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    New Topic: What kind of shoes are best for Sonic? Page 1: Well, I think the SOAP shoes were pretty cool, and... Page 3: Why the FUCK does Iizuka insist on shoving the Wisps into every FUCKING game now? Y'know Knuckles, Blaze, and Shadow have fans too, and I'm SICK of that HACK ignoring us. Before Pontaff ruined this franchise they used to be in every game! And it doesn't help that the Classic fanboys that Sega's been pandering to are so purist that they won't accept ANY character created after 1994. And...
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    Spin Attaxx

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    Met the sweetest kid in Church today. Kiddo liked Sonic, Transformers, Smash, even Yo-Kai Watch. Made my time there all the more awesome. It's the little things that keep ya going.
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    Just watched Captain Marvel. It was okay, but nothing spectacular. Now to wait a month for the endgame...
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    While there are a lot of genuine criticisms in here that I agree with, there are also plenty of instances that just remind me why I stopped giving a shit about the official cinemasins series and their endorsed offshoots. Why do the reviewers in these things insist on just flat out ignoring scenes that render some of their sins null?
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    I gotta elevate. I GOTTA ELEVATE
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    The only thing about Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution I’m remotely looking forward to is hopefully hearing a new rendition of my favourite song from the Japanese side of the franchise.
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    I kinda miss the thicker character outlines in Attack on Titan season 1 tbh.
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    Man, that Lion Men episode was worse than I remember. Lots of jank animation up in there.
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