generator, electrocuting him. We see the shadowy shilouette of Sonic as he gets to his feet, standing in front of the glowing portal. Government agents storm the area, telling everyone to freeze. Sonic takes off running. Agents fire at Sonic, hitting some pipes which shoot steam (another quick glimpse of Sonic's shilouette as he dashes through the steam) Sonic escapes. The room is destroyed. Robotnik is half dead. Green Hills, North Dakota. Local Police Officer Tom Wachowski is dating a schoolteacher and wants to pop the question, but can't afford a ring. A grocery store owner call him to investigate a case of vandalism. Aisles are overturned and food is littered everywhere. 'Who would do such a thing?' Tom asks. Cut to a day prior. Sonic sneaks in the store and begins chowing down on some food. He eats a chili dog for the first time and loves it, eating a bunch of chili dogs on display, washing it down with slushies, causing him to have a high speed sugar rush, devouring everything in sight. A local citizen whom the residents nickname 'Crazy Carl' says he saw a blue hedgehog speeding through town the other night. Tom rolls his eyes and is called into the station. He thinks he got the promotion, but another cop gets it instead. Meanwhile, Robotnik awakens in the hospital being interrogated by Government Agent (Neal McDonough) saying that his device is a threat to humanity and he unleashed an alien lifeform onto the public. He tells Robotnik that he's going to jail but Robotnik strikes a deal saying he will get the hedgehog back, in exchange for his freedom. The government agent agrees. After he leaves the room, Stone explains that the Government seized all of Robotnik's tech, including the military robots he was planning to make billions from. They plan to deccomission all of his life's work. This infuriates Robotnik. Green Hills. One night, Tom and his partner Wade, sit in a cop car parked behind the big 'Welcome to Green Hills' billboard, looking for speeding motorists and talking about life. Sonic flies down the street and Tom gives chase, crashing his cop car into a lightpost. He gets a brief glimpse of Sonic on the hood of his car before dashing off. Tom is fired for property damage and becomes a laughingstock to the town with his story of a speeding blue hedgehog. Tika suggests taking a break. A depressed Tom returns home to see Sonic rummaging his kitchen. Suddenly, Robotnik and Stone knock at the door, wanting to hear more about this blue hedgehog. Tom hides Sonic and Robotnik leaves. Sonic gives his backstory to Tom about how he needs to get back to his world. 100% CGI flashback of Sonic's world, with cameos by Tails and Knuckles. For whatever reason, Sonic needs to get to San Fransisco (maybe use one of Robotnik's devices to travel home) Tom agrees, roadtrip. Robotnik is basically the Dick Dastardly of the movie, trailing Tom & Sonic the whole way. Comical sceme in a bar where Sonic unintentionally pisses off some bikers leading to a big brawl (IMDB lists 'rowdy bar folk member' and 'line dancer') Sonic and Tom bond on their journey. At one point, Robotnik bribes Tom to hand over Sonic, offering to put in a good word at Green Hills PD and give him his job back, and also the money for Tika's ring. Tom accepts and gives Sonic to Robotnik. Tom returns to Green Hills but has a change of heart. Tom takes Wally with him to rescue Sonic from Robotnikcorp. Sonic is being tortured, similar to Unleashed's opening, when Tom frees him and Wally arrests Robotnik. Robotnik says he already got what he wanted: Sonic's DNA. Metal Sonic appears and flies off to the armory, activating Robotnik's horde of military robots who attack the city. Something something, big fight on the streets of LA, as the portal sends various game characters like Tails, Knuckles, etc. to help the fight against the robots. Sonic defeats Robotnik and Metal Sonic, gives Tom a ring from the games to give to Tika and returns home through the portal, taking Robotnik with him. Tom and Tika get married. Tom is promoted to Sheriff. Idk. Yeah, I'm probably wrong, just tossing ideas out there.
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    I come back to work and I see that Bowser finally took over Nintendo
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    is Reggie going back to pizza hut

    is Reggie going back to pizza hut
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    Reggie is stepping down as president of NoA.
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    Frank Sawhit is also a pathological liar and a convicted murderer, so I guess we'll never know when the inferior US release will come out.
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    Wow, the Sonic Twitter really was giving us hints - and so far back too!
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    It's really not surprising that fans, who produce their own content in their free time, are posting more than a company responsible for a movie that's still months away.
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    I think you'll find Maria more than qualifies.
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    I don’t know. Maybe like this? Someone drew this. He also drew Silver in movie style.: He also speculate what Sonic could looked like.:
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    It's over, the epilogue to this over a year long project! Thanks to all those who read it and came along for the ride. It means a hell of a lot to hear from y'all about it and for it to be positively received. In places like Discord and reddit, as well. See you for the next fanfic as the SSMB Heroes Academy story continues to grow! CHAPTER 30: EPILOGUE - THE PIANIST WITHOUT A PAST
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    bringing this back from the archives, as a tribute to the former king
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    People are genuinely sad that Reggie is retiring says a lot about how good of job he did. He will be miss.
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    Goodbye, old friend

    Goodbye, old friend
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    With Iwata gone and now Reggie stepping down, this really does feel like an end of an era.... (e: forgot to mention it's been said miyamoto's also been taking a backseat as well in regards to nintendo management, IIRC)
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    Bodies can't be ready forever.
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    Well, that's all the time he has. He's gotta get back to playing Animal Crossing New Leaf on his Nintendo 3DS.
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    Ah nah man, remember Sonic Runners? Seriously, WHO was in charge for that game? The freaking Caliburn sword from Black Knight and the killing orca from Sonic Adventure were in that game, along with maaaany other throwback personalities, even goddamn Mephiles and the WEREHOG. I really thought Team Sonic Racing would have this level of fan service back then... Too bad it barely scratched the surface.
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    Frozen Junkyard music track. It's a collab with Tyler Smyth from dangerkids, who also worked on Forces!
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    This is kinda just extraenous when you think about it, though - Tails can already just roll, which is itself an omnipresent hitbox that you can jump-cancel at any time. Even if you happen to find yourself at a complete stop for any reason, you can just spindash through anything right in front of you. Or you can just, you know, jump on top of them or through them. Considering those existing options, for what reason would you ever need a generic melee attack on top of that? You don't gain anything from standing still to do that. Don't get me wrong here - just because I appreciate the concise elegance of one move that does everything doesn't necessarily mean I'm not open to more than one move per character, but it has to be a niche that their existing tools doesn't already cover. Otherwise it's just redundancy trying to play itself off as the illusion of depth. Consider, for sake of example, giving Tails a peelout-esque move that gives you a quick burst of height instead of speed. Or creating a single temporary platform in midair that you regain once you touch the ground again. Or even just straight up picking up other enemies like you can with Sonic and bonking them against each other. Obviously these aren't terribly balanced suggestions because they were thought up on a dime, but the point is they cover niches that his existing moveset doesn't and a good moveset strives to be varied above all else. Adding moves just for the sake of having more moves is pointless, especially if it's just going to be weaker versions of shit they already have.
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    https://freespeech.org/stories/andrew-yang-corrects-fox-news-fat-cat-ubi-and-socialism/ Andrew Yang was interviewed about his basic income by a Fox News guy. The Fox News guy just kept throwing around the buzzwords like "anti-market," "socialism," "handouts," etc. He kind of froze up when Yang was pointing out (not in these words) that most people who would quit their job for $12,000 a year are idiots. That money is far better used to start businesses, pay for college, or just to inject spending into the economy. Yes, but privilege is intersectional. Caitlyn Jenner is a transwoman, one of the most oppressed groups to be part of. But she's rich as Hell, so she doesn't have the same problems poorer transwomen would have. Being privileged with money goes a long way to outweigh any disadvantages you have from other groups you're part of. Those schools are often heavily-subsidized so it's actually perfectly fair to tax people who benefit from that. You're not being penalized. You're paying it forward. You benefited from the system. You're not special. Everyone else deserves that same opportunity. That doesn't make sense. You're still making more money. Especially if those same taxes paid for you to get through college in the first place. Take a look at the current high income workforce. If tax brackets really deterred people, would they exist? They exist because, even with a higher tax bracket, it's worth it to make more money. Again, though, the people that most social democrats and socialists want to tax heavily are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even the best degrees often will not get you that. We are talking about taxing the propertied class, people who get paid by collecting the surplus value of their businesses. This is where the "people wouldn't work" argument falls apart; that's not how profit from business works. As a businessman, I receive whatever's left over after all expenses (whether directly or through my increased share value). The rich are on a completely different income model than you or me. I was talking about working in general. There is satisfaction from work. So when you suggested welfare would cause people to quit their jobs, I think that flies in the face of human psychology. Even my broke ass derives enormous satisfaction from being able to buy my own things rather than begging my parents for money. Would you prefer we let the children be homeless, starving, without healthcare, etc.? When they're born, they're born. Somehow, some way, society's going to have to provide for them. There's really no way around that. Of course, this is where the old joke about the GOP comes from. Republicans are the biggest advocates of children's rights. Until they're born. It would help if the side that shares your views on welfare was not so keen on keeping people from learning about sex. For someone who claims a working class background, it's surprising you think the throngs of poorer people are like this. Those horror stories of people panhandling are just that, horror stories. Most people prefer to work. Even when welfare benefits were extremely generous and easy to stay on for life, most recipients left the rolls and never came back. You know when the welfare bum myth became really prominent? In the late 1980s, when activists started helping large numbers of black people sign up for it. Historically, welfare discriminated against black people; governments purposely limited how many offices they opened in black neighborhoods and such. But then activists got involved and helped a lot of people get around the barriers, and suddenly white people cared about "welfare abuse." It's important to remember there is a quickly noticeable racial dynamic to dislike of welfare. It's thought of as a "black" thing even though roughly equal numbers of white and black people are on it. Numerous reasons. Morally, there's basic human dignity on the line here. Not having to sift through garbage cans for your next meal. Not dying from some preventable disease because you can't afford insurance. Not having to constantly worry about abuse from people because you have no safe place to call your home. Economically, an expanded consumer base helps guard against recession. Healthier workers are more productive workers. More access to education means more skilled workers to draw from. With our basic human needs taken care of, there's very little incentive to commit economic crime. Politically, there's a very blunt reason here: the downtrodden, pushed hard enough, will burn shit. I'd think it's perfectly fair to say everyone should not be homeless. Here's the fun part though. The rich live here. A lot of their customers are here. A lot of their property is here. They can only move so many assets overseas when so much of their capital is physical. We can absolutely tax them, and if they decide to play this game, we can confiscate what they have here to make up the difference. They need us. We do not need them. I do recall they more or less gutted the superdelegates so it seems they did. Now the candidates who get ahead will be the ones who are genuinely popular. If the candidate doesn't win, however, the DNC will take it as an excuse to reinstate the superdelegates' power, just as they did decades ago.
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    Unless you're making a game that leans heavily on the competitive side (and let's be totally honest - even Sonic games with actual competitive racing have never been particularly serious affairs, occasional spinoff-y exceptions notwithstanding), it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to give other characters shit for not being perfectly balanced with one another. As long as Sonic is a singleplayer game first and foremost, whether or not the player wants a smoother experience or a self-imposed challenge should be on the player, as an individual, to decide for themselves. Even speedrunners categorize their character-based runs separately because they know there's really no sense in comparing them directly like that. Now see this is the part where you start to lose me completely. It's one thing to suggest all characters maintain a respectable amount of speed - it's quite another to use 06 Tails or Tails Adventure, both of whom revolve around attacking from a complete standstill, as a basis for that. I really can't repeat this enough - Sonic as a franchise is built around consistent flow above all else, and by consequence, a good Sonic moveset is about mobility first and attacking second. Most attempts to overhaul gameplay per-character have been largely hated not just because of the lack of familiarity, but also because the overwhelming majority of them throw this focus on mobility on the wayside in the process of making basically a completely different game within the game. Genesis style Sonic is held to a higher standard than most because it did this incredibly well, even though they only changed a single move between characters - and while it's true that Sonic was for the most part given the short end of the stick in S3&K save for exclusive access to incredibly situational powerups, Mania solved that by giving him the dropdash, not only giving him some much deserved mechanical space between characters but arguably making him the best character in the game until Ray showed up. As for the topic itself? Much as I wish Sega would stop being a coward and enabling the same level of diversity we had over two decades ago, they're at worst only a convenient scapegoat whenever things go bad or good. The core issue behind their original disdain was that they employed gameplay overhauls that really had nothing to do with a Sonic game, and even based on their own merits were rarely internally consistent - and that never ceased to be true once they took the rest of the roster out of the equation completely because you had werehogs and lightgun shooters and multiple Sonics and shit like that instead. So no, they're not an innate burden. They're not even an innate benefit. Like many other things they're just tools, and tools can be used and misused on a by-game basis.
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    This is pretty great! I could see this doing really well at the box-office
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    It was also mentioned that Lee Majdoub would have an incredible dynamic with Robotnik. And Neal Mcdonough also mentioned that he had a great time making this with Jim Carrey. I just hope that Lee Majdoub's dynamic is nothing personal...
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    SEGA Japan just casually dropped screenshots of the TSR track the Sonic social media posted concept art of earlier.
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    I don't see anything wrong bringing "classic" characters forward, honestly they should just be characters all the same I wouldn't lose hope and who knows in a dream world we'll get some Mania style Saturn era 3D platformer with all those guys like a sonic X-treme that never was.
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    Previews for #14! EDIT: Also the raw version of #15 RI cover and it's fukin awesome-
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    Even after you leave, we will still remembre you as the great meme likable machine Regginator. Now go kick ass at home with your family. Destroy them in Smash!
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    https://www.gonintendo.com/stories/329283-nintendo-of-america-s-reggie-fils-aime-to-retire-doug-bowser-nam Man this is getting me in the gut big time...
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    If your stories and gameplay aren't fun with your main characters you've got some real deep problems in need of solving, and throwing more characters at it isn't the answer.
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    So anyway, putting aside Lava-Gate for a moment. This is what Sega's tweet the other day was on about. See how Tails is on the lava and he has that odd purple effect around him? That means he's on terrain which the other types of racers will get a speed/handling penalty. But he's ok with that and suffers no penalty.
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    What difference an anti-aliasing filter does to a boring and flat art direction? These are also screenshots from a Switch: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/crash-team-racing-nitro-fueled-switch
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    That's not even close to what I was saying. I was explaining to you how "Boost to win" is by and large an exaggerated complaint that's been passed around far too much. I'd rather we not go back to the era of experimental titles where Sonic Team re-invents the wheel every game, thanks. I'd far rather get a consistent playstyle and have a few feathers be ruffled as opposed to the alternative.
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    Cool, KH Union X is getting FF Record Keeper collab events, with new 16-bit medals as well as Gilgamesh and Kefka returni-- >KHUX Global version gets 2 JP story updates in 1 batch, making it 3 story batches in 1 month, meaning that the game's now only 3-4 story updates behind JP instead of 5-6. holy shit yes
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    Here is an interview with the Junkie XL composer. He mentions the movie at 39:07! http://www.filmmusicmag.com/audio/fmr/ots/OTS238-Tom_Holkenberg-P128.mp3
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    I'm not sacrificing shit. Especially not the characters. Speaking of Thanos, Infinity War made a really good, goddamn movie with a ton of characters more than any movie should reasonably have with a point of view split in pretty much three ways. Yeah, put Sonic on Titan, Knuckles in that place where the axe is being made, and Tails on Wakanda. Then let everyone do their thing with only three playable characters while the story happens. Yeah, fuck sacrificing stuff. How about we get rid of the laziness? Let's try that. Can we get rid of the laziness and the assertion that the problem is any one element and not their inability to comfortably lie in the bed they've made? Maybe they should get to cleaning and sterilizing that mattress so those bed bugs stop infesting it.
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    There are hexagon motifs in certain areas of Metropolis from Forces.
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    Looks.... Generic and dull af. Nothing really screams Sonic. My only hope is that we get a cool Red Mountain remix.
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    It's already acknowledged. We're in the process of trying to change that. Such a message is redundant when it's already been said multiple times.
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    Here are some footage of the filming set in San Francisco.: They also filmed some scenes at the Salesforce Tower.: Just to let you know that I was confused of what you have say. So, sorry about that. Oops. My bad.
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    For the record, he videos embedded in an earlier post called him a quasi-juvenile delinquent. Quasi means “seemingly; apparently, but not really” or “being partially or almost”.
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    @Myst is right. It makes sense for the movie to be a parody of itself. It's not going to be self-serious, it's poking fun at the concept. In that context, the song fits really well. And now I can easily imagine the tone of this movie being something like this
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    Obviously depends on writer, but I think we all remember Locke, the father of the year (Somewhat makes sense in context)
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    I don't think the issue is whether or not Sega have been listening to their fans. They have, but in such distorted, hyperbolic, Monkey's-Paw-esque fashion that it comes off like they're interested only in granting wishes on a technicality, to hell with whether or not the actual purpose of the demand is met or whether or not it even gels with the design of any given game they're offering. And this has been happening for a pretty long time too, at least as far back as ShTH and arguably even earlier. You say bring back classic Sonic, they hear "bring him back as a completely separate character and only bother with a surface level understanding of his gameplay rather than the inner mechanics and level design that actually makes it fun". You say genre roulette is fucking stupid, they hear "let's never have more than one playable character besides Sonic ever again, oh but we're still doing the genre roulette thing". You say the story tone is too sugary or too gritty, and they'll hear "let's swing so far into the other spectrum that we're practically a caricature of what people are asking of us". It's honestly absurd that Sega can make decisions that are blatantly based in some form on the things people are asking of them, and yet somehow still consistently miss the subtext of it every single fucking time. This isn't to say fans are qualified to make every decision the franchise takes, because as you all know there's not a whole lot the fandom actually agrees on. But even though most of them aren't game designers, it doesn't take a chef to know when the dish is rotting, so I still think they're obliged a lot more respect than "okay let's just copy down a bunch of cliff notes full of buzzwords and hope that gets the message across".
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