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    Frank Sawhit is also a pathological liar and a convicted murderer, so I guess we'll never know when the inferior US release will come out.
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    Unless you're making a game that leans heavily on the competitive side (and let's be totally honest - even Sonic games with actual competitive racing have never been particularly serious affairs, occasional spinoff-y exceptions notwithstanding), it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to give other characters shit for not being perfectly balanced with one another. As long as Sonic is a singleplayer game first and foremost, whether or not the player wants a smoother experience or a self-imposed challenge should be on the player, as an individual, to decide for themselves. Even speedrunners categorize their character-based runs separately because they know there's really no sense in comparing them directly like that. Now see this is the part where you start to lose me completely. It's one thing to suggest all characters maintain a respectable amount of speed - it's quite another to use 06 Tails or Tails Adventure, both of whom revolve around attacking from a complete standstill, as a basis for that. I really can't repeat this enough - Sonic as a franchise is built around consistent flow above all else, and by consequence, a good Sonic moveset is about mobility first and attacking second. Most attempts to overhaul gameplay per-character have been largely hated not just because of the lack of familiarity, but also because the overwhelming majority of them throw this focus on mobility on the wayside in the process of making basically a completely different game within the game. Genesis style Sonic is held to a higher standard than most because it did this incredibly well, even though they only changed a single move between characters - and while it's true that Sonic was for the most part given the short end of the stick in S3&K save for exclusive access to incredibly situational powerups, Mania solved that by giving him the dropdash, not only giving him some much deserved mechanical space between characters but arguably making him the best character in the game until Ray showed up. As for the topic itself? Much as I wish Sega would stop being a coward and enabling the same level of diversity we had over two decades ago, they're at worst only a convenient scapegoat whenever things go bad or good. The core issue behind their original disdain was that they employed gameplay overhauls that really had nothing to do with a Sonic game, and even based on their own merits were rarely internally consistent - and that never ceased to be true once they took the rest of the roster out of the equation completely because you had werehogs and lightgun shooters and multiple Sonics and shit like that instead. So no, they're not an innate burden. They're not even an innate benefit. Like many other things they're just tools, and tools can be used and misused on a by-game basis.
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    I don't see anything wrong bringing "classic" characters forward, honestly they should just be characters all the same I wouldn't lose hope and who knows in a dream world we'll get some Mania style Saturn era 3D platformer with all those guys like a sonic X-treme that never was.
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    It doesn't really help that all of the special attacks just kill your movement. Advance 2 made it so they didn't do that...if you were at rush speed, but at that point you'd just roll anyway. Something confusing about Adventure was that Tails and Knuckles had those attacks too, but once you were moving fast enough the button just made you roll, so it's like what was the point? Knuckles having a "wall spindash" for faster climbing was a positive idea for an evo of what he can already do.
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    Oh, 100% agree with that. I was wanting Mighty to slam down onto the curve and rocket across the ground at super speed. I do like it when there's a spring right underneath me while I'm already going fast, so a quick hammer-drop followed by a clean upward bounce is pretty satisfying. I always tear my hair out when I read/hear the idea that Classic Sonic has reached it's potential and isn't needed anymore. Total bunk: there's always something to be tweaked, big or small. It just takes some thought and a little inspiration. Mania added so much that could be taken for granted. Mighty could've just been a skin of Sonic.
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    That's not even close to what I was saying. I was explaining to you how "Boost to win" is by and large an exaggerated complaint that's been passed around far too much. I'd rather we not go back to the era of experimental titles where Sonic Team re-invents the wheel every game, thanks. I'd far rather get a consistent playstyle and have a few feathers be ruffled as opposed to the alternative.
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    As tiring as Classic Sonic is now, in 2011 it was a fairly new thing to have him exist as a separate entity. And honestly? I say they should stick with the Boost. They have a clearly working formula with Generations, they just need to build upon it. It's better to ruffle a few feathers than to go back to that weird, awful period where Sonic Team/Sega re-invented the wheel every damn game.
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    Not at first. Part of Sonic's problem is a total lack of any sort of consistency. Even in the Adventure titles, even as much as I love them, it's like playing several different games in one package. There's no one, singular core style that everyone follows like in say, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. This is a problem because that means they have to allocate resources to make sure every style works. Game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, they have a deadline and several different people including executives and investors to answer to. That means less time to the other styles. That means less polish. That means a game that's worse for wear. As crummy as Forces was, if Shadow's gameplay was them starting to ease back into having multiple characters, then that's how I want to do it. Build off of Sonic but give them something, anything to make them unique.
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    That caveat is important, because really it's informally been a thing since 2003 when Heroes' cast got finalised. Actually it might have been before then; nobody's ever said why Mighty, Ray etc were dropped from the selection.
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    Suggesting the Mania Team shouldn't return and have no capacity to innovate based on a game that already introduced a fair share on innovations to the Classic formula is foolish at best. And last I checked, a sizeable number of players did want a return to the Classic formula, just done actually well - handily that's what Mania was. Forces is constantly criticised for trying to appeal to everyone, and now you want that? Unless you think that the mere act of using a consistent playstyle basis such as the Classic formula means it can't possibly innovate in which case hahahahahahahahahahahahah oh god (I await the "Classic fanboy!" accusation with bated breath)
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