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    Yeah. Sonic is fine. The people in charge of him aren't. A better question would be "Does Sonic Team (in name only) work as a game development team anymore?" There's an argument to be had there at the very least. Even if I personally think the answer to that is also obvious.
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    I honestly can't think of a single thing that a Sonic cartoon could do that would really set it apart from and above other cartoons. That's not saying a Sonic cartoon can't be good, and I'm sure we've all enjoyed at least one of his several different animated incarnations, but it's never really done anything that couldn't be found in probably dozens of other cartoons. On the other hand, nothing else out there plays like a good Sonic game. The way Sonic moved and controlled in Sonic 1 was unlike anything else out there, and of the imitators it spawned, none of them managed to truly nail it. Even now, well over a quarter century later, nothing else has stepped up as an alternative. And that's certainly not because the gameplay wasn't good; the Genesis games didn't become classics of the genre, nor was Mania such a highly-rated success, simply because Sonic had a cool design or because of their limited storytelling. There's something unique and compelling about Sonic gameplay, and while it may be hard to get it right, I'd absolutely argue that it's enough to justify its existence, compared to being just another Saturday morning action cartoon.
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    Memorization is literally the point in learning how to go fast in Sonic games. Short levels, time limit, multiple routes, replayability, speedrunning. It's not bad game design to force memorization, dying is gonna do that anyway...
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    Can we please stop with this idea of "is gonna ruin the characters for those people"? No it won't. They are not blank slate because they are more serious, that's selling them really short, I know the comics gave me good laughs out of Blaze and Shadow, so if they can do that there, do that here too. And if it ruins for some people, is the minority. Also "born in a more serious era of Sonic" ah yes, I remember when how serious were the moments which Shadow plays in a colorful giant bingo and enjoys it and Blaze, a super badass princess with fire powers... Is afraid of heights. The 2000's weren't all darkness like you guys "like" to remember.
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    SenEDDtor Missile

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    It says something when Carlos of the Magic School Bus at least got the right reaction for his bad puns/jokes more often than Sonic in Colors most recent Modern Sonic games did. A quick "Carlos!" in exasperation, and they move on. No dragging the joke out. No constant attempts to clarify the joke to explain why it's hilarious.
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    https://www.viz.com/originals *Viz Media announces a program coming in 2020 to publish western created manga-inspired comics which is something my ambitious 2010 self would've loved* ...man if my drawing skills were atleast 5 years more advanced than they currently are I'd jump at this, but i've been slacking tbh and don't even have a strong coherent (and sfw) portfolio built up besides a bunch of doodles and a longform practice comic that I'm still finding my footing with.
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    Be honest, dude. If not for the fact that both have the word "radical" in their names, you wouldn't even be drawing a comparison between the two. They're nothing alike. Radical City starts on the mountainous outskirts of a city and eventually runs through a pretty impressive pinball and casino district. Radical Highway is, not to undersell it, a highway and construction site away from the main city. Besides, the R tracks are technically Sonic first foray into the 3D world. However bland you want to argue the environments are is largely due to their infancy. So much more could be done with them if there were to be remade for a game such as this. See Bingo Party for a direct example, or literally any of the Classic stages in Generations.
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    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    The fact that almost any action with any measure of speed risks throwing you to your death on all but the earliest levels, primarily.
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    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Also shut up. You know how much money I make every year working at a place that separates dummies from their money?
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    Even tho I'm not big on metroidvania's I do hope Bloodstained turns out good for Castlevania fans. If anything we'll get a good spiritual successor kickstarter game in which MN9 and YK failed to do.
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    Miles: Into the Milesverse

    Miles: Into the Milesverse
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    Don't think a sentence has ever filled me with as much dread as ''the next Sonic game is currently in development''
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    Boy wouldn't it had been some hilarious if in SA2 Eggman took the fake chaos emerald like Tails had planned but the cannon still functioned?
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    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    The only problem this has is when people doing something under the "ironic" sentiment. But it's not ironic because they didn't actually avoid the problem. Sonic doesn't make that many jokes in Lego Dimensions and that scene with Eggman is an isolated moment. He's rapid-firing bad jokes to annoy Eggman, so it works... The Omochao joke fits more with the "irony" card, though it actually is.
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    I've been on Discord too long and keep forgetting that *surrounding a fragment with asterisks* doesn't automatically italicize them anywhere else.
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    Whenever a clip from Community is posted someone always asks where it came from then it makes me sad that the show doesn't get the recognition it deserves
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    When's the "Does sonic X work as a cartoon" topic coming around?
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    Only if he has white hands instead of gloves.
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    This is entire the appeal of the series. Breaking the traditional game design rule that platformers have to be slow and precise. That's not even mentioning how there are many, many platformers these days focused on fast movement. 3D Sonic isn't there yet, but the simple fact that you can see what's coming in front of you makes it far less daunting of a task than the classic games in theory.
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    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    Have you ever played a Sonic game?
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    Not much sure if many of you remember, but nearly 4 months ago I updated my book catalog. Well... My last book just got printed! (Home made): Checkout my full portfolio here:
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    It's rather exciting to know that Vector, Silver and Blaze will appear in an animation. I'm looking forward to it. (Though I'm disappointed by the lack of Charmy and Espio, but if they did put them in Overdrive just for fanservice, my head will explode.)
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    Welp, my dad screwed up while buying the Division 2 for me. He bought a code that's only valid in Russia. In my defense, I told him it was a bad idea to buy it online from a random site.
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    I don't have any problem with Japanese elements showing up in the series, but I don't see any need to deliberately pursue them specifically. The series has taken inspiration from a bunch of different parts of the world, and something overtly Japanese is no more and no less valid than any other.
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    That mindset is what lead to loot box culture in the AAA industry , and is almost universally despised, whether it’s intentional or not. It’s not good or respectable (like say playstyles made with the players enjoyment in mind) just because it’s intentionally designed that way from the start
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    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    I can actually agree with the notion that game design rules only go as far as what the game needs to accomplish it's goal. There are games that don't play fair. There are games that are intentionally tedius or manipulative. There are games that are overly punishing. Sometimes these feelings come from mistakes or oversight but sometimes they're part of the point. They drive you toward a certain playstyle or create the feeling the game was trying to leave you with all along.
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    What does that have to do with what I said?
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    Does Sonic really work as a game?

    I’d assume Colors, Gens and Forces, which focus on the boost more than anything. Though I wouldn’t say they’re terribly difficult either way to get through those platforming sections. Don’t exactly agree that the franchise was never good as a slow platforming game. The only classic level I felt this annoyed most in was labyrinth zone, which clashed majorly with the rest of the game, but the actual platforming wasn’t not doable. The classics, and to a degree adventure titles are usually praised for being able to mix speed and platforming together, but that doesn’t mean people expect constantly moving forward at all times(at least the first few runs through a stage).
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    How does putting a fake mustache on an EggPawn fool anyone? Shouldn't that make it look even more like Eggman than it usually does? LOL
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    About to watch Captain Marvel.

    About to watch Captain Marvel.
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    Gotta love assholes like this guy who ought to “fix” an artist’s work.
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    (Tweet) Hey SSMB... I have an idea...
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    Uh, Mr. Feet? Mr. Bob A. Feet?

    Uh, Mr. Feet? Mr. Bob A. Feet?
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    Got a 6am shift tomorrow morning but I'll just suck it up since its only for one day and the other days this week are my normal start time.
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    is it bad to say that supergirl from the new DC girls show is probably my favorite interpretation of the character
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    With this logic it sounds like that person has only ever played the Boost games. Maybe they should do the good skills.
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    Sonic was literally born from the idea of "speedrunning a Mario game"... Sonic's origin concept is "faster Mario"... Sonic's finalized concept is "momentum based platformer"... The story is: A fast animal critter frees other animals from a mad scientist who uses them as batteries for his robutts. There is nothing about this that doesn't work for a video game.
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    Finally beat TJ&E Back in the Groove. Also got the good ending.
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    Wow! This is just fantastic!! Who knew it works with modern Sonic too! I really hope they give Neko Productions a shot at making a movie some time. Even if it's a direct to video thing because this animations are just perfection!
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    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Perhaps it's better they delay anouncing the new game. Forces and Team Sonic racing show how awkward it is to keep fans excited for more then a year of development time if there's little content to tease on a regular basis. Not to mention I suppose we should be grateful they straight said there's a new game coming, unlike last time where even a simple anouncement as that was stretched over several twitter hints. Nothing says "this game has barely any content" then when the marketing team has to stretch out anouncing it merely existing and its name over several updates. And far as I'm concerned, they completely blew their load with Sonic Forces seemingly promising everything I wanted out of a Sonic game and then completely botching it, there's no way a mere trailer or proof of concept is going to give me anything more then sceptism and low expectations. They've gotta show something substantial to get me excited for the new game. Because at this point I cynically expect anything remotely interesting they promise to be wasted potential at best and mental manipulation at worst.
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    More characters = more fun. Honestly, If you had told me going in that they were making another Sonic short, and it was going to focus mostly on Big I probably would have flipped a table... and yet this was extremely enjoyable... and I dislike me some Big. Everything Hesse touches is gold. I need to invite King Midas over to my place to see if he can work that kind of magic on some stuff that I can flip on ebay for big $$$.
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    Sonic Boom (Untagged Spoilers)

    As stated in the SXSW panel, season 2 of Boom is now available on digital storefronts! Go buy it if you love the show.
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    For as much praise as I gave Mania Adventures, for some reason I've already watched this one like 5 times over. I guess that just goes to show just how much bigger of a Modern Sonic fan I am.
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    Ah gotcha so -Chill cool Sonic -Tails being abused -A mustachioed eggpawn selling Froggy merch!
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    Detective Kaito

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Biggest disappointment of the panel was that it had no game announcements at all. I know they want to put the spotlight on TSR, and I'm not expecting a new game until a year or two but why haven't they remastered any of their 3D games yet? What about Sonic Heroes Remastered? Sonic Colors Remastered? Sonic Rush Trilogy? Sonic Advance Trilogy? I mean Sega have literally been re-releasing a version of Sonic 1 every year for the past 20 years now. Honestly, Sonic Heroes Remastered would've been the perfect game to release seeing how much TSR takes inspiration from it. Sonic is a video game series yet sometimes I feel like they're afraid to make Sonic games. lol
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    "I'm Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog" "Oh! Are you dark and broody and stuff." "No! I love kitties and rainbows and cupcakes and puppies and knitting and friendship and..."
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    Next person we see threatening the life of an individual or group of individuals will get a two-week suspension or ban, depending on user's warn history.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You don't know anything about Shadow the Hedgehog lol
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