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    (tweet) OH BOY This was one of my favs when they did it last time so I can't wait
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    Chamomile #102
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    I wouldn't 100% say that it 'confirmed' no DLC. All I heard Aaron say was "There was no news on if there was gonna be any extra content", which to me honestly says that he himself isn't completely confident on whether or not there will be. He also said there was no news on a public demo for TSR, and while he doesn't believe there will be, he didn't disclose that possibility.
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    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    It's a shame you will never be able to enjoy the Walt Disney classic films Aladdin or The Little Mermaid.
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    April Fools 2019

    Kirby is cube and Qbby is round now.
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    I saw this hilarious tweet that just about sums up last night:
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    Sonic doesn't need to be a bastion of vices and serious issues, he just needs to have some level of idiosyncrasies, something to make him fallible and quirky. The problem is that too many interpretations lean into one extreme too much, either making an embodiment of perfection or just someone who far too odiously THINKS he is. Probably the chief problem is that Sonic either way is inherently smug and complacent, smugness is something that's way too easy to make an unlikeable characteristic, especially if the character either doesn't get knocked down a peg enough for it or doesn't learn from getting such. Sonic X was still kind of a smarmy douche for example just he could dominate any situation to excuse getting away with it, while cases like Satam and Archie Sonic try making it a more fallible characteristic, but he still always reverts back to showing off, which within the more serious consequences that can happen over it, actually makes him seem kind of uncaring. Fleetway didn't really even try hiding it and just made him intentionally a self indulgent swine to everyone, though I suppose it was at least intentional writing. Modern games/Boom/AoSth were perhaps the nearest to getting the loveable part of the 'lovable jerk' characteristic down pat, even if there were still some uneasy moments.
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    Also EVERYONE GETS SPORTSWEAR! Sonic's shoes remind me of that from Riders.
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    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    Boobs are good.
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    "Your head is still scrambled from that derobotisation if you really think I'm about to hand over my key to a month's worth of food, electricity and running water". Espio said, glaring at Rouge.
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