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    I really hope this hits US theaters when Funimation dubs it. Tbh I love this poster and I'd put it on my wall.
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    Finished writing the first chapter of my fanfic. Just gotta make a few edits once I get home.
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    Whoa, I'm posting a lot sooner than I expected! About... Um... two weeks? Anways, i drew some more of the characters in the previous post, tweaking their designs slightly and even fleshing them out a bit. Here they are! "TALON X. STARZAPPER" The Fetharrian Rebel Age: 16 -Fights with laser sword, a mechanical arm that uses "space magic" (As Talon calls it) and mechanical tail. -Boastful and egotistical, but has a heart of gold and always wants to help those in need. -Not very smart -Thinks adding "X" to anything makes it sound cooler. Unknown if middle initial is really a middle name or not. -Loves to eat Pizza. -An optimist who wants to restore faith in humanity towards pessimists... but hides a part of him who's basically an edgy, humanity hating teen. -It's unknown how he got his mechanical eye, arm and tail. Every story on how he got them are always different. -Enjoys watching low budget movies and poking fun at them on his off time. -Is very afraid of worms, needles, and the dark. "DR. CAUTION" The Medical bot Age: 18 years built -Only wears caution tape because he finds it stylish. Many mistake him for a defective robot. -Very knowledgeable when it comes to medical needs. -A childhood friend of Talon. Drifted apart, but became friends again later down the line. -Very awkward, socially, tends to fumble with his words a lot. -Tends to be on the more cautious side compared to his other two crew members. Maybe a little cowardly at times -Gets a little to enthusiastic when seeing wounds or illnesses, eager to try and heal and cure. -While not a fan of confrontation or fighting, he will use syringes to fight. -Favorite hobby outside of anything medical related is reading or photography. "ORIANA" The Moth-Bat Mechanic Age: 36 -Formerly a very bloodthirsty space pirate. -While she can put up a flirty facade, She can still can be pretty and foul mouthed violent at times. -Loves cigars... I mean, REALLY loves cigars. -Tends to steal cigars after defeating her enemies -a master at repairing ships and making weapons. Particularly loves making plasma cannons. -Despite being a weapons expert, her prefered weapon of choice tends to be a laser saw and a pipe wrench. -Despite her rudeness, Oriana does have a soft side, and is a mother figure to Talon. -The true owner of the Space-Dragon ship. -Hobbies include taking apart and putting machines or weapons back together, surfing the net, and gardening.
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    So if Bacon makes everything better, does Ken Penders make everything worse? Cause I don't know about you, but I wanted to throw up after reading all the bullshit he's spewed onto Twitter.
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    Star Wars Celebration is almost upon us. Friday to Monday sees a lot of Star Wars content coming, including the return of The Clone Wars and the live action show The Mandalorian.
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    Well, I said I was working on a Knuckles (&Tails) Sonic 3 AIR playthrough and here we are:
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    To answer the last part, it's mainly to make her stand out as a prodigy and appeal to the prospective young adult audience. Also because consistency with his previous work. Probably because Kath Soucie was using her normal voice for once. They also indirectly mention her age in Season 2.
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    Mortal Kombat 11 got Ronda Rousey to voice Sonya which is fine sure whatever. But the biggest missed opportunity is that they didn't get The Miz to voice Johnny Cage that would of been perfect.
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    Speaking of which, I saw on Twitter from a sum up of what happened last night that he felt the need to clarify Lara-Su is not a virgin, and that sexualities such as gay, Bi etc don’t exist in the TL-SC world as it all falls under one thing or something, I can’t remember the exact thing he said, and I can’t find the tweet atm. But yeah, because that info is something we needed to know about the protagonist of this sci fi “epic”. Edit: He said it’s because sex doesn’t have any purpose among the echidnas or whatever other than procreation. Double Edit:
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    Here's a new picture of the hippie reptile monk, and her ghost companion, slightly redesigned from the last time we saw her. Bacon, the brown Kobold monk who loves eating fruits(And maybe sneaking in a taco once in a while,) sleeping, meditating and training. A calm, collected, and easy going reptilian, Bacon always finds something good about her life. Although a pacifist by nature, lots of monsters and bandits invade her village, leaving her no choice but to fight. Her weapon of choice is a wooden staff, which she also uses to stand on for meditation and meeting the eye level of those who are taller than her...and that's usually most people. In addition to her staff, Bacon has the power to breathe fire. The power of fire was given to Bacon by a fairy that she accidentally ate during her fruit gathering. Feeling bad once she found out, she let the fairy's ghost haunt her, and the two became fast friends, the ghost gaining the nickname Egg. Egg has the ability to change size, make Bacon levitate for a short while, and give her the power to breathe flames. Egg is a happy soul thanks to Bacon's constant good mood, but a little paranoid thanks to his untimely demise.
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