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    I'm genuinely astonished that there actually are people who take generic corporate PR at face value.
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    People should really learn not to trust the words of the people trying to sell them the movie - because either A. of course they're going to tell you it isn't any of those because if they said up right "yeah, it's exactly like that", then you won't see the movie. You can keep swearing up down, left and right that the people making the movie is claiming this or that and it still won't mean anything because it's their job to get people on board and try to sell them to go see the movie. They aren't going to shittalk their movie, plain and simple. Or B. as Zay said - what was told to us back then from someone involved with the movie who at least came to a popular Sonic board to reassure fans - which makes it at least seem like he wanted to get fans on board, which is admirable - it simply might not be true anymore. That was six years ago, and after a company change. Reason I don't believe this for a second? The exact same thing happened with the Ratchet movie. In the early days, the movie's social media was widely used to communicate with fans and reassure them of the movie, even answering questions in regards to how deep an adaption it will be, even confirming things that were asked like about two or so years before the movie would release that they were focusing on the Classic Ratchet universe, and no Future characters would make a cameo. Everything leading up to the release seemed to reassure fans of it's quality. Getting the script writer from the games was highly stated to ensure quality, the animation tried to be similar to the games, etc. Then what happened? The executives got cold feet, panicked, hired a new script writer to completely butcher the original script of the movie and seemingly was the one that caused so many of the controversial changes, including all of the cliched crap like making Ratchet a wide-eyed dreamer, adding a ton of """"we're relevant!" jokes, and many more issues that I can't remember off the top of my head, and all of this was when we were being assured that the movie would be good, and the social media and creators were being very interactive with the fanbase. In short, trusting the words of the people trying to sell the movie is meaningless. From there, or from now. From there, things have changed so much that it's unreliable to take their word anymore, and now - they're trying to sell the movie to a fanbase who have made the design so hated to the point even casual fans, and people who weren't even interested in the series were aware of the controversy. Of course they're now trying to claim it's totally different from the many infamous examples of movies like Sonic.
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    Are you a believer in the multiverse theory? Worlds beyond our understanding, stretching into infinite possibilities. Normally, one could never hope to travel between the different worlds but those doors have been opened and with it, spills the spreading of despair. PROLOGUE - THE DEFENDERS HERO PROJECT Did you notice the bold lettered words? Those are key phrases that'll get explained in this section. We call it - NEPEDIA Thanks for visiting. It's a slight teaser for now. I'm hoping to create pictures and build character profiles to help fuel the imagination. Stay tuned for more....assuming your interested. Also, shout-out to the SSMB Heroes Academy staff @Failinhearts @Ryannumber1gamer @Spin Attaxx @Crow the BOOLET for allowing this project to be made. If this has caught your interest and you'd like to participate in the main roleplay itself, the PM-based RP is always open to join! Just contact any of the above staff members if you're interested. Special shout-out to @NegaMetallix who beat me in creating his Spinoff story thread. Hope you didn't mind me using your post as a reference for what should be said, detail wise. ^^;
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    (pic/art) oh yeah i deadass forgot i post my shit art here too sometimes lmao here have some okay bye
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    If that "fans have been paid to say bad things" question is serious, completely unironic, then I'd like to know when my paycheck is coming in the mail.
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    GameXplain have analysed the map: I love the idea of Victory Road taking place in the tower itself, as it would be a nice change of pace. According to them, the gyms look to be: - Fire (although I would have guessed Steel for the industrial city, but either works) - Grass - Water - Ground - Fairy (Poison has been guessed before, but the style of the town very much lends itself to this type) - Ice - Dragon - All
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    You have to remember this was back when the film was still being developed under Sony (and presumably that's also true of the tweets from nearly three years ago). Even though the basic hybrid film idea was always part of this, Robichau, and likely even higher ups at Sony, probably had a much different vision for Sonic than Paramount does.
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    Pokemon EA Version and Pokemon Activision Version: Gotta Lay-em Off!
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    Sonic Fan J

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There is a heck of a lot more to Amy than that and saying otherwise is selling her extremely short. She has a compassion and empathy for others as well as a temper that motivates her into action to get others to act when she sees them lacking any confidence in themselves. She has a love of adventure with tarot and dowsing being a catalyst to get her out there in Sonic CD and her desire to help others getting her on the move like in Adventure and Heroes. It's why I don't like Amy in her current position here as she is stuck behind a desk instead of getting out there and being on an adventure while helping others. It feels like such a betrayal to her love of adventure to lock her down to a desk and just gets under my skin and makes me appreciate Sonic dragging her out that much more. So sure Amy is love sick and has a major crush on Sonic which informs how she thinks about a lot of things and effects her motivations in a way, but there is so much more to her than just being lovesick and Sonic in general.
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    Obviously it's going to have action, but I think there kind of needs to be a lot of comedic elements. Again, it's a live action movie about a blue cartoony anthropomorphic hedgehog that runs really fast.
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    I know you Americans had it a month ago but the UK date today is 2/3/19. We have a 2319.
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    Well, yeah, obviously. Talking bad about a project you're involved in when a company is trying to sell it is one way to get fired and blacklisted.
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    Announcement time! Coming soon: A brand new Academy Chronicles fanfic that bridges all 3 seasons to detail the origins of S2's Mastermind Tsumugi Shirogane and her rise to power! Check out the new poster!
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    video game development happening
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    Obviously other people don't barely remember it. The neat thing about R's tracks is they have a lot of different routes that often have unique scenery too, Resort Island probably being the most major example of that - it has a lake, it has a secret path behind a waterfall, it has the rocky area above said waterfall, it has ruins, it has caves, it has a wooded area, it has bridges and islands and a mountain with two different routes around it. They would definitely have to "enlarge" it all slightly to fit this game's speed, and cutting across water with jumps would almost certainly be one aspect of the many routes that would be cut in the process of adapting it but yeah. I'm not so sure about this idea though - see, while some ring gates were just shortcuts, they mostly lead to Emeralds and medals, which explicitly took longer/more effort to access than just running the race normally. The challenge was winning the race in spite of taking the effort to unlock those gates and take those alternate paths, rather than because you did. I fear ring gates would kind of result in the same issue I feel the Sonic Riders games have. Unless the track design was the most crazily-well tested/balanced thing in the world, for every shortcut there probably would be a fairly definitive answer over what is faster, holding your rings or unlocking the shortcut. I feel Riders had this issue in the form of the three character types - there wasn't really much strategy to it, on pretty much every lap, the fastest route was to take the route that your character type is designed to interact with (excluding a few poorly designed areas where ignoring the character gimmicks was faster). This increased replayability in terms of getting a different experience each time as long as you swap your characters around, but within the race itself, there was little strategy - just take the route you're supposed to and don't screw it up. There is something to be said though for the fact that gathering those rings in the first place requires a display of skill and dexterity that should rightly be rewarded. It's also an interesting idea to consider whether the team mechanic could've tied in - having a pool of rings shared between you might mean one player can focus on collecting rings while the others reap the rewards for the better overall team result at the end. But again, hard to say whether in practice it would still just be fake depth that seems to facilitate freedom of strategy but that ultimately the truly best strategy is "just all three of you drive good AND get rings AND use shortcuts and get 1st 2nd and 3rd" lol.
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    First playthough for the Division 2 open beta done. Yup, a definite improvement over the first game. I'll keep a look out for any bugs in my next playthough.
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    The best scene in Spider-Verse is finally here in full HD for your viewing pleasure (Spider-Verse spoilers)
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    I swear SquigglyDiggs hopes for this movie are truly inspiring!
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    They have been paid to say good things about the movie, but what if fans have been paid to say bad things? Same logic, and actually would explain the conspiracy theories. JK though, as I said you don't want to end up disappointed so you are prepared for a bad movie, but don't mock people who are hopeful.
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    Skull Leader

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think Blaze sacrifices femenine traits to be a heroine. Visually it is obvious with how she wears high heels, has a bindi in her forehead and heir hairdo is a sort of ponytail. Character-wise, I'd say she's as caring as Amy, but instead of being motherly, she can be blunt and even mean and will accept not having friends if it means they can be safe. And where Amy has a stronger faith fueled by her optimism, Blaze can be a bit dramatic when she starts feeling overwhelmed by pressure and odds, showing that she is very vulnerable in the emotional side. IMO, Amy and Blaze are different, yet complementary faces of the same coin that is being a strong character who happens to be female. Amy will act cute and fully embrace femenine and cutesy traits, which makes her unique in that even when she could beat the badguys by herself, the moment Sonic arrives, instead of undermining him with "I don't need no men" crap, she'll see still him like the prince of those fairy tales that has come to her rescue (even if Amy already rescued herself) which is funny. Blaze is the opposite in that she is already skilled and even has fire powers, but the emotional part where Amy is the strongest, it's where Blaze shows that she has lots to be worked with. A similar thing also applies with male characters, where you have those like Shadow who are very strong and powerful on the outside, but who needs to develop within, and those like Tails who are "relatively normal" who develop on the outside by becoming more skilled and self-suficient. At least that is how I see it and why both type of characters deserve to have spotlight and focus.
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    They definitely present a compelling reading of the route through the map, and now they've put down the idea of the industrial town's stadium being Fire-type, I'm absolutely convinced because that would make the first three gyms the three basic types. I was hoping for Steel, too, but I don't think it's an appropriate early-game gym type. Likewise, I'm still rooting for that Ice stadium to actually be Dark, but I shouldn't get my hopes up. I do think they're overstating the significance of that Lucario vs. Tyranitar battle, though; I assumed they were placeholders put down just to show off the battlefield.
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    That's a point a I've been trying to make as well. I don't think anyone in an interview or comment ever said, at least before the release of the product they were working on, that "Yeah, I joined the team thinking it was gonna be an awesome project. Turned out all the people calling the shots were idiots and didn't have a clue. But oh well, what are you gonna do? A paycheck's a paycheck."
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    A cool thing came out from the KH3 Ultima - a long while ago - Monsters Inc got leaked in KH3 with a strange yellow designed Sora with no fur, and then later the world got a full reveal with a completely different design. The ultima shows the full beta design of Monstropolis Sora and it's basically the leaked design from way back then.
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    sonic used to do all that God punching while naka was still around so was that just taking the fuck authority thing to its logical extreme or
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    Guess N.Gin Labs won! This is my favorite track so far, holy shit. Both the Crash 2 and Crash 3 mechs are there, and there's even a lab assistant doing some repairs on them if you look closely! Man, these details, oh my God. I hope they have the Mecha Bandicoot somewhere displayed in the track too. That would be super nice.
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    Celeste is a great game. Made me smile from beginning to end and I whole heartedly recommend this title if you're looking for a well made 2D platformer.
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    https://www.engadget.com/2019/02/27/super-smash-bros-ultimate-evo-2019/ It's hard to believe and even fathom. But Ultimate has made the ultimate feat of replacing the once eternal ancestor that is Melee.
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    I've uploaded another Mania playthrough. It's an "&Ray" playthrough in Mania mode... So for example; in Green Hill I play as Mighty (&Ray), then in CP as Tails (&Ray), then Sonic (&Ray) in Studiopolis.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ah, so I guess she didn't (insert bullet point here) that one time then, huh? Read tarot cards Summon random junk and disembodied heads out of thin air Dowse Use Magic 8-balls(apparently) Drive a convertible in a footrace Fight with a crossbow Be a feathery lesbian(?;citation needed) Have violent anger issues Throw Tornados Kickbox Overdo a diet plan Hallucinate a tangible Sonic to protect her Fly Turn invisible Communicate with Mobini Act as mission control Run a computer network Oh, and she's a se[wo]man too? I was referring more to his Heroes-esque competitiveness, with the idea of him and Sonic engaging in heroics or other epic activities. Which mind, isn't Tails being pushed for flawed character exploration or Cream getting increasingly cheated out of easy side appearances, but I can sometimes see it a tease of potentially fun things.
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    I forgot what I was talking about there and thought it was the girl character thing for a second. But yeah. This is why we just can't have nice things. I mean we can, but there's always those assholes trying to much it up.
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    Sooooo, are you looking forward to SXSW on Friday?
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    If luck is on my side with item RNG, I should get all endings of Neptunia Victory today.
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    https://www.funimation.com/dbz30th/ Sure glad Funimation is taking to crowdfunding to create a release of this really obscure property.
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    This is the worst timeline.

    This is the worst timeline.
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    By god they cracked the code
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    A page on TV Tropes apparently felt fit to suggest that because Saddam Hussein is dead in real life, it should feel inappropriate to play a videogame he showed up in released before his death (and before the Iraq War, for that matter) where it was technically possible to kill him. Saddam Hussein Why is it so easy to find pages where the editors on the site are completely out of touch with any actual reality?
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    Blaze was a good character at one point, but because they have done literally nothing with her in over a decade, its harder for younger fans to understand why people like her. Rush was fourteen years ago. That's a whole generation born in that time. So it's kind of weird for someone who grew up in recent periods to see one character get so much praise despite not really knowing why. Its the same reason most people who grew up on the 3D games don't care for Mania; its not their childhood, so why should they care? Yet it gets such a glowing reception and that runs them the wrong way.
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    Activism is when you buy products. Remember to always buy woke products because it's Right. Always buy into manufactured controversy surrounding disposable pop culture. It is your moral obligation to consume products that are Good and Woke.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think much of my problems with the story is that it treats every issue as it’s own contained story in an overarching plot, instead of being part of a continuous story arc. Post-reboot Archie Sonic bounced around that, but still did better arcs than IDW. A story arc has it’s heroes and villains set in stone, and all stay for the length of the story. Everybody does what they can to contribute, and the story will stretch across several issues. IDW Sonic doesn’t do that, instead picking up and dropping characters on a whim, whether or not they’re relevant to the arc, while hopping about locations for no particular reason other than the illusion of “adventure”. There are no unified elements with any of the story, no continuity; only pushing the story ahead little by little. Make an actual arc. Maybe Sonic has a new foe to take down in a town, maybe focus on Tails in his own story of questioning his independence as he plays a hero elsewhere, maybe test the waters with everyone’s favourite part of a series: a tournament arc. Just carry a story over four or five (even eight) issues and keep the momentum between them, without relying on slow buildup over 8 issues (an issue just to introduce the villain and set the stage is still fine :U). Just a spur of the moment story from the characters in the area. Eh...? Blaze is cute and endearing, but is nowhere near Amy. Blaze is calm and collected, shy and socially awkward, and generally stands up toe to toe with Sonic and Shadow with her tenacity and confidence in battle. Her being “cute” are from those who like shy, quiet and well-spoken types, along with her very sensible and noble style. It makes her very endearing and kind of adorable.
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    was looking for a new wallpaper, and guess what showed up in my search!
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    Sonic Team's supposed "classic split" is the most inconsistently-applied thing ever, so I'm not too surprised.
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    Refer to my statement of it being incredibly unwise to badmouth a product you're trying to sell.
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    You call it pessimism, I call it being realistic with my expectations.
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    THE DIVISION 2 OPEN BETA IS OPEN! (Please join me on PC. I’ll be lonely if I solo during the open beta.)
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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    oh true her name isn't even Nicole! I don't even remember what her name is anymore.That's how irrelevant and forgettable the character was. Elias choice however not wanting to be a king was more used as a plot device to enforce drama and tensions of Sally being enforced to take the throne, Fiona's issue with Sonic however was only one.two pages and then it was never brought up again then years later. That's not a good basis for your character to grow from. Notice how most of the things you mentioned about the characters are plot-choices and not really personality things?. Something to think about.
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    Reading "brand consistency" when it comes to Sonic nowadays is like the most ironic thing.
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    Sonic Team's Diary of a Mad Black Hedgehog (2005) Sonic Team's Sonic's Family Reboot (2006) Sonic Team's Sonic and the Imprisoned Knight (2009) Sonic Team's Sonic's Big Happy Anniversary (2011) Sonic Team's Sonic the Fourth Witness (2012) Sonic Team's A Sonic Lost Christmas (2013) Sonic Team's Anniversary 2! A Sonic War (2017) Sonic Team's A Sonic Franchise Funeral (2019)
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    A question about the Classic characters

    The fact that Mania was the most critically acclaimed Sonic game in over 15 years would suggest that it's not being held back. Not every ingredient goes in every recipe. The Classic Sonic sub-brand exists to deliver a traditional Sonic experience, harkening back to the series' heyday. The Sonic series has gone from having a very strong reputation in the early 90s, to a very poor reputation in the past few console generations. The franchise has become a punchline. Sonic Mania traded on the reputation and goodwill of the early, highly regarded games and actually delivered on the promise. For a long-troubled franchise to deliver a game to near universal acclaim is no small feat. They've established a successful sub-brand. The best way to nurture that sub-brand is to keep up the quality and stay on-message. To take stock of why Sonic Mania was well received, build on that and stay on course. Throwing in heavily criticised elements from the later, troubled, entries in the series would muddy the waters. It would send mixed messages.
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    So similar to the Deadly Six(mainly Zavok), the same youtube channel has done a video where they rework Infinite. Gonna bring this thread back over the Defence one since it's directly focused on that aspect of his character.
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