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    I'd like to point you to rule number 2 in the OP of this topic. Violate this or any other rule again and you'll have earned yourself a strike. Again, this sort of post straight up ins't allowed. End this now or you'll also be receiving a strike. Here's a general reminder for everyone that should really go without saying. Be Civil. Be Smart. In the last hour alone we've already had a number of post flat out breaking the rules in place. Harsher penalties will start going out as of now. It'd be best for some of you to take a break from this topic if you can't get your acts straight.
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    ??? The only thing people balked at was the base premise, when we got more info people were more willing to give it a chance, especially when the game came out and there was a decent amount of good word of mouth. Meanwhile with this film the more we hear about it the worse it sounds. More and more major concerns are unfortunately being confirmed.
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    Finding bandodgers:

    Finding bandodgers:
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    I really don't know why anyone thought it'd look significantly different, if at all. That was from a merchandise style guide. That stuff's about as final as it gets.
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    Or I can just watch the trailer and make a judgement then and there, since that's what trailers are meant for.
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    Looks like Dreamcast Guy and Reddit leak both got vindicated, and the film is on track to be a merchandise machine for kids. City Escape sequence will probably be fun. Still going to see it. Can't critique it/clown on it if I don't see it. Sonic will floss in the movie.
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    It's just the tutorial trailer! The real thing will be completely different, just you wait and (pay money and) see!
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    If you don't understand why people don't like what they're seeing and hearing here, then you simply don't want to.
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    Oh look Sonic fans bitching and moaning about a new Sonic project. What a shocker! This sounds like lots of fun to me! I'll be there November 8 with a big smile on my face, you whiny Squidwards!
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    Are you a bot? Are these same four shitty condescending non-arguments programmed into the essence of your fucking being? How many times are we going to have to tell you that the box office is meaningless to whether a film is good OR whether people like it?
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    Based on everything I'm seeing... it seems like most people who've seen these trailers are leaning more towards the positive side. Which, personally, makes me quite happy.
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    Who cares? The only thing that matters is if YOU enjoy the movie.
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    Trailer description only in text is fine. Just more news that I really need.
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    Hmm!! Hey? "the Sonic team is in Vegas." You mean...the movie team (Miller, Fowler, Marsden, etc.) is in Vegas ready for presentation? I can sense something... Maybe not. Maybe I'm overthinking...
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    That sounds way better than anything that will actually happen in Endgame. Also yes, congrats, the deaths that happened because of reality warping magic rocks will be undone. I'm pretty ambivalent to the MCU personally but, c'mon. I could actually see them putting it on Netflix. It'd be pretty smart, even as far as Sonic fans who insist they're not going to go see this film there's probably a number of them that would think to themselves 'you know what it's not like I'm going to see this in a theater or pay for a DVD/BD, why not?'
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    Why are we taking social media accounts having fun with their followers as any kind of indication for what's planned? Funimation made a "Goku for Smash" post months ago for crying out loud.
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    It's the same design. One is a (bad) drawing, the other is a (blurry) in-action snapshot and the third is an (off-screen) pre-rendered pose. That's just kind of how it works. Modern Sonic's illustrations, in-game models and pre-rendered models can look different, but follow the rules of the style guide. Same goes for Classic Sonic or Boom Sonic. When Mr Lussier said that's what Sonic looks like, then that means we have that two-eyed muscular Sonic. Simple.
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    So we’re now going the Forces route regarding people’s complaints. The “wait and see, play the game/watch the movie, to see if you’re right” argument is really ridiculous.
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    Well, that's all we have to go on right now. Until the movie comes out, all of our speculations, ideas etc are based in hypothesis. Can this movie fail horribly? Yes. Can it succeed? Absolutely. I'm choosing to remain on the positive side and hope this movie can be successful enough for the brand
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    If I remember correctly, there was an excellent post on this topic from way back when that first trailer leak from Dreamcast Guy emerged that put it best - Gangster's Paradise is a song that goes into the idea of over-glorification of gangsters that was highly precedent in the 90s, and discussed serious issues like deaths, and the idea that following this ideal has left absolutely nothing left for him at the end of his life. So no, just having a "90s orientated soundtrack" isn't a good idea, and is honestly part of the problem. If you aren't going to put any intelligible thought in your soundtrack choices and just go for "whatever was popular in the 90s", then it isn't going to fit, and is going to look totally and completely ridiculous. You are lining a blue snarky hedgehog up with a song that is literally a deconstruction of the over-glorification of gangsta life in the 90s, that does not fit in any way whatsoever. The reason this is important is if you take a moment to look over your soundtrack and figure out which songs fit into your narrative, they can actually enhance your movie a lot. Shrek 2's soundtrack is mostly comprised of pop songs from big artists instead of "original pieces" and yet the reason the soundtrack works so insanely well in that movie is that the writers and director made sure the songs were relevant and spoke to the problems of the film. Changes, Holding Out for a Hero (hell, both versions which convey different tones, and yet both are very excellent and tie into the film well), You're So True, Funkytown, Accidentally in Love, etc. All of these are different genres of music, done by different artists - big name artists on top of that, and yet all of them are fantastic because at least 90% of them have plot relevance, and are used to actual emotional effect instead of throwing in a licensed song by some pop/rap artists for no particular reason than "IT'S THE NINTIES!". So no, I'd say having Gangster's Paradise is an absolute failure on their part, and depending on how they used Everybody Dance Now - I could end up saying the exact same thing - granted I'd be willing to give that slightly more of a chance if it's being played to Eggman being hammy or over the top.
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    Fair enough. But by the same token, you can't use that article to somehow "validate" your feelings over what you're hearing as if that's the general consensus. They've been against this movie from the beginning. Everybody else loves what they saw of Carrey Btw Sonic is described as fighting Autobot-lit robots. Glad they won't just be flying "drones"
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    Article is saying Robotnick is "painfully unfunny", yet everyone else on Twitter says he's hilarious.
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    ... ... Anyone else here who has been in an adult relationship want to point out why that dialogue isn't raunchy? Because mate... that ain't raunchy, it's shit.
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    I'm posting my tweet because that saves me uploading the images again. There is a strict no filming policy at the paramount presentation. So... Don't hold your breath on video/still leaks.
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    There's also the matter of the text not really resembling the Phantom Ruby's design in Forces. If it were actually a hint, they'd probably go with that. I get it, some folks are really desperate to blow the ending of Mania Plus into some pivotal canon moment, but... sometimes games just have humour. The sight of Eggman being flung from the cart into the portal was just there because it's funny. It's not another crazy game link.
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    Where do the aliens factor into the movie? Has Robotnik found a way into Sonic's planet? It sounds like Robotnik ends up on Mobius
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    It's gonna be totally wild! The Sonic the Hedgehog film is sure to feature a ton of badass and epic action sequences involving alien ships and robots (that look like robots from the epic Transformers films, which made a lot of money at the box office). Order your tickets today or they'll fire me I mean I can't fucking wait!
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    http://collider.com/rocketman-gemini-man-sonic-the-hedgehog-footage-cinemacon/ Collier speak favourably of the Sonic movie!
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    Y'all really gonna forget Count Olaf? When I heard that Jim Carrey was going to be Robotnik, this is immediately what came to my mind.
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    I wonder how Robotnik gets the technology to build Transformers-esque robots. Also there's apparently a scene where Sonic dodges missiles in a similar style as this scene Holy crap that sounds awesome! So apparently Sonic needs Tom to help him save his planet. What I'm curious about is whether Robotnik ends up looking more like his normal self before the end of the movie because rhe leak said it was only in a mid credits scene where he's stuck on some alien planet
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    So IGN is releasing 1st look images of the new Terminator, which releases a week before Sonic. Ahead of Paramounts Cinemacon panel. Could they likely do Sonic as well? It'd make sense since they did the Sonic Movie interview with the poster reveal.
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    i knew they were friends this whole time
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    It really sickens me to tears that a straight "yes or no" answer doesn't seem to matter these days. Yes is yes, no is no. There is no "they're hiding it" or misdirection, he gave us a clear bloody answer. And not replying to a question doesn't mean yes or no either, it just means they're not at liberty to discuss it. These are things I wish would be understood with everything that happens lately.
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    When the Sonic movie trailer is revealed
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    [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum

    *haughty laughter* By decree of a king, ruler of Dreamland brave! Dedede declares this thread must rise from its grave! Into the new year, with new art in tow Your resident Milo brings new things to show! The first of which is from yours truly, the crowned feather The Penguin King himself--there's nobody better! Piece number two, a hedgehog run astray Against the setting sun, in an empty canyon bay That blasted blue fiend, he tears across the land Watch Sonic take off, kicking up dust and sand! (Quill Drift) Our third piece is here, a leader in distress, All eyes on her, with her mind in a mess, She has no clue on what to do or where to go But everyone's looking up to her--how could this be so? (Leadership Tremors) Our last piece for now, the cover of which I now lift For one of our own, @azoo, an unexpected gift His birthday fell a few days ago, so this is admittedly late Yet Milo surprised him with this present--I hope he found it great! (Birthday Kazoos) (spoiler: he did) (Still have art not posted here yet--this is all for now. Tune in next time for more--but until then, I take a bow!)
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    Got a year of Nintendo Switch Online with Twitch Prime! Now I can suck in Smash in front of the whole world!
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    I just figured out how to make a Shooting Range in Infinity 3.0's Toy Box Mode. i might just make that
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    I wouldn't even put it past them either. On the subject of trailers, I have my doubts about it being cancelled or shoved to Netflix. Too much time and money have been spent for that. But promoting may not be the studio's biggest priority when they have several other movies releasing this year that will be a stronger marketing point. Basically we'll get it when we get it.
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    How does the red text exploding in a trailer for dramatic effect at all lead to confirmation that Dodonpa is Classic Eggman? I already don't get how anyone could be possibly believe that anyone from the Classic series or Mania is showing up in this game, period, but even if someone thought that, how does this confirm anything about Dodonpa, the Phantom Ruby, or Classic Eggman? I know the explosion effect they used makes it look a little bit like the Phantom Ruby cubes but that's clearly not what's happening there. It burst because Eggman drove his car through it with an explosion. The text goes so quick that I didn't even notice it the first 5 times I watched this trailer. And the only reason the text is red is because the title is too. If they were going to drop hints about the Phantom Ruby, they'd make it way more prominent and obvious than a blink and you'll miss it thing too. It's a trailer for a racing game, not the Da Vinci Code.
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    I have a tiny drop of optimism for this film. It needs to be REALLY weird to play the "uncanny" card. Really, there were only two directions they could've gone with a live action film... either Sonic is already a normal part of the world, or they play it like X.
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    Sonic fandom bracing themselves rn.
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    Trash Bandicoot is here: Or... Fake Crash Also, Jungle Boogie looking great!
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    absolutely wild hire this bot nickelodeon
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    There's some background stuff in the games that suggest he runs several shell corporations. Eggman Industries, Robotnik Corporation, MeteorTech. Plus I think Battle mentions he also sells tech on the black market. This notion of Eggman as a businessman appears to go all the way back to the early days.
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    While a trailer would be nice I'd honestly be happy at this point with an officially marketed synopsis of the movie with a poster showing Sonic, Tom, and Dr. Robotnik (boy it's funny how much I prefer Eggman) front and center so we have an idea of what we will be getting into with whatever trailers release between now and the movie's release in November. Sure a combination of Poster and trailer would probably be best, but as is right now just seeing anything of what they want to sell me since the silhouette back in December would be an improvement at this point. On an unrelated note, and not to rile up the defender's of this movie any more than they are, but a status by @Failinhearts hearts used a word perfectly summed up for me everything wrong with this movie. It's a Sonic movie, but there is all of no "devotion" to the Sonic IP. For all of the skill, passion, and history involved with the movie production team, that lack of IP devotion is what paints to me more than anything else that they have no faith in the IP. Sure they have faith in their movie and faith and recognition by the masses of the brand name, but that lack of devotion reinforces my feelings that they have no faith in Sonic being marketable or sellable. From what I can tell they are banking on people recognizing the name to check out what they are selling and then buying into their vision for the IP to make their money. Maybe it'll work considering now where talking business and market research (a phrase that to me speaks of discarded creativity to follow the money trail) which has been Hollywood's fallback forever when they try new things. Of course their market research is usually based in a skewed historical relevancy that limits any ability to look outside of their rather antiquated box at this point. Anyway though, with that thought out of the way back to waiting for a trailer or character design reveal. Whichever comes first.
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    More books based on the movie seem to be listed on the Barnes and Noble website. Sources: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1131006015?ean=9780593093931 https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1131006016?ean=9780593093023
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