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    i just got out of bed and i see an abomination running around like
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    They've already had nearly 2 decades to bring him back if they actually wanted to. That they didn't says a lot. People really worry too much about character restrictions, at least as far as the Modern end goes. The only characters it's losing out on are the ones it never cared about anyway and the few created specifically for Mania. And there's nothing stopping them from changing their minds and reviving the characters in the Modern dimension if they ever decide they do want them. Nothing's really changed for Modern, the dead are just as dead as they've ever been.
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    No one here is actually stating this thing is the spawn of Satan. I feel people are blowing that out of proportion to make people out to be unpleasable haters. It’s a bad looking ugly design to many and people are rightfully calling it how they see. Just cause the numbers more skewed towards those that don’t like the design doesn’t mean it’s some “unreasonable fire of hate” full of overreacting. Least from what I’m seeing
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    It will never cease to amaze me how Sonic Mania is a thing that's allowed to exist, but was followed immediately by Forces and this movie.
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    LEAKED knuckles movie design

    LEAKED knuckles movie design
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    Consequences of a Dreamcast-Era Split

    Okay, now compare Heroes to Forces. Losing the one joke everyone constantly harps on wouldn't change much. The tone isn't entirely the same but it'd still be cutscenes that are 90% characters talking at each other sandwiched between levels which only barely elaborate on the story.
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    It's been a while since I felt this alive browsing this place thank you
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    No offence, but are you even serious right now? The point is that yes, coding the AI for a mod of fangame thats actually a mod of Doom from 1998 is that hard. It's a fan game made for multiplayer and let me just stress one part there; "it's a fan game". I don't even know what you're expecting. Blimey...
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Since, the Sonic movie and Team Sonic Racing are both releasing this year, I decided to made a nice picture of Tom and the girl who is yet to be named from the movie racing with Sonic and the others in Green Hills.
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