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    SenEDDtor Missile

    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    It says something when Carlos of the Magic School Bus at least got the right reaction for his bad puns/jokes more often than Sonic in Colors most recent Modern Sonic games did. A quick "Carlos!" in exasperation, and they move on. No dragging the joke out. No constant attempts to clarify the joke to explain why it's hilarious.
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    Don't think a sentence has ever filled me with as much dread as ''the next Sonic game is currently in development''
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    Boy wouldn't it had been some hilarious if in SA2 Eggman took the fake chaos emerald like Tails had planned but the cannon still functioned?
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    Sonic's Awful Jokes

    The only problem this has is when people doing something under the "ironic" sentiment. But it's not ironic because they didn't actually avoid the problem. Sonic doesn't make that many jokes in Lego Dimensions and that scene with Eggman is an isolated moment. He's rapid-firing bad jokes to annoy Eggman, so it works... The Omochao joke fits more with the "irony" card, though it actually is.
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    I've been on Discord too long and keep forgetting that *surrounding a fragment with asterisks* doesn't automatically italicize them anywhere else.
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    Welp, my dad screwed up while buying the Division 2 for me. He bought a code that's only valid in Russia. In my defense, I told him it was a bad idea to buy it online from a random site.
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    How does putting a fake mustache on an EggPawn fool anyone? Shouldn't that make it look even more like Eggman than it usually does? LOL
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    Gotta love assholes like this guy who ought to “fix” an artist’s work.
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    Uh, Mr. Feet? Mr. Bob A. Feet?

    Uh, Mr. Feet? Mr. Bob A. Feet?
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    Got a 6am shift tomorrow morning but I'll just suck it up since its only for one day and the other days this week are my normal start time.
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